A Spiritual Guide (FULL TEXT)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction.

Chapter 2. The True Reality of Our Universe

Chapter 3. A New Way to Encounter the Divine.

Chapter 4. A New Way to Ditch Your Mental Toxicities.

Chapter 5. A New Way to Ditch Your Physical Toxicities.

Chapter 6. A New Way to Exercise.

Chapter 7. A New Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off.

Chapter 8. A New Way to be Substance Free.

Chapter 9. A New Way to Live.

Chapter 10. New Kinds of Relationships.

Chapter 11. New Ways to Do Health Care.

Chapter 12. A New Non-Governmental Reality

Chapter 13. A New Social Reality.

Chapter 14. A New Cultural Reality.

Chapter 15. A New Digital Reality.

Chapter 16. A New Fiscal Reality.

Chapter 17. A New Way to Die.

Chapter 18. A New Vision of the Afterlife.

Chapter 19. Conclusion.




This book must start with a necessary disclaimer. Neither my books nor my website are meant to provide any kind of professional, legal, financial, or health care advice. This applies most especially to health. I am not a trained medical professional, and the health advice I give in this book is based solely on my own personal experience. So the reader should understand that no kind of health care action or inaction should be taken based upon what I say here. My statements are not intended for treatment purposes but for discussion with your own adviser or physician. It is true that I am very critical of all professional systems as they are now practiced in this country, and that I also recommend various alternatives. However, I cannot guarantee that any of my suggestions will produce the desired results. So at the present time your paid professional is the person to turn to if you have a problem, not me. So I must disclaim all responsibility for any liability which might be incurred as a consequence of what I say here. Please use this information responsibly.

Note on Chinese transcription.

In this book I use the Hanyu Pinyin system of Chinese Romanization for the following terms:

Dao, Daoism = Tao, Taoism
Laozi = Lao Tzu
Taijiquan = T’ai chi chu’an

Chapter 1. Introduction.

At the present moment here in the 21st century, the human race is lost in a dark wood. We no longer know what we are doing, nor where we are going. We try to cling to the social and cultural forms of the past since they used to be meaningful, but nothing works any longer the way it should. Our planet is riddled with collapsing paradigms in the most important aspects of our human reality, including government, education, religion, science, medicine, relationships, economics, and law. Most people have no real goals except money and self-indulgence, and life does not get any drearier than that.
Well, nothing lasts forever. It is true that our entire planet is an unworkable mess at the moment, but I am convinced that an immense transformation for the 
better in our planetary reality is starting to take place. If you are someone who has been contemplating a dystopian future filled with global warming, nuclear disasters, overpopulation, depletion of planetary resources, and increasing oppression, you need to think again. All of us 8 billion humans are about to experience a completely new kind of earthly reality. Granted that we humans will always face challenges, but the long horrible saga of man’s inhumanity to man is about to come to an end. The upcoming changes are not going to happen all at once, nor are they going to happen everywhere at the same time, but happen they will. And no, this new future is not something that any of our most prestigious scientists or futurists have predicted, but I can give you at least some proof that it is coming. So you may as well hear me out.
Especially since my readers have probably already realized that new ways of doing things is a necessity at this point in human history. Things have gone terribly wrong all over the world, and they just keep getting worse. In my opinion this is happening because our most important social structures have been erected upon toxic premises, which is the only way to describe the monster governments, corporate behemoths, mechanistic scientific paradigms, and other unworkable theories which currently tyrannize our planet. Yes, I know that millions are convinced that soon or later things will finally start working again, since . . . they have to. There are no alternatives. Right?

Well, expecting success after hundreds if not thousands of failures is as dumb as it gets. So why do people keep thinking that our current social or cultural forms are still viable? Alas, one thing that is obvious from human history is that people in all epochs possess two very peculiar tendencies. On the one hand they realize that the only constant in this world is that of 
change. Philosophers such as Heraclitus in the West and Laozi in the East have always emphasized that we live in an ever-transforming universe. As Heraclitus tells us in his Fragments (sixth century BCE), “You cannot step twice into the same river; for fresh waters are flowing in upon you.” Everybody knows that this is the reality of our universe. Nothing lasts forever. Here today, gone tomorrow.[1]
On the other hand, there is a second human tendency which has also been noticed throughout most of our planetary history. This is the tendency for us foolish humans to persuade ourselves that 
the way things are now are the way they are always going to be. If you know anything about cultural history, you see this phenomenon manifesting time and again: political or religious leaders, prominent thinkers, and countless numbers of ordinary people make their decisions based upon the fantasy that the current social, governmental, or spiritual arrangements are going to last forever. This especially holds true if any kind of cultural manifestation has been around for decades, if not centuries.
And if ever there were an era when people suffer under the 
forever delusion, we happen to be living in it. This should not be surprising, given the fact that we have been brainwashed to think that the societies in which we currently live are the culmination of human aspiration. So of course the social and governmental realities which we have at the present moment are going to last from here to eternity. That’s right, we are all going to enjoy antidepressants, suburbia, consumerism, video games, the Denver Broncos, tattoos, organized religion, McMansions, hamburgers, bureaucrats, and Hollywood until the last syllable of recorded time. Lucky us.
Well, have I got some news for you. What is coming in the next few decades is an opportunity for all of us humans to change the whole planet for the better in completely unprecedented ways. This new reality will be based upon the kind of ideals which most of us still cherish, such as life, liberty, and that pleasant Epicurean goal called the pursuit of happiness. So a different kind of world is not something which should be feared. And instead of scoffing at its possibility, we should all start doing our best to bring it into being. One of my lifelong heroes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, tells us over and over that whenever we realize that we are trapped in something dead, we should cut our losses and move into new space and freedom. He is right. There is no better time like the present to do it, where all our ruling paradigms are completely and utterly dead.

But why do I think that a new world is coming into being at the present time? What makes it possible for me personally to see the future more clearly than anyone else? Well, I am what you would call a psychic. Over the years I have learned how to work with an oracular tool, and I think that this skill has helped to pick up on hidden energies, see patterns which are invisible to other people, and sense the presence of the Divine in my life. All of which means that I am convinced that I do understand something about the future of the entire planet much more clearly than most people, especially since I have long been in the habit of asking my oracular tool questions not just about myself, but about the future of the human race.

Here you should understand what being psychic means. There is nothing spooky or occult about being psychic–it is a perfectly normal human talent which all of us possess, even if we do not realize that we have it. Mind you, being psychic does not mean that you will be able to win the lottery or make it big in Hollywood. But it will help you develop new ways of perceiving the world, practice natural healing, understand the true nature of your existence, and make better judgment calls. Are you the sort of person who can only come to a decision after days of agonizing doubt? And even when you think you have chosen the best option, do you lie awake at night wondering if you have done the right thing? Alas, the reality of most of us humans is that we stumble blindly through our lives, making one disastrously bad decision after another, including choices about careers, partners, finances, health care, raising children, and what we eat.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that any longer, not when each one of us can start receiving guidance and assistance directly from the Divine. Try to imagine for a moment how our tired old world could be transformed if everyone had such a talent. We mistake-prone humans would no longer have to rely upon guesswork or arrogant experts to make decisions. Quarrels between individuals or nations could easily be resolved. Nothing could be hidden any longer, including potential terrorist attacks or criminal activity. Chronic problems such as governmental oppression, lack of universal medical care, pollution, environmental sustainability, and poverty could finally be solved. Best of all, not only could each one of us start sensing the presence of the Divine and the angels in our lives, but we could also start receiving Divine assistance for our most pressing problems. All of which means that we do not need yet another grandiose governmental scheme to change the world for the better. We all need to start developing our psychic skills so that each one of us can start receiving Divine guidance and assistance.

And guess what: once you learn how these skills can benefit you, you will not need organized religion or scripture any longer–you can turn yourself into your own prophet or sybil. Have you ever wished you could possess the skills of a Biblical prophet or the pythoness at the Oracle of Delphi? Throughout history only the tiniest percentage of human beings, perhaps only a few hundred, have had the ability to hear and understand messages from the Divine. But we are now moving into a world where this talent is going to be possible for all 8 billion of us humans. This is why I believe our planet is on the brink of an unprecedented transformation for the better. We are moving into a future where every last one of us can become his or her own prophet.

My readers are probably skeptical about all of these assertions, especially about the ability of each one of us to develop our psychic skills. This brings me to my next intuition about the future of our planet. I am convinced that the human race is currently undergoing an unprecedented evolutionary shift which is going to transform the energies of that species called 
Homo sapiens in ways which previous generations never could have imagined.
Evolution? Isn’t that supposed to be something which happened way back in the caveman days and then stopped? Well, not quite. If you know anything about history, you can see that all species here on earth have continued to evolve in various ways throughout the centuries. The constant transformation of us planetary beings did not stop a long time ago. It is an ongoing process.

But why is some kind of super colossal evolutionary shift happening now? And why do I think it is going to impact every last one of us? Well, in my opinion it is happening for two reasons. The first is called . . .

Electronic sensitization.

Once upon a time, long before the computer revolution, most people spent their time working with matter such as wood, steel, rocks, cloth, and earth, and they made our human cultures out of these raw materials. Of course this kind of work still continues here in the 21st century. People fashion artifacts or structures out of what they consider to be matter, and these artifacts enable us to survive as a species.
But today billions of people are now spending most of their time interacting not with matter but with those electrical impulses called bytes. If you are like me, you are handling, wearing, touching, listening to, or working with some kind of digital device every waking hour of your life. Guess what this means: your gadgets are increasing the velocity of your atomic vibrations. This in turn is making your physical body less dense. Granted that most of us still think of our physical bodies as something solid and heavy, but that is only an indication of the limitation of our senses. Although you probably cannot perceive it, if you spend all your time working with electronics, your body has been slowly growing ever more transparent over the years.

I have heard of some psychics who are able to see human beings as transparent entities, which means that they are probably seeing the vacant spaces at the atomic level. And in my opinion, a speedier atomic vibration is what makes people ever more sensitive to spiritual and psychic energies. In other words, those people who are born with clairvoyance or clairaudience come into the world with much faster atomic vibes than the rest of us. But you don’t have to be born with high speed vibes to be psychic. One of the most impressive psychics in my hometown of Springfield, Illinois, a woman named Greta Alexander, did not have a trace of extrasensory ability until she was accidentally struck by lightning as an adult. After this near-fatal event, she discovered that she was able to pick up on hidden energies, read minds, get glimpses of the future, and help the police solve crimes.[2] That bolt from the blue shifted her energies so much that she was able to start a new career as a professional psychic.

Well, the rest of us do not need a lightning strike to make our own innate psychic ability operational. Our computers, cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, tablets, and flat screens are already doing it for us. And since our interaction with electronics is only going to increase in the years to come, this means that present and future members of the human race are going to be blessed with the kind of sixth sense which only a minuscule number of people throughout history have possessed. Sooner or later every last one of us 
Homo sapiens will become more spiritually sensitive because of it. All of which means that the presence of the Divine and the angels in our lives will become ever more perceptible.
Mind you, this evolutionary change is not going to happen at the same time for everyone on this planet. We humans continue to experience what is called the global digital divide, where only people in the more prosperous cultures have access to electronics and the internet. But digital reality is what everyone on the planet is eager to experience these days, and in the decades to come everyone will eventually get it.

But you personally do not think that you are growing ever more sensitive? Well, think about your life for a moment. Have you ever been called a snowflake? Do you ever get “triggered” if someone voices an opinion or a criticism you don’t like? Or do you go into screaming hysteria if a politician you don’t support gets elected? Do you consider all your issues, no matter how trivial, to be matters of life and death? Does your head explode if immediate gratification isn’t fast enough? Do you go into agony whenever you start worrying about global warming even though you can’t give up your own car since you need it? Your grandfather might have waded ashore at Omaha Beach, but if you are a contemporary super-sensitive snowflake, and if something goes wrong with your life, you will need to cower in a safe space with coloring books and crayons until you feel better.

Of course you can still find confident and capable people these days who can deal with whatever Life dishes out to them. However, there are also huge numbers of fragile sensitives among us who are constantly cowering with fright in ways previous generations never could have imagined. Everything seems to terrorize them, even Halloween costumes or the wrong kind of food. Older people realize, correctly, that this is something unprecedented in human history, and they post despairing comments on the internet all the time: 
What’s wrong with college students? What is America coming to? What has happened to people? Where did these characters come from?
Where did they come from? They came from their gadgets, that’s where. Kids these days have no experience of what we older people can still remember: analogue reality. Yeah, that antiquated life before computers, when the only electronic device in the house was the television. It is true that people were always staring at it, but their atomic energies were not being speeded up by its vibes. So they did not go through life scared to death of absolutely everything. Kids these days do, especially if they clutch their phones eighteen hours a day.

Thus electronics do make cowards of us all. The snowflakes among us have got to be some of the most pathetic personalities in human history. They are helpless, immature, dependent upon anything or anyone which promises security, too traumatized to live fully and richly, in need of perpetual counseling, constantly throwing tantrums, addicted to any kind of substance/video/social media/medication which makes them feel good, and clinging desperately to anything which gives them an illusion of safety. They are, in short, falling helplessly through space and unable to find any kind of solid ground beneath their feet. Whenever I see a photo or a video of a typical kid snowflake, the one with the tattoos, piercings, fluorescent hair, blank zombie eyes, and a perpetual scowl, I don’t know how such a human can stand to be alive. Well, maybe they are not really alive. Their video games and their social media do their living for them. As for coping with the normal problems of life in a mature manner, they cannot manage it, not even when they are being enabled by friends/parents/teachers/religious leaders/politicians/echo chambers.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like this. When the snowflakes among us realize that their ever greater sensitivity means that they can start receiving individually accessible Divine guidance and assistance, their lives will be transformed in ways that their grandparents never could have imagined. In other words, what is causing snowflake super sensitivity is also the way to cure it. This solution will not only change everyone’s own life for the better, but it will also create a completely new and unprecedented planetary reality. So no matter how lunatic I sound at the moment, you need to keep reading.

Especially since there is a second reason why people are becoming ever more sensitive. This second reason also helps to explain why nothing works any longer the way it should here in the 21st century. At this moment in human history we are living through an astrological shift. More specifically we are moving out of the Piscean era into . . .

The Age of Aquarius.

I must now reveal myself to be a believer in that bunch of hooey known as astrology. Yikes! Can I possibly be serious? How can anyone in this day and age defend a thoroughly discredited sham like astrology? And what in the world does astrology have to do with our current planetary mess?
Well, bear with me a little. In particular, let me stress one that there are two different kinds of astrology. The first is the predictive kind, when the stars are supposed to control your destiny, or some kind of gibberish like that. This is the sort of nonsense which you get in online horoscopes, which only the morons among us can appreciate. They need to understand that predictive astrology is for the birds. Nobody’s future is frozen in the stars at the moment of their birth–it is theirs to create as they please.

But there is a different kind of astrology, one which is concerned with patterns of energy, and this kind of astrology can help us. I know from long experience as a gardener that if you plant your seeds according to the correct astrological sign, most of them will germinate. But if you plant them during the wrong sign or phase of the moon, you are asking for trouble. If astrological energies have this kind of impact upon plant life, is it really so incredible to suggest that it might have the same kind of impact upon us human beings? Or upon our human civilization itself?

All of which means that I am convinced astrology does have something to tell us about the cultural energies of our planet. And the most important astrological message we are getting at the moment is that our earth is moving out of the energies of the Piscean constellation and into that of Aquarius. The element of Pisces is water, an element which has always corresponded to human emotional experience. For the last two thousand years Piscean energies have manifested as energies which are emotional, hidden, mystical, and hierarchical. Fanaticism, martyrdom, cloistered nuns, love as a be-all or an end-all of human existence . . . these are expressions of specifically Piscean energies.
The element of Aquarius on the other hand is that of air, which indicates energies that are rational, thoughtful, communicative, informational, and independent. Libertarian politics are Aquarian, as are home schooling, the internet, cell phones, decentralization, scientific inventions, indie rock, and philosophy. Human laughter is also Aquarian–laughter is after all a burst of air energy. As for information technologies, it has long been noticed that most current human creativity is going into tech development. This is what interests people these days, not Piscean emotional forms like grand opera, sentimentalism, or love stories.
It is also interesting to see that the symbol of Aquarius is a water bearer, a human being who wants to help others. This means that humanitarianism is an energy which will be of supreme importance in the Aquarian era to come. You are never going to find a water bearer erecting a concentration camp, burning books, enacting an auto-da-fé, turning into a suicide bomber, or engaging in the other kinds of fanatical human behavior which were common in the Piscean era. Water bearers just do not do that kind of stuff. All they want to do is help others.

All of which means that in the Aquarian era, not only are people going to be more thoughtful and humanitarian, they will be able to see Reality much more clearly, thanks not only to their greater intellectual powers but to their new psychic powers as well. One of the principal benefits of being psychic is the ability to pick up on what are mostly non-perceptible energies. It was only in the Piscean era that you could rob a bank and get away with it. That will no longer be possible in the Aquarian world to come, where ever more transparent people are going to be able to pick up on the reality behind ever more transparent events. I cannot remember the word 
transparency being used as a positive social value when I was younger, but it is a universal ideal these days, which is all for the best. In a transparent world, what was once hidden behind closed doors, such as corporate greed or governmental oppression, can no longer be kept secret. This is a major step forward for the human race, and it will eventually result in the well-deserved destruction of all our legacy systems.
So the shift from Pisces to Aquarius also helps to explain why most of our presiding theories are no longer working. They are Piscean cultural forms which will have no relevance in the new Aquarian world forming around us. If you combine the new astrological energies with our ever-increasing electronic sensitization . . . well, the human race has not gone through a change like this since never. Granted the changes will be slow in coming–it will take time for people to realize how both their bodies and their cultures are shifting thanks to this double whammy. And given the suspicion that psychic ability has generated over the centuries, it will probably be quite a while before people will accept the fact that it can be beneficial.

But how do I know that all of this is true? Where is my evidence? Well, the only proof I can offer you is experiential. I want you to follow the suggestions I recommend in this book and see if they improve your life. I think you will discover that for the first time in your existence, you will realize that you do have psychic abilities which you never noticed before. Moreover, you will start getting much more clarity about how to solve your problems because of it. Indeed, your entire existence is going to change for the better in ways you never thought possible.

This brings me to the main theme of this book: planetary transformation. We all want to improve our own personal lives as we go through our days, but we would also like to live in a better kind of world. I am convinced that a much healthier kind of planetary reality is indeed coming, not just for us Americans but for the human race as a whole. The one thing that needs to happen now is understanding how each one of us can help this transformation to take place.

Mind you, the coming changes are not going to manifest by new rules and regulations, more soulless secularism, or any kind of governmental initiatives. What we are going to experience is a global spiritual transformation, one that is decentralized and egalitarian, and one which will give each member of the human race the opportunity to live a free, happy, and healthy life for the first time in history. In one way or another, each one of us can help this new world to manifest.

But there is a necessary first step before this planetary transformation can happen. No one should ever try to make the world a better place unless they transform themselves first. The last thing our planet needs are those legacy human types called bullies, who are furiously determined to coerce change on those people whom they consider to be their inferiors. People such as these are completely blind to the true nature of life and consciousness, and they always make things worse. There are much easier and more effective ways to bring about planetary improvement, which will be discussed.

But if I am recommending that you should change the planet for the better by changing yourself first, where should you start? The answer to this is easy. The very first thing you need to do is learn how to understand . . .

Chapter 2. The True Reality of Our Universe.

Yeah. I am now going to talk about something called the Reality of our universe. That’s Reality with a capital R. It just so happens that there actually is an enormous something which can explain everything about our universe. This Reality is easily comprehensible, applicable to everyone, and can change anyone’s life for the better once they understand what it is.
Now I know that many people these days are convinced that there is no one great big Theory of Everything. They are convinced that all truths are socially-constructed, and none of them have any more validity than any of the others since they are all subjectively imagined by different individuals. But here I am telling you that a Theory of Everything actually does exist and is something that you have probably never noticed in your life. That cannot be possible, right? You are smart, educated, and successful, so of course you are able to perceive the world around you with complete accuracy.

Sorry. You had better think again. I guarantee that everything you think you know about human existence or civilization is wrong. And yes, I am aware that this must be an idea that is utterly inconceivable to most of the billions currently stalking the planet these days, and especially us Americans, most of whom want to go on forever with our current political, religious, and intellectual paradigms. These social forms make us feel good, and in our snowflake world there is nothing more important than feeling good. But most of the current political/religious/intellectual paradigms, which millions mindlessly support, are nothing but toxic illusions.

The first and worst of these illusions is the idea that 
matter actually exists. We need to understand that everything in our spacetime universe, including our physical bodies, is energy, and nothing else but. Quantum physicist Max Planck is correct when he tells us that “there is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.”[3] So we Homo sapiens are not manifestations of “matter”–we are energy fields, which is why the speeding up of our atomic vibrations is going to make such a profound difference in our lives.
But there is another aspect to the energetic reality of our universe. We also need to understand that our energy fields are composed of swirling atomic particles which are constantly moving through mostly vacant space. Frank Close in 
Nothing: A Very Short Introduction (2009) tells us that atoms are 99.9999999999999% empty, which makes for a lot of emptiness.[4] So try to wrap your head around that one for a moment. Then tell yourself that a piece of granite which looks so solid, or a pool of water which seems to be nothing but wetness, or your own human body, are nothing but 99.9999999999999% empty energy fields.
Of course nothing in our spacetime universe is ever completely empty, so these mostly empty atoms also possess some kind of force field which keeps their particles swirling. Nevertheless, what we think of as “matter” is nothing but mostly empty fields existing in a mostly empty universe. It is only the inadequacy of our senses which makes us think that any kind of energy manifestation possesses solidity. We need to understand that our physical senses have never given us any kind of accurate perception of the Reality we live in. This is not surprising, given the fact that we 
Homo sapiens evolved by shutting things out, not by taking things in–we never could have survived if we had been overwhelmed by that. This means that throughout all of human history, at least in the West, most human beings have gone through their days without truly perceiving the true nature of the universe, let alone understanding what life or consciousness truly is.
So as far as that Theory of Everything is concerned, the first rule is that all “things” in our universe are nothing but energy fields. But there are several other aspects we also need to understand about the Reality of our universe, as follows:

 All energies are interconnected.

 All energies are equal.

 All energies are constantly transforming.

 All energies are manifestations of the Divine.

Accepting these energy rules is all that you need to understand everything about the Reality of the universe. They contain all the religion, science, ethics, politics, sociology, art, philosophy, culture, education, and wisdom anybody needs. You simply have to accept each one of them as truth, and then you align all your beliefs, your actions, and your energies to their essence. So you need to stop thinking that the uselessness called politics can actually make the world a better place. The only thing which will make our planetary situation better is all 8 billion of us humans accepting and aligning their lives to the Theory of Everything in our universe.
Still, I am aware that most people are going to have a hard time wrapping their heads around these energy rules. The most important one, namely that everything is energy, is the easiest to understand and is probably acceptable to most people. Nevertheless, the other rules seem to fly in the face of what seems to be ordinary common sense, especially the idea that all energies are interconnected. What kind of crazy idea is that? Anyone with half a brain can see that there is nothing but empty space between two different objects! As for the insane idea that Divine energy permeates all manifestations, this is not something which is very perceptible in a pile of cow manure or a landfill.

Well, I am standing my ground here. It is now time to analyze each of these other energy rules one by one. We will start with the following, namely that . . .

All energies are interconnected.

I am aware that universal interconnection is an idea which sounds completely unbelievable to most people these days. They might be capable of acknowledging that everything in our universe is energy, but they also know perfectly well that the various manifestations in our universe are all separate and apart from each other. An apple is not connected in any way to an orange or a banana–right? As for each one of us Homo sapiens, we are all bags of skin which are separate and apart from all the other bags of skin on the planet. Common sense tells us that there is nothing but empty space between two different people.
However, a feeling of universal interconnection has been frequently sensed for millennia by sensitive people all over the world. In recent years the idea has even received some scientific proof, thanks to the first experiments in quantum physics at the beginning of the 20th century. One of the most astounding revelations at that time was the fact that the presence of an observer could change the course of an experiment. Physicists were flabbergasted to discover that there was some kind of connection between the observer and what was being observed, and they eventually had to conclude that there had to be some kind of non-perceptible link between the two. If this kind of connection existed, then there also had to be imperceptible connections between all energy fields in our universe, even though modern scientists simply could not perceive them.

This idea is not new in human history. Eastern religions have always taught that we live in an interconnected universe. The sense of separateness we feel when we encounter an energy field “outside” of ourselves is nothing but an illusion. In one way or another everything in our universe is entangled with everything else. There is no such thing as separateness, neither in our personal lives nor in the cosmos. Universal connection permeates everything.

American physicist Fritjof Capra describes this most beautifully in the following paragraph from 
The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism (1975):

The following chapters [of The Tao of Physics] will show that the basic elements of the Eastern world view are also those of the world view emerging from modern physics. They are intended to suggest that Eastern thought and, more generally, mystical thought provide a consistent and relevant philosophical background to the theories of contemporary science; a conception of the world in which man’s scientific discoveries can be in perfect harmony with his spiritual aims and religious beliefs. The two basic themes of this conception are the unity and interrelation of all phenomena and the intrinsically dynamic nature of the universe. The further we penetrate into the submicroscopic world, the more we shall realize how the modern physicist, like the Eastern mystic, has come to see the world as a system of inseparable, interacting and ever-moving components with man being an integral part of this system.[5]

So if you want to accurately perceive the Reality of the universe, you must acknowledge the “unity and interrelation of all phenomena”. Ancient Vedic sages called this interconnection Indra’s Net, a glittering interconnected web of jewels, each one of which not only binds everything together but constantly reflects the light of the other gems. Besides, it is not just Eastern traditions which teach this–we get the same message from Western sages and mystics. Emerson quite rightly tells us in the Over-soul (1841) that:

We live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles. Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is equally related; the eternal ONE. And this deep power in which we exist, and whose beatitude is all accessible to us, is not only self-sufficing and perfect in every hour, but the act of seeing and the thing seen, the seer and the spectacle, the subject and the object, are one. We see the world piece by piece, as the sun, the moon, the animal, the tree; but the whole, of which these are the shining parts, is the soul.[6]

And Hermann Hesse states in his great novel Siddhartha (1922) that the goal of his hero’s long spiritual search is very simple, namely to sense and live the unity of the world:

Slowly blossomed, slowly ripened in Siddhartha the realisation, the knowledge, what wisdom actually was, what the goal of his long search was. It was nothing but a readiness of the soul, an ability, a secret art, to think every moment, while living his life, the thought of oneness, to be able to feel and inhale the oneness. Slowly this blossomed in him, was shining back at him from Vasudeva’s old, childlike face: harmony, knowledge of the eternal perfection of the world, smiling, oneness.[7]

Oneness. The great secret of both life and the universe. Once you accept this idea, that we are all somehow “entangled” with each other, as well as with all the other energy manifestations of the universe, the more successful a life you will live.
So in case you have never realized it, you are not an isolated sentient being living your life in existential aloofness. You are a jewel in an interconnected net. Nothing human is alien to you since you are all humans, as well as all the other sentient beings in the universe. This means that boundaries of any kind are nothing but an illusion. And in case you have never noticed, whenever you interact with another sentient being, the energies of both of you intermingle, even though it seems like both are still physically separate. So if you want to change your life and your planet for the better, you have to accept and align yourself to the Oneness of all phenomena, or else you may as well forget it.

All energies are equal.

The next energy rule, namely that all energies are equal, is even more difficult for us humans to acknowledge. But if the reality of our universe is universal interconnection, then all energy manifestations have got to be equal, up to and including those energy forms known as human beings. Indra’s Net does not possess some nodes which are bigger or smaller than the others–that would throw the whole net out of whack. This means that if you are as much a part of the Net as the Pope or the President, then how can you be greater or lesser than anyone else? So we must allow the self-evident truth that all sentient beings are created equal. This corresponds to the old idea that we are all equal in the eyes of God, which you can find in many different religious traditions. You have to keep this constantly in mind if you want to align yourself to the Reality of the universe.
But of course we humans have always suffered under the illusion that some energy fields are bigger or more important than others, probably since the caveman with the strongest arm decided that he was going to be the local honcho. In those days the human race probably could not have survived as a species without its honchos. But here we are, thousands of years later, still trapped in a world of Bigs and Littles and unable to perceive any other kind of human reality. Especially since being a Big continues to be devoutly desired in the world today, so much so that people will sometimes commit murder to get themselves into a position of authority or celebrity. Ah, there is nothing like the beatific existence of a Big! You get to be influential, you get to be obeyed, and you get the money!

This all but universal desire for superiority explains why we live in a world which is smothered by Bigs, as in Big Government, Big Corporations, Big Banks, Big Labor, Big Food, Big Chemicals, Big Education, Big Medicine, Big Energy, Big Tech, Big Advertising, Big Science, Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Feminism, Big Oil, Big Entertainment, Big Legal, Big Religion, and Big Media. Ah, yes–all these wonderful top-heavy Bigs, the honchos of which are always doing their tidy best to keep us Littles scared, miserable, and subservient. And they keep getting ever so much bigger every damn day.

Well, guess what. The new Aquarian world is going to be completely egalitarian. The time is finally coming for us planetary inhabitants to get rid of all the Bigs which continue to blight the planet. This might seem impossible at the moment when we continue to be smothered by rulers with too much power, business people with too much money, and all those virtue-signaling egos who want the world to know that they are better than everyone else. The Reality of our universe is that all sentient beings are created equal, and the sooner we acknowledge this fundamental truth, the better for us all.

All energies are in constant transformation.

This next energy rule tells us that there is no such thing as stasis in our ever-transforming universe. All energy fields are in constant motion, if only at the atomic level. So if ever there was a human illusion which is utterly contrary to the Reality of our universe, it is that fantasy called permanence. Nothing in our spacetime universe is fixed or unchanging. Some kind of transformation is always happening. Even when we are living an orderly kind of life, where nothing ever seems to change, the eternal flux is still going on. We humans can never escape this flux even for one second. Should you try to do the impossible and attempt to stop time or congeal space, you will meet with nothing but failure.
So any human being who believes that an unchanging personal, social, or political reality is actually possible is not just a moron but someone who is doing his/her tidy best to make the world more terrible that it already is. Granted that this poor deluded person is still our sibling in the Net, so we must treat him or her with compassion, but unfortunately our siblings can still be morons. And morons who try to block the natural flow of energy in our universe can do a lot of damage.

