Two New Spiritual Self-Help Books

I have recently completed two books, which I am giving away for free: Practical Tarot for the 21st Century and A Spiritual Guide to Planetary Transformation. You can download both books at my website or here:

Practical Tarot:   pdf  ●   html  ●   epub  ●   mobi 
A Spiritual Guidepdf  ●  html  ●   epub  ●   mobi 

HTML copies of both books are also available on the pages tabs of this blog.

Practical Tarot for the 21st Century
 is a training manual in developing psychic skills through the use of tarot cards. Have you ever wished you could pick up on what are usually non-perceptible energies? Or find a way to tell if someone is lying to you? Or stop using guesswork when you make decisions about raising children, running a business, preserving your equity, or maintaining a successful relationship? This book will help you do all this and more. There is a free and universal cure-all called Divine energy which anyone can utilize, and when you start working with it, it is guaranteed to transform your existence in ways you never thought possible. A Spiritual Guide to Planetary Transformation focuses on the political, social, medical, and spiritual changes which are coming to our planet and which will transform everything about our lives. This book offers suggestions about how you can bring these new and positive energies into your life. Topics include:

–Why all the current theories about personal or political betterment do not work.
–A new way for each one of us to receive individually accessible Divine guidance and assistance.
–How you can help to create miracles in your life and establish your own utopia.
–An easy and natural cure for PTSD, plus new exercises which can help free you from addiction and obesity.
–New alternatives to current social paradigms, including governments, organized religions, mechanized medical care, oppressive megacorporations, and artificial chemicals.
–What a truly globalized planet will be like.

These alternatives will make for a completely new kind of planetary reality. The sooner you start to take advantage of these energies, the more quickly your life will improve. The book also gives suggestions about how you can help to create the beneficial social changes which are coming for the entire planet.

Paperback copies of these books will soon be available for sale at Lulu Press.