All this will be easier to understand if you acknowledge that the idea of flow is what counts when we try to understand the endless transformation of energies in our universe. Universal energies do not just change constantly–when they are functioning naturally they move in a natural kind of flow. This is what all effective systems do: time flows, music flows, air flows, speech flows, life itself does nothing but flow. Those ecosystems known as forests or undammed rivers are always naturally flowing energy fields–they exist in perfect natural harmony, not only within themselves but with the other energy fields which surround them.

Many sages over the centuries, both East and West, have endorsed this idea in one way or another. The idea of aligning your own being to the natural energies which surround you is the soul of Laozi’s 
Daodejing (sixth century BCE), which remains to this day the best guide ever written about perceiving and working with natural energies.[8] Laozi emphasized ideas about moderation, the constant interaction of opposites, spontaneity, following the path of least resistance, and process instead of stasis. In the West we can find similar notions in pre-Socratics such as Thales and Heraclitus who emphasized flux and flow and the inner harmony which they can give you. Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism, tells us in his Fragment 124: Happiness is the unruffled flow of life.[9]
It is also interesting to see that the core of Stoic philosophy is the idea of “living according to nature.” The original Greek term for nature is 
physis, which like the Chinese word dao refers to a process instead of a state of being. Both are terms which urge people to align their thoughts, actions and experiences not only with the energies of our earth but with the grand unfoldment of the cosmos.
So if you want to go with the flow, you need to swim with the stream instead of fighting the current. You saw wood along the grain instead of the bias. You do not try to force a square block into a round hole. You eat cooling foods in the summer and warming foods in the winter. You never try to prevent or disguise the aging of your body. You ride the wave instead of trying to block it. All this brings us to the final and most important rule about energy in our universe . . .

All energies are manifestations of the Divine.

That’s right, this is the core Reality of the Theory of Everything and the one single thing you must understand if you want to change your own life for the better, as well as make the planet a better place. The Divine is not separate from all the energy fields in the universe. As members of Indra’s Net, we humans are not just interlaced jewels–we are jewels which are also entangled with the energies of the Divine. This holds true not just for us humans but for every last sentient being in the universe.
The notion of Divine energy within everyone is something which many spiritual traditions have proclaimed over the centuries. “I am seated in the heart of all living entities,” says Krishna in the 
Bhagavad-gita (10:20), while Jesus tells us that “the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) In other words, every leaf, every rabbit, and every human being you encounter possesses as much Divine energy as you do. This means, by the way, that there is no such thing as a “chosen people” or a single True Religion. The Divine is on the side of every energy manifestation in the universe, and not just one particular group. Yes, I know that this idea flies in the face of most Abrahamic sacred scripture, but it just happens to be the Reality of our universe.
But if you are still trying to tell yourself that people with the wrong religion or politics can never have as much Divine energy as a good person like yourself, you need to get kicked in the head. Metaphorically, that is, since you are my brother or sister in the Net, and I do not want you to suffer. Fortunately that metaphorical kick in the head is about to happen, not just with you, but with everyone thanks to our current evolutionary leap. It is time for every last one of us 
Homo sapiens to get it through our 99.9999999999999% empty skulls that all sentient beings in the universe are not just interconnected and equal, but interconnected members of one big Divine family. Unless you allow this basic reality to start guiding your life, you are going to miss out on the upcoming evolutionary fun. And you do not want to miss out on that, do you?
Let me also remind you that as the years go on, the Divine energy within you is going to start feeling ever more accessible, thanks to your increasing electronic sensitivity. Mind you, psychic abilities by themselves will not make you more spiritually advanced. But if you start making an effort, your ever greater sensitization will help you to turn your thoughts to the Divine whenever you get irritated with another sentient being, or start feeling emotions like greed or vanity, or need some guidance. On a practical level this means that the constant perceptible presence of the Divine and the angels in your life will start giving you a feeling of rich possibility in your life.

Since it just so happens that individually accessible Divine energy can be a universal cure-all. Only a minuscule number of us can make any kind of truly life-transforming changes through our own efforts, but with Divine guidance and assistance, miracles are possible for every one of us. All of which means that if you want to live a more successful life, you should never try to block or disrupt the natural flow of the universe, since this will also block the kind of Divine guidance and assistance you need. The natural flow is always the Divine flow.

So if you haven’t guessed by now, a new understanding of the presence of the Divine in all the energies of the universe, as well as in all of us human beings, is the key to creating a new kind of world. Given our ever more transparent bodies, as well as the current astrological change we are now experiencing, it is now time for us humans to start experiencing . . .

Chapter 3. A New Way to Encounter the Divine.

The key to our new relationship with the Divine is that in the Aquarian world to come, each and every one of us will be able to experience individually accessible Divine guidance and assistance. No longer will we have to rely upon long-dead prophets, scripture, ceremonies, or religious organizations to reach the Divine. Our ever-increasing sensitization will enable us to go directly to the Source for all the spirituality that we need.
Well, if ever anything was unprecedented in human history, this is it. Medieval German mystic Meister Eckhart once said that “God is nearer to me than I am to myself,”[10] a statement with which I agree. However, throughout history only the most sensitive of spiritual visionaries could feel this presence. But in the electronically-sensitized world to come, it will start happening to all of us. And no, you should not think that the Divine is not interested in communicating with a nobody like yourself. In an interconnected universe, don’t forget that all sentient beings are created equal. This means that if a retired State of Illinois Secretary IV (yours truly) can do it, anyone can.
Nevertheless, I can just imagine how many of my readers must be scoffing at these statements, especially those readers infected with a secular materialist mindset. They will want to inform us that there is no God, no heaven, no supernatural beings, not much of anything except the collapsing and meaningless culture we have at the moment.
Well, guess what. The first thing that starts to happen when you realize that your new electronic sensitivity can help you to connect with the Divine is that you will start getting intimations about a greater Reality than the one you are currently living in. You are also going to start picking up on the mysteries of energy, the hidden realities beyond the physical, and the wonders of spontaneous manifestation. When this starts to happen, everything about life and the universe finally starts making sense.

Still, I am aware that most people are going to be resistant to these ideas, especially those true believers who cannot imagine any kind of encounter with the Divine outside of a church, temple, mosque, or other venue of a traditional religion. So they are probably saying to themselves: This is crazy! If we want to reach the Divine, we cannot do it ourselves! We need to follow the 
real prophets and the scriptures which they have given to us! Our planet is filled with time-honored traditional religions with billions of adherents. That should be enough!
Well, not any longer. If all you know about God is sitting in a pew listening to someone recite scripture, are you going to be in for a surprise. Let us now take a moment to examine . . .

The problem with organized religions.

In case you haven’t noticed, all of the planet’s organized religions are as broken as everything else these days. This should not be surprising. Sooner or later all religions die a very predictable death, which history has demonstrated numerous times. At the moment it is happening again, but this time it is the Abrahamic ones (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) which are giving up their ghosts. They have been meaningful to millions for thousands of years, but they are as time-bound as any other human manifestation and will not be relevant in the new world to come.
I am aware that this statement will raise a lot of hackles, since most believers in these religions are convinced that theirs are the 
true religions. Moreover, these true religions are absolutely necessary to maintain civilized society, since we all know that everything will collapse into barbarism without our ministers/priests/pastors/prophets/popes/rabbis/mullahs to guide us. So of course the Abrahamic religions cannot die! For anyone to say that this is going to happen is crazy! The way things are now are the way they are always going to be!
Well, if you ask me, all three of our Abrahamic religions are Piscean cultural forms, and as such they are losing adherents with every passing day, thanks to the following problems:

Money. I have long been convinced that nothing poisons spiritual energy more thoroughly than that toxic energy called money, which is why this book is being given away for free. But I am also certain that most people would disagree with me. You simply cannot have a religion without buildings, costumes, props, and food in the bellies of the priests! So there is just no way that money can harm the spiritual message our religions are giving out, right? Well, here is the reality about Divine energy: it is always poisoned by money. The more money a religious organization has, the more toxic it becomes. When collecting the cash starts to happen, eventually only the cash will matter. And the worst sort of corruption, spiritual corruption, will inevitably follow.

Theology. All theology, without exception, is evidence-free speculation. On occasion it might make sense, but it is always just one particular individual’s imaginative interpretation of scripture or history. As such it can never be empirically verified. Fortunately people are starting to wake up to the fact that theology does little more than create burdens where none should exist. It is an exercise in evidence-free futility and does nothing but fill you with ever more useless illusion.

Scripture. Those scriptures which claim to be the authentic word of God have always been a problematical part of organized religion. The difficulty comes from the obvious fact that there are phrases in all sacred scripture which no sane person would consider to be the voice of the Divine. Are you aware that the Holy Bible condones the murder of children? None other than Moses orders the children of his enemies to be slaughtered (Numbers 31:13-18), while Elijah sends two bears to kill some naughty boys who have made fun of his baldness (2 Kings 2:23-25). As for the Quran, you can find passages such as the one where Allah recommends cutting off the fingers of your enemies (Quran 8:12). As if the Divine would approve of any of this. So if as a citizen of the 21st century you conclude that some parts of your holy book are not Divinely sanctioned, you make every other statement in your text suspect. Either it is all true, or it is not. If you conclude that it is not, that means you cannot rely upon your scripture to be an authoritative ethical guide.

Enabling. In case you haven’t noticed, what matters in 21st century organized religion is propping up the paying customers. This is otherwise known as enabling, which is as toxic as an energy can get. The only thing that matters to both enablers and enabled is feeling good, enablers because they think they are “helping” someone (and getting money while they are at it), or the enabled, who actually think that they are getting better (which they aren’t). Most true believers these days are so accustomed to this variety of toxic energy that they have come to expect it, the way they used to expect that famous medication called snake oil would cure all their physical problems. Guess what. Snake oil did not work, and neither does enabling.

The Law of Attraction. This notion does not always infect more traditional religions, but it has somehow become an absolute truth for those who are interested in New Age spirituality. The gurus of the Law of Attraction always assure their meal tickets that with a little paid-for spiritual guidance, they will be able to instantly manifest everything that they desire. My dear customers, you are all wonderful people, and you are doing everything right. Now let me tell you how you can get your hands on a new car and a timeshare in Florida. The meal tickets fall for this kind of stuff over and over again since they just love being told that they will always get what they want. That is what they are purchasing, after all. Alas, genuine spirituality is not based on this kind of ego-gratification, especially when it is people’s greed energies which are getting gratified.

Theatrics. For most people religion has always meant going to some kind of sacred area and watching a theatrical performance. It still happens today, the way it has been happening since the shows at Stonehenge or the Temple of Karnak. Keep entertaining your paying customers so they will always come back for more! The idea that religion = performance is such an ingrained assumption among believers all over the world that it is difficult to convince anyone that there are better ways to reach the Divine. But there are, and in the new world to come they will become ever more evident.

Unending arguments. When I was younger I spent a dozen wasted years in the neopagan movement, where the only sounds to be heard were quarrel quarrel quarrel and squabble squabble squabble. You would think that members of the same spiritual path would not be constantly at each other’s throats, but that never happens in any religion, neither traditional nor New Age. The horrors of the religious wars in human history are a perpetual reminder of how bad things can get. If you attempt to follow a spiritual path where the believers are always arguing about whatever, lots of luck.

Hiddenness. Like many other Piscean institutions, Big Religion could get away with it only when it managed to conceal its inner corruption. For centuries Big Religion honchos have done their tidy best to preserve their religion’s facade at all cost, regardless of what is going on behind the scenes. Well, this kind of cover-up can no longer happen, not in the transparent world which is now forming around us. In this kind of world, if you cannot hide the corruption of your institution, your institution will fall to pieces.

* * *

And falling to pieces is what they are all doing, traditional as well as New Age, even though most of the true believers among us do not realize it as yet. Within the next few decades all the great Piscean belief systems will have expired from lack of interest, up to and including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, the Zen variety of Buddhism, you name it . . . they all will be historical curiosities. If you ask me this is all for the best, for the simple reason that you cannot reach the Divine without free movement through time and space, which is what an organized religion always wants to block.
But does this mean that the human race is going to collapse into that turgid nothingness called secular materialism? Not a chance of that. Nor am I suggesting that we should forget the spiritual lessons of our ancestors, tear down Chartres Cathedral or Angkor Wat, jettison all sacred scriptures, or ignore the avatars who have gotten us where we are today.

But as I have said, we ever more transparent Aquarians will be able to reach the Divine in an entirely new way, through individually accessible Diving guidance and assistance. But how is this supposed to happen? And how will we know that our spirituality is truly coming directly from the Divine? Isn’t there a chance that people might deceive themselves into thinking that they are intensely good and spiritual individuals when they are nothing of the sort?

Well, yes–there is always a danger of that. But that kind of delusion has always been a part of traditional religion as well. Fortunately the upcoming Aquarian spirituality will be something entirely new. There is a certain force in our universe which we humans can start to utilize to get a much better sense of the way Divine energies are constantly manifesting all around us. We now need to take a look at that interesting something called . . .


There have been many theories over the centuries as to why we should believe that the Divine exists. The simple fact that reality and consciousness exist is one argument–how could these manifest without a Divine creator? The fact that our universe operates according to certain mathematical laws is another–how could numerical symmetry be possible without intelligent design? But perhaps the most widespread and most persuasive argument for the existence of the Divine is the cosmological argument, which tells us that our universe had a beginning, namely that interesting event called the Big Bang. And the Big Bang must have been caused by something, right? Well, many of the world mythologies tell us that in the beginning the Divine created the universe out of chaos. So the cosmological argument does seem to be a valid reason to believe in a Supreme Being.
But this still does not give us any kind of verifiable proof for the existence of a Supreme Being. So let us leave that problem for a moment and examine the most interesting part of the cosmological argument, namely the idea that the Divine created the universe out of chaos. You can find this idea not only in the Abrahamic tradition but in ancient Egyptian texts, in Hesiod and Ovid, and in many indigenous mythologies. So before creation there was nothing but chaos, which is, of course, a lot of messy nothing without rhyme, reason, structure, form, pattern, shape, sound, light, or sentience.

But the interesting thing about chaos is that even though we are now living in a physical reality which exhibits definite patterns and structures, there is still a heck of a lot of chaos to be found everywhere in our universe, especially at the sub-atomic level. Quantum physics tells us that nothing is mechanical or predictable, nor do all events manifest from a preceding cause, nor is it possible to predict what will form out of the chaotic randomness which surrounds us. Let us also not forget that most of us go through our lives experiencing nothing but that mental chaos which the Buddhists call the monkey mind.

So chaos did not completely disappear at the Big Bang–it is still found everywhere in our universe. And the chaotic systems which surround us can never be managed or controlled. Our scientists might delude themselves into thinking that we humans can manipulate everything about our lives or our environment, but that is a pathetic fantasy. What exists behind all our fragile political and social structures are completely unmanageable energies.

But here is what is especially interesting about chaos: scientists have recently started to realize that a chaotic system never remains chaotic for very long. Sooner or later form or pattern will usually manifest in it. Nowadays they call this phenomenon 
self-organization or spontaneous order, and it is constantly happening, not just on our earth but everywhere in the universe. In other words, new stuff is constantly getting formed out of disorder, just as the Big Bang was once formed out of disorder. So spontaneous order was not a one-time only event. It continues to happen all the time everywhere in our universe.
I suspect that most of my readers probably do not like any of these assertions. After all, in our over-regulated world, we are brainwashed into thinking that systems can only function effectively when they are kept under tight control. So there is nothing that the control freaks among us hate more than the spontaneous. The idea that something might suddenly pop up out of nowhere, without any preceding cause, has got to be either a complete impossibility or a potential disaster. It defies common sense. And it feels . . . spooky.

Well, if you ask me, those people who are resistant to the idea of spontaneity are the planet’s last adherents of the legacy Sir Isaac Newton idea of the cosmos being some kind of giant clock, whose parts work in perfect mechanical and predictable order. This fantasy continues to be the cornerstone of most people’s worldview today, although nowadays they don’t think that the universe is a clock but a giant computer. And since computers are manageable, sooner or later we humans will finally get the whole cosmos to behave exactly as we program it. Or something like that.

It is easy to see why this idea continues to be attractive. It gives us a reality where everything is manageable and safe, solid matter actually exists, time and space are constants, and our scientists really can make our lives better through artificial or mechanical adjustment. Also, since there is a cause for every effect, there cannot be any unexpected surprises in either our lives or the universe. This must be a comforting worldview if you are dumb enough to subscribe to it.

Well, there is nothing more legacy these days than Newtonian physics. If we want a true understanding of the spacetime universe in which we live, we need to acknowledge that (1) chaos is the underlying reality of our universe, and (2) spontaneous order can manifest out of this chaos without any kind of preceding cause. There is even a scientific term for the latter: 
ectropy (the word extropy is also sometimes used instead of ectropy). Wiktionary defines ectropy as “the overall increase in the organization of a system.”[11] This means that ectropy/extropy are antonyms of entropy, that Second Law of Thermodynamics which describes how systems wear down. We are all familiar with the manifestations of entropy which are constantly forming all around us, such as the fall of a leaf or the death of a human being. Entropy seems like a perfectly natural process since it is concerned with something we encounter all the time: the wearing down or dissolution of a system.
But ectropy is still mostly unfamiliar or ignored. Still, people are starting to take note. In 
Convergence: The Idea at the Heart of Science (2017) Peter Watson tells us that:

Order, the way even inanimate matter spontaneously organizes itself in nature (without, it should be said, any input from a supernatural power), has emerged in recent decades as one of the most important new topics. The very idea that there is a preexisting order in nature–a deep order underlying even “chaoplexity” (a mix of chaos and complexity), as appears to be the case–sounds itself very much like a philosophical conundrum as important as any other. Spontaneous order is being explored by physicists, chemists, biologists, and mathematicians and has been found to occur among elementary particles, among molecules, in complex systems, in living things, in the brain, in mathematics.[12]

Well, okay–ectropy is something which really does happen, and our scientists are finally taking note. Besides, if you think about it, you will realize that ectropy is not all that spooky. Subatomic particles appearing randomly? Ectropy. A new idea bursting into your head? Ectropy. An unexpected miracle, a sudden epiphany, a eureka moment, a new invention, a critical discovery, a message in a dream, a serendipitous accident which solves a problem . . . all these are manifestations of ectropy. Even that interesting energy called synchronicity, which can best be described as a coincidence which an observer finds to be meaningful, is an ectropic manifestation (and I have always been convinced that any kind of synchronistic event is usually a message from the Divine). You cannot manipulate these moments into being. They come when you are not expecting them . . . spontaneously. Spontaneous manifestation is not something strange or alien to our everyday human existence–we have all experienced it countless times in our lives.
So the law of cause and effect does not completely explain the manifestations of energy in our physical universe. Ectropy is equally as observable and important. But the interesting thing about ectropy is 
why it happens. In the above quotation, Dr. Watson tells us that spontaneous order happens without the assistance of a “supernatural power.” Well, since it is unlikely that either he or any other scientist has put this statement to the test, his statement is nothing but a hypothesis.
Well, I have an alternate hypothesis, one which is equally unproven but which I think makes better sense. I am convinced that ectropy happens for one reason only: it is a manifestation of Divine energy. The Almighty did not sit back and take a breather after the Big Bang. Most of the forms, patterns, colors, sounds, lights, and life which are always spontaneously forming out of the chaos in our spacetime universe are present-day manifestations of Divine energy. Furthermore, if we start paying attention, we can perceive the innate Divine energy in most of these ectropic manifestations any time we like.

At the moment, of course, most people do not bother since they do not realize how important such manifestations are, nor do they know what to look for. But I guarantee that if you just start watching for unexpected bursts of ectropy, you will start to find them, and they will also start to change your life for the better. And by the way, you always get a sense of bliss when you experience them. This is another way to tell whether an ectropic manifestation is truly Divine energy: you always get a sense of pleasure or happiness. What else are you going to experience when a miracle spontaneously takes place in your life? That which is spontaneous is almost always blissful. That which is manipulated or controlled, on the other hand, is a total drag.

Furthermore, if you keep at it, you will quickly learn to love the spontaneous. It is true that we all need the security of an orderly society as we go through our lives, as well as predictable patterns in our days. But we also need to realize that an unexpected event or a form which manifests out of nowhere can enrich our lives in ways we never could have thought possible. What else, for example, is jazz or other forms of musical improvisation? These kinds of sounds can give you a burst of Divine energy like nothing else on earth. Listen to Miles Davis or Ravi Shankar sometime if you don’t believe me.

Mind you, not all spontaneous energies in our universe are manifestations of Divine energy. Hurricanes and tornadoes spontaneously form out of chaotic systems, but they can hardly be considered manifestations of the Divine. A new way to rob a bank suddenly appearing in your mind is also 
not a manifestation of the Divine. But when a problem is suddenly solved, or a new idea about a better research plan comes out of the blue, or a meaningful coincidence changes the course of your life, ectropy has happened. When these unexpected insights smack of harmony or benevolence, I am convinced that they are truly manifestations of the Divine. The chaotic randomness of our spacetime universe is not a horror but a matrix out of which the Divine is constantly blessing us with new form and pattern.
All of this brings me to a human skill which can change your life for the better in the most astounding way possible. It just so happens that there is a very easy and practical way to take advantage of ectropic energy. You can use it to start receiving individually accessible Divine guidance, which is always the necessary first step before you can start receiving Divine assistance. You need to realize that ectropy is something which happens whenever you practice . . .

The art of divination.

Ah, the noble art of divination. Yeah, that fortune-telling stuff which sensible people have scoffed at for millennia. Divination conjures up visions of crystal balls, smoky incense, and a shyster who wants your money. What does fortune-telling have to do with that Divine energy called ectropy? Or individually accessible Divine guidance?
Well, it just so happens that working with an oracle is the best possible way to generate manifestations of spontaneous order. Here you need to understand what happens when you work with an oracular tool: first you create 
chaos by shuffling cards, swirling tea leaves, or throwing runes. Then you examine the chaos to see what kinds of patterns have spontaneously appeared out of the chaos you just created. That’s right. Every time you work with an oracular tool, you are recreating in miniature what happened at the Big Bang: the Divine is creating pattern or form out of chaos. Only this time it is happening for your own personal benefit.
And yes, it is definitely Divine energy which manifests during the practice of divination. This is why nobody talks about 
futurization or humanization when they work with an oracle: the word used is divination, which indicates an encounter with the Godhead. From the Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece to 21st century tarot card readers, good psychics have always known exactly what happens when they work with an oracle: they receive information directly from the Divine. If you ask me, divination is an infinitely better way to sense and understand Divine energy than anything you might get out of scripture or ritual. Even better: anyone can do it, especially the newly sensitized snowflakes among us.
So learning how to practice the art of divination is the first thing you need to do in order to bring new Divine energy into your life. Up until now you have probably never realized that the Divine and the angels are constantly with you every second of your life, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. Well, take my word for it, they are as eager to communicate with you as you are with them. Learning how to work with an oracular tool is the best way to initiate these communications.

The reader will observe from the preceding paragraph that I am a believer not only in the reality of the Divine but in those supernatural beings called 
angels. My readers will probably also think that this makes me an adherent to one of the Abrahamic religions. Well, it is a mistake to think that angels are a feature only of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. People throughout history have frequently sensed the presence of benevolent winged beings in their lives; one of the oldest carvings of such a being, the Assyrian god Ashur, dates from 5,000 years ago.[13] The popularity of angelology books these days is an indication that ever-increasing numbers of newly sensitized humans among us are now able to perceive the presence of these beings. And you do not have to be a believer in a traditional religion for this to happen.
But who or what are these angels? I am convinced that the most important angels among us are those traditional archangel figures such as Raphael or Uriel who have been sensed by many people over the centuries. But I also believe that there are thousands (millions?) of other angels, most of whom are eager to help us physicals any way they can. Moreover, these angels are entities who do not possess any kind of category. So it is a mistake to think that an angel is a member of only one particular race, gender, age, or religion. If you are silly enough to think of the Archangel Michael as male, or Gabriel as female, or that all the angels are white, you had better think again. The angels are universal entities who cannot be classified, just as the Divine is an entity who cannot be classified, not even as male or female.

It is also misleading to think that some angels are somehow more powerful than others, as in archangel vs. just plain angel. I expect that like the other sentient beings in the universe, all angels are created equal as well. But what matters is that we can call upon these angels whenever we need assistance, and they will be there for us. I have long been convinced that the archangels resemble the Divine in that they are quantum figures who can be in multiple places at any point in time. That’s right, even though there are apparently only several dozen archangels in the whole universe, each one of them can be there at the same time personally for all 8 billion of us earthlings if we need them.

As for me, I have yet to see or hear an angel since I am still not sensitive enough. However, I can on occasion sense their presence whenever I get a shivering sensation. These sensations come without warning, even on a very hot day, and they feel like I am getting pinpricks all over my body. I have learned to recognize these sensations as messages from one of my angels or my companion spirit (and in case you have never noticed, each of us goes through our lives with an assigned companion spirit, who is always there to help and support you). The shivers most frequently happen when I am thinking out loud and apparently saying something that my angels want me to know is correct. So when the shiver happens, I know that I am getting a message, and I have learned to pay attention. If sensations like these can happen to me, they can happen to anyone.

But the other way I am able to receive Divine and angelic guidance is by working with an oracular tool. My tool of choice is the tarot deck which was designed by Pamela Colman Smith in 1910 and which is usually known as the Rider-Waite tarot.[14] I am convinced that Smith’s deck is permeated with special spiritual energies which make it a supremely effective divinatory tool. Instructions on how to work with this deck is a topic which I cover in my first book, 
Practical Tarot for the 21st Century, which you can consult for further information. A shorter guide to reading with tarot is my Ten-Minute Guide to Reading Tarot Cards (both book and guide are online at www.themista.com).[15]
At the moment, however, I want to stress several main points about working with tarot. The first thing to understand is that if you want to solve a problem, you should always think things through logically before you reach for your oracular tool. The word 
logic comes from the Greek word logos, which originally meant reason or word and to this day refers to the rational principle in the universe. All of which tells me that logic is another helpful Divine energy and should always be consulted before you ever go near an oracle. So no matter what your issue is, you should first think things through as logically as you can and then reach what you think is the best possible solution. Do this, and you will eventually discover that when both your logical and your psychic energies align themselves perfectly, you are getting the best possible response from the Divine about how to solve your problem.
Learning how to construct a good oracular question is next in importance. Fortunately this is easy enough to do: you should always phrase your question so that it can be answered with a YES or a NO (tarot does not work too well when you just ask for general advice). In other words, you should always try to make your questions confirmational. So you would never ask your oracle if you will lose money if you make a new investment, since that is something you do not want. Instead you would ask about what you are hoping for will manifest, namely making a profit.

Next, it is important for you to read your cards so that they are pulled either upright or reversed. This means that the first thing you do with a brand new deck of cards is not just shuffle them but turn or mix them around so that some cards are upright and some reversed. From then on you continue to occasionally turn them or mix them so that they are a nicely chaotic mixture. You will get better responses when you read reversals as well as upright cards.

Then say the following prayer before each reading (or at least every morning when you know you will be consulting your cards during the day):

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that on this day and night and every day and night for the rest of my life, that Archangel Michael will protect the space of these readings, that only angels or the Divine will give me information through these cards, and that I thank them for the information which I will receive.

Next, I recommend that you only turn over only three cards to get your answer. If these three cards show you reversed or disturbing graphics, you will immediately understand that you are getting a NO answer to your query. But if you pull upright or positive-looking images, you have gotten a YES. Never mind all those thousands of tarot books which attempt to tell you what the cards mean. Just look to see if you have pulled positive or negative visuals when you turn over your three cards. That is all it takes.
Finally, you must understand that the cards are not always correct, or that you will not always interpret them correctly. There have been times in my life when I turned over three positive looking upright cards which surely should have meant a YES, but eventually proved to be very wrong information about a situation I had to deal with. Alas, nothing is perfect, and there is always the possibility that you will misinterpret any kind of a tarot reading, even one that seems as plain as day. This is the main reason why you should always apply logic to your issues before you turn psychic. If your logic tells you one thing but the cards something else, something is wrong. You should do some more thinking and ask your question a second time.

But here is the catch: you should never ask the cards the same question twice in a row. In other words, one of the cardinal rules about divination is that if you do not like the answer you have just received, you absolutely do not ask your question a second time right away. Like it or not, the first answer you get when you ask an oracular question is almost always the correct one. Fortunately there is a way around this. You can practice what I call the 
three day rule: you can ask the same question a second time, but only if you wait twenty-four hours between readings. So if you are absolutely certain that the cards are mistaken about one of your issues (and sometimes they can be), go ahead and ask your question a second time, but only after twenty-four hours have passed. Then, if you still do not get the answer you want, wait another twenty-four hours and ask the question a third time. But chances are that eventually you will discover that the second or third readings only confirm the first one, and this is the answer you must accept, no matter how painful it is.
Once you get the hang of all this, you will quickly discover that the most important way an oracular tool can assist you is by helping you to examine 
your most cherished beliefs. More specifically, you should ask questions about what you should eat or drink, how to choose your partner or your livelihood, how to raise your children, whether a new purchase will do you any good, or whether your social or political beliefs are actually making the world a better place. Chances are that if you are a normal American, not only have you made plenty of bad decisions about your life, but you have also subscribed to assorted belief systems which are not only toxic but which will deliver some nasty karmic payback to you time and again. If you truly want to acquire Divine guidance and assistance, the very first thing you have to figure out is what you have been thinking or doing wrong all of your life. Not right but wrong.
This is the greatest benefit you can get from an oracular tool. It will tell you that you are being a stupid idiot whenever you actually are a stupid idiot. As has been mentioned, we live in a world where enabling is the name of the game, and too many people have an ingrained attitude that they are right about everything, since Mom, Dad, Teach, Shrink, Pastor, and their social media validators have told them so. So they go through their lives making one disastrously bad decision after another. This also holds true for those spiritual leaders among us who are absolutely certain they have no darkness within. There have been many times in my life when I have encountered psychics, astrologers, ministers, or other kinds of spiritual honchos who are stuck in terribly wrong-headed energies but who are also absolutely certain that they are doing everything right. There is nothing that leads people into bad mistakes like spiritual vanity.

Fortunately the Smith deck contains many disturbing or negative-energy images, and these kinds of images are absolutely necessary in divination, since only they can tell you when you are in the wrong. Do you really want to stop making mistakes in your life? You don’t need to be enabled–you need to be told, as bluntly as possible: 
Don’t do it! Don’t buy it! That’s a bad idea! Don’t go there! Kick that nonsense out of your head! Turning over a disturbing image from the Smith deck will get the wrongness message to you in two seconds flat. So if you are just starting out in divination, forget all oracular tools except the Smith tarot deck. You will be glad you did.
All this means that the first thing you need to do with your new deck of tarot cards is make a list of everything you think you are doing right in your life, such as child-rearing, finances, dietary habits, relationships, politics, you name it. Then start asking your cards if you are correct about all these issues. But don’t be surprised if you start getting NO responses about most of your beliefs. I estimate that between 80-85% of the answers I have received from my tarot cards over the past several decades have been NO’s. Thank goodness for that. It is only when you see all these NO’s that you realize how much is mistaken about your life. Don’t believe me? Well, I leave it to the reader to determine whether or not all the oracular NO’s I have seen over the years have done me any good.

Nevertheless, getting nothing but NO’s about your most cherished beliefs can be painful. Still, you had better accept what you are seeing and then do some rethinking. You need to ask yourself what might be wrong about the situation you are asking about, or consider alternate solutions (there are always alternatives), or try to identify what you are not correctly perceiving about your problem. Chances are that sooner or later you will realize that the NO answers you received were the correct ones, and that there is a better choice of action you need to take.

One other important note about the Smith deck: over the years I have learned that you should pay particular attention to the three angel cards (Temperance, The Lovers, and Judgment) in this deck. It has been my experience that unlike the other seventy-five cards in the Smith deck, these three cards tend to get pulled more frequently than is statistically possible, and when they appear upright it is a sign that your angels are especially eager for you to pay attention to the answer you are receiving. So pulling an upright angel is almost always a YES response, one that will bless you with Divine energy, but a reversed angel is usually a NO. This oddity is the only proof I can give that something out of the ordinary happens when you practice divination with the Smith deck, but it tends to happen time and again to me and will probably happen for you as well.

So with these simple rules, you should be able to start practicing divination right away. But the one other thing to remember is that even though it is you who is shuffling and pulling the cards, it is the Divine who prods you into selecting the cards you need to see. Yes, I know that the cards are thoroughly chaotic after you shuffle them, and it seems like you are in control of what cards you pull, but take my word for it, it is the Divine who is guiding your fingers to pull the cards which will help you. Some card diviners never deliberately pull cards–as they shuffle the deck they wait for one or more of the cards to fall out since they realize, quite rightly, that these are the cards that the Divine wants them to see. But letting the Divine guide your fingers works equally well. So even though it seems as though you are in charge of the proceedings when you work with an oracular tool, what is really going on is what the Divine has always done, creating form and pattern out of chaos. Only this time it is happening for your own personal benefit.

There is one more advantage to the practice of divination: it just so happens that working with an oracular tool also helps to speed up your atomic vibrations. If you take time each day to work with an oracle, that same oracle will zap those vibes of yours even more effectively than your cell phone. But keep in mind that the two of them (oracles and electronics) do not mix. I have learned that I should never work with an oracle while listening to music or experiencing any other kind of electronic energy. So you should turn off all your electronics before you sit down with your oracular tool, or else your reading will be off.

* * *

So far, so good. Getting individually accessible Divine guidance is all very well, but chances are that some of your current issues are so troublesome that you would love to receive Divine assistance as well. This especially holds true for major life problems such as finances, employment, health problems, and raising children. One of the main points of this book is that in the new world to come each one of us will be able to receive Divine assistance as well as guidance in our lives. But while you can receive Divine guidance at any time in your life, I guarantee that any kind of Divine assistance will never start to manifest in your life unless you first make an effort to . . .

Clean up your act.

That’s right, you are going to have to make some changes in your life and probably in your worldview if you want to obtain the kind of Divine assistance I am talking about. This assistance is freely available to every sentient being in the universe, but it will always manifest most strongly in those sentient beings who are doing their best to behave as ethically as possible in their lives. In other words, if you are stuck in any kind of toxic energy, lots of luck trying to get the Divine to help you out of your assorted messes. You cannot murder your ex-wife one morning and then ask for Divine assistance in the evening to help you quit smoking. Uh, no.
So if you are currently engaged in those tedious American activities known as money laundering or insurance fraud, or if you enjoy causing pain to those whom you consider to be your enemies (if only by insulting at them on the internet), you will continue to receive Divine guidance any time you like, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Divine assistance to manifest as well.

Here it is necessary to say something about that interesting energy called karma. If there is one single word which explains how our entire spacetime universe operates, it is this ancient Sanskrit word. Karma can be defined as the law of reciprocity. It means that the kind of energies you put out into the universe are the exact same energies which will come back to you in your own life. Over the centuries this idea has been proverbially expressed in many different ways: 
what goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, sooner or later it catches up with you, and payback. I like to call this energy the Cosmic Boomerang, and I have never known anyone, including myself, who has been exempt from it. So if you send out nothing but bad energies to other sentient beings in the Net, you should not expect to become happy, prosperous, or sound in mind and body.
The other thing to realize about karmic energies is that when a Cosmic Boomerang does come back at you, the pain you will experience will always be much worse than the pain which you originally sent out. If for one reason or another you are constantly inflicting suffering on other people, the payback you will receive will be infinitely more unendurable than the kind of cruelty you are emitting. Mind you, the payback pain will not necessarily be in the same area as the kind of pain you are inflicting, but some kind of pain you will definitely experience, and it will not be pleasant. Not that you will feel it immediately, but feel it you definitely will, and you will probably also wonder what you ever did to deserve it. Well, it is called the Cosmic Boomerang.

So if you have been congratulating yourself that you recently pulled off a financial beaut, and maybe you did, but the Cosmic Boomerang guarantees that what you are now going to get for your swindle are health problems, money problems, relationship problems, kid problems, repair problems, medical problems, you-name-it problems. You can escape criminal prosecution, you can preserve a phony reputation, you can lie your head off every chance you get, but you can never escape karma. So if nothing ever seems to go right with your life, chances are that you are getting payback for all the bad energies you have been putting out your entire life. And your Cosmic Boomerangs will not cease until you stop sending out those bad energies.

The idea of compensation also matters here. If you have sent out plenty of bad energies over the years, if you want to escape all that bad karma you will have to make some kind of amends for your actions. Of course taking responsibility for the things you say and do seems to be a non-existent energy for most snowflakes today, especially the ones who thrive upon that nonsense called social media validation. Well, if you want to live a new kind of life, you need to sit down, make a list of all the bad stuff you have done or are currently doing in your life, and acknowledge that you were or are in the wrong. Granted this will be painful, but it must be done. Then turn to the Divine, and with perfect faith and trust, ask for forgiveness of all the bad energies you used to put out, with a promise that you will do better in the future, now that you understand what constitutes the interconnected Reality of our universe.

In other words, not only do you have to do better in the future, you must also do what you can to compensate for your past bad actions. This is not always possible if your victim is deceased or if you face incarceration for a felony. But even if you cannot make restitution to the person(s) you have injured, you can make restitution to the Net. You can donate the same amount of money you have embezzled to a worthy cause. You can volunteer to do community service. You can start being more helpful to friends and family. Not that you have to kill yourself trying to atone for your past bad actions, but you simply have got to do something which will repair the bad energies you used to put out. Figure out how to do some good deeds, get oracular approval, do your penance, and then forget it.

But what if you realize that at the present time you are behaving unethically or that you are working for an unscrupulous employer? You also realize that there is no way that you can change your life right here and now. Does this mean that the Divine will not help you? Not if you acknowledge that you need to make some changes and will do so at your first opportunity. Mind you, you will have to truly mean what you say and then do everything in your power to eventually change your situation. But you also need to do what you can at the moment to make things better. So you can no longer spend money which you have embezzled or string a girlfriend along whom you have no intention of marrying. Let us not forget that redemption is always open to each and every one of us without exception.

And redemption can mean miracles. Individually accessible Divine assistance is nothing else but. Take my word for it, we all need miracles in our lives–and it took me forever to accept this notion. For years whenever I read my tarot cards, I was in search only for guidance about how to solve my problems (and I did receive very good guidance so many times that I cannot begin to count them). However, it never occurred to me until a few years ago that I could receive Divine assistance as well. Fortunately, once I learned how this assistance can manifest, guess what started happening in my life: one miracle after another. Even better: they keep coming. Mind you, these have all been small miracles which some people might not consider miracles at all. But as far as I am concerned, miracles they definitely are.

Now I am aware that many people in today’s world have probably been trained to think that miracles have not happened since Biblical times. Well, one thing I have learned is that miracles can happen to each one of us without exception, and especially when we most need them. Every time you get a clear response from your oracular tool which changes your life for the better, you are experiencing a small miracle. Maybe these moments are not the equivalent of getting clobbered on the road to Damascus, but they are the next best thing. And they can start happening to each and every one of us 8 billion without exception.

Mind you, most honest-to-God miracles are never big production numbers, which arrive with trumpets blaring and lights flashing. But whenever you realize that you have had a bit of good luck, or that you find it easy to try something new, or you suddenly remember that you have bills to pay which you had forgotten about, chances are that you have been blessed with a miracle. These kinds of serendipitous events can start happening at any time. But if you ask me, they are not just signs of good luck. What you are getting is Divine assistance.

Well, if miracles can start happening to a nobody like myself, they can happen to anyone. And if you have ever wished that you could change your existence into something which is not only free from problems but is blessed with beauty, grace, gratitude, joy, and serenity, there is a way you can do it: you can start receiving Divine assistance as well as guidance. Fortunately the next step is easy enough. You need to learn . . .

A new way to pray.

We are all familiar with the idea of prayer, the way we humans have communicated with the Divine over the centuries. Prayer has probably been in existence since the beginning of human language. It has always been a comforting way for people to turn away from their time-bound problems and focus on those enormities called eternity and the Divine. People pray for many assorted reasons, and in one way or another I am certain that all of our prayers reach the Divine, especially the ones in which we express our gratitude for the blessings in our lives.
Whenever we interact with the Divine like this, it is yet another way we can speed up our atomic vibrations. So each one of us should set aside a period of time each day during which we pray. I am aware that this does not seem like much, but when you get into this kind of habit, you will discover that these kinds of interactions with the Divine are infinitely more enjoyable than the latest drivel on television.

The catch here is that we humans have uttered countless prayers for Divine assistance over the centuries which have never been answered. So why would an all-loving and all-powerful God be so reluctant to give us the help we sometimes desperately need? Physical miracles such as a spontaneous cure for a terminal disease or rescue from life-threatening danger have been known to happen, but not for everyone, and not even when the person in danger utters a frantic prayer for help. If the Divine and the angels are with us every second of our lives, which they are, why don’t they always give us help when we need it?

Well, one thing I have learned in recent years is that the lack of help happens not because we are unworthy, but because we idiot humans have never understood that there is a crucial aspect to prayer which can increase our chances for Divine assistance. There is a way that you can add an extra fillip to your requests for help which will make them much more likely to reach the Divine. Granted this new way to pray will not guarantee Divine assistance whenever you need it, but it will make it more likely to happen.

What you need to do is as simple as anything can be, and it consists of two parts. The first is easy enough: whenever you pray to the Divine for assistance, you should always 
give permission for the assistance to happen.
What is crucial here is the idea of 
permission. This is necessary since the most important spiritual law in our universe seems to be that of free will. We humans come into physical reality with the Divine gift of free choice, which means that we can take action as we choose without interference from any kind of higher power. This can be a good thing since it gives us the room to maneuver we need during our pilgrimage on this earth.
However, all the horrors of human history tell us that our human free will can also create appalling cruelty and suffering. Countless generations of human beings have wondered why a supposedly good God would permit the most atrocious of human crimes, especially those directed against children. Well, in my opinion this happens because neither the Divine nor the angels will interfere with our free will. Okay, but let’s face it, that is not much of an answer.

But one thing I have learned during the roller coaster ride of my own spiritual experiences is that there is a way to override this particular Divine law. You simply give 
permission for the Divine and the angels to assist you with your problems. This might not seem like much, but take my word for it, giving permission for Divine assistance in my own life has changed it for the better even more effectively than the practice of divination. This notion about giving permission has never been recorded in any scripture I have come across, but along with the practice of divination, it is the key to the new kind of spiritual reality which is coming to this earth.
So when you pray, it is never enough for you to simply request help from the Divine. You should also give permission for the help to happen. I have noticed that asking and giving permission works most noticeably when the petitioner is dealing with what seems to be an insoluble problem, such as a compulsive addiction or a life-threatening illness. However, it can work with any kind of human difficulty.

But there is a second crucial aspect to this new kind of prayer: you should also include the idea of the 
summum bonum (which is Latin for “the supreme good”) in all your prayers for Divine assistance.
summum bonum is the idea that the only true good in our universe is that which is the highest good for all sentient beings, and not just for yourself alone. In other words, it matters very much that every prayer for assistance you utter to the Divine takes into consideration not only you but all the other sentient beings in the universe. If there is anything selfish about your request, asking and giving permission for Divine assistance will go exactly nowhere.
So if you are now thinking that you will win the lottery if you give permission to the Divine to make it happen, you had better knock that nonsense right out of your head. Would it be best for the rest of the human race if you personally got your hands on a huge pile of money? Aren’t there other people in this world who need money more than you do? Of course there are. All of which means that any kind of ego-based prayer for assistance which might give you status, money, or clout is unlikely to be answered. Instead you should ask for only what you need instead of what you want, and make sure that what you are asking for is also going with the natural flow of the universe.

But these two little additions to your prayers are all that you need to make them more effective. If you ask me, giving permission for Divine assistance, plus asking only for the 
summum bonum, is going to be the new Aquarian way to pray. When thousands or even millions (billions?) of people start giving the Almighty permission to help improve their lives . . . oh, wow–imagine the possibilities.
So if you have never done so, what you now need to do is set aside some time every day for silence and prayer (I recommend at least one half hour every evening). Your interaction with the Divine should take place in two ways: first, you need to start listening to any messages which you might receive. In other words, you should start your session not by making requests but by going into silence. But as you sit in silence, you do not have to do this for more than a few minutes at a time, and chances are that your mind will start to wander when you first start doing it. But eventually you will learn that just a few minutes of silence each day can be a tremendous blessing in your life. This is not the meditative kind of silence, where you try to go into emptiness. Instead you go into receptivity and try to sense what guidance you might be receiving. The more you do this, the more it will help to keep your mind quiet at other times during the day.

The other thing to understand here is that all of your prayers should have the following components: first you need to address the Divine in whatever term you find acceptable (my term is Divine Light), next you need to include a statement about the 
summum bonum in your request, then you ask and give permission for your request, and finally you should thank the Divine for assistance.
You then need to put these components into three primary types of prayers, as follows:

 you need to ask and give permission for helpful new energies to come into your life.

 you need to ask and give permission to maintain current energies which are benefiting you.

 you need to ask for help in getting rid of your negative energies.

In other words, you need to start uttering attractionmaintenance, and revulsion prayers. Here are examples of these three kind of prayers you need to utter at least once a day:

 O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me attract energies such as self-discipline, courage, gratitude, self-reliance, creativity, inner serenity, interpersonal skills, or psychic ability into my life. And I thank you.

 O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me maintain those aspects of my life which are working, including preserving my current state of health, maintaining harmonious relationships, or remaining in my present employment. And I thank you.

 O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that I start feeling nothing but revulsion for all thetoxic energies which I find to be attractive, including my addictive substances, garbage food and drink, destructive obsessions, and other ego-based desires. And I thank you.

Here I must emphasize that of the three prayers listed above, the most important one is the revulsion prayer. If you have ever tried to change yourself for the better, chances are that you have never had much success. Why should this be? That is easy to answer. Most techniques designed to free people from their bad habits rely upon that universal failure called willpower. In other words, if you are someone with bad health or dietary habits, you are always told that you need to start manipulating yourself through self-control, impulse restraint, or just saying no order to get better. Yeah, right, if you have got a problem, coercing yourself will fix it pronto!
Well, if you ask me that nonsense called willpower is a ridiculous fantasy that simply does not work. If it did, all 8 billion of us planetary humans would always be sound in mind and body, would be able to resist all kinds of temptation, and would lead delightfully successful lives. Alas, that is not quite the reality of the human race at the moment. I will grant you that self-coercion does work every once in a while: a minuscule number of people sometimes manage to manipulate themselves into better health or weight loss thanks to their willpower. For most people, however, the improvement never lasts. Nearly 100% of the time the victims go straight back to their bad habits of choice.

Let me tell you about my own experiences with willpower. Like most of my fellow Americans, I grew up eating toxic factory food (and acquired an extra seventy pounds as a teenager because of it). Then I turned into a yo-yo dieter who always regained every ounce she lost. So much for my own attempts at willpower. But over the years I discovered other ways to free myself from my junk food desires. In other words, I reached a point where I no longer had to force myself to avoid what I once thought was so delicious. Instead I simply stopped wanting to consume it. Nowadays, whenever one of my coworkers brings in yet another box of sugary garbage (this can happen three or four times a week), I am never tempted to swallow it. I simply close my eyes, shudder, and move on. I can no more consume that kind of junk food than I can swallow sawdust. In other words, I do not have to struggle against eating cookies, soda, hot dogs, snack cakes, corn chips, donuts, or butter pecan ice cream. For crap like that I feel nothing but astronomical revulsion.

This beautiful little word is the one single blessing that most of us need to ask and give permission for the Divine to bestow upon us. This is how you will be able to stop consuming something you know is bad for you. You start to feel nothing but disgust for what you used to find so tempting. Even better: eventually you will not even remember that those toxicities exist. In later years, when you are suddenly confronted with a brownie or a bottle of Scotch, you will look at it with bafflement, since you will not remember exactly what it is. Maybe for a second you will recall that there was a period in your life, long ago and far away, when you enjoyed consuming this kind of garbage, but that was then and this is now, and you cannot consume it at the moment for all the angels in the universe.
So if you truly want to free yourself from butter pecan ice cream or whatever else you find to be tempting, you do not say a prayer asking and giving permission for the strength not to consume it. Instead, you ask and give permission that you start feeling nothing but revulsion for what you know is unhealthy: 
Yuk! Ick! Vomit! Take it away! Don’t try to inflict that crap on me! I can’t stand it! This is the kind of Divine assistance that you need, and if you are now going with the natural flow of the universe, you might very well get it.
But this won’t work! I adore all of my wonderful taste treats! They are all fun and delicious! Especially butter pecan ice cream! I worship the ground butter pecan ice cream walks on! I am never going to feel revulsion for it at any point for the rest of my life! This is crazy!

Oh, no it isn’t. It is the solution to ridding yourself of all your bad habits, and when that happens, you will finally start experiencing some honest-to-God miracles in your life.

* * *

But there is another catch. If you want these miracles to start happening in your life, not only are you going to have to clean up your act (as I have already mentioned), you are going to do what you can to help your desired miracles to manifest. In other words, you cannot just sit back and wait for the Almighty to wave a magic wand and bestow upon you all the necessary improvements you need in your life. You are going to have to expend as much effort as you can to co-create the miracles you need. This is easy enough to do. You simply have to start practicing the idea that God helps those who help themselves, which is a notion that has been around since antiquity.[16]
And how should you do this? Here are some suggestions about these kind of prayers:

Only ask for assistance which is aligned to the natural flow of energy in the universe. For example, you would not ask and give permission for the Divine to give you a new youthful body or turn your naturally dark hair strawberry blonde. Divine assistance will happen only with reasonable requests that are in alignment with the natural energies which surround you.

Focus on internals instead of externals. You should always do your best to focus on your own personal energies when you ask/give permission for help instead of asking to manipulate externals, which is usually an exercise in futility. So if you want greater financial security, don’t ask for more money–ask/give permission for a greater sense of monetary responsibility.

Forget the idea of intention. Intention is a popular New Age term which is theoretically supposed to get you whatever you want. Yeah, all you have to do is intend something, and then it will manifest in your life super pronto. Well, you should not have to hear from me how frequently intending something actually produced results–maybe .01% of the time. It is always better just to ask and give summum bonum permission for that genuinely helpful energy called Divine assistance.

Just because Divine assistance does not immediately manifest, don’t think it will never happen. We live in an ever-transforming universe where things are always changing. If Divine assistance does not manifest at one point in your life, that does not mean it will never happen. Try asking and giving permission for your request again at a later date.

Remember that nothing can be guaranteed . . . Even if you spend years asking and giving permission for something to happen in your life, it might never manifest. This holds true even when you are doing your tidy best to behave as decently as you can. So what are you supposed to do when the assistance you are hoping for never materializes? Well, it probably means that your current situation holds a lesson you need to learn. Or that the Divine knows better than you do what should happen in your life. In one way or another, everything that happens to us during our pilgrimage on this planet contains a valuable lesson, and the continuation of a painful challenge might be one of them. If you can accept your disappointment with good grace and continue to trust in Divine providence, this can be more beneficial than getting the help you asked for in the first place.

And if you are a tremulous little snowflake . . . Snowflakes, dear snowflakes: the only way you are ever going to be safe is by letting Divine guidance and assistance into your life. Give it a try! What do you have to lose? Just your fear of absolutely everything, that’s all. Good riddance.

A reminder: you always need to thank the Divine and the angels for the help that you receive. Gratitude matters very much whenever you interact with the Divine. So every day of your life you need to express your thanks to the Divine for the assistance you receive, even when the assistance is not immediately evident.

Recommended prayers.

O Divine light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me to:

 align my energies with the natural flow of the universe so I can live out my life as a free, healthy, and happy citizen of the universe. And I thank you.

 constantly remember that every action, every desire, every yearning, every ambition, every dream I have should be aligned to the highest good of the universe. And I thank you.

 surrender to the Divine will at all times and give me the strength to bear my burdens patiently. And I thank you.

 keep an open mind about the other upcoming lunacies in this book, of which there are probably plenty. And I thank you.

* * *

But all this is not quite enough. By now you must realize that you have probably been indulging in a whole galaxy of beliefs or behaviors which are contrary to the natural flow of the universe. If you are a normal American who has spent your life eating normal American food, living in normal American environments, working at normal American jobs or businesses, and subscribing to normal American beliefs, I guarantee that there is so much wrong about your existence that you are blocking the natural flow of the universe even worse than a hundred Hoover Dams. So there are probably countless mental and physical toxicities in your life which you need to identify and eliminate before you can receive Divine assistance in your life.
This means that we now have to examine the kinds of toxicities which are probably swamping your whole existence and which you need to eliminate from your life as soon as possible. We will start with . . .

Chapter 4. A New Way to Ditch Your Mental Toxicities.

If you want to change your life for the better, this is the first step you must take: learning how to identify the toxic belief systems to which you probably subscribe and then jettisoning them. Fortunately it is easy enough to identify a mental toxicity: they are any kind of thought or belief which does not align with the natural flow of the universe. Once you are willing to identify any tendency you possess which is contrary to the idea of universal interconnection and equality, you will start living a much more successful life.
So where should you start? Well, it just so happens that there are three horrendous mental tendencies to which billions subscribe these days and which do nothing but perpetuate human misery. If you possess any of these mental tendencies knocking around in your skull, you now have to do everything you can to get rid of them. The first and worst of these tendencies is that horror known as . . .


Chances are that if you are a normal American, you enjoy belonging to and supporting your “community”. As in the black community, the Native American community, the LGTB community, your political community, your religious community, your professional community, your social media community. Nobody ever stops to think that maybe just maybe it is wrong, stupid, and contrary to the natural flow of the universe when people set up these kinds of in-groups.
But that’s crazy! Communities are not bad things! They provide protection, support, and wonderfulness to their members! You cannot be safe without your community! You have to do everything you can to support it and make it better in every way since it is doing so much good in the world!

Not a chance of that, not in a universe where universal interconnection and equality is the only Reality. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned, our erroneous perception that our universe is composed of isolated objects in space which have no connection to each other has done nothing but create havoc and misery all over the planet for millennia. But who cares about that, when the illusion of separateness gives most people one of the most intense ego-boosts around? There is nothing more pleasant than telling yourself you are a good person, as opposed to the bad people who possess the wrong politics, religion, race, nationality, gender, or soccer team. But as for you, whatever kind of groupthink you adhere to is probably one of the few things in your snowflake life which makes it endurable. Such a worldview must be extremely pleasant, especially when your groupthink is based on that toxicity called politics. Yes, it is so wonderful to tell yourself that your political beliefs make you one of the good guys on the right side of history! Even better: it can be very profitable to have the right kind of politics! More wonderful money forever!

And more wonderful hatred forever! Your good groupness also means that you get to wallow in that delightful emotion called loathing. Training in this particular energy now seems to be the prime instructional goal at all levels of American education. Our kids are constantly taught to detest certain of their brothers and sisters in the Net, to whom, of course, they are also taught that they are not connected in any way. Of course, I am sure that their instructors are convinced that they are actually not teaching hatred–they are just trying to get the kids to be sensitive and ethical citizens. But hatred is what gets dished out, and it is not about to stop, especially since absolutely everyone these days is convinced that externals cause all their problems. So the hatred is perfectly okay. And no matter how badly you or your groupmates behave, you are always the good guys!

What is even nicer about your groupthink is that you do not have to fight the world by yourself. Your buddies will stand with you. This is the time-honored technique known as circling the wagons. When you and your group thinkers band together, you can (theoretically) repel any and all attacks. Well, I must admit that on occasion in human history, this strategy did save some lives. But history also tells us that the more ferocious the groupthink, the greater the likelihood that the members of some other group will attack. Groups of any kind will inevitably generate nothing but hatred and fear. If you do not want to prod your brothers and sisters in the Net into the bad karma of attacking you, you need to ditch any kind of groupthink you possess. May I remind you that in an interconnected universe, there is no such thing as a group of any sort. There is only the Oneness of the universe and its natural flow of universal interconnection and equality. This means that any kind of human group, whether national, racial, or social, will do nothing but create problems.

So stop telling yourself that those non-group thinkers out there are evil beings because they do not think the way you do. Stop thinking that the members of your own wonderful group are the only good people on the planet, even when they engage in rape, perjury, graft, theft, racism, or murder. And by the way, if your groupthink requires deceit, and it probably does, it is an especially worthless groupthink. But I suspect that most of the snowflakes reading these words are fighting my comments with all their strength. Other people’s groupthink might cause problems, but not yours, especially if it is political! So you must do everything you can to protect and defend your wonderful precious group! Well, let me repeat myself: unless you start focusing all your attention and energies on that Reality called universal interconnection, you are not making anything better–you are only making things worse.

Yeah, okay, but . . . alas, the disappearance of our planetary group thinkers is not going to happen anytime soon. We live on a planet where countless millions waste all their energies in a perpetual self-righteous frenzy, complete with name-calling, hysteria, venom-spewing, virtue-signaling, and constant attacks on non- groupers. Red alert time, 24/7/365. Ah, the delights of being a good person fighting for ever more goodness in an ungood world! Of course, constantly going bonkers must be exhausting, but it can give meaning and purpose to an otherwise empty life.

This has helped to produce an odd manifestation knocking around the world these days which millions subscribe to, namely that their own personal groupthink is not really groupthink at all, but is instead the one single something which is best for the entire human race. The 
summum bonum, in other words. Those groupthinkers among us who consider themselves very spiritual or enlightened beings are particularly prone to this nonsense. If everybody would just believe or vote the way I do, we would have paradise on earth in a flash! Right.
Well, if you ask me, the snowflakes who think like this are making what I call the John Wilkes Booth Mistake. Yeah, him. Celebrated 19th century nincompoop John Wilkes Booth managed to convince himself that he had to murder an absolutely horrific bad guy so that his precious group would survive. After all, his group was the only group on the planet which possessed all the truth, virtue, and Divine approval which existed, especially since it was based on . . . uh . . . involuntary servitude. Never mind the fact that the bad guy Booth wanted to destroy was uttering words like “with malice towards none, with charity for all,” that didn’t count. So Booth proceeded to murder his enemy of choice, with what results we are all familiar.

Well, if you are convinced by the utter righteousness of your politics but are also aware that the rest of the planet is not listening to you, that should tell you that there is something wrong with what is going on inside your skull. However, sensitized snowflake that you are, this will be an absolutely intolerable thought to you.

But cheer up. Your self-deception will not last. As Aquarian energies grow ever stronger, ditching your separateness illusions can be one of the most liberating experiences you will ever have. You no longer have to suffer under any kind of artificial boundaries, you do not have to pay attention to the unworkable structures of past cultures or religions, and instead of wasting your time with that tedious illusion called us-against-them, you can pursue more worthwhile activities, such as creation, spiritual enlightenment, helping your neighbors, and acquiring wisdom. Now doesn’t that sound like fun? What were you so obsessed about your groupthink again anyway?

But if you are still determined to continue wallowing in your favorite groupthink, here are some further instructions about how you can ditch it. The first step you need to take is simple:

Accept the fact that you have had previous earthly lives.

We are now going to discuss that interesting something called reincarnation. This is the idea that we entities have lived not just once on this earth but many different times. Having grown up Presbyterian, reincarnation was never part of my youthful worldview, but I have since come to accept it. It has always been part of Eastern spiritual traditions, and you can also find many prominent thinkers in antiquity who profess a belief in the idea, including Pythagoras and Plato.[17]
It is also interesting to see that none other than William Shakespeare gives the first recorded use in English literature of the word 
transmigrates in its sense of reincarnation in his Antony and Cleopatra.[18] This happens in the scene where all those stern and disciplined Roman soldiers start getting plastered (Act II, Scene VII), and eventually they are too drunk to tell the difference between a crocodile and a serpent. Then, somehow, they all start talking about reincarnation. Serpents transmigrate, you see, or so the boys inform us. But by this point in the play, the mention of a “serpent” is a loaded word, since Cleopatra has referred to herself as “the serpent of old Nile”. So when we finally reach the last scene of the play when Cleo commits suicide, we are not really seeing her death: we are seeing her transmigrate into a new life. The greatest poet and dramatist in the history of the world is showing us a new kind of spiritual reality, where death is nothing but an illusion and the only thing which happens when we “die” is movement into new life.
Fortunately we now live in a world where this notion is becoming ever more acceptable. One of the most gifted psychics who ever lived, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), also accepted the fact that multiple incarnations are the reality of our human lives and deaths. Cayce grew up as a small-town Protestant who believed that all religious truth was to be found within the Bible, where there is not much mention of more than one earthly incarnation. So when as an adult Cayce began to pick up on intimations of previous lives, both of himself and his clients, his first instinct was to dismiss them. But the psychic revelations he was receiving kept growing stronger, and eventually he became convinced that most of us do live many lives on this earth.
What this means is that during your various lives on this earth, you have incarnated in all genders, races, and classes. So the groupthink you profess in your current physical form is nothing but another toxic illusion, since it is only relevant to your experiences in your present lifetime. The reality of your earthly existence is that you have experienced the human race in all its manifestations many times over the centuries.

Still, neither Cayce nor anyone else has ever been able to offer any kind of concrete evidence that reincarnation is the reality of our physical human experience. Like so many spiritual beliefs, the idea can neither be proved nor disproved. But I am certain that in an ever more psychic world, millions of us humans will start to accept this notion. I am also certain that as Aquarian energies grow stronger, ever more transparent mothers will start giving birth to ever more transparent babies. These babies will incarnate with full knowledge of their previous existences, which will make any kind of groupthink in their life utterly irrelevant. This is going to be yet one more unanticipated but utterly profound change in the reality of our human lives which will start manifesting in the years to come.

At the moment, however, if you are the sort of person who has never really thought about reincarnation, the idea can be stupefying, especially with regard to race and gender. There is probably nothing so mind shattering than the realization that your current gender is not the only human type you have experienced as a physical being on earth. So you need to accept the fact that all men have been women, all women have been men, and both have all been members of all races.

Accepting something like this, of course, is easier said than done. My experience tells that if you try telling a normal American guy that he was a woman in some of his past lives and also a mother, it is cardiac arrest time. So is trying to tell a committed feminist that she has been a member of that horrible something called the Patriarchy many times over the centuries (and when she was wearing the trousers she wasn’t very nice to the little woman while she was at it). But on the other hand, these realizations can be one of the greatest blessings we can ever experience, since they can help turn us all into what our common goal should be: sentient beings with no nationality, gender, race, or creed. We should not even classify ourselves as earthlings. We are citizens of the universe.

There is one other supremely important lesson which reincarnation can give us, and this revelation is so mind-boggling that most people cannot wrap their heads around it. I am talking about the idea that 
you are not your body. That’s right, that conglomeration of hair, skin, flesh, bones, and blood to which your consciousness is currently attached is not the real you. On the contrary, your physical form is nothing more than a temporary rental unit, and a 99.9999999999999% empty one at that. It is dust, and unto dust it shall return, just like all your previous bodies. But if you are not your body, then what are you? That’s easy. You are your soul, your spirit, your consciousness, your experiences, your dreams, and your visions. None of these are ever lost when your current physical reality ceases or when a new physical reality begins.
All this means that you need to kick whatever kind of groupthink you currently adhere to out of your head. You are not Italian, Lutheran, Moslem, Japanese, male, Senegalese, or female. You are an entity who has lived many different kinds of human lives over the centuries, so you simply cannot be classified. As far as that nonsense called ancestry is concerned, nothing could be more meaningless. You are experiencing your current physical incarnation to experience karmic lessons, not to wallow in that ego-based silliness called noble or high-caste descent. The sooner these legacy energies collapse into nothingness, the better for us all.

Fortunately, as Aquarian energies grow ever stronger, those unfortunates who are born to inherit some kind of feudal title will not want it for anything. You do not have to be a king if you don’t want to be, and nobody is going to want any kind of majesty stuff in the Aquarian era to come.

But here I need to say something about the vexed question of whether reincarnation is voluntary or involuntary. The gift of physical life is not always a blessing when you are born with a physical disability, or in an unstable culture, or in catastrophic poverty. Or even just when you are handed a ton of raw deals at birth. And everybody is handed raw deals when they incarnate upon this earth, even when Daddy is a billionaire. This means that our human lives are usually more of a burden than a blessing. In my own case, my oracle tells me that my own current incarnation was definitely not voluntary. I was compelled to come back in order to learn some very painful lessons. So like most involuntary physicals, I incarnated with various raw deals and then proceeded to experience very little happiness or success throughout most of my life. Well, that no longer bothers me. I can see now that all the lemons I was handed at birth, and all the subsequent lemons I had to endure as I grew older, were not manifestations of Divine punishment but challenges that I needed to deal with. What you are supposed to do with lemons, of course, is make lemonade.

So if you started life with one or more raw deals, you just need to start telling yourself: 
deal with them. Your raw deals might be a way to burn off bad karma from previous existences, but they also might be new learning experiences that you deliberately chose so you could start living a much more successful life. Forget about railing against Fate, cursing God, consuming addictive drugs, or turning to a life of crime. You accept your circumstances as spiritual challenges that need to be surmounted. When you get into this mindset, all the problems you are dragging around no longer seem like challenges you have to conquer but nuisances which can easily be solved. It really is possible to transform those lemons of yours any time you make up your mind to transform them.
But the key here is ditching your groupthink. Fortunately, once you understand the true Reality of our universe, this is the easiest thing in the world. You simply have to constantly remind yourself that you are not separate or apart from all the other energy fields in the universe. This especially includes those energy fields known as other human beings, up to and including the ones whom you most detest. You and they are One, just as each one of us sentient beings are also One with the Almighty. That’s right, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong as much your brothers as St. Francis of Assisi.

Here are some other suggestions about how to ditch your groupthink illusions:

Stop attacking other people. Yes, they are not perfect, but then neither are you. So if you are the sort of person who enjoys picking fights or spewing forth venom on the internet, forget it. One of the most poisonous aspects of our social media is that it enables the snowflakes among us, most of whom couldn’t say boo to a real live goose, to pretend that they are strong and courageous human beings whenever they attack someone online. Anonymously, of course. Well, you are not being either strong or courageous when you do something like this: you are pure evil. If you don’t want dozens of bad Cosmic Boomerangs getting constantly getting thrown back at you, you should never under any circumstances attack another sentient being in any way, shape, or form. Just keep telling yourself that in an interconnected universe, when you send out pain to another sentient being, you only hurt yourself. If you have a brain in your head, that is not something you want to do.

Study Stoicism. One philosophical system which my oracle has always wholeheartedly recommended is that Hellenistic philosophy called Stoicism. The ancient Stoics believed that a life of moderation, virtue, simplicity, and a practical focus on things which were within our control constituted the good life. They were also one of the first schools of Western philosophy to proclaim the idea of universal brotherhood (by which, of course, they meant universal siblinghood). So I recommend that you start to study something about this philosophical system, memorize its main precepts, and turn to it when things go wrong in your life. You will be glad that you did. A good introduction to Stoicism is Epictetus’ Enchridion.[19] If you never read anything else about Stoicism except this brief essay, you will know all you need to know, and your life will change for the better.

Learn to laugh. People who are blessed with a sense of humor never seem to pay much attention to any kind of groupthink. They are too busy seeing the folly to be found in all humans, and not just the enemies of their particular nation state or political party. Fortunately, since laughter is good Aquarian air energy, our exhausted planet is going to start experiencing much more of it in the years to come. So if you start to find things to laugh at, and let that laughter just happen, all those horrible people whom you are convinced are causing your problems will start to seem silly instead of threatening. Not only will you stop attacking them, you will even stop thinking about them.

Send off a namaste every chance you get. Another good way to dampen down your sense of groupthink is by sending off a namaste whenever you can. Namaste is a Sanskrit word which means I bow to you, and it is a way to acknowledge the Divine energy to be found within each and every sentient being in the universe. You can send a namaste by folding your hands together in the prayer position, bow in the direction of the person you want to bless, and then utter the word namaste in his/her general direction. You can do this for all the people you want to kill in your own life, such as supervisors, co-workers, and toxic family members.
You can even send out a general namaste to every sentient being in the universe. I am absolutely certain that in an interconnected universe sending out benevolent energies to other sentient beings definitely does have a positive impact, if only a minuscule one. Besides, imagine what might happen if millions or even billions of us humans started doing something like this every day of our lives. All those positive energies flowing through that energy field called Planet Earth would really start to make a change for the better in our planetary reality.

Memorize Jack Kerouac’s greatest prayer. If you don’t feel comfortable sending a namaste, as an acceptable substitute you can recite Jack Kerouac’s brief but perfect prayer in The Dharma Bums (1958):

I bless you, all living things, I bless you in the endless past, I bless you in the endless present, I bless you in the endless future, amen.[20]

Stop paying attention to any kind of separateness experience, including sports and games. There is some sort of ridiculous nonsense around these days which proclaims that sports teach sportsmanship. Ah, yes–the reason why games, sports, or any other kind of us-against-them experience are beneficial is because the participants or the observers experience something called sportsmanship, which somehow makes them better people. Well, here comes some Reality: watching any kind of us-against-them encounter is a toxic experience which will inevitably harm both participants and observers. It does not matter whether you want to stare at the Olympics, World of Warcraft, the next superhero frivolity, or a Little League ball game. These kinds of experiences invariably block the natural flow of the universe. Also the bad karma involved in slaughtering another sentient being, if only of the digital variety, is stupendous. So it is not normal or healthy to watch a sporting event, the latest good-vs.-bad guy flicks produced in a legacy California town, or even the Nobel prize awards ceremony. Any kind of us-against-them competition which causes hurt or disappointment to even one sentient being is irredeemably toxic.
Of course in the new world to come, it will still be possible to see dramas where the good guy defeats the bad guy–this is not going to stop right away. But you need to watch these dramas with a new sense of the Reality of the universe, with a higher kind of consciousness that the bad guys are as human as the good guys, and they are both members of the one universal family. The greatest of all writers and dramatists have always managed to convey this kind of energy, which is why their works are great. So we are not going to jettison Shakespeare, Dante, or Tolstoy in the new world to come. We are going to appreciate them with a higher kind of consciousness. But keep in mind that we should not want a world filled with winners and losers. We need a world where everyone is a winner. Sports and games, awards and prizes, are going to evaporate forever in the next few decades.

Turn yourself into a sentient beingist. You need to forget all the other ists or isms which currently infect the planet and turn yourself into the only ist which counts: a sentient beingist. This way you will no longer be infected with groupthink, us-against-them, or any other kind of separateness illusions. Instead, once you start doing what you can to bring in an interconnected and egalitarian global community, you will actually be helping the planet for the first time in your life, and the Cosmic Boomerangs coming back at you will be beneficial instead of harmful.

* * *

Special notice must now be taken of those times in your life when you are faced with one of those separateness experiences called a genuine threat. Fortunately for most of us this will never happen. But we live in a world where the less-than-intelligent are subject to all sorts of toxic illusions, up to and including the idea that robbery, assault, or murder might get them what they so eagerly desire, which is usually more money. As if this will solve their problems or make them happy (it won’t). So even though you might now be doing your best to consider all sentient beings your brothers and sisters, there might be times in your life when . . .

You are faced by a physical threat.

Unfortunately these kinds of situations can happen even if you have been doing your best to go with the natural flow of the universe. The good news here is that if and when such a threat does happen, you have every right to defend yourself. As for me, I wish I didn’t have to, but I always carry pepper spray in my coat pocket since I do not live in the best part of town. So I lug that bit of protective energy around with me, and it gives me a feeling of security. But there are better ways than pepper spray to provide you with safety, as follows:

Ask and give permission every morning for Archangel Michael to protect you. Michael is the angel of protection, and if you give him permission he will be there to guard you each day and night of your life. When you start to sense that Michael is constantly by your side, the world no longer seems quite so terrifying, and chances are that you will be able to make it through all your days without experiencing any kind of attack.

But what happens if you do experience a legitimate threat from another sentient being? Well, then use the pepper spray or any other weapon you have to defend yourself. This is elementary common sense. But don’t try to completely annihilate your attacker–use just enough force to eliminate his or her threat.

What if a Big comes after you? If you want to neutralize the attack of a Big, you need to learn the lessons of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s great poetic drama Prometheus Unbound (1820).[21] The hero of the poem is the Greek titan Prometheus, who rebels against the supreme honcho of his time, Jupiter, the King of the Gods, by stealing fire from Mount Olympus and giving it to the human race. All of which makes him a perfect archetype of the sentient being who wants to assist others despite the disapproval of the more powerful. For his defiance Jupiter chains him to a mountain, where an eagle comes each day to devour his eternally reconstituted liver. But good non-group thinker that he is, Prometheus knows exactly how to react to Jupiter’s tyranny. There are only two important quotations you need to get from this poem, both of which are perfect guidelines about how to deal with a Big:

All that thou can’st inflict I bid thee do. Prometheus speaks these words to Jupiter early in the poem, and they beautifully sum up the best possible way to respond to any Big who wishes to harm you: tell this entity to go ahead and do it and see if I care. These are the words of a tremendously strong sentient being, who realizes that even though he can be physically harmed, nobody or nothing can touch that part of him which really matters: his mind and his spirit. Your average honcho is helpless against this kind of energy.

I wish no living thing to suffer pain. Prometheus utters these words when he is reminded that he had once cursed Jupiter for his cruelty. But after all the suffering he has since experienced, he now regrets the curse and understands the futility of revenge. He has also realized that if he does to Jupiter what Jupiter has done to him, he will become identical to his tormentor. This is something he absolutely does not want. Nor should you. And yes, I am aware that at this point in history, exercising this kind of restraint will take tremendous courage. But acquiring a Prometheus mindset is the only way the human race is ever going to free itself from the toxic patterns of the past. Just don’t forget that as more and more people become aware of the true Reality of our universe, the safer we will all be.

* * *

So much for groupthink. The next toxic illusion we need to examine is that delightful sense of superiority which many of us feel whenever we invent reasons why we are better than the other sentient beings who surround us, a tendency which is otherwise known as . . .


Unfortunately, in our present toxic world, hierarchical illusions are found everywhere. After all, it is so very pleasant to constantly remind yourself that you are one of the superior persons currently alive on planet earth. In many ways, it can be the ultimate delight.
So countless millions of our brothers and sisters in the Net are desperate to experience that bliss called status, plus the control freakery which usually goes along with it. All of which helps to explain why our planet is currently swamped with scolds, petty tyrants, self-anointed attention-whores, elitist mandarins, bullies of all types, and other tedious egos who wallow in that ecstatic bliss called 
I’m so much better than you are, and I’m going to force you to do what you don’t want to do! Ah, the bliss!
This also explains why most people who cannot manage to get themselves into a Big position frequently do everything they can to support those fellow group thinkers who have made it to the top. When you do this you are never a loser–you can vicariously shove the lesser people around just as if you were cracking the whip yourself!

Yeah, superiority of any kind is deliciously intoxicating, and the exquisite delight to be found therein must be totally gooey. Since not only do Bigs acquire piles of wonderful money, they get to coerce those Littles underneath them. So the Bigs among us are constantly doing their tidy best to force us Littles into some kind of betterment for our own good, usually with ever more rules, regulations, laws, edicts, statutes, directives, and orders. This, unfortunately, has been the story of human history since Day One. The Bigs bark out the orders, and the Littles obey–or else. What is even worse is that the Littles are always trained to 
like it. So it is no wonder that whether dictatorial or democratic, all human cultures here in the 21st century are based upon some kind of hierarchical energy, as well as the coercion that goes along with it. Mind you, the Bigs never bother to live by the rules they push onto everyone else, since they are superior people. But who cares about that?
This tendency has been exacerbated by the digital revolution, which has given many Big wannabes among us an illusion of fame and celebrity for the first time in history. In other words, even if you cannot figure out how to shove other people around in your everyday reality, you can still turn yourself into a Big by making yourself faaamous on the internet! Once upon a time your average schmuck had a few friends if he or she were lucky, but that was it. Nowadays even the most banal and toxic among us can acquire instant celebrity, thanks to those toxic LIKES constantly getting blown about on the internet. There is no pleasure like validation, after all.

Well, if there was any chance that anyone in a Big position actually did make things better, we would all be living in a planetary paradise. But let’s face it: hierarchies of any kind are not going with the natural flow of the universe. Bigness will never generate anything except oppression, incompetence, inefficiency, corruption, and very bad Cosmic Boomerangs. If you want to go with the natural flow, you have to constantly remind yourself that all sentient beings in the universe have been created equal. At the spiritual level there are no Bigs or Littles, nor will there ever be. Those Grand Poobah wannabes who think that their lives will be perfect bliss if they achieve a position of power have always been the most reprehensible members of the human race. What they are after will not work, will not last, and will only create ever more planetary misery.

As for us Littles, none of us should ever have to suffer under the thrall of any kind of Big. Nor should our beliefs, activities, or choices ever be coerced. We should have the right to make free choices, act independently, grow and develop as we please, create the kind of existence which is best suited for our energies, and reinvent ourselves whenever we like. Mind you, I am not saying that we have a right to turn into a serial killer or any other kind of sociopath–if our agency interferes with the free movement of another sentient being, it is not liberty but the worst sort of malevolence. But as long as we are careful to make the right ethical choices in alignment with the natural flow of the universe, and never take any action without consulting an oracle first, we should be allowed the freedom to do whatever we please. People everywhere just got to be free.

Here I must make special notice of the only freedom on our tired old planet which really counts, and which all the Bigs among us are attacking with ever more ferocity . . .

Free speech.

Once upon a time, the ability to speak your mind was accepted by all of us Americans as an absolute right. It was such a basic part of our culture that no one ever questioned whether or not it was a good thing. Well, it is a good thing. Throughout most of American history, no matter what the problem, this one particular freedom has always been universally supported. It is also an obvious historical fact that those sentient beings who try free speech have never once accomplished any kind of betterment for the human race. They inevitably make things worse.
Alas, this last statement makes no sense these days, not in our electronically-sensitized reality. There are now huge numbers of snowflakes among us who are determined to deprive other citizens of their First Amendment right to say what they think. This notion is hugely popular everywhere these days, especially on college campuses, where any non-politically correct statement can feel like a death threat.

Well, dearest precious little snowflakes . . . let me explain something to you. If for any reason whatsoever you think that someone else does not have the right to free speech, 
YOU are the bad guy, not him or her. And take my word for it: you are not just a bad guy–you are pure evil. You are taking action based on those toxic illusions called separateness and hierarchy, and the only thing you will get in return is a Cosmic Boomerang the size of which you will not believe.
Let me also remind the snowflakes among us that the only way any society can function is through informed debate. Options have to be weighed, and different points of view must be considered. These ideas have always been central to our American way of life–until now. At the moment the only thing that matters in our snowflake world is congratulating yourself that you are one of the good people of the planet, as opposed to all those lesser people out there who possess too much wrongthink.

You should also understand that the only way any human being can reach the Divine is through free movement in time and space. When you try to deprive one of your brothers or sisters in the Net of any kind of freedom, not only are you preventing this person from accessing Divine energy, you are also destroying your own potential to reach the Divine. You simply cannot become your own prophet or sybil unless you stop trying to coerce those people whom you consider to be your inferiors.

But you probably don’t want to hear any of this, right? Not as long as you can virtue-signal yourself into validation and faaamousness in your social media echo chamber. What else matters? So here in our 21st century world, vast numbers of human beings are getting blocked from this most basic right. It does not matter whether you are living in a dictatorial regime or what is known as a liberal democracy, your freedom to speak your mind is diminishing with each passing day. There is nothing that the Bigs among us enjoy more than putting their collective feet down on the vocal cords of those fellow citizens whom they regard as lesser, which adds up to most of us. Bye, bye First Amendment, it was nice knowing you.

The only thing funny about these kinds of people is how flabbergasted they always are when their best laid plans go awry. That should not happen, of course, since their good intentions are not only workable but righteous. Well, people who are besotted by a lust for power are always going to produce outcomes which are the exact opposite of what they originally intend. In other words, any human being who occupies a power position will do nothing but create problems, for the very simple reason that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Universal interconnection means universal equality, and people who try to elevate themselves above the common herd for any reason will produce nothing but catastrophe for other people and bad Cosmic Boomerangs for themselves.

This brings me to a particularly toxic form of hierarchical energy which now blankets the earth and which is, in many ways, the greatest curse of our time, that virulent energy called . . .


Once upon a time that groupthink called feminism might actually have made sense. In premodern times women had few if any legal rights. They were not able to vote, they had no control over their own property, and if they were married to a sociopath they had no way of escape. In other words, the men were the Bigs, and women had little or no say about the circumstances of their lives.
But that now seems like an eternity ago. Nowadays it is the women who constitute the Big Gender of the earth, and too many of them spend all their time chasing after those phantoms called superiority, privilege, money, and power. The legal system in the United States has been transformed into a sexist quagmire which gives these women all sort of special privileges, while regulating the members of the male sex to second rate citizens who have lost many of their civil rights.

The situation is so bad that the court system usually casts the blame on the man no matter what the circumstances. Long ago and far away are the days when you were considered innocent until proven guilty. Here in the 21st century, if you are a man, what used to be known as due process is seldom around any longer. Men can lose everything thanks to a single unproven accusation, they can be left financially destitute thanks to that horror called divorce rape, and they can be prohibited from interacting with their children even when they are sober and hard-working citizens.

Men have been so thoroughly demonized that many of them are simply opting out of the marriage racket altogether. The guys who subscribe to this mindset have discovered that there are simply no good women out there to marry. A pleasant, thoughtful, physically fit, and affectionate woman with whom it would be a joy to share your life and who won’t divorce-rape you when she gets bored with you? She does not exist. What does exist are those supremacist harpies whose only parallel in history can be found in the Aryan master race nonsense of 1930’s Germany. Women these days tell themselves that they are the good people of the universe, while men are the bad–and so is the culture which these men have created. As a result, when something goes wrong in a good woman’s life, it is never her fault. It always happens because of that great big nasty amorphous bogeyman called the Patriarchy.

So far this idiocy has been working beautifully. However, no one ever seems to realize that the Patriarchy bogeyman is an exact clone of the Aryan bogeyman of the 1930’s, which the Germans called “World Jewry” (
Weltjudentum). World Jewry was supposed to be some kind of international conspiracy that worked behind the scenes to ruin the lives of good German people, or something like that. So good Germans had to fight Weltjudentum any way they could, the way that good feminists have to fight the Patriarchy any way they can. Talk about two sides of the same coin. What is going on in both German and feminist fascism, of course, are those toxic illusions called separateness and hierarchy. Once upon a time the supremacist numbskulls among us would say: “The future is Ayran.” Now they say: “The future is female.” Where is the difference? There isn’t one. But of course feeling superior is one of the few pathetic ways that the electronically-sensitized among us can feel good about something. Heil vagina!
Well, let me inform you that anyone who adheres to supremacist groupthink is just begging for Cosmic Boomerangs to clobber them with a baseball bat. Ask any Confederate veteran or ex-Hitler Youth if you don’t believe me. Supremacist ideologies always hurt its practitioners more than its victims. The Nazis who blindly followed their fearless leaders did nothing but fall into an abyss, and contemporary feminists are doing the same. Their collapse is going to be much worse since our feminists simply do not see anything wrong with their toxic illusions, while many Germans could sense that something was wrong about Nazi ideology.

It will be noticed that the writer who is making all these anti-feminist comments happens to be a woman. However, she is a woman who does her tidy best to go with the natural flow of universal interconnection and equality. So it has always been obvious to her that her fellow women have a tendency to get things wrong time and again, and much more frequently than men. Says George Orwell in 
1984 (1946): “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies.”[22] And it continues to be these females who are the most deranged supremacists on the planet, the ones most furiously determined to coerce the rest of the human race into accepting their pathetic and ridiculous groupthink.
Meanwhile it is not surprising that the statistics on female happiness since the 1970’s have continuously declined.[23] This especially holds true for highly educated women, who are some of the most spiteful and miserable humans around. Women who subscribe to contemporary feminist claptrap are working jobs that they hate, are mired in debt, and desperately hoping they will find a wonderful husband and bear at least a couple of adorable kids before their eggs dry up. As if any kind of supremacist ideology actually delivered happiness! In short, nothing makes women suffer these days like feminism.

The main thing that will actually help contemporary women improve their lives is for them to ditch their feminist nonsense and start acting like what they truly are: part of the great web of interconnection. Here are some other practical ways each one of us can help rid the planet of its Bigness wannabes among us, up to and including the worst of the lot, the feminists:

Recognize that all Bigness urges are ego-based. The only natural and healthy energies in our universe are interconnected energies, not those of that illusion called your separate self. If you are going through your life making constant attempts to elevate yourself above the herd, you are definitely not going with the natural flow, and you will accumulate nothing but ever more painful Cosmic Boomerangs.

Ditch your lust for control freakery. Any kind of hubristic power lust will inevitably generate nothing but that horror known as unintended consequences. So you should never under any circumstances try to manipulate other people for your own ego gratification. This especially includes verbal control freakery. If you know anything about American history, you realize that scolding, rebuking, chastising, lecturing, nagging, or reproaching your fellow sentient beings had been a popular American tradition since Puritan days. Our saga is filled with stories of endless conflict between those do-gooders who are out to reform their wicked brethren, and those wicked brethren, who never seem to listen. All the scolders have to do, apparently, is just tell the lesser people what they are doing wrong and then immediate obedience will inevitably follow except when it doesn’t. At the moment you can find any number of online diatribes from women who somehow believe that insulting or belittling members of the opposite sex will get them to change their ways. I am woman, hear me reproach! Lots of luck with this one.

Ditch your lust for fame energies. This most especially includes that nuisance called virtue signaling. Countless millions in today’s world waste huge amounts of their time proclaiming their wonderfulness to others, since it somehow matters that complete strangers know that you are a good person with good values and good hair. Well, this kind of kindergarten nonsense is still a lust for Bigness, and as such will do nothing but hand its practitioners another bucketful of bad karma. One of the greatest principles of Epicurean philosophy is the recommendation of lathe biosas, which is a command to live unknown. To this day it continues to be one of the best ways to find true peace and happiness on this planet.

If you are a Little, stop paying attention to the Bigs. It has not escaped my notice that the most uninteresting people on the planet today are the celebrities, the prominent, the famous, and the overly-rich. They have absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to the human race except to tell us how not to live. I do not pay any attention to them, and you should not, either.

As for your spirituality . . . In a non-hierarchical and oracular world, nobody is going to need any kind of religious Big to tell them how to reach the Divine. People will start to depend upon their personal interactions with the Divine and the angels for their spirituality, along with the kind of support they can get from their peers. So there is no time like the present to free yourself from looking upwards at any kind of religious authority. It is bad for him/her and bad for you.

Make the Golden Rule your ethical guiding star. Once you understand the Reality of universal interconnection, you will realize that you can never do to another sentient being what you would not want done to yourself. This means that you should start practicing the ethics of reciprocity, which is otherwise known as the Golden Rule. You treat others as you wish to be treated, or as Low Church Anglicans would put it, do as you would be done by. This is an ethical guide which exists in most human cultures and should be the basis of everyone’s morality.[24]

* * *

So much for hierarchy. Now we get to take a look at the third most toxic kind of mental illusion, that nonsense called . . .


As I have already mentioned, huge numbers of people throughout history have had the crazy notion that the way things are now are the way they are always going to be. The Soviet Union was going to last forever. OPEC was going to last forever. Japan’s industrial predominance was going to last forever (nowadays we hear the same thing about China). All new congressional legislation is going to fix social problems forever. Alas, the lust for permanent solutions springs eternal within the human breast. Well, in a constantly transforming universe, the idea of anything actually being permanent is complete nonsense.
But the idea of permanence does give people the illusion of security, which is why it is so attractive to the snowflakes among us. Telling yourself that the social or political structures you have at the moment will always be there not only gives you a nice sense of safety, it convinces you that the future is predictable. Huge numbers of electronically-sensitized snowflakes simply cannot live without this assurance. They absolutely must have the preservation of the status quo forever, or else.

As a result, most of our social actions and our interpretations of reality are based upon the permanence illusion, which is yet another reason why nothing works any longer the way it should. You might be aware, for example, that political parties do not last forever, as any Whig can tell you. But the idea that those nuisances called the Democrat and Republican parties might evaporate into nothingness within the next few years is absolutely preposterous to most people. 
That cannot happen now! Not in my own lifetime! It isn’t possible! As for the end of established religions, or governments, or nations . . . Well, it might happen several centuries down the road, but now? In this century? How lunatic is that?
My friends, let me remind you that our whole planet is on the brink of unprecedented personal, social, and political change. That which seems too solid and permanent at the moment is nothing of the sort, up to and including those legacy Piscean social structures which are currently kicking the bucket with a super colossal bang. So the sooner you dump your permanence illusions, the better. Here are some suggestions to help you along:

Do your best to keep your mind open and naturally flowing. At all times you need to do your best to read, learn, think, and keep your mind aligned to the naturally flowing Reality of our universe. This means you must never let yourself get stuck in anything, and especially not in mental constructs. At all times in your life you should allow for openness and growth. And do your best to adjust and readjust your energies to the natural flow of the universe. Your oracle can help you here.

Try new things. You should also get into the habit of trying something new whenever possible. There are always better ways of doing things, and the internet provides limitless suggestions about alternatives. So do your best to read new books, listen to new music, or try a new kind of cuisine. Message to all those people who are forever stuck in their bad habits: trying something new might be scary, but it is the best possible way for you to go with the natural flow of the universe. Remember that your current physical existence is only a brief pilgrimage which will not last forever. Your present house of clay is only a rental unit, so stop it with your idiot clinging and recognize the transitory nature of your current life.

Understand that the present moment is the only Reality you will ever experience. In other words, consider every day a new gift and make the most of it as mindfully as you can. You will start enjoying your life more, and that wonder energy called gratitude will manifest ever more strongly within you.

Prepare yourself for the evolutionary changes to come. The easy way to do this is by keeping ideas of universal interconnection and equality in your mind at all times. Then when all the dumbfounding predictions I am making start to happen, you will be able to deal with them.

Recommended prayers.

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me

 free myself from my politics or whatever other groupthink silliness I indulge in. And I thank you.

 free myself from my addiction to those useless internet LIKES. And I thank you.

 follow the Golden Rule in all my interactions with other sentient beings from now on if it kills me. And I thank you.

• stop trying to force other people to change. And I thank you.

• stop wasting my time playing or watching sports and games. And I thank you.

• understand that there is only ONE way to make the world a better place, and that is the recognition of universal interconnection and equality. And I thank you.

Well, there you have it. The planet’s three worst mental toxicities, plus how you can start to break yourself free from them. I am sure that many of my readers are now experiencing that celebrated nuisance called cognitive dissonance, which happens whenever you encounter something contrary to your most cherished beliefs. Well, if this is happening to you at the moment, reach for your handy deck of tarot cards and start asking them whether my statements in this chapter are correct. Just don’t fall on the floor when you start getting your oracular responses.

     But we must now move onto the next topic. Ditching your mental toxicities is not enough: you also need to ditch the physical toxicities which surround you as well, and these are much more numerous. So here we go . . .

Chapter 5. A New Way to Ditch Your Physical Toxicities.

Here in the 21st century we are living on a planet where countless numbers of harmful artificial chemicals have polluted the earth, and these chemicals have created more human suffering, unhappiness, bad health, emotional hysteria, addictions, and general feelbadness than anything else in human history. I am referring to all those industrial chemicals which have engulfed the planet since the end of World War II and which have catastrophically disrupted the natural energies of us humans like nothing else in history. If you are one of the billions on this planet who is going through life with chronic mental or physical problems, the artificial chemicals you are constantly absorbing are probably the reason why. You are the end result of the horrific scientific illusion that we humans can artificially manipulate Divinely self-organized systems to make things better.
And yes, I am aware that most of my readers, plus most of our scientists and medical professionals, will reject these assertions. After all, is it not obvious that our human-made energies are equal to or even superior to Divinely-created ones? Why just look at all the medical and scientific advances which have benefited the planet in recent decades! Surely that is enough to convince everybody that the scientific geniuses among us now know everything they need to know about our human minds and bodies!

Well, not quite. There is no way that we fallible humans will ever be able to understand 
everything about life or consciousness. It is true that we can achieve partial knowledge, but to this day not even our most celebrated scientists have achieved anything except very incomplete knowledge about the workings of that sacred energy called life. And given the fact that most of what we know about our bodies is based on the illusion that they are solid objects in space, our medical and scientific knowledge is horrifically inadequate. May I remind my readers that the human body is a Divinely-created and naturally self-organized energy field, which means that it can only flourish when it is aligned to the natural energies of the universe? Whenever you substitute anything man-made or artificial for these kinds of energies, there will always be problems.
Now I am the first to admit that modern science and technology have bestowed many benefits upon the human race, and the increase in average life expectancy is proof of that. The development of vaccines, antibiotics, organ transplants, and other high-tech medical procedures have benefited millions. Unlike past generations, most of us Americans can live to a ripe old age thanks to the scientific progress which has transformed our planet. Like everyone else I would not want to live like my premodern ancestors, scratching a living from the soil and suffering diseases for which there was no cure. Our scientists and inventors have done the human race an immense amount of good.

But none of this makes up for the dark side of this scientific progress, where the arrogant scientists among us are constantly trying to alter, subdue, or manipulate natural energies any way they can. This most especially includes the manufacture and promulgation of non-natural physical products like plastics and other synthetics, all of which have been created not from nature but from lethal chemicals. It just so happens that these kinds of materials are as harmful as any poison you care to name. They have generated what is one of the worst problems we sentient beings on planet earth currently face: chemical toxicity.

Wait a minute! Everybody knows that if the chemicals which engulf us are a problem, then our government would not permit them–right? After all, here in the United States all the chemicals which are now found in our food and environment have been approved for public use by that delightful federal agency called the Food and Drug Administration. We all know that anything which has been endorsed by the good bureaucrats at the FDA is just totally fine for everybody! We can trust our government to take care of us! It is not as though those FDA do-gooders are the doormats of their lobbyists or their cronies! That cannot be possible!

Well, if thoughts such as these are knocking around in your head, you need to do some rethinking. If you ask me, there has never been a more epic fail in American history than the catastrophic inability of the FDA to protect the citizenry from the toxic horrors now to be found in all aspects of our food, drink, health care, and environment. We live in a culture where millions of harmful chemicals, toxic medications, and artificially altered foods are routinely consumed day in and day out by a gullible public. If some diabolical madman had deliberately attempted to create the unhealthiest environment and lifestyle possible, one that was guaranteed to create millions of sickly and unhappy people, he could not have done better than construct the chemicalized culture of the 21st century United States.

Don’t believe me? Then let me explain how we humans expel toxins from our systems. When most people think about their bodies, they probably focus only on the brain, heart, blood, or stomach. But what really matters in your human body is your liver. This is the organ which does the most to keep our energies flowing naturally since its job is to rid our physical being of toxins. But when your liver is not functioning correctly, or working overtime to expel poisons from your energy field, you do not feel well, you cannot think rationally, and nothing about your body functions the way it should. Also you are probably going through life suffering from constant hunger or desperate for another addictive fix. This happens because your liver is crying out for the correct energies it needs so it can fight the toxicity which is engulfing it. And let me repeat–it needs the right 
energies, not necessarily the right nutrients. But does it get these energies? Silly question. What it gets are processed foods, inorganic chemicals, artificial preservatives, pesticides, synthetic dyes, diabolically unhealthy toiletries, and outgassing from petrochemical clothing, furniture, and building materials.
All of which wreak endless havoc with people’s physical health. But even this is not as horrible as what these artificialities do to human psyches. The chemical swamp we inhabit is also poisoning our minds, our emotions, and our ability to accurately perceive the Reality of our universe. It is not just electronic sensitization which has turned people into snowflakes: the chemical toxins we have imbibed throughout our lives have also damaged our personalities. The sense of ourselves which we have currently got is not what Mother Nature intended. The artificial chemicals we are constantly absorbing are wrecking all aspects of our body/mind/spirit continuum, and we are going through our days perceiving the world around us through a distorting chemical haze. One thing I have frequently noticed is that a new regime of medications can turn someone whom I have known for years into a person I do not recognize. These people become irritable, bad-tempered, obsessional, and their sense of humor evaporates. Nevertheless, they are always convinced that they are perfectly normal and that their precious meds are helping them. Well, if the chemicals you are consuming are altering your personality for the worse, they are not helping your body.

I suspect that claiming artificial chemicals can warp your personality is one which my readers will probably find most unbelievable. We all like to think that we are in control of our minds, our consciousness, our ability to reason, and our very own self. How could the chemicals we absorb every day change who we truly are? Well, when you are going through life with a constantly stressed liver, you tend to gravitate towards absolutely anything that will make you feel momentarily good, even if this feelgoodness is utterly toxic. This means that your personality is constantly being harmed by chemical toxicity.

If you were born any time after 1970, and if you have been consuming/absorbing artificial chemicals your entire life, I guarantee that you do not have a clue what good actually feels like. That’s right, you have never truly experienced it for one second of your existence. Feelgoodness can only happen when a person’s energies are going with the natural flow of the universe. But no way and no how does this happen when you are constantly ingesting artificialities, which is what you have probably been doing since your idiot parents started shoving concentrated sweets and synthetic dyes down your throat when you were a toddler. So instead of what ought to be your basic way of being in the world, that of effortless flourishing, you are going through your days experiencing nothing but the kind of endless feelbadness which is the only thing that an average snowflake ever knows. This is not living. It is just barely surviving.

Don’t believe me? Then take a look at photographs of your grandparents or great-grandparents–those family members of yours who had the same genes as you do. Chances are that none of them were fat, addicted, stressed, or depressed, despite the fact that they ate huge amounts of food every day of their lives, worked long hours, and were subject to trouble, as in the Great Depression and World War II. They managed to cope with problems like these without the kind of vacant zombie stare which is so common these days. The difference between them and you is that they were not living in an environment where nearly everything, including the food, was toxic. But you are.

On some level I expect that most of my readers are agreeing with me. Lots of people these days are aware that 
something is wrong with their culture, their society, their beliefs, even their own bodies, but they cannot see what the problem is, especially since they have been trained to trust that fantasy called government regulation. So they never blame the chemicals they are constantly consuming for their woes. But these artificial chemicals are the reason for practically everything wrong about people’s lives these days: chronic addictions, ever higher suicide rates, corrupted judgment, blind hatred, emotional hysteria, the obesity plague, depression, drug addiction, and the mental toxicities mentioned in the previous chapter. Are you someone who has tried and tried to lose the weight but cannot manage it? Or are you unable to make it through your day without your medications, of which you are probably swallowing handfuls? Do you think of your body as an enemy which must be mercilessly exercised or controlled? All of these conditions are being generated by the chemical toxicities which you are constantly absorbing. The ancient Romans lost their mojo because of lead poisoning. All of us 21st century earthlings are losing ours because of the toxic chemicals we consume every day. As we grow ever more sensitive because of our electronics, we are also growing ever more sickly because of artificial chemicals.
But I am sure that most of our most prominent scientists and researchers are not about to listen to me. They all seem to be convinced that, as far as the human body is concerned, they can play God. Or at least they can acquire godlike powers. So all the artificialities they keep coming up with will always benefit absolutely everybody! And things will get even better when those pathetic dreams called artificial intelligence or the technological singularity will eventually solve all our irksome human problems! This means that we wondrous humans will eventually be capable of doing what the Divine already does: create life itself! Why, just look at the incredible accomplishments of Victor Frankenstein, that wonderful little corpse reanimator in Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel 
Frankenstein![25] Was he a scientific wonder boy, or what was he? Well, of course he was, just like those contemporary scientists and researchers who are frankentweaking our naturally self-organized systems any way they can! A world filled with frankenfood, frankenbuildings, and frankenclothing will provide us with endless delight! If old Victor were around today, he would be so proud of all the frankenadjustments being done to the natural flow of energies on this earth that he would weep for joy!
Or maybe not. Let us pause for a moment and examine the very idea of life itself. Yeah, that mysterious and undefinable something which bestows those blessings called consciousness and animation on the sentient energy fields in our universe. So what is this life force? Where does it come from? All we really say is that there is some kind of energy in our spacetime universe which differentiates the sentient from what seem to be non-sentient forms. This life force has been sensed in many different cultures over the millennia: the ancient Egyption called it 
ka, the Greeks talked about pneuma, it was prana in Vedic tradition, qi or chi in the East, and lung in Tibetan Buddhism. In more recent years French philosopher Henri Bergson has given us the idea of the élan vital.[26]
But while this kind of vital energy has frequently been named, it has never been adequately defined. I have heard it called the “subtle systems” of a living physical body, but words such as these are inadequate. This lack of a convincing definition is exacerbated by the fact that terms such as prana or qi have no meaning for our contemporary Western medical establishment, since it is not possible to manufacture these energies by a pharmaceutical corporation.

Well, if you ask me, that life force called 
ka/pneuma/prana/qi/lung/élan vital can indeed be defined, and quite easily, too. It is simply the manifestation of Divine energy within every sentient being in the universe. That is all you really need to know about the life force: we sentient beings are alive and conscious because each one of us possesses a spark of the Divine within. This Divine energy, needless to say, is not something which any kind of hubristic scientist will ever be able to generate or control.
I am sure that the scientific geniuses who have developed the zillions of industrial chemicals which now smother the planet are seething with fury at the above. 
Of course all people here in our 21st century America are completely healthy and happy, thanks to all our wonderful frankenartificialities! As for the great American food supply, our experts will probably remind us that when they do change the energies of our food, they are making only tiny little unimportant adjustments which are not harmful. Nobody is going to drop dead after consuming a few grams of a chemical preservative or a synthetic dye. Also nothing bad can happen when a foodstuff is genetically modified, since the food looks and tastes exactly the same. So how could any of this be a problem? It isn’t! It’s fun and delicious!
Sorry. Whenever a person consumes anything modified by our hubristic frankenscientists, he or she loses balance, mental stability, and health. Never mind nutrients, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, or whatever other kind of nourishment you think food gives you. What your energy field needs from a foodstuff are its 
natural energies, and nothing else but. This means that when you consume those little bits of artificiality day in and day out for years at a time, the bad side effects start adding up.
But what kind of artificialities am I talking about? Are some worse than the others? Indeed they are. What now follows is a list of what I think is most toxic about our physical American reality, especially regarding food, drink, toiletries, and furnishings. You will probably find some of the items on the following list surprising, but try to keep an open mind. And don’t forget that no two people are the same. Some people’s energy fields are probably being badly harmed by some of the problems I mention, while others can tolerate them. You need to figure out on your own what you need to start avoiding, so keep your oracle handy. As you will also see, for various problems I give some recommended solutions.

We will start by examining the absolute worst of the toxic artificialities currently infecting this planet, those nightmares called . . .


If there is one word which explains why your entire energy field is filled with perpetual feelbadness, that word is plastics. If you ask me, the petrochemical horrors which swamp the planet are the single cause of the bad mental and physical health which infects most people today.
Nevertheless, I’m sure that most of my readers are skeptical of this assertion. After all, the plastic forms which we utilize every day appear to be nice, clean, and antiseptic. So how can they hurt us? Well, think of it this way. Would you ever want to quench your thirst by drinking gasoline? Or use motor oil as a moisturizer? Of course not. But that is what you’re doing every time your energy field encounters/absorbs/ingests food, liquid, soap, cosmetics, or lotions which have been stored in a petrochemical container.

The human liver simply cannot cope with these kind of toxins. This means that in one way or another any kind of substance stored in a plastic container will be toxic. This especially holds true for water or juices stored in plastic bottles. You are probably convinced that bottled water can never make you fat since it has no calories. But if you are in the habit of drinking plasticized liquids, all you are doing is stressing your liver and throwing your whole energy field off-kilter–and off-kilter energies will do nothing except make you fat. Ditto for any other kind of foodstuff which sits for weeks or months in plastic. If you keep ingesting it, I guarantee that not only will the toxins continue to make you feel miserable, the weight will never come off.

All of which means that if you want to go with the natural flow of the universe, you need to avoid plastics any way you can. This especially means that you should never touch or consume anything moist which has been stored in plastic. Dry or unprocessed foods are usually not a problem, but any other kind of food always is. Here are more recommendations about ridding your life of plastics:

Get the plastics out of your kitchen. Up to and including those atrocities called plastic cooking utensils. The only thing worse than consuming food or liquid stored in plastic is cooking with it. Heat applied to plastic does nothing but generate ever more petrochemical toxicity. As for using plastic dishes, glasses, or forks, forget it. Start using only glass, china, Pyrex, or stainless steel for cooking or storing your food. If you need a blender, never use one with a plastic pitcher–get a stick blender and use it with a glass Mason jar instead.

Use a non-petrochemical water bottle. If you want to carry around a water bottle, get one made of glass or stainless steel. And instead of any kind of bottled water, start drinking antioxidants like homemade carrot or apple juice, or green tea.

Switch to organic bedding. We humans spend one third of our lives in bed, and when our bed is nothing but a deadly synthetic concoction, we go through our days with everything out of whack. I know that Madison Avenue has been telling you for decades that those specially designed chemical mattresses they are pandering will somehow help you to get a good night’s sleep and cure your back problems as well, but research says otherwise.[27] As for the chic polyester bedding that trendy Americans just love, it does nothing but compound the problem. For most of my life I have slept on organic futons or cotton yoga mats, along with natural blankets and sheets, and I think that this is one of the main reasons why I have never had a recurring weight problem. If you have ever wanted to lose weight while you sleep, it actually is possible: all you need to do is switch to organic bedding.

Avoid all cosmetics or soaps stored in plastic. In case you have never realized it, any kind of chemical which is rubbed into your skin is as thoroughly absorbed into your system as if you had swallowed it. So if you think that the pink or green soaps, cosmetics, deodorants, lotions, sanitizers, disinfectants, and shampoos which you have been using do not harm your energy field, you had better think again. This especially holds true for the brightly colored chemical dishwashing liquid you are probably using–it never rinses off completely from your plates. Nor does the laundry soap from your clothes. You are still consuming their toxicity as if you were swimming in it.

Suggestions for escaping these toxicities. I use baking soda or natural clay to wash my dishes, my face, my hair, and my body (although once in a while I will use Dr. Bonner’s unscented soap). I use salt to brush my teeth, but I’ve learned that this doesn’t work too well unless you also give up all concentrated sweets. I wash my clothes in a hot water and salt solution or on occasion with Dr. Bonner’s. For a body lotion I mix equal parts of pure lanolin and sesame oil. For a deodorant I use what I call lemon paste to wash my underarms. I make this paste by chopping up a lemon, pureeing it, and then stirring in one cup of baking soda. This concoction keeps forever in the refrigerator. Every morning I rub a bit of the lemon paste under my arms, leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse it off (but I am careful to use it only on my armpits–it is not a good cleanser for your face or your whole body). This is all I need to prevent body odor. All these substitutes are not only inexpensive–they work just fine.

Never wear polyester fabric. Wearing petrochemical fabrics is like wrapping your body in cancer cells. Your skin will not be able to breathe properly, you will probably increase your body odor, and as usual your liver will be stressed. Stick to natural fabrics like cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo, or linen.

Never live in a petrochemical house. As in one with synthetic insulation, polyester carpet, furniture made out of particle board or plywood, polyurethane on the floors, and vinyl siding on the exterior walls. Unfortunately avoiding such a domicile is easier said than done, especially if you do not have a large income. I have never managed to escape these kinds of polymer death traps and have lived in them most of my life. But I keep the windows open as much as I can, I scrub away the mold every chance I get, and I do my best to clean everything with vinegar. This has helped me, and it will probably help you, too.


The next horror we need to contemplate is that supposedly helpful energy called electricity. And yes, I am the first to admit that electricity is helpful since it can give us both light and warmth. It also provides us with the power we need for the one thing none of us can now live without: our electronics.
But living out your life surrounded by electrical fields is yet another way to generate perpetual feelbadness. I have on occasion enjoyed camping in woodland cabins, and the difference between these unelectrified shelters vs. the electrified houses or apartments I have lived in is colossal. It is not healthy for a human energy field to be constantly surrounded by electrical fields such as the ones which are built into the walls of most of the houses and buildings on the planet.

Then there is the horror known as cooking with electricity. Throughout most of my adult life I have lived in houses or apartments with gas stoves, and I have always cooked with them. But during the writing of this book, I moved into a new apartment which had an electric stove. I was not happy to discover that I would now have to start cooking with electricity for the first time in decades, since I could remember from the days of my hippie youth that one of the core tenants of the macrobiotic diet was that you should never to cook your food with electricity. But that was surely a silly and antiquated idea, right?

Not a chance of that. Guess what soon happened to me when I started to cook my foods on an electric stove: I realized that I was starting to feel achy all over. I had to struggle to stand up or do my morning yoga stretches. I also pulled a muscle in my leg and had to hobble around on crutches for a few weeks since it the injury took forever to get better. I was eating the same diet I had been eating for several decades, so that could not be the problem. What was the matter? The cards kept telling me that something was wrong, but I could not figure out what. And I knew that if I went to see my doctor, he would only tell me that (1) I was developing arthritis, and (2) I needed to start swallowing medications, presumably for the rest of my life.

Fortunately one night while I was sleeping I got a message: 
stop cooking with electricity. I have learned over the years that my cards are not the only way I can receive messages from the Divine: I can also get brief messages during the night, which wake me up for a moment and which I remember when I get up the next morning. As usual, if this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone else as well. If you start paying attention to the first thought you have got in your head when you wake up in the morning, you will probably start to realize that these are not just random musings but good advice from the Divine.
Well, the moment the 
no more electricity thought appeared in my head, I knew it was a message that I definitely needed to hear. I immediately switched to cooking with an alcohol burner, and after a week or so the aches started to diminish. But I had spent five months cooking on an electric stove, so it took several months cooking with denatured alcohol before I began to feel normal again.
But I now shudder to think what cooking with electricity does to other people, especially if they have been doing it their whole lives. Cooking or just heating your food with electricity, whether on an induction plate, an electric stove, or a crock pot, is yet one more contemporary toxicity which wrecks people’s natural energies and is probably yet another reason for the obesity plague. Not to mention all the chronic aches and pains which millions experience as they go through their daily lives, especially as they grow older.

So electricity is one more contemporary energy manifestation which is unthinkingly accepted as harmless but which is as toxic to your system as cyanide. But don’t take my word for it. Just see how much better you start to feel when you eliminate it from your life any way you can. Never cook anything with electricity. Never sleep under an electric blanket. Never sleep next to an electric alarm clock. Start relying upon solar powered cooking appliances if you can manage it. And never sleep with your bed shoved up against a wall, since all American walls these days are stuffed with hidden electrical wires.[28]


Like electricity, those horrors called microwaves smother us every second of our lives, and they are not about to go away. Microwaves adversely affect our brain metabolism, and can help to engender sleep problems, memory loss, and cellular damage. In other words, microwaves are not harmless–they can change your heart rate, create carcinogens, and decrease your red blood cells while increasing the white ones (and increase cholesterol levels as well). So you should move your router as far away from your desk as possible (or get an EMF shielding cover). Don’t allow that horror known as “smart home technology” to be installed in your house. Before you go to bed, switch your phone to airplane mode. As for those dreadful wireless earbuds, they do nothing but fry your brain and will probably hand you a dose of Alzheimer’s a few decades down the road (so take a hammer and smash them to bits this very second).
As for microwaving your food, guess what. Any food which has been heated in a microwave oven is completely and utterly dead. Microwaves heat up food because they cause water molecules to rotate rapidly, which in turns creates friction and heat. But this alters the molecular structure of the food and diminishes its nutritional content. Eating microwaved food is about as healthful as eating astroturf. No life force, no nutrients, no nothing that will actually benefit your energy field. Guess what also happens when you swallow a lot of nothing like this? The weight will start to pile up, and you will not be able to take it off.[29]

Preservatives and pesticides.

The pesticides which are dumped on most of our food, and the preservatives which keep it looking deceptively “fresh”, are yet another toxic horror. Ever since Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring (1962)[30], we Americans have been aware that something is terribly wrong with the chemicals which drench our food, but has that stopped us from eating the poison? Of course not. We do not see, smell, or taste the toxins, so how could they be a problem? Besides, we do not want to see bugs in our beautiful fruits and vegetables–that would be too icky. As for the preservatives, do you really need to hear from me that food preservatives are a toxic nightmare? If you do an internet search on problems with food preservatives, you will get hundreds of thousands of hits. So stop buying any food which has been drenched with these horrors and go organic any way you can.

Synthetic dyes.

The synthetic dyes which we thoughtlessly consume or rub into our skin are also horrendously bad for us. [31] So you should never swallow any kind of food or drink which contains artificial dyes, never use lotions or soaps which are artificially colored as well, and never wear clothes which have been artificially dyed. This last is a problem for most of us, including me, since naturally dyed organic fabric is only rarely available these days. But it will help if you can at least stick to natural fabrics.
All this also means, by the way, that you should also scream with horror at the thought of a tattoo. We live in a world where the only thing which is growing by leaps and bounds is human stupidity, and sometimes I enjoy asking myself what is the absolute ultimate of 21st century brainlessness. The answer is always the same: injecting synthetic dyes into your skin.[32] How it ever happened that people all over the world have decided to ruin their bodies with those atrocities called tattoos is simply beyond me. I guess that if you have a completely uninteresting personality, a few tattoos will attract attention, at least for a little while. But will the attention last? Don’t be silly. Eventually those decaying tatts of yours will not make you look more attractive. You will only look mentally impaired. And if you combine your tatts with unnaturally dyed hair and piercings, you are a walking and breathing advertisement of human idiocy.

Researchers have already discovered that the dyes injected into the skin migrate throughout the body and can end up in your glands. So when you inject your skin with synthetic dye, you are sentencing yourself to a perpetually exhausted liver, a damaged immune system, and the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis by the time you reach middle age. The fact that all tattoos eventually fade is a sign that your body is doing its best to eliminate these toxins from your field. Well, then let them fade. This is probably the best way to get rid of them apart from going to a dermatologist.

This advice also holds true for other artificial alterations which people make to their bodies, up to and including artificial implants, most of which are yet another stratospheric stupidity. Do you want to destroy your entire life as well as your ability to be happy? This is how you can do it: allow some sort of petrochemical lump to be inserted into that energy field you call your body, such as fillers, microchips, dental or silicone implants, or Botox. Then you can spend the rest of your short life suffering from chronic feelbadness, courtesy of Big Chemicals. They get the money–you get the cancer.

Plastic surgery.

We have now collapsed into a world where the surgical adjustment of your energy field for cosmetic reasons is now regarded as not only reasonable but desirable. After all, how are you going to be faaamous on the internet if your face and your body are not visually perfect? Never mind what kind of personality you have, which is usually mediocre to the max–the only thing that counts these days is your online visual appearance. So everything is just fine and dandy if you acquire breast implants the size of basketballs. Or derrière implants the size of your bathtub. Or the removal of all the cartilage in your nose so that you can no longer breathe properly. Or getting a rib or two taken out so that you can shrink your waist to almost nothing. No problem. All this body mutilation absolutely has to happen, or else you will never get validated on social media, which is the only nirvana around these days.
The catch is that the people who become addicted to body mutilation for cosmetic reasons frequently cannot stop doing it, and they manage to turn themselves into the most grotesque humans in planetary history. The fact that so many snowflakes want this kind of surgery is not surprising, but the willingness of the medical quacks among us to actually do it is. Well, maybe not. Cosmetic surgeons need their dollar bills just as much as any corporate Big you care to mention, and what else is new?

As for trying to look younger than you are, if ever there were a desire which does not go with the natural flow of the universe, this is it. But it is the obsessive reality of millions. Older men and women who have frozen their faces with plastic surgery or implants succeed only in turning themselves into repellent freaks who possess all the attractiveness of methamphetamine addicts. If you want to go with the natural flow of the universe, you must accept that growing older happens and then do your best to age gracefully. As for making any other kind of unnatural adjustment to your energy field, if you succumb to this kind of insanity, I guarantee that you will never know a feelgood sensation for the rest of your life.[33]

Blue light.

You also need to avoid those toxic horrors of artificial light called florescent and light-emitting diodes (LED’s). Those morons among us who think that LED bulbs are helpful since they use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs are deluding themselves. It just so happens that the blue light which LED bulbs emit can damage your retina, contribute to cataracts and eye cancer, cause macular degeneration, accelerate the aging process, and disrupt your sleep. This means that you should only use blue light blocking, incandescent, or Edison light bulbs when you are indoors. And bring as much natural light into your home as you can.[34]
As for computer screens, the blue light problem can be easily fixed. It is possible to adjust the “temperature” of most electronic screens these days to make them “warmer” or slightly more reddish. Those ignoramus parents who allow their kids to stare at blue light screens for hours each day probably do not want their offspring to be completely blind by the time they are in their fifties, but that is the likely outcome of their carelessness.

You can also buy orange tinted LED bulbs which emit no blue light, even though bulbs like this are expensive. But like other LED lights, they last forever, are very energy efficient, and worth the money.

* * *

Well, there you have it. The worst of the physical toxicities which you need to avoid. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of other toxic artificialities I could discuss, but by now you should get the idea. Which is very simple, namely that anyone who thinks that a living organism is a solid artifact whose parts can be artificially manipulated is a complete moron. People who allow mechanical adjustments to their energy fields do not end up with enhanced life or consciousness. They inevitably collapse into bad health and general wretchedness.
But I expect that by now most of my readers are not listening to me. They know perfectly well that their tattoos are just awesome. Or injecting their face with Botox will make it look beautiful. And who cares if those silicone implants now residing in zillions of female chests are made out of the same substance as that worthless toxicity called Silly Putty? People who have paid for enhancements such as these are now just totally drop dead as far as gorgeous goes! There is nothing like chemicalized food, electric warmth, microwaved food, a phony face, and an artificially altered body to make a person blissfully happy! Especially the phony face!

Sorry, folks. You have not done anything except reach the ultimate of human stupidity. So please get it through your head that you cannot improve on nature, gild the lily, or reanimate a corpse. As for all the other toxic chemicals in your life, even if you cannot move out of your vinyl-sided house, you can still get the poisons out of your kitchen, your food, your soaps, your clothes, and your bedding. Being the antiquated ex-hippie that I am, I have lived as organically as I can for most of my adult life, and today I am an American woman in my early seventies who can walk a mile each day and who is still capable of writing an occasionally literate sentence. Think about that for a while, if you dare. I got this way by not allowing my body to become a dumpster for corporate America. If I can manage it, you can too.

But I know that believing what I am saying will be difficult. People these days are absolutely addicted to hundreds if not thousands of physical and mental toxicities as they live out their lives, whether it is food, drink, videos, music, creature comforts, surgery, substances, us-against-them experiences, artificial alterations, plus those mental traps called groupthink, hierarchy, and permanence. Nobody wants to give any of this up! They are all too enjoyable! Besides, if they all go away, what would be left in such a world? Just a lot of nothingness!

So many readers who have reached this point in my book have probably come to a complete halt. You have read my recommendations about individually accessible Divine guidance and assistance, but all this talk about ditching your favorite mental constructs as well as all the wonderful chemicals you have been living with your whole life . . . 
FORGET IT!!! The chemicals are not really toxic! They are helpful ways for all of us to live a nice, attractive, and successful life! And if we enjoy that delight called social media, no power on earth is going to persuade us that artificially altering our appearance will not make us more attractive. Everybody is doing it these days!
Besides, uh . . . well, you 
cannot give up any of the toxicities I have just mentioned. Especially your favorite chemicalized taste treats. Maybe there have been times in your life when you actually did try to give up foods you knew were bad for you, but you could never give them up completely, right? You won’t be able to do it now, either.
Well, guess what. Anything is possible with Divine guidance and assistance. So we are now going to examine a new topic: how to free yourself from all the toxicities which surround you. Granted that your attraction and revulsion prayers will help, but something more is also needed. Divine assistance always manifests more quickly and easily if the recipient does whatever he or she can to help co-create it. And it just so happens that are some easy new exercises you can start doing which will help you free yourself from your addictive toxicities. These new habits will not only transform your existence for the better but will help you generate all those Divine miracles you need to transform your life. It is now time to talk about . . .

Chapter 6. A New Way to Exercise.

That’s right. If you are convinced that you simply cannot give up your favorite chemicalized foods, your groupthink, your air fresheners, your duvet, your microwave oven, your tattoos, your pink or green soft drinks, courage! There is now a way you can shift your internal energies so that you can actually stop lusting after all the toxic artificialities which surround you. You simply have to learn a new way to exercise. And believe it or not, the new exercises I am about to suggest are so easy that even a three-year-old can do them. In other words, these new exercises are not designed to make you stronger or healthier. Instead, they are going to shift your internal energies into new and much more beneficial patterns. This is the only secret to living a new and better kind of life. You do not try to practice that nonsense called willpower, nor do you make promises to yourself that you cannot fulfill. Along with your attraction and revulsion prayers, you simply have to shift the way energy flows within that field you call your human body. So the best cures for whatever kind of physical or mental problems you have are energy cures.
Unfortunately there has never been very much research into energy cures. At the moment there is no consensus about what might be effective. Here I must also mention that many current energy treatments do not seem to be as successful as they could be, especially for chronic bad habits. If acupuncture treatment worked 100% of the time, everybody would be doing it, and nobody would have any bad habits left.

But there are other ways to shift your internal energies for the better, and what I am about to suggest will probably work for most people. The obvious first step is to remind yourself of that mysterious something called the life force, otherwise known as 
ka/pneuma/prana/qi/lung/élan vital. If you want to change your life for the better, you need to do everything you can to strengthen your internal life force. The best way to do this is by establishing a sense of inner balance.
The ancient Chinese understood this very well. They realized that you had to constantly maintain your equilibrium if you wanted to flow with the natural energies of the Dao. Hence comes the Chinese emphasis on yin and yang, those receptive and active patterns which they consider to be the basic energy transformations in our cosmos. If you ask me, the Chinese were accurately perceiving something crucial about cosmic energies. Our spacetime universe does indeed seem to be based on the idea of complementary dualities, where two forces are constantly interacting with each other. We can see this not only in yin and yang, but in ideas of exhaling/inhaling, particles/waves, left/right, vertical/horizontal, light/dark, heaven/earth, lunar/solar, and time/space. This means that the best way to go with the flow is by constantly balancing yourself between one complement and the other. You do not strive for one or the other to be dominant in your life, but you do need to harmonize them both. Only when this happens can you maintain your health and vitality. You should also realize that these kinds of polarities are not supposed to be separate and apart but constantly interacting with one another. When one or the other becomes excessive, disharmony results.

There is also the Vedic idea of balance, which ancient Hindus believed could be generated when those centers of consciousness within us called 
chakras were operating harmoniously. The word chakra means wheel, and over the centuries Hindu sages have taught that there are many chakra centers in our physical bodies, perhaps even thousands. When they are flowing as naturally as possible, we are healthy in both mind and body. This especially holds true for the seven main chakras which are aligned along our spinal column. The three lower chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus) are more concerned with our physical being and the survival issues which go along with it, while the three higher ones (throat, third eye, and crown) are more spiritual. They are joined in the center by the heart, which centers and supports our entire energy field. When all seven of your main chakras are flourishing in balance, you are as healthy as you can be.
The ancient Greeks also emphasized the idea of internal balance. They believed that the universe consisted of four primary elements, earth, air, fire, and water. Earth and water were more passive elements, while fire and air were more active, and all four had to be balanced within our physical being if we wanted to remain healthy. These ideas have always permeated Western culture; in recent times psychologist Carl Jung believed that the four elements corresponded to our four human temperaments of sensation (earth), thinking (air), feeling (water), and intuition or spirituality (fire).

All this tells me that the very best way to go with the natural flow of energy in the universe is by remaining balanced. Never letting one kind of energy predominate in your field, in other words. Yin must always be balanced with yang, our seven main chakras must equally flourish, and earth and water must be equal with fire and air. If you can acquire this kind of internal balance, and keep everything naturally flowing while you are at it, you can transform your life in ways you never could have imagined.

But there is always a catch. You cannot swallow a pill to achieve this kind of balance, nor can you demand elective surgery or expect your therapist to recite some magic words to fix you. But there are other things that you can do. One part of the solution has already been discussed: from now on you need to (1) work with your oracle every day, and (2) ask and give permission for Divine guidance and assistance. Once you get the hang of this and see how your life is changing for the better, no power on earth will be able to stop you from doing it for the rest of your life.

And there is one other necessary change you need to make, namely learning how to do daily repetitive exercises. This is more problematic, since the majority of my readers are probably going to recoil at this suggestion. Repetitive exercise is something which millions consider to be useless and tormenting, and they will not want to do it for anything in the world. So we have now arrived at one of the biggest stumbling blocks in this book. 
Daily repetitive exercise? Are you kidding? I don’t have time for that! You are already telling me I have got to find the time each day for prayer, meditation, and oracular consultation, and now you want me to start exercising every day as well? I’m already overwhelmed with all the other stuff I need to do! You can’t ask me to find time to start exercising!
Ah, yes–listen to the snowflakes rage. Doing daily exercises means bringing some self-discipline into your life, and if you are an electronically-sensitized little darling who wants to wallow in endless self-indulgence, this feels like the ultimate horror of the universe. It has been my experience that recommending daily exercise to most people is like talking to a brick wall: nothing penetrates. Especially if the person on the receiving end is lazy, or a procrastinator, or completely submerged in toxic substances like junk food, nicotine, and Hollywood videos.

Well, let me now recommend one of the best self-help books around these days: 
Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain (2013), by John J. Ratey and Eric Hagerman.[35] The authors discuss how physical exercise can change your brain. Mind and body are not two separate aspects of our human existence: they are as entangled with each other as all of us entities are entangled with all the other energy fields in the Net. The more time you spend doing physical exercise, the more you will shift the energy patterns of your brain–and the more easily you will be able to break free of your bad habits. No matter what kind of health problems you have, daily physical exercise is the best medicine there is.
So if you want to change your life for the better, exercise is an absolute necessity. One thing I have noticed is that people who do some kind of exercise every day always have a different kind of energy field than the rest of us. These are people whose work requires focus, self-discipline, and huge amounts of repetitive practice. But doing the same old stuff day after day gives them energies which are more powerful than the non-exercisers among us. Even in their declining years, professional dancers and athletes can still radiate the benefits of all those previous years of daily practice.

This means you should now start thinking about how a daily exercise routine can help you, instead of what a nuisance it might be. You can also tell yourself that you should not try to deprive yourself of your preferred bad habits when you are learning these new techniques. In other words, this time you will not have to torment yourself with willpower, abstinence, or starvation agony when you make your changes. So all you have to do at the moment is just start exercising. Then everything else you want to change about your life will start to happen in its own sweet time, and probably without much effort on your part.

But none of the above will sound very persuasive to most people, especially since the vast majority of our planetary snowflakes are sunk in so many toxic energies that they have zillions of reasons why they cannot start exercising right now. 
There is too much going on now! There is too much stress now! I just don’t feel like doing something now! Maybe next month, or next year, or next decade, when things finally settle down, then I can start exercising, but nobody can expect me to do anything now!
In other words, these people are falling into one of the most damaging energies on the planet today, that of procrastination. So we must now take a moment to examine . . .

Your enemy called the future.

It has been my experience that the one single thing which prevents people from changing for the better is a fantasy world called the future. People who believe in this fool’s paradise realize on some level that their bad habits are going to destroy them if they do not make changes in their lives. But instead of immediately taking steps to improve their daily routines, they switch their focus from making changes right now to making changes in the future. Ah, yes–that wonderful Fantasy Future to come, where there are no problems, no stress, the sun is always shining, butterflies are flapping about, and everybody loves you. Then you will be able to start a new exercise program or any other kind of self-improvement scheme! But not now!
So it always seems perfectly reasonable for you to delay your reformation just a little bit. Especially since this time you have 
finally made up your mind to change for the better. How wonderful that feels! You can even tell yourself that the changes you intend to make have already happened even though they haven’t already happened. This means that you can relax with another cigarette or another drink and congratulate yourself that you have finally quit your toxic substances while you continue to consume your toxic substances. Since this time, you really will be quitting . . . in the future.
Well, if you enjoy indulging in this kind of self-delusion, there is something you need to understand about your Fantasy Future. Tomorrow never comes. The weeks or months start to pass, and you keep congratulating yourself that you will finally stop your bad habits in just a few weeks, but guess what. There is still too much going on, too much stress, too many things to do, too many problems. So it won’t hurt to delay things a little longer! But when that little longer has passed, then . . . there is still too much stress, problems, lack of butterflies, etc. Eventually you will discover that all the time you have wasted delaying your reformation has made it exponentially more difficult for you to break free of your bad habits.

All of which means that enslavement to a Fantasy Future can be the worst mental tendency anyone can have. But since Fantasy Futures are unrecognized as addictions, most people have no problem indulging in them. So if you keep finding reasons why you need to delay your attempts at reformation, I guarantee that the one thing you are going to accomplish is your coffin. No more future. All used up. 
Doctor, what do you mean I’ve got cancer? I’ve finally made up my mind to quit smoking next January!
Oh, and by the way: Fantasy Futures are even more worthless now that we are on the verge of the greatest shift in human consciousness in planetary history. If your Fantasy Future is based on the kind of decaying social or political forms which now predominate, whatever kind of future you think you will eventually be living is just that: a fantasy.

All this means that if you want to break free of a bad habit, you have to start making changes in your life RIGHT NOW. I don’t care how rotten your feel or how chaotic your life is at the moment. You have to start making changes right this minute, or else you can forget it. Procrastination is nothing but a kiss of death. So no matter what is going on in your life at the moment, you need to start doing what you can to shift your internal energies before you think you are ready. Not next year, not next month, not tomorrow. NOW. TODAY. THIS MINUTE. THE SAME DAY YOU ARE READING THIS BOOK.

Fortunately there is an easy way to get you started: you simply need to start reciting a new daily prayer, as follows:

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me start shifting my energies through daily repetitive exercise right here and now, and that I keep doing it every day for the rest of my life. And I thank you.

If you are already trying your best to go with the natural flow of the universe, a prayer like this is probably all you are going to need to get started. For the first time in your life you will be able to get past your laziness, thanks to the guidance and assistance you will be getting from the Divine. And guess what. The preceding prayer is one of the two most important prayers you will ever need to utter in your life (I will eventually discuss the second one). So you need to start reciting this prayer as often as you can. Also write it on a card, keep it visible so you will frequently see it, and repeat the prayer throughout the day even if you are not yet persuaded that it actually works.
So, okay. No more procrastination. You are going to start your new exercises today, and you are going to keep at them. Fortunately it is now time for some better news. The exercises I am about to suggest are so easy and simple that most people probably will not need to recite the preceding prayer.

This brings me to the second secret about transforming your inner energies: you need to start small. When you are just beginning to shift your internal energies, all you have to do at the beginning are just a few simple and effortless exercises. Here I can recommend another self-help book which I find to be persuasive: 
Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones (2018) by James Clear.[36]
This book is a godsend for all people who have tried to establish new habits but can never quite manage it. The solution is to just make a few easy and simple changes in your daily routine, which you can start doing even when you are relaxing and watching TV in the evening. This means that you will not have to go to the gym, work up a sweat, or soak in a hot tub to ease your sore muscles with the exercises I am about to suggest.

So courage! It is not going to be that bad! If you have tried and failed to stick to an exercise program in the past, this time you are going to succeed, not only because what I am about to suggest is so effortless, but because this time the Divine and the angels have got your back. All of which means, believe it or not, that for the first time in your life you are actually going to start enjoying yourself when you do your exercises.
Enjoyment. This is what has been missing from all your previous attempts at reform. But once you get the hang of what I am about to suggest, you will realize that it was your old life which was the drag, not your new one. Even better: you will not be able to stand your old ways of living for a single second. Also don’t forget that when the Divine cures you, you stay cured.
Besides, once you start to feel the new kinds of energies these new exercises will bring into your life, you will be easily motivated to do more of them. Your ultimate goal is a complete energy transformation into new patterns of grace and harmony, remember. You are not going to have to trudge to the gym every day for that.

But the buts keep coming: 
I’m always too tired to do any exercise! I’m too fat or unhealthy to do it! I huff and puff if I have to walk more than two feet! And I know for sure that nothing is going to get me to stop eating butter pecan ice cream! I just totally love it, and I always will! Besides, if sit-ups or chin-raises could help people improve their health, nobody would be sick or addicted, and this isn’t exactly our planetary reality!
Courage! Chin-ups are not going to be necessary. Even better: the new exercises will start to work wonders not just for your physical problems but for your mental ones as well, including your addictions, cravings, torments, repetitive thoughts, worries, regrets, bad memories, monkey mind, and boredom. Once you realize how much better you are starting to feel, no power on earth will stop you from doing them day in and day out for the rest of your life.

So what are these miracle exercises? They are very simple, and they can best be described as mudras + angels. In other words, (1) you need to start exercising your hands by making those sacred gestures called 
mudras, and (2) when you make your mudras, you need to combine them with angelic energies. And yes, I know it is weird to mix Hindu gestures with western ideas of the Heavenly Host, but heck, if it works, do it.
This is all you need to do to start manifesting a complete inner transformation. You do the mudra while connecting the gesture to the energies of a particular angel. The spectacular energy whammy which this produces will blast your energy field into better and healthier patterns faster than you can say whiskey soda.

How did I figure all this out? Well, the idea just sort of came to me . . . spontaneously. And as usual, I don’t have a shred of objective evidence that mudras + angels actually work. All I can recommend is that you give it a try and see what happens. You have nothing to lose, after all.

What now follows are more detailed instructions. We will start by describing . . .

The art of the mudra, or how to exercise your hands.

Let us now take a moment to contemplate those miraculous physical manifestations called our human hands. Not only are they useful tools which help us live productive lives, but they help us create form and pattern as well. In other words, they are the principal way we can do what the Divine does, manifest newness. I have spoken several times about manifesting in this book, but here I need to point out that the word manifest comes from the Latin word for hand, manus. If you want to create form out of chaotic nothing, the best way to do it is with your hands.
Let us also remember that what is probably the most famous visual image in human history, the central panel of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, we see the Divine giving the spark of life to Adam 
through the hands. Good stone carver that he was, Michelangelo must have realized that our human hands are the means by which life, energy, and Divine grace can be both transmitted and received. It is no exaggeration to say that your fate is in your hands. When you start doing special exercises with your hands, things can shift profoundly in your life.
Of course most members of our modern medical establishment will probably dismiss the idea that hand exercises can be effective. Dr. Ratey recommends many kinds of physical exercises in his 
Spark book, but he never mentions mudras. However, there exists quite a lot of research these days which demonstrate the connection between our hands and our brain.[37]
So if you want to use physical exercise to transform your internal energies, you do not have to run a mile every day–you simply have to start exercising your hands. Since they are, after all, magnificent power tools. Huge quantities of energy are constantly flowing through them. It has been noticed that movement of the hands can stimulate thinking: when we make hand gestures we can clarify our minds or our communication with others. These gestures do not just assist us in speaking but can also help us generate new thoughts. And it is no accident that the most important interconnection gesture we humans can make, that of the handshake, is made with our hands.

Let us also remember that in both East and West certain spiritual hand gestures have always been known to strengthen our connection with the Divine. The fact that these kinds of gestures are so noticeable in both Eastern and Western religious art is an indication of this. All the statues of the Buddha show him making some kind of hand gesture, as do many illustrations of Hindu gods. In the West depictions of Jesus or other religious figures also frequently show sacred hand gestures. It seems to be a natural human urge to arrange your hands in a special way when you interact with the Divine. There is no better way to knock you out of the temporal and into the eternal. Ditto if you want to receive beneficial Divine energy, which can always be accessed whenever you open your palms outward to the universe. So it is not just Adam-on-the-ceiling who can receive the spark of life from the Divine–the rest of us can get it as well through the gestures of our hands.

All of which means that we can deliberately turn our hands into spiritual tools, both for ourselves and for others. Those chakras which are aligned to our spinal column are not the only chakras in our body: both our hands and fingers contain smaller chakras as well. With practice we can learn how to deliberately send or receive healing energies with these chakras. So the idea of the laying on of hands is not just a fantasy–our hands and fingers can help to cure both mental and physical problems. Using your hands to manipulate your body or getting beneficial hand energy from another human being is one of the healthiest things that can happen to anyone. What matters in all this is that our hands can easily be controlled by our will and consciousness, so we can always use them for some kind of betterment.

Mind you, I am not claiming that hand exercises can fix everything about your mental and physical health, but they will definitely shift your internal energies for the better, which is the only way you will be able to free yourself from your bad habits or your mental/physical disorders, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. Don’t forget that your hands are the one part of your body which have been most sensitized by your electronics. This sensitization makes your hands vastly more receptive to Divine energy than the hands of human beings in the past. Take my word for it, exercising your hands is going to start–shall we say– 
handing you the miracles you need to change your life for the better. In one way or another, all of us ever more sensitive Homo sapiens are going to make the new Aquarian future with our ever more spiritualized hands.
Fortunately most mudras are so easy and simple that anyone can do them. And you can do them at any time, even lying in bed–I always spend a half hour every morning doing mudras before I get up, which is a pleasant excuse to stay in bed just a bit longer. A day without mudras is a day without sunshine.

The other thing to understand is that you do not need to learn how to do dozens of different mudras to shift your internal energies for the better. At first you should only experiment with just a few, determine which are most beneficial to you (your oracle can help you here), and then keep at it. Also don’t forget that you might need different kinds of mudras at different times in your life. And if by some misfortune you are missing a finger or even your whole hand, you can still do the exercises I am about to suggest. Your physical appendage might be missing, but it still exists in your energetic body, and if you simply visualize the missing physical form when you do the following exercises, they will still be effective. But by themselves, mudras are not enough. We need to combine them with . . .

Angelic energy.

That’s right. If you concentrate on a specific angel whenever you form a mudra, not only will you increase the mudra’s power, you will also strengthen your connection to your angelic helpers. Here you should understand that whenever you associate a particular movement with a particular thought, the two become interlaced within your energy field. After you do this for a period of time, you will discover that just making the hand gesture will be enough to connect your consciousness with the particular angel you associate with the mudra. This means that with enough practice, you will be able to call upon an angel for assistance without thoughts or words–you will simply need to make a gesture with your hands.
What now follows are my own suggestions about how to combine angelic energy with mudra energy. I will start with four mudras which I think everyone should do every day, since I also believe that these gestures are linked to the four main archangels: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. These four angels seem to correspond to some of the most basic realities of our universe, including the four elements of water, fire, air, and earth:

Gabriel and the Hridaya Padma mudra. The archangel Gabriel has long been considered to be the messenger of the Divine, the angel who conveys Divine information to us physicals. So the best possible mudra for this angel is the Hridaya Padma (or Lotus) mudra. Making the Hridaya Padma mudra is easy: you press the bottom of your two palms together and let your two thumbs and your two little fingers touch each other. Then spread open your other three fingers as if you were turning your hands into a bowl or a lotus flower. When you hold this position, you are making the best possible gesture of spiritual receptivity that we humans can make.

Michael and the Abhaya and Gyan mudras. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection from all kinds of harmful energies, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. So if you ever feel threatened, you should immediately make the Buddhist gesture of fearlessness, the Abhaya mudra. To do this mudra you first raise your right hand to your chest level with your palm facing outward, as if you wish to stop all negative energies which are coming at you. Then you should make the Gyan mudra with your left hand: you join the tip of your left thumb to the tip of your left forefinger, making a small loop. This connection has been described as joining heaven to earth, and it definitely creates some kind energy circuit in our bodies. It also helps to calm your mind and help you feel more secure. When these two mudras are made at the same time, you are proclaiming that not only are you trusting in Divine protection, but you are helping it to manifest through your connection to both the physical and the spiritual realms.
A special note about the Gyan mudra: this mudra is the one most frequently recommended to meditators. You sit cross legged, place your open palms on your knees, and make the Gyan mudra with both hands. But if you ask me, just doing the mudra without the meditation seems to calm the mind as effectively as if you were actually meditating. Just turn your focus to the sky or the Divine while you sit in this position, and a great sense of peace can descend upon you. If you hold this position with both hands before you go to bed, you will sleep like a baby. Also the universe will stop feeling like a tremendous impersonal enormity but more like a friend.

Raphael and the Apan mudra. Raphael is the angel of healing, which is something we all need as we go through our physical lives, and I am convinced that Raphael will always be there for us whenever we have a physical or mental problem. This means that the Apan mudra is perfect for this angel since it is a purifying mudra which helps you detoxify, thus making it beneficial for all aspects of your energy field.
To do the Apan mudra you hold your forefinger and your little finger out straight, while touching the tip of your thumb to the tips of your middle and ring fingers. This is as simple as it can get, but it is also powerful enough to help you recover when you are ill.

Uriel and Kirtan Kriya. This brings us to the last archangel, Uriel, who is known as “the light of God” and who is considered to be the angel of Divine faith and trust. All of which means that Uriel can help you out of your despair during those moments of your life when you are in danger of losing hope or giving up the fight. I struggled for a long time to decide which mudra should be associated with this particular angel, and I finally realized that so powerful is Uriel’s assistance that you need to do something more than a single mudra for his help. What you need to do is that spiritual practice called Kirtan Kriya.
Kirtan Kriya is not a single mudra but a sound and movement meditation. Kirtan is the Sanskrit word meaning 
reciting or describing, while kriya means action or deed. To do Kirtan Kriya, you make four mudras by sequentially touching the tip of your thumbs to the tips of your forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. In other words you will be doing the Gyan mudra (which corresponds to the element of air), the Shuni mudra (ether), the Surya mudra (earth), and the Buddhi mudra (water). The thumb corresponds to the element of fire, so each time you touch your thumb to one of your fingers, you are joining fire or spiritual energy to one of the other elements. This by itself can produce a profound energy shift and impacts your subconscious mind in ways that are not yet understood.
If you do this repeatedly while listening to or singing the Kirtan Kriya chant at the same time, you can generate a very powerful transformation within your energy field. This chant is composed of four sacred Sanskrit syllables: 
sa (air), ta (ether), na (earth), and ma (water). These four syllables mean beginning, existence, transformation, and eternity, or the current way we entities experience Reality. So the thing to remember when you do this exercise is that you are contemplating the timelessness and the Oneness of everything.
You can sing these four syllables according to the first four notes of the popular children’s song 
Mary Had A Little Lamb: Ma=sa, ry=ta, had=na, a=ma (three notes going down and one coming up). There are also plenty of online videos where you can hear the syllables being sung. The best rule for the chant is that you sing the syllables for two minutes, then whisper them for another two minutes, then recite them silently in your head for three minutes, followed by another two minutes of whispering, and then two final minutes of singing. So the total exercise is eleven minutes long. All the time you are doing it, you continue to touch the tip of your thumb to the tips of all four of your fingers. It also helps to breathe from the belly when you sing the syllables (and more about breath work is coming). This fabulous exercise improves the blood flow to the brain and is believed to reduce stress, increase cognitive function, and can even help with Alzheimer’s disease.[38] Just make sure that you keep thinking about Uriel while you are at it. Don’t forget that he is currently with you and is helping you any way he can. At the end of the Kirtan, open your hands wide, raise them into the air, and shake off the energies. In my own case I am convinced that the Kirtan has helped me to sleep and write better. I do it every evening and can no longer imagine life without it. It is one of the most effective healing techniques I have ever practiced.
A good prayer to recite while you are doing the above four archangel mudras is the following:

O Divine Light and all the angels, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that on this day and night and every day and night for the rest of my life, Gabriel will give me Divine guidance, Michael will protect me from harmful energies, Raphael will keep me sound in mind and body, and Uriel will help me maintain Divine faith and trust. And I thank you.

Other angelic mudras.

While I recommend that the preceding mudras should be practiced by everyone, I also believe that each one of us should learn something about the other angels and then decide what kind of angelic/mudra combination will do them the most good. So it is up to you to determine which angel corresponds best with which mudra. But at the moment, here are some other mudra/angel combinations which I practice every day and which I find to be beneficial:

Metatron and the Uttarbodhi mudra. The Archangel Metatron is the recording angel, so he is a perfect angel for a writer like myself. I also feel that the Uttarbodhi mudra is the best mudra to associate with any kind of creative activity. Uttara means realization, and bodhi means enlightenment, and you need both if you want to be truly creative. Every morning before I sit down to write, I make this mudra and ask and give permission for Metatron to help me to convey what I have learned over the years about Divine energy.
To do Uttarbodhi mudra, you first fold your middle, ring, and little fingers together. Then you raise your two forefingers and press them together, while lowering your two thumbs and pressing them together. Holding your forefingers and thumbs like this creates a diamond-shaped space, which frames your other fingers.

Jeremiel and the Ganesha mudra. This mudra associates the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha, who is considered to be an overcomer of obstacles, with the Archangel Jeremiel, the angel of hope. If you have any kind of problem which seems unresolvable, give them both a try. You will be glad you did.
The Ganesha mudra is not a single gesture but a series of five separate hand movements. You first need to bring your hands together in the Anjali (or prayer) mudra, where you simply press your palms together with your fingers upright. Then shift your hands into a horizontal position, with the back of your left palm facing your heart and your fingertips touching the center of the palm of your right hand. Then clasp your fingers together until they lock and hold for a moment. Release this pose, go back into the Anjali mudra, and make the finger lock again, this time with the back of your right hand facing your heart. Finally return your fingers to Anjali for a third time and release. Do this repeatedly, and the worst of those obstacles of yours might very well go poof.

Raziel and the Kalesvara mudra. Raziel is an angel who can help you awaken your intuition, so if you want to increase your psychic skills, this mudra will help. You need to bring your two middle fingers together and hold them upright, curl your index, ring, and little fingers downwards, press the knuckles of these three fingers together, and finally join your two thumbs while also pointing them downward. Your curled forefingers and your downward-pointing thumbs should form a heart shape. The more you do this mudra, the more you become receptive to the spiritual energies around you. It is also the best possible mudra to help cure addictions.

Kali mudra. Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, and destruction is an energy which is as necessary in our spacetime universe as creation. There are always things in our life which we need to jettison, and Kali can help us. To do the Kali mudra you press both your palms together, press your two erect forefinger together, fold down your three other fingers, and then cover your right thumb with your left thumb. Then point your forefingers downwards or towards your feet or the floor in order to direct away any negative energy you wish to eliminate from your field. All those bad mental or physical energies will start to flow out of you.
The best angel for this mudra is Azrael, the angel of death. He can help us not only when it is time for us to transition but with killing off all the toxic habits and ideas we accumulate as we go through our days. Azrael can draw them out of us and let them dissolve into nothingness. And no, this angel is not an evil being. He can provide us with some of the greatest assistance we need as we go through our lives: jettisoning unworkable paradigms, worthless habits, or mental traps which prevent us from reaching our full potential. Three cheers for Azrael!

Dhyana mudra. This mudra is one of the best known of them all, and statues of the Buddha frequently show his hands making this gesture. To make the Dhyana mudra you place your upturned left hand before your solar plexus, put your upturned right hand on top of your left hand, and touch the tips of your two thumbs. This gesture will help you to concentrate, reduce stress, and give you a sense of peace and tranquility. Instead of an angel when you do this mudra, concentrate on the next best thing: the Buddha.

Heart Mudras.

As I have mentioned, mudras will change the energetic patterns of your brain, which is the kind of internal shift you need to break free of your bad habits. But there are a special group of mudras which have some kind of direct connection to your heart as well. Since it is a weakness or blockage in the heart chakra which also keeps people stuck in toxic energies, doing heart mudras is also an excellent way to shift your internal energies. Heart mudras will open the flow of new energy to your heart and help you to release painful old patterns.
These mudras will benefit not only that physical pump inside your chest but your heart chakra as well. One thing I have learned in recent years is that the heart chakra is not quite the same thing as our muscular pump. Sensitive people have been able to perceive that while the heart chakra is located very close to our heart muscle, it is not identical with it. Those energies we humans have long associated with our physical heart, such as love, compassion, and generosity, are probably manifestations of the heart chakra instead of the muscle right next to it.

But having both pump and chakra working together is of prime importance in our overall well-being. They are both located in the center of our energy field, and if nothing else this means that they are most concerned with keeping us balanced. In my opinion, the best way we can experience that Reality called universal interconnection is through our heart. We should never try to live from the head alone, but from the heart as well.

This means that our heart chakra can be considered the connecting link between the spiritual and the physical within us, or the place where mind meets matter. The strongest Divine energy within us can also be found in our heart. In her most famous poem “No Coward Soul Am I”, Emily Brontë refers to the 
God within my breast.[39] She knew exactly where to find the Divine, and it was not in her head.
So keeping our heart chakra healthy is just as important as rewiring our brains. Unfortunately, like most everything else these days, the energies of most people’s hearts, both pump and chakra, are out of whack. When this happens, all other aspects of our energy field suffer. This is probably the reason why heart disease is the number one global killer. So if ever there were a reason not to swallow factory food garbage (and especially those horrors called trans- or saturated fat), the damage that these foods do to the center of our physical being is the best reason why.

The good news is that our heart chakra is probably going to be the most responsive part of our energy field to the new Aquarian energies which are coming. So healthy hearts are going to be the norm again. At the moment, however, most of us are probably in immediate need of heart chakra assistance. What now follows are four mudras which will help to rebalance the energies of your heart in many beneficial ways.

Anjali mudra. The Anjali mudra is the palms-together gesture of prayer which has been common in many religious traditions, in both East and West, for millennia. I am convinced that it can give each one of us a beneficial energy shift like no other bodily movement or gesture we can make. It can also help you sleep, focus your mind, aid your digestion, and enhance your creative ability.
Why should this be so? Well, if nothing else, pressing your palms and fingers together creates some kind of circuit between the right and left side of your energy field. The energies of our right palm are outgoing, while the energies of our left are receptive, so when you press your two hands together, you are creating a circuit to help your energies move in a harmonious fashion throughout your entire field. If nothing else, this probably helps to balance the two hemispheres of your brain, giving you a mildly altered state of consciousness.

All of this is supposition, of course, but so powerful do I consider the Anjali mudra to be that I am certain your life will improve for the better if doing this mudra is the only recommendation you follow in this book. The more frequently you do it, the better. Don’t forget that while the Anjali is obviously going to be most effective when you combine it with prayer, you can do it at any time or place.

To do this mudra you simply press your hands together before your heart with your fingers pointing upwards. If you do it while praying or reciting some sacred words, I guarantee that after a few weeks the light and joy of spiritual reality will start to fill your energy field like you would not believe. And the best angel for this mudra? Forget the angels and concentrate on the Divine.

SvaBhava or Auspicious Mudra. The SvaBhava mudra is a natural gesture which people make when they are trying to convince others of their truth. To do this mudra you place your right palm over your heart and then hold your left palm over your right hand. What this does is send the energies of your right hand chakra into your heart while also drawing out energies through your left palm. This creates yet another powerful energy circuit. It will help to calm you down when you are agitated and keep you balanced. Best angel: Phanuel, the angel of truth.

Hridaya Mudra. This mudra is called the Courageous Heart Mudra. It is not only a wonderful way to heal your heart chakra but also a means to stretch and strengthen your fingers. To do this mudra you must bring your hands together vertically in front of your heart, right hand closest to your chest, with the back of your left hand touching the back of your right hand. Then interlace your little, ring, and middle fingers, while bringing your thumb and index figures together to make two Gyan mudras. This gesture feels like it strengthens the life force in both our hearts and our hands and is probably a good mudra for anyone with physical heart problems. Best angel: Jophiel, the angel of beauty.

Apana Vayu Mudra. To do this mudra, place your forefingers at the inner base of your thumbs, join the tips of your thumbs to the tips of your middle and ring fingers, and hold your little finger upright. This mudra improves blood circulation and can be effective in the case of a heart attack. Best angel: Raphael, the angel of healing.

* * *

A good prayer to recite as you are doing the above four mudras:

O Divine Light and all the angels, if it is for the summum bonum I ask and give permission that these mudras will help me open my heart, not only to the Divine but to the Oneness of the universe. And I thank you.

But it is now time to examine a more contemporary type of hand exercise which was developed in the 20th century. Since these exercises are based on traditional Buddhist hand gestures, they are probably as powerful as the ones already discussed. They are part of an exercise routine called:

Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Jin Shin Jyutsu (the last word is pronounced jit-su) was developed by a Japanese healer called Jiro Murai in the early part of the 20th century. As a young man he developed a life-threatening condition which his doctors believed would kill him. However, he learned how to cure himself by practicing various mudras which were associated with Tantric Buddhism. He spent the rest of his life instructing others in the use of these mudras. One of his pupils was a Japanese woman named Mary Burmeister, whose daughter Alice wrote an excellent guide to the practice called The Touch of Healing: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit with Jin Shin Jyutsu (2013).[40]
Jin Shin Jyutsu is very easy to learn. Although some of the mudras can be complicated, basically all you have to do is wrap the fingers of one of your hands around one or more fingers of your other hand. One routine starts by circling your left thumb with fingers of the right hand. Hold this position for a while, then repeat it with the thumb and fingers of your left hand circling your right thumb. Then encircle both your left and right forefingers with the fingers of your other hand, repeat this with your three other fingers. This might not sound like much, but my own experience tells me that it is just as helpful as traditional Vedic mudras.

One other very powerful Jin Shin Jyutsu mudra is as simple as can be: you put the tips of your ring fingers into the palms of your other hand, making a kind of double circuit. Then hold it as long as it feels comfortable. Since all these are healing mudras, the best angel for them is, as usual, Raphael.

There are many excellent online videos which demonstrate the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu which can get you started.

* * *
Now we come to another exceptionally powerful mudra you can practice, for the very simple reason that it can help you to . . .

Laugh your way out of your bad habits.

What’s that? You mean that you have never realized that laughter can frequently cure what ails you? Well, take my word for it, now that we are moving into the airy Aquarian era, one of the best possible ways for you to free yourself from your bad habits is that exercise of the breath called laughter. This most especially includes laughing or even just smiling at your problems, especially the ones which keep you mired in all your toxic energies.
But why would laughter help with your health problems? You need to understand that whenever you smile or laugh, your body starts to produce those beneficial hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are opioid peptides which are produced by the pituitary gland and the central nervous system, and they make you feel good. There is even some evidence that they can help to cure what ails you. This has been noticed since the publication of Norman Cousins’ 1979 book 
Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient.[41] Cousins was informed in 1964 that he had what was probably a terminal disease. But he simply refused to accept this diagnosis and started doing everything he could to cure himself, including taking large doses of Vitamin C and watching funny movies. He lived until 1990, probably laughing all the way. I expect that our medical establishment would claim that it was something other than the Marx Brothers which cured him, but . . . well, heck. Laughter can’t hurt and may very well help.
Besides, laughter can be a spiritual as well as a physical cure. One thing I have learned about the angels is that they do a lot of laughing, and most frequently when I ask yet another stupid question. Not only do they like to laugh, they are also attracted to the sound of laughter. Let us not forget that in spite of all the horrors of human history, we are living in a 
divina commedia, not a tragedia. So the more you get to know the angels, the more you will start to laugh along with them. They are, after all, bringers of good news, Divine assistance, and joy. Nothing solemn about any of that. Angelic merriment will always make you feel better regardless of your circumstances.
It is interesting to remember that the healing center of Epidaurus in ancient Greece contained a theater, since it was recognized that if a patient can watch a drama, and especially one that is funny, it has a healing effect. The theater at Epidaurus has survived and is still being used today for dramatic productions. So even if you cannot quite make it to Epidaurus, you can still watch funny movies, read funny books, visit funny websites, and keep grinning at all the bad jokes to be found in this learned treatise.

All of the above is of prime importance if you want to break free from your bad habits, especially your addictive habits. You should understand that the feeling of bliss which your substance generates within you is not really being caused by your substance. It comes from the substance’s ability to generate endorphins within your system. This means that you do not really need to ingest an addictive substance to feel good, since there are many natural ways to stimulate your body into producing endorphins. Granted these natural ways are not as potent as alcohol or cocaine, but they do work. What is even better is that the more you get used to naturally produced endorphins, the less you are going to crave anything addictive. Listening to music can produce endorphins, as well as eating hot peppers, getting out into the sunshine, deep breathing, the scent of lavender or vanilla, dancing, the sights and sounds of mother nature, stimulating certain acupressure points, or getting the “runner’s high”.

But the best natural way to generate endorphins within your system is simply by 
smiling. Just letting your facial muscles form a smile is all it takes. It is usually impossible to force yourself to laugh, especially when you are sunk in a black hole of depression, but this is not the case with smiling. Putting a smile on your face is within your power at any moment in your life. If you want a deliberate way you can prod your body into producing endorphins, all you have to do is arrange those muscles around your mouth into a great big grin. And yes, I know–if you try to force yourself to smile when you are stressed, miserable, or craving another fix, putting a lousy smile on your face will be hard as hell.
But there is a trick to making that smile easy instead of painful. When you put that smile on your face, you should also do a certain very powerful mudra which will help you to experience that smile of yours to its utmost. Even better: this mudra might also start to help you laugh spontaneously no matter how wretched you feel at the moment. It is now time for you to learn the . . .

The Laughing Buddha mudra.

The Laughing Buddha mudra is also called the Smiling Buddha mudra or the Smiling Buddha Kriya mudra, and this wonderful mudra makes it easier for us to experience those endorphin-generating blessings called smiling and laughter. The Buddha himself is said to have practiced this mudra to regain his health after his forty day fast (and if you feel lousy at the moment, think of how much worse you would be if you had not eaten anything for six weeks).
If you are wondering which particular angel is connected to this mudra, guess what. They all are. So is the Divine. This means that you can call upon any angel, or all of them together, whenever you make this gesture, since it is going to give you a blast of Divine energy such as you would not believe. It is also the only mudra I am suggesting which can provide you with some immediate and perceptible relief. So if you are irritated by the thought that you must be patient before you can start feeling how your mudra practice is helping you, the Laughing Buddha mudra will hand you a feeling of betterment the first time you try it.

The Laughing Buddha mudra is very easy to do: you simply raise your hands so they are parallel with your face, and then, with palms facing outward, bend your little and ring fingers down and cover them with your thumbs. Then hold your middle and index fingers erect. That’s all it takes, as far as your hands are concerned. But while you hold your hands in this fashion, you also need to put a smile upon your face. This smile should not be a feeble little grimace but the biggest, dopiest, most moronic smile you can manage. Then you hold both mudra and grin for as long as you can. Guess what happens next:

1. You will look like a complete idiot.
2.  You will feel like a complete idiot.

But guess what. The longer you hold both smile and mudra, the better you will feel. I also guarantee that everything will start feeling funny. Everything. Up to and including all the crap you have to deal with at this particular moment in your life. It is funny. Even the universe is funny. Well, why not? The combination of mudra + grin are releasing all those delightful endorphins into your system as fast as water flowing over Niagara Falls. Of all the recommendations I make for personal betterment in this book, the Laughing Buddha mudra + grin is probably the most effective.
You can do this mudra at any time, whether you are alone in your room, trapped standing in line, waiting to see the dentist, or taking a walk. Of course when you are out in public you should probably modify that big moronic grin on your face into something not so obvious, so you can do it without attracting much attention. Every time you do it, not only are you generating feelgood chemicals within your field but you are also creating new and better energetic pathways as well.

Just don’t forget that mudra plus grin is usually going to turn into mudra plus laughter. Laughter matters. When you can laugh at your problems instead of wallowing in misery, congratulations. You have now shifted your internal energies for the better. And you are well on the way to turning yourself into a completely new human being.

* * *

Well, these are my mudra suggestions, and it will be noticed that there are not many of them. I would probably be recommending many other mudra exercises, but at the moment all I know best is what works for me. Still, I am confident that in the years to come, when people finally start to accept the energetic reality of their lives, many new and better ways to combine mudras and angelic energies will be discovered. In the meantime, let us now examine several other ways you can shift your internal energies.

And the one thing you need to aim for is inner balance. There will be no harmony in your energy field unless there is also some kind of equilibrium. The easiest way you can bring this into your life is by practicing the old idea of 
moderation in all things. There is a lot to be said for not going to extremes, which has been recommended time and again throughout history. Nothing in excess was proclaimed at the Oracle of Delphi, the Buddha taught the doctrine of the middle way, Confucius proposed the doctrine of the mean, and Aristotle gave us the concept of the golden mean. These ideas of inner balance are timeless. There is no such thing as a successful life lived in the palace of excess. You need to go through your days constantly aiming for some kind of centering energy. In other words, you do not want yin energy all the time any more than you want yang.

     So how can you do this? Here are some suggestions:

Listen to music. I have mentioned that you can do your mudras while watching television. But it is infinitely better to do these kinds of exercises while listening to music. The vibrational energies of sound are some of the most powerful and transforming energies we humans can experience. This especially holds true for harmonious sounds. If nothing else, when we go with the natural flow of the universe we are also going with the harmony that this flow creates. So listening to musical sounds can align our fields to the natural flow like nothing else in the universe.
This all makes sense when you remember that as long as we humans have existed in physical form, we have been constantly helped by the harmonious sounds we encounter. In 
Pericles, Prince of Tyre (1609), Shakespeare’s character Cerimon uses music to bring a supposedly dead woman back to life.[42] So the greatest dramatist in the history of the world tells us that music can induce miracles if we just use it properly.
Mind you, I am talking about real harmony here, not that decadent nonsense called atonal music, nor anything grating or raucous. But any kind of genuine harmony can be one of the greatest blessings we can experience. This kind of music can heal your body, lift you out of depression, influence your thoughts, and soothe your emotions. And it has long been observed that patients who listen to music recover more rapidly than those who don’t.

So if you make time every day to listen to Divinely-inspired sounds such as classical, jazz, ambient, or raga, this kind of music can knock you out of your toxic energies in a few seconds flat. Even rap music can do it if you listen to the spiritual kind produced by artists such as DMX or Yelawolf. Sacred chant or even just the sound of a tuning fork can help as well. The good news is that individually accessible music is eventually going to spread everywhere on this planet. Someday all 8 billion of us will be able to listen to the kind of music we prefer any time we like. Let us remember that the more digital music we listen to, the more transparent–and the more receptive to Divine energy–we become.

But we need to make sure that at least some of the time we listen to sacred music, which usually means the non-vocal variety. Song lyrics tend to give you a thinking response to the sounds you are hearing, instead of that bliss called thoughtless awareness. And too many people unfortunately listen to music with the dial turned up to eleven, which can damage their hearing. But when you listen to any of the sacred sounds of the earth, which can range from Tibetan or Christian chants, to Giovanni Palestrina and Thomas Tallis, to Mahalia Jackson or the gospel hymns of Elvis Presley, you will find no better way to sense and appreciate Divine energy. Sounds like these really are the music of the spheres.

Listening to these kinds of sounds can lead you to that very pleasant pastime called 
chilling out. When you learn how to surrender to nothing but the sound you are listening to, without letting your monkey mind intrude, you can get completely knocked out of your spacetime reality and into a new Reality which is greater than yourself. Such moments always generate happiness, clarity, and a sense of Divine presence. When you do this while sitting cross-legged with your hands doing the Gyan mudra . . . wow!
And it just so happens that there is one supreme sound in our universe which you should listen to every day: the sound of 
om. Om is an ancient Sanskrit syllable which has been chanted repeatedly by Hindus for thousands of years. But what is interesting about this very brief word, as Paramahansa Yogananda tells us in his Autobiography of a Yogi (1946)[43], is that the om sound is probably the same sound as the first syllable of amen in the Abrahamic religions, and even perhaps the first syllable of the name of the ancient Egyptian god Amun. So if you put together a soft vowel sound plus the m sound, you get a vibration which is probably the most spiritual in the universe. Om does not seem to have a meaning, but the Divine energy within this sound is what counts.
Besides, some sensitives (including me) believe that the om sound was also the sound of the Big Bang. That’s right, the Big Bang was not really an explosion–it was a gigantic OM. So regardless of your spiritual tradition, you should never let a day go by in your life without uttering this particular sound, the more frequently, the better. I have already mentioned that you recreate the Big Bang in miniature whenever you practice divination. You can do it again whenever you chant or sing an om. Doing it when you are working with mudras or any other kind of mind/body exercise will increase their power.

There are plenty of online videos these days where you can listen to the om sound. But my cards tell me that you should aim at those om chants which have been recorded at 432 hertz. Most of the recorded music today is tuned to 440 hertz instead of the more natural tone of 432 hertz, which was recommended in the 19th
 century by none other than Guiseppi Verdi (and if a genius like Verdi recommended it, that is good enough for me). Eventually I think that all music will be tuned to 432 hertz since it seems brighter, clearer, and more natural. Also it apparently aligns not only to the 8 hertz Schumann resonance but also to the Golden Ratio. [44] If we humans are going to listen to music, we should be listening to the most naturally flowing music possible.

Breathing Exercises. In the Vedic tradition these kind of exercises are known as pranayama, a term which combines the Vedic word for the life force, prana, with a second Sanskrit word meaning either control or to draw out. Hindu sages have always recognized that the deeper the breath, the calmer the mind. Anyone who has started trying to discipline the breath knows how powerfully life-changing the practice can be. So with your physician’s and your oracle’s approval, you should start to learn various pranayama techniques.
There have been many books written about pranayama, and there is much information available about it online. But here I need to emphasize the one thing that beginners in breath work need to do: they need to start breathing from their solar plexus instead of their upper lungs. Most of us use the muscles of our upper chest when we breathe instead of the muscles in our belly. But solar plexus breathing has always been recognized as the best way to breathe. When you get into the habit of breathing like this, you increase your capacity to draw in the air and the life force it contains, thus making you feel much better.

To breathe from your solar plexus you need to push your belly out when you inhale, and draw it back in when you exhale. If you have been breathing from the upper part of your lungs your entire life, this will feel like the exact opposite of how to breathe correctly. But lifting your lungs up as you draw in the air and then collapsing them when you exhale is the worst possible way to breathe. What you need to do is push your belly outward when inhaling, and then exhaling by pushing your belly back in, which will expel all the air in your lungs. When you learn how to breathe like this, your entire lungs are filled with air instead of just the upper parts. If you do it like this, you will be taking more oxygen into your system, and the greater will be your energy.

I recommend that you start with breathing from the belly several minutes a day, as slowly as you can, while pausing between each inhalation and exhalation. And make sure you do this kind of breathing when you do your mudras. If you keep at it long enough, you will eventually start to breathe from your belly without thinking about it, and you will increase the beneficial levels of oxygen in your system, thus giving you brand new feelings of well being.

The best mudra for increasing your prana is, quite simply, the Prana mudra. You raise your forefinger and middle fingers upright and press the tips of your ring and little fingers to the tip of your thumb. Hold this position as long as you can, especially if you need a burst of new energy (and it is infinitely more effective than those toxic energy drinks). Best angel: Raphael.

Walking. The simple act of getting outdoors and taking a walk is also one of the healthiest things you can do. The Romans had a saying: solvitur ambulando, which translates as it is solved by walking. They were right: walking can solve any kind of mental difficulty you might currently have. But make sure that you do not listen to anything electronic when you are taking your walk–just do your best to pay attention to the natural sounds that surround you. Walking can also become a meditative exercise if you combine it with mudras and solar plexus breathing. So you should get into the habit of taking a walk whenever you can, and while you are at it feel gratitude that you can experience the richness of the world around you, enjoy the beauty of the light, and do your best to sense the presence of the Divine and the angels right there with you. A good guide to the joys of walking can be found in Henry David Thoreau’s essay Walking.[45]

Yoga. The exercises of hatha yoga are probably the most beneficial physical exercises ever devised, not only because they are mind/body movements, but they help you exercise that one part of your body which modern gym practice never seems to address: the exercise of your spine. Most people never think about stretching or otherwise exercising their spines when they are walking the treadmill or lifting weights. But the spine is the one single part of your body which needs to be exercised each day of your life, since it is the one which supports the weight of all your other bones and muscles. Speaking as someone who has practiced yoga for over half a century and who has never had a back problem in her life, take my word for it–without a healthy and flexible spine you will never reach a comfortable old age.
So even if you only spend ten or fifteen minutes a day doing hatha yoga poses, they will greatly benefit you. With your physician’s and oracle’s approval I suggest that you start out with simple poses such as the Tree, Triangle, Warrior, Seated Forward Bend, Seated Twist, Child’s Pose, and Cobra. There are lots of online videos for beginners. Check them out.

Massage. One of the healthiest things you can do is a daily self-massage. Even if all you do is massage your feet once or twice a day, I guarantee you will start feeling better. There are also plenty of online videos about self-massages. I do a self-massage twice a day, once in the morning, and once before I go to bed, and not only do I always feel energized, I sleep better as well.

Acupuncture. Most people who have had acupuncture treatments actually do start to feel better, so if you have any kind of chronic pain or stiffness, you should check these treatments out. If nothing else, acupuncture will shift your energies into better patterns. I am no expert on acupuncture so I cannot make any more recommendations, but as usual there are plenty of online videos about this topic, and with your physician’s and oracle’s approval you should give it a try.

Taijiquan. I learned how to do this ancient Chinese martial art several years ago and have noticed many beneficial changes in my energies ever since. I do the simplified 24-step version at least once a day, preferably out in the open air, and feel both energized and relaxed when I finish it. The movements of taijiquan are gentle and slow, which means that anyone at any age can learn how to do it. The thing to remember with taijiquan is that how carefully you focus your attention on how you are moving is what counts. My taijiquan instructor continually stressed that you need to watch your hands as you do the movements, as well as moving as slowly as possible, when you go through the routine. This might not sound like much, but I have learned that there are few things as beautiful as watching your hands floating slowly and gently through space, which is otherwise known as going with the natural flow of the universe. So once again, with your physician’s and oracle’s approval, I recommend that you learn taiji and keep at it for the rest of your life.

Keep reminding yourself that sitting is bad for you. Recent research is telling us that one of the unhealthiest things you can do is just sit all day.[46] So if you have a job where you have to sit at a desk, you need to get up and stretch your body every hour or so to keep yourself healthy. Ditto for staring at the TV or your phone for hours at a time.

As for getting a good night’s sleep . . . Always try to go to bed as early as you can. The more hours you sleep before midnight, the better you will feel. Vedic tradition also tells us that the healthiest sleep comes when your head is in the east, with your feet pointing towards the west. Something about this seems to align your energies to the energies of the earth.

* * *

Everything I have talked about so far in this book can now be summed up by what I like to call . . .

The Fourfold Cure

1. Learn how to go with the natural flow of universal interconnection and equality. 
You must constantly remind yourself that you are connected to all the sentient beings in the universe, so you will treat all your brothers and sisters in the Net with courtesy, regardless of how they treat you. The Divine will not lift a finger to help you if you are wallowing in groupthink or hierarchy.

2. Start practicing daily repetitive exercises. You need to do at least one half hour of physical exercises in the morning and one half hour of spiritual exercises in the evening. Your morning exercises should be based on mudras + angels, plus any other kind of mind body exercise which appeals to you. In the evening you should devote time to divination, prayer, reading something sacred, journaling, or meditating.

3. Start asking and giving permission for Divine guidance through an oracular tool. And preferably use the Pamela Colman Smith tarot deck. Identify what you think your major problems are and ask for guidance to solve them.

4. Start asking and giving permission for Divine assistance for any problem or situation for which you need help. Learn how to utilize both attraction and revulsion prayers (especially the latter). But also do your best to co-create the assistance you need any way you can.

Recommended prayers.

O Divine light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me to:

 align my energies with the natural flow of the universe so I can live out my life as a free, healthy, and happy citizen of the universe. And I thank you.

 start enjoying the exercises this lunatic woman has suggested even if they kill me. And I thank you.

 stick with these exercises until I can feel that they are working. And I thank you.

* * *

So there you have it. How to shift your internal energies for the better. And when this shift finally starts happening, not only will you go through your life with a new sense of inner serenity, your cravings for all the bad stuff you want to consume will start to diminish. But I am still aware that lots of my readers are now mentally assembling excuses why all of the preceding is nonsense. It will never work, they are thinking, it sounds too good to be true, and–worst of all–it will take time. Ah, yes–the horrors of non-immediate gratification! You don’t want to wait three or four months to see some changes in your life! You don’t even want to wait three or four hours! You want it right now, right this second, before the next commercial comes on.
Sorry. If you want to shift your internal energies for the better, you are going to have to keep at this for weeks or even months before you sense a change in your energy field. So from now on you need to do these exercises every day. Fortunately if you keep at them, chances are that eventually your new exercises no longer feel like a chore but a blessing. You will not want to stop doing them for anything in the world.

And one of these days, who knows? You might find yourself thinking: 
Wait a minute! I haven’t eaten butter pecan ice cream for several weeks now! I haven’t even thought about it! What’s wrong with me? I just sort of don’t seem to want it any longer. Broccoli! I want broccoli! Give me broccoli or give me death! Holy cow! Can it be possible that . . . that . . .
Yep. That’s right. Your daily exercises have helped you to co-create your first Divine miracle, even though you have never noticed until now that it has actually happened. Congratulations. You are now in a much better position to give up not just ice cream but all the other toxicities you have been wallowing in for your entire life.

This applies most especially to your bad food habits. Which brings us to the next subject we need to discuss. It it is time for you to learn . . .

Chapter 7. A New Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off.

We are now going to examine the kind of nourishment you need to maintain optimal life and consciousness. The problem here, which I have already mentioned, is that most people these days do not consume naturally self-organized food and drink but the most toxic kinds of artificialities. I am referring to the heavily advertised, chemicalized, and plasticized factory foods which plague every corner of the planet. Without exception these kinds of foods are nothing but pure garbage. I have already discussed the problems with plastics and other toxic artificialities. It is now time to talk about the damage that garbage food and drink does to the health of us 8 billion Homo sapiens. They are the direct cause of most of the chronic health problems which people experience as they go through their lives today.
This especially holds true for the billions who are obese. I know that vast numbers of people all over the world are constantly struggling to lose weight, but without much success. On extremely rare occasions, a person who wants to slim down can follow that four-letter word called a 
diet and manage to get the weight off. However, for most people a diet is a continual and tormenting flop. Diets are yet another theory which never works–common sense tells us that if they did actually work, nobody would be fat. Nevertheless, countless millions continue to put themselves through useless starvation agony in the desperate hope that someday, somehow, the excess tonnage will not be there any longer. Even grade school kids are dieting these days, but they are failing at it as badly as their elders.
The all-but-universal failure of dieting has in recent years generated a spectacular new folly called the Fat Activist Movement. People who believe in this desperate nonsense have convinced themselves that their morbid obesity is normal or even beautiful: Healthy At Every Size (HAES) is their moronic catchphrase. HAES true believers are people who have done everything they can to lose the weight but who have failed time and again. So the only thing left to do is convince everyone else that their corpulence is not a health disaster but something attractive. That’s right, even when you weigh 600 pounds, you can still look totally gorgeous. Also you can eat anything you want any time you want since that is perfectly healthy! Should anyone dare to disagree with these pleasant ideas, it means that they are fatphobic or something.

Well, if you ask me, talking about fat positivity can only be compared to talking about pneumonia positivity or heart disease positivity. It makes no sense. There has probably never been any group in human history more delusional than contemporary fat activists. They are dragging around dozens or even hundreds of pounds of excess weight, which is like going through life with five or six bags of cat food strapped to their bodies, and they are suffering constant health problems as a result. By the time they are in their forties their knee and ankle joints will have given out, thus rendering them immobile. And no, this is not fat phobia. What I feel is fat pity, especially for those victims who are going blind or on the brink of death because they were stupid enough to listen to fat activist nonsense.

What the obese among us need to hear is that it is not food which is making them fat, but the toxic chemicals dished out by corporate America. Repeat: 
it is not food which makes you fat–it is the FDA-approved chemicals and other toxic artificialities which corporate America puts into your food which make you fat. Yeah, all that heavily advertised stuff which is loaded with salt, sugar, grease, and chemicals and which is usually stored in plastic. As I have mentioned, any moist food product stored in plastic will be contaminated by the polymers of its containers. This is why diets never work. If people want to lose weight, they do not need to eat less–they simply need to stop swallowing or otherwise absorbing artificial chemicals. This is one of the strongest messages I have received from the Great Beyond: I need to tell people that it is the planet’s frankenchemicals which are making them fat, not the food.
If you ask me, most of the most agonizing of contemporary health problems, including diabetes, depression, cancer, heart disease, digestive problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, rotting teeth, and fatty liver disease, are a direct result of the frankenchemicals in our food and drink. What with all we know about the human body these days, problems like these should be history. But they are still very much with us because (1) people don’t realize how toxic factory food is, and (2) they have been so completely brainwashed by corporate advertising that they cannot stop eating it, and (3) our toxic foodstuffs are as addictive as any hard-core drug you care to name. This is why nobody can lose weight any longer.

Well, most of my readers will probably not believe a word of this. As the saying goes, nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people, and this most especially applies to what Americans eat and drink. Up to and including the children among us, who are brainwashed into bad eating habits at an early age and who never experience the feeling of a healthy body for the rest of their lives. When your body tells you that something makes you feel good, you do not want to stop consuming it. Unfortunately these toxic frankenchemicals all have one thing in common: they make you feel good.

Recently I stood behind a very obese woman in the checkout line of my local supermarket. This woman was not very much taller than me, but she must have weighed four times as much as I do, and she was leaning heavily on the shopping cart since she obviously had trouble walking. And what was in her shopping cart? Four cases of diet soda. That was it. The poor woman was obviously going to start her 700th diet, but this time she was certain she was going to get that weight off and keep it off since she was finally going to 
stop swallowing calories. Like everyone else, she knew perfectly well that it was calories which had made her fat: hadn’t she been told that her entire life? So this time she was going to swallow nothing but calorie-free artificial chemicals, which meant that she was finally going to end up thin and healthy. I would have gone up to her and told her how delusional she was, but so effective is American corporate brainwashing that all I would have gotten in return was a blank stare.
Big Food will of course try to persuade you that all these statements are utter nonsense and that they give the American people not only tasty treats but healthy food as well. Also it would not surprise me if Big Food is financing all the insane HAES propaganda so rampant at the moment. But take my word for it: all those FDA-approved taste treats which you cannot stop eating are irredeemably toxic.

All of which means that we are now living on a planet where billions of our brothers and sisters constantly suffer all the horrors of an obese or sickly body. There are more and more of these people every day. Some random statistics I have noticed over the years: one in every six deaths is caused by obesity, 70% of adult Americans are overweight and the percentage continues to increase, 60% of all the antacids sold on the planet are purchased by Americans, nearly half of all adults in the United States have some type of cardiovascular disease, at least 10% of all adult Americans have diabetes (even grade school kids are getting it), and knee and ankle degeneration continues to render thousands immobile.

All of which means that the average American is going to need tremendous amounts of medical attention in the future as they attempt to live out their horribly overweight lives. Of course it will not be their fault that they are constantly sick or obese–it will be because no one has yet invented the right pill to eliminate excess fat. And even if death does not arrive right away, it cannot be pleasant getting your gangrenous toes cut off while you are still in your thirties. If nothing about people’s eating habits change, our planet is headed for a supersized health disaster absolutely everywhere.

Well, it doesn’t have to happen. Once people start to realize that it is our planetary frankenchemical swamp (and the garbage foods which come out of it) that are causing their problems, things will get better. As far as weight loss is concerned, this means that if you want to lose weight, you can put yourself through starvation agony any time you like, and you can try to stick it out for weeks or months at a time, but if you are also eating frankenfoods, drinking frankenliquids, washing with frankensoap or frankendetergent, rubbing frankenlotion into your skin, breathing frankenair fresheners, wearing frankenfabric, furnishing your frankendwelling with frankencarpets and frankenfurniture, and sleeping on a frankenmattress, you will not lose an ounce. Your perpetually stressed liver will keep prodding you to eat more and more so it can deal with all the toxins you are inflicting on it.

But the cure for all this is simple. If you want to lose the weight and keep it off, you simply need to switch to a frankenfree lifestyle. In other words, you need to eliminate all the FDA-approved chemicals you have been thoughtlessly consuming your entire life, especially those of the petrochemical variety. Then you can start eating your fill of natural and preferably organic foods so you will not have to starve yourself to get that weight off. In other words, you will finally start going with the natural gustatory flow of the universe, which just happens to be a delight instead of a chore once you get the hang of it.

Such a transformation is possible for everyone. This is how I lost an extra seventy pounds when I was young. I simply gave up on factory foods and just started eating that great hippie ideal of whole grain goodness. I also tried to keep the rest of my life as natural as possible, up to and including sleeping on an organic mattress, wearing natural fabrics, and avoiding anything plasticized. Even in the early 1970’s, long before I ever realized that I was psychic, I knew that there was something terribly wrong with chemicalized food stored in plastics. So I simply stopped consuming (most of) them, and I started to cook my own meals. After a while the weight disappeared without much effort on my part, and it has never returned.

But . . . but . . . all this sounds even worse than going on a diet! It means you will have to 
permanently give up your favorite clothes, furnishings, mattresses, and your utterly delicious factory foods! You cannot live without them! I don’t want to eat grains and vegetables for the rest of my life! All the sugar, salt, grease, and chemicals which Big Food has convinced me to swallow are just totally delicious! I can’t give them up! I just can’t!
Delicious, huh? Let me tell you something. You do not know what delicious means until you start eating only Divinely-approved food and drink, and nothing else but. But you are never going to figure out what is best for you to consume if you pay attention to corporate advertising or what passes for standard nutritional advice, such as that ridiculous USDA MyPlate.[47] However, if you let your oracle tell you what you should or should not eat, not only are you going to experience the ultimate in scrumptiousness, you are going to feel healthy for the first time in your life.

And yes, this does mean that you will probably have to start eating a more limited kind of diet and give up many of your current taste treats. Needless to say, you will miss them, at least initially. But the feeling of well-being which you will start to feel when the garbage is no longer going down your throat will overwhelm you. May I also now remind you that this time when you change your eating habits, the Divine and the angels have got your back? So believe it or not, this time the lifestyle and dietary changes you need to make are going to be easy. We will start with . . .

Identifying What You Should or Should Not Eat.

Chances are that most of my readers think that those experts called nutritionists can tell them everything they need to know about eating a healthy diet. Nutritionists are credentialed professionals, after all, so they know totally everything about what people should eat, up to and including your very own little self. This is what being credentialed means, you see. Besides, since their vast and impressive knowledge has been scientifically verified, and (of course) peer-reviewed, it is absolutely infallible.
Well, not quite. There is a huge problem with the nutritional advice which gets dished out every day: one size does not fit all. We need to remember that each one of us 8 billion humans have different nutritional requirements. No two human beings are ever exactly the same, not even identical twins who possess the same genes but who are two different sentient beings. Some people might need to consume more protein, while others might have food intolerances which need to be identified. As for me, if I had followed those one-size-fits-all nutritional guidelines my government has always dished out, I would be lying in my grave by now. Fortunately I have let my oracle determine my diet for several decades now, and I am convinced that I am eating the best possible diet for me.

But the fact that I do not trust nutritionists to guide my diet will probably make the credentialed among us collapse with horror. Well, guys–you ain’t heard nothin yet. I have also learned that I should eat only a very limited number of foods. This is more dietary heresy, since our nutritionists tell us that we need to eat a wide variety of foods to stay healthy. Behold yet one more theory which does not work the way it is supposed to. I need to remind our credentialed professionals that eating a wide variety of foods runs contrary to historical experience. For most of human history people would eat a very limited diet: corn, beans, and squash for Native Americans, rice and tea in China and Japan, fish and poi in the Pacific Islands, bread and soup in much of Western Europe, and bread, wine, and olives in the Mediterranean area. On occasions in pre-modern times our ancestors would have a treat of meat or fish, but as a rule they ate the same thing day in and day out their entire lives. Mind you, their food combinations were synergistic, which meant that their basic foods provided them with all the correct nutrients they needed. But what they were eating was the same thing day after day, year after year.

Which is what I do, and I usually feel fine. For the past few decades my daily diet has consisted of brown rice or pasta, fish, peanut butter or tahini, and green or herbal tea (and I am always careful to purchase organic brown rice and rinse it thoroughly since the cheaper varieties can be tainted with arsenic).[48] I supplement these basics with vegetables, legumes, fruit, and homemade bread. I would like to be 100% vegan, but the cards insist that I need to consume fish. As for what most people think are reasonably decent edibles, such as soy, meat, eggs, gluten, dairy, and salad oils, I avoid them with no problem. Ditto for concentrated sweets, anything chemicalized or synthetically dyed, and, of course, anything prepared in a Big Food factory and stored in plastic. And no, I do not ever get bored with my very limited diet, not when I hardly ever gain weight, am rarely hungry, and am healthy enough to practice yoga and take walks every day in my seventh decade. As for the factory prepared pasta which I do purchase, since it is a dry product packaged in cellophane, my oracle has approved it.

Mind you, I have to be careful about how much nut butter I eat. It is a very fattening food, and I have learned that if I overindulge in it, the weight will start creeping up on me. So I limit myself to about two ounces of peanut butter or tahini each day. Fats of any kind should always be an accessory to a meal, never the main thing you are eating. The main part of your diet should consist of grains, fruits, and vegetables. And just a small amount of fat or sauce will give you all the flavor you need.

But . . . how can I stand eating like this? Don’t I understand that the world is full of an infinite number of delightful taste treats? Why don’t I crave them? Well, once upon a time I did. During the days of my idiotic youth I enjoyed reading cookbooks and trying out new recipes. For several years I even owned a copy of the thousand-page 
Larousse Gastronomique (1938)[49] which I studied with great interest and which I would not touch with a barge pole these days. At this point in my life I eat what keeps me healthy, and so what if I eat the same thing practically every day? Every time I sit down to a meal it tastes delicious, it fills me up, my oracle has approved it, and all I have to show for it is health and happiness.
So if you ask me, I am not depriving myself of anything but am instead eating a 21st century equivalent of that ultimate dietary delight, the nectar and ambrosia which the ancient Greek gods consumed in their palaces on Mt. Olympus. If you ask me, any food which has been divinely approved for your own personal use is nothing else but. My own personal nectar and ambrosia (grains, legumes, fruits, veggies, and nut butter or fish) never gets boring or disagreeable. It is the closest thing to an elixir of life I have ever known. Why would I want to eat caviar or truffles when I can feast on a delight like this?

As for the toxic factory garbage which constantly surrounds me, I no longer have to utter any kind of revulsion prayer to avoid it. I immediately recoil from it the moment I see it, especially the sugary variety. This is not being on a diet since I am not trying to deprive myself. I am simply unable to swallow that kind of food horror any longer.

All of which means that with oracular assistance, it really is possible for each one of us to develop an individualized dietary plan which will keep us as healthy as possible. You simply need to ask your oracular tool whether or not you should consume a certain food or liquid. I have already mentioned that the first thing you need to ask an oracle is whether or not your most cherished beliefs have any validity. Asking your oracle about what you should eat and drink is second in importance. This recommendation means that you will be letting the Divine determine your diet instead of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Your call.

But most of my readers probably do not know where or how to start. This can be answered easily enough: you need to sit down with your oracle and start asking whether or not you should consume a particular food or drink. Granted this will take quite a while, but for the first time in your life you should get some solid information about what foods and drinks are most optimal for your energy field.
 Then you should write it all down. Just remember that no matter how appalled you might be when you start getting NO’s about some of your favorite taste treats, write these down as well. If you are ready to collapse on the floor when you see that you should not be eating or drinking what you find to be utterly delicious, then practice the three-day divination rule: you ask your oracle the same question a second time twenty-four hours later, and then a third time another twenty-four hours later. But so help me, if you get three NO’s in a row, you had better accept the fact that your delicious little treat is toxic for you. Just don’t try to quit it completely all at once. Revulsion prayers plus mudras + angels always come first.
The other thing to remember is that like everything else in the universe, your energy field is in constant flux. This means that even though you might get a YES about one of your taste treats at one point in your life, as the months and years go by your body might no longer be able to tolerate it, which has happened to me repeatedly as I have grown older. People’s energy fields are never static, and they gradually weaken with age. So periodically asking your oracle whether you should continue to consume a particular food or drink is a necessity. Just don’t be upset if by the time you are a senior you have a very limited choice of edibles. This is my situation, and it does not bother me in the slightest.

What now follows is a list of foods which most people do not think are problems but which can nevertheless damage your health. You need to read through this list and then ask your oracle to see if you are sensitive to any of the items I mention (or any other food item you can think of):

Acidic foods. The foods we eat can always be classified as either acid or alkaline, and alkaline foods are always better for us than acidic. Acidic foods are usually animal-based products such as meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, plus grains and alcohol. Alkaline foods are usually more plant based, such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts. So you should try to eat more of the latter instead of the former. As for grains, while all of them except millet are very acidic, the more you chew your whole grain goodness, the more your saliva will render the food alkaline instead of acidic. So it is possible for anyone to consume a grain-based diet without absorbing excess acid. But a good general rule is that acidic foods should always be avoided if possible.
It is also important to understand that while very sour foods like citrus, vinegar, cranberries, sauerkraut, and tomatoes have an alkaline effect on the body, their intense acidity can damage your teeth. I used to think that if you avoided all concentrated sweets, you would not have a problem with tooth decay. But I have since learned that very sour foods can do as much damage to your teeth as concentrated sweets, including the acids found in soft drinks. All need to be avoided if possible.

Carbohydrates (refined). Many people these days live in holy terror of those food energies called carbohydrates. Well, if you ask me it is only refined carbohydrates which are the problem, not natural grains and legumes. Most traditional diets are based upon a balanced mixture of whole grains, legumes, and vegetables, and they work just as well for people today.

Vegetable oils. There are many pleasant-looking vegetable oils on the market today, including sunflower, rapeseed, corn, soybean, and safflower. However, with the exception of olive and sesame seed oil, the vegetable oils available these days are not traditional foods. Big Food did not manufacture them until after World War II, when the obesity plague began. This tells me that these products are yet another unrecognized reason for weight gain. If you have been thoughtlessly consuming refined vegetable oils all your life, you should ask your oracle if you should continue to do so. Chances are you will probably be told to stick to natural fats such as sesame oil or avocados.

Fermented food and drink. While you should avoid that poison known as hard liquor at all costs (it can cause permanent brain damage), mildly fermented food and drink is a different matter. We humans have consumed these kinds of products for thousands of years, and all the evidence suggests that in moderation they are usually beneficial. So if you wish to consume naturally fermented foods such as miso, kombucha, kefir, natural pickles, kimchi, or sauerkraut, they will probably do you good (but beware how their sourness is affecting your teeth). If you wish to enjoy a mild alcoholic fermentation such as wine, beer, or ale at mealtimes, this has also been part of good living for thousands of years. But as for swallowing any kind of rotgut only to get drunk, this is just as bad as guzzling synthetic dyes.

Nightshades. Members of the nightshade vegetable family, which include tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, tomatillos, and peppers, are some of the most popular vegetables in the world. The problem is that the leaves and the seeds of these plants are poisonous. They can aggravate all sorts of health problems, including inflammation and arthritis. So you should only consume a nightshade if your oracle approves. But if you do receive oracular approval, make sure you never eat the tomato/pepper seeds, nor the potato peels.

Oxalic acid. Those vegetables high in oxalic acid, such as beets, carrots, chives, parsley, spinach, amaranth, quinoa, and radishes, are more problematic foods. They can cause kidney problems and joint pain. Once again, do not eat without oracular approval and always in moderation.

Salicylic acid. This is a plant hormone which has been recognized since antiquity as a pain reliever and is today used as a component of aspirin. The problem is that salicylic acid is also a blood thinner. If you are someone with blood coagulation problems, you should avoid all foods which contain this chemical. This would include ginger, garlic, corn, coconut, dried fruits, tomato sauce, and olive oil. Most herbs and spices are also high in the chemical. But on the other hand, if you suffer from high blood pressure or blood clots, foods such as these might possibly benefit you. Your oracle will know for sure.

Soy. Soy is not the great health food a lot of people think it is, and many people, including myself, have learned to avoid it. If you do want to eat soy products, you should probably stick to the fermented varieties, such as miso or tempeh, and only with oracular approval.

Icy foods. Never never never swallow anything which is freezing cold, up to and including those horrors known as ice cream and iced tea. Frozen foods are yet another source of stress to the liver and will ultimately wreck your digestive organs if you spend years consuming them. Ditto for extremely hot food or drink. Anything that goes down your throat should always be at room temperature.

Factory liquids. Nothing demonstrates the stupidity of the American people more clearly than our ridiculous infatuation with factory prepared drinks. We American purchase an average of 44 gallons of liquid glop every year, most of which, of course, is stored in plastic. Regardless of whether you purchase soft drinks, caffeinated drinks, plain water, wine, beer, alcohol, or even drinks which claim to be healthy, you are swallowing poison. Besides, the transportation of stored liquids is as unecological as it gets, and tossing your used liquid containers in the trash constitutes the worst of our planet’s garbage. If you want to drink a healthful liquid, brew or ferment it yourself. You will be glad you did.

Food or drink stored in aluminum. This particular metal is just as toxic for your body as plastics. So never buy any food or drink stored in aluminum and throw out all your aluminum pans, aluminum foil, or anything else alumpoisoned. Also make sure that you never use any kind of aluminum antiperspirant. You will be glad you did.

Artificial vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Millions of people enjoy seeing the words enriched or fortified on the labels of their favorite factory foods. Ah, yes–these are two very comforting marketing words which tell you that the chemicalized garbage which you are about to swallow has been scientifically adjusted with the exact amount of nutrients your very own body requires to produce a supreme state of health. Artificial vitamins and minerals are good! And we need to swallow them constantly or else we will all just die from a lack of artificial vitamins and minerals! Surely it cannot be possible that this wonderful fortifying enrichment is something bad?
Well, guess what. The vitamin and mineral overkill in our culture is just as bad for us as those damn plastics. There is no frankenfood like the frankenfood whose energies have been corrupted by artificial vitamins and minerals. The worst of this overkill is the iron “enrichment” to be found in most flours and baked goods in this country. Excess iron in the flour does absolutely nothing to aid people’s health. Instead what it bestows upon the already sickly are diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias, gluten intolerance, and cirrhosis of the liver. Along with plastics, the needless addition of iron to flour and baked goods is probably the biggest cause of obesity on the planet. So you should try to avoid any kind of flour product which is described as “enriched”. Fortunately it is still possible to find natural flours, pastas, and breads on the market, and you should stick to these products. If as a menstruating woman your oracle tells you that you need extra iron in your diet, then get it in its organic form from plant sources.

You also need to make sure you never cook your food in iron pots or pans. And if you are one of those people who think that pink Himalayan salt is good for you, you should understand that its pink color comes from iron. So the only thing Himalayan salt will probably do for you is stress your liver. As will all those Himalayan salt lamps–they put iron into the air which you will then inhale to the detriment of your already liver-stressed body. Avoid at all costs.

Fluoride. The obesity plague started for real in the 1940’s. The fluoridation of the American water supply also started for real in the 1940’s. Gee whiz, what a coincidence! Or maybe not. Fluoride is another hideously toxic chemical which does nothing but damage our bodies, and anyone who thinks it belongs in the water supply is a gullible idiot. Unfortunately this is the only way to describe the frankenscientists who have promoted this atrocity, as well as the politicians who have legalized it. Only about 6% of the countries on this planet allow fluoridation of the water, which should tell you something about American political corruption. [50]
Unfortunately, unless you are drinking uncontaminated water, it is all but impossible to eliminate the fluoride from your water. Some companies claim to have developed a filtration system which will get the fluoride out of the water, but they always use charcoal, and water filtered through charcoal can be just as bad as fluoridated water.

All of which means that the one and only thing that will get the damn fluoride out of our waters is new legislation. If you want to do some good in this world, sound the alarm and start pestering your elected representatives. While you are at it, don’t compound the problem by using fluoridated toothpaste. There are plenty of ways to clean your teeth naturally, and find something that works for you.

Oh, but if you don’t have fluoride in your water, then all of your teeth are going to fall out in the next ten seconds, right? Dear reader, you need to understand that the real problem with tooth decay is not the lack of fluoride in the water but the human consumption of concentrated sweets. If people stopped eating foods which are bad for their teeth, nobody would need fluoride in the water. Is this not obvious?

But that is no solution! Maybe people can stop eating acidic foods, but people’s addiction to concentrated sweets is going to go on forever, since uh the way uh things are now uh are the way they uh 
. . . Oh, yeah? You mean it has never occurred to you that the human lust for sugar is soon going to vanish from the earth? Then maybe it is time for you to take a look at the Aquarian future of . . .

Concentrated sweets. That sensation called sweetness is probably the most widespread toxic addiction on the planet. Concentrated sweets, such as cane sugar, honey, maple syrup, or agave, can provide your physical being with some of the most blissfully pleasurable highs you can ever experience: you get to enjoy both an intensely delicious sensation of sweetness along with an elevated rush that makes you feel like you are soaring through the heavens. Maybe I have convinced you to give up all your other frankenfoods, but can it be possible that I am now going to tell you to give up apple pie? Cheesecake? Chocolate? Am I kidding?
Well, it just so happens that a sweet tooth is always a rotting tooth. Concentrated sweets are not harmless food products–they are addictive substances which are as toxic as that corrosive opioid called cocaine (and which is chemically very similar to cane sugar). But chances are these words will not bother you, since you know perfectly well that it is only 
other people who develop bad teeth, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes when they eat sweets. So you are probably even okay with that noxious killer called high fructose corn syrup. Also never mind the fact that the consumption of sugar is yet one more reason why you are constantly hungry. Too much sugar in your diet tricks your brain into wanting more food. So the more sweets you eat, the more you will overeat everything else.
All of which means that if you want to eat an optimal diet, your sweetness addiction has got to go. Besides, as long as you restrict your consumption of ultra-sweet fruits such as bananas, pears, or melons, you will discover that eating one or two pieces of fruit each day can easily satisfy your need for sweetness. And if your oracle approves, you can also use that natural sweet herb called stevia (
Stevia rebaudiana). But make sure that you stick to the fresh or dried leaves instead of the extract.
But I cannot stop craving sweetness? I don’t want to anyway! It isn’t possible for me to stop! Sugary foods are fun and delicious! I would need a miracle–wait a minute . . .

Yeah, that’s right. If you want to give up concentrated sweets, you are definitely going to need a miracle in your life. Fortunately by now you know how to co-create one. And take my word for it, that miracle called sweetness revulsion is going to be the single greatest health improvement you will ever experience in your life. So stop whining and just do it.

One more note about concentrated sweets. Believe it or not, there is one other very effective cure for sweetness cravings: bitterness. So with oracular approval, you should try to eat bitter vegetables or herbs at least once a day, such as rue, wormwood, artichokes, amaranth greens, endive, bitter melons, green tea, and especially that wonder green called the dandelion, which is free for the asking practically everywhere on the planet. Any kind of bitter food, including green tea, is enormously beneficial for your liver. Once upon a time people realized that they needed to eat bitter foods since they helped you maintain your health, but this bit of folk wisdom has vanished from the contemporary world. Well, the more you consume anything bitter, the healthier your liver will be, and the less you will crave anything sweet. So if all you do is add a couple of dandelion leaves to one meal a day, you will be glad you did.

* * *

So much for what you shouldn’t eat. But then what might be a good diet for you to consume? Well, if your oracle approves, I recommend that you stick to whole grain goodness, along with fruits and vegetables, and small amounts of dairy, meat, or fish. In other words, be mostly vegan, and make sure that the centerpiece of your diet is some kind of grain.
But most of my readers are probably still shuddering at the thought of consuming that horror known as whole grain goodness. Ye gods, a diet of rabbit food means that you will still crave your double bacon cheeseburgers like there’s no tomorrow! What is even worse: whole grain goodness means that you are going to have to start doing that appalling horror called 
cooking! Plus all sorts of dreary repetitive chores such as chopping vegetables and washing the dishes! You don’t want to do any of that! Boo hoo hoo! I don’t have time to cook! I have to eat convenience foods since I’m forced to work a boring, pointless job to pay for the convenience foods I have to buy since I don’t have time to cook! Ah, yes–behold American logic at its finest.
But if you do make an effort to start cooking your whole grain goodness, I guarantee that your new way of eating will turn into a delight instead of a horror. So you should stop thinking that your kitchen is some kind of torture chamber. Instead it should be considered what it really is: a sacred space. Even though you have probably never realized it, the area where food is prepared has always been regarded as some kind of spiritual sanctuary in most human cultures. This was especially true in classical antiquity, when the hearth was the center of each house and was considered to be the spiritual connection between life, earth, and fire. This is the kind of energy which should permeate your kitchen.

If you start preparing your food in what you realize is a sacred space, you will multiply its beneficial energies. Your newly spiritualized food will nourish not just your physical body but your whole mind/body/spirit continuum. When this happens, wild horses won’t be able to drag you out of your kitchen.

But one word of caution: in my ecological opinion, the one thing you do not need in your sacred space is an oven. If you want to be kind to the earth, you should make an effort to cook most of your food by boiling, sautéing, or solar. Only a minority of people across the planet cook their food in those boondoggles called stoves–most Chinese cooking, for example, is done with woks and steamers. This method of cooking uses much less fuel than baking or roasting and works perfectly well. I have not used an oven for decades, nor will I ever do so again. If I want to bake some bread, I steam the dough above whatever grain or bean mixture I am currently boiling, or I bake it in my solar cooker. Both methods work perfectly. Stoves are just another legacy appliance which will eventually go the way of iron-toxic flour.

But if we can’t bake or roast any longer, what on earth are we going to eat? It is now time to discuss one of the most unexpected discoveries I have made about spiritual cooking, namely that you should always eat your food from something called . . .

A Buddha bowl.

A Buddha bowl refers to a substantial one dish meal which is usually composed of grains, vegetables, and a sauce. Buddha bowls have also been called rainbow bowls, bodhisattva bowls, and even “yoga in a bowl”. As these terms indicate, most people sense that some kind of spiritual energy is created when food is served like this. I prefer the term Buddha bowl since it comes from either the begging bowls Buddhist monks used to receive their food or the round belly of the Laughing Buddha. Eating your meal from a Buddha bowl is a wonderful way to consume a hearty and satisfying meal which will nourish your energetic whole. You will not just be eating food–you will be eating spiritual energies, and guess what: spiritual energies do not make you fat. So try to imagine what it would be like to get mystical enlightenment from your food, instead of extra weight, toxic chemicals, a damaged liver, rotting teeth, heart disease, diabetes, and endless cravings for more. Eating your food from a Buddha bowl is the solution.
This brings me to an unappreciated energy which pertains to the healthy consumption of food, namely the idea of circularity. There is no better way to harmonize the energies of your food than by arranging it in a circle, preferably in that circular artifact called a bowl. When you eat your meal like this, you are not just eating food but the primal energy form of the universe, which is what circles are. In one way or another, many mystics have perceived those three enormities called eternity, the universe, and the Divine to be circles, and quite rightly in my opinion. Circular forms are always gateways to a deeper kind of reality, and the more frequently you interact with them, the more spiritual harmony you will feel.

So if you want to start eating your food in a spiritual manner, you should eat it from that circle called a bowl. The roundness which will surround your nourishment will help you remember that Reality called universal interconnection: you and the food you are eating are one, just as you and your food are also part of that greater Oneness which we call the universe. There is no comfort food like spiritual food, and there is no spiritual food without some kind of circular energy.

All this means that when you create your buddha bowl, you need to arrange its components into some kind of harmonious design, while at the same time balancing out the flavors and ingredients. In other words, you turn your meal into a rainbow of light. Mind you, you don’t necessarily have to put everything together as artistically as possible–if you like you can just make a jumble. Just as long as your ingredients are as natural and as organic as possible, and the five flavors of sweet, salty, savory, sour, and bitter are balanced.

But don’t forget that your bowl will not be complete unless it has some kind of center, that still point which can transport you into a different kind of reality. This means that what you put into the center of your Buddha bowl should possess the greatest power, as in the tastiest or most colorful portion of your meal. Mind you, your center does not have to be anything special: a piece of cucumber or onion will do the trick. Just as long as there is something about the center’s vibes to symbolize the whole shebang at the center of the universe. You will, of course, eat the center last. There is nothing like a good shebang to end a good meal. So when you start to eat your food like this, guess what. For the first time in your life you are swallowing natural, healthy, harmonious, and spiritual energies. Tastes kind of wonderful, doesn’t it?

There is one more trick to eating out of a Buddha bowl. When you initially start out on your new spiritualized way of eating, you will probably still want to consume all of your old favorites such as chocolate chip cookies or canned spaghetti. Well, until your Divinely-assisted revulsion starts to manifest, you should not try to deprive yourself of your favorite taste treats since that will only increase your cravings for them. So go ahead and keep eating the factory garbage if you cannot stop yourself. But now instead of immediately stuffing it into your mouth, cut it up and put it into your Buddha bowl before you eat it. Then arrange the pieces as picturesquely as you can. Finally, go ahead and swallow the stuff–if you can.

Because after a while, the preceding will probably be enough for that longed-for blessing called revulsion to start kicking in. You will not want to desecrate your heavenly Buddha bowl with any kind of toxic factory junk. You will want to fill it with nothing but healthy life-enhancing food. When you finally realize how enjoyable this is, you will also know that this is how you want to eat for the rest of your life.

One more note: after you are done eating your meal, you should take a moment to contemplate the idea of emptiness. Your Buddha bowl is now empty, and since you need emptiness in your life as much as fullness, you should take a moment to concentrate on this very emptiness. Don’t forget that emptiness just happens to be the creative matrix of the Divine. Paying attention to your empty bowl is a good way to remind yourself that new forms and patterns are always manifesting out of the void in the universe around you. This is also a good moment to stop and feel gratitude for the meal you have just consumed.

But now we must discuss a new topic . . .

The meat problem.

As I have mentioned, my oracle has always insisted that I should eat some fish every week. So even though I would like to be 100% vegan, I cannot do it. And I doubt that a purely grain/fruit/vegetable diet is a good idea for most people at the present time. But if your oracle tells you that you can stay healthy on a vegan diet, just make sure you understand that you will need more than vitamin B-12 supplements to remain balanced. Vegan diets also seem to be deficient in certain enzymes and amino acids as well. So you will need to be extra careful about getting all the correct nutrients which your body needs. Once again, if you want to be vegan, let your oracle be your guide. You will not regret it.
But I am convinced that as the years go on, all of us ever more transparent humans will quite naturally turn vegan. Granted that the insertion of an animal’s corpse into one’s mouth is still considered a pleasurable experience by millions, but the human race is finally starting to realize that there is something terribly wrong with eating any kind of animal. Besides, there is nothing like the consumption of meat to keep you mired in slower vibrations, which is not a place a budding Aquarian wants to be.

It is also worth remembering that the livestock industry is one of the most environmentally degrading legacy industries on the planet. And the pain and terror which the animal feels when it is being led to the slaughter reverberates into every cell of its body. This means that whenever you eat meat, you are also eating a sentient being’s death agonies. Such foodstuffs are neither healthy nor delicious.

So the meat-eating days of the human race are finally going to come to an end. This development will also be speeded up thanks to one other unanticipated Aquarian development inevitably starts to manifest: in the decades to come: we humans will finally find a way to communicate with our formerly dumb beasts. Who wants to eat a sentient being with whom you can converse? A completely new relationship with the fauna on this planet is going to provide us all with incredible new happiness. So the hell with those double bacon cheeseburgers. They were killing you anyway
But if your oracle tells you that you must continue to consume animal products at this point in your life, you should treat the meat or fish as medicine instead of food. In other words, eat it separately from your regular meals and don’t try to make it delicious. Then swallow it as gratefully as you can, remembering that a living being has given up its life to support yours.
There is another thing to consider about eating meat: many of the animals on our planet, including our beloved pets, are carnivores, and they cannot remain healthy eating a plant-based diet. Nevertheless, chances are that the energy fields of our animal companions are also going to start transforming during our current evolutionary shift, especially the ones who are living with us in our houses. So there is a possibility that someday the lion will indeed lie down with the lamb, and both will feed upon nothing but whole grain goodness. Someday. But we are not there yet.

One more note. The idea of veganism leaves one very obvious problem: both we humans and our animal friends are still eating plants to survive, right? And aren’t plants sentient beings as much as we mammals are? Indeed they are, and I have had many intimations of sentience from them over the years, especially from the trees I have befriended. So how can I recommend that you continue to devour your brother and sister plants? Well, the Buddhist idea of eating only the leaves, the seeds, or the fruit of a plant can help us here. If you need to consume a plant to stay alive, don’t kill it completely–take only the part you need and let it continue to live. This means no more eating root vegetables if you can help it. This way karma will approve.

The good news here is that within another century or so, I am convinced that most sentient beings on this planet will be so transparent that they will no longer need to eat anything at all. Kitchens will keep getting smaller until they are simply not there any longer. That’s right, no more pots and pans, no more restaurants, no more drive-thrus, not even any more whole grain goodness. When this miracle finally happens, all the flora and fauna here on our third rock from the sun will be able to thrive in peace and happiness. 
Grandpa, what was a gourmet? A sluggish idiot who ate his brothers and sisters in the Net and enjoyed digging his grave with his fork. Good riddance.

Other suggestions for spiritual eating.

Never wash your dishes with any kind of factory soap. All dishwashing soaps, especially the ones tainted with synthetic dyes, are completely toxic. They will cling to your dishes no matter how completely you try to rinse them off. If you ask me, eating the residue of chemicalized soaps is yet another reason why people cannot lose weight. If you start washing your dishes with baking soda or salt, you will be surprised at how sparkling clean they will look.

Always say a prayer before you eat. The higher the vibration of your food, the higher will be your own vibes. You can increase the vibrations of your food and drink by asking and giving permission for a Divine blessing before you consume them. It also helps to ask/give permission for the purification of your edibles before you eat them as well.

Never eat or drink anything immediately before or after sleeping. Digestion uses up a lot of your energy, so you should never put food or drink into your body right before you go to bed or as soon as you get up in the morning. This last needs to be emphasized. Your body needs time to re-energize before you consume anything, or else your digestion will be sluggish. A good rule of thumb is never eat or drink anything for at least two hours after you get up. It also helps to get out and breathe some fresh air before breaking your fast if you can. Your system will love it.

Make your new diet as digestible as possible. If you have been eating factory foods all your life, your tummy might not appreciate a switch to natural grains or legumes. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make whole grain goodness more digestible: salt. As long as your oracle approves (and it won’t for everyone), cooking or eating your grains with salt will make them more digestible. Also you can purée your mixture of boiled grains, beans, and vegetables into a soup to make it even more edible before you eat it. Eventually, if you make an effort to chew and swallow mindfully, your body will grow accustomed to your new diet and the discomfort will stop.

As for sweets . . . Don’t try to deprive yourself of your sugar fix when you are just starting out with your new foods, which will, as usual, only intensify your desire for sweetness. There are plenty of vegan dessert recipes available to satisfy your still powerful sweet tooth. So it will not hurt, at least initially, to consume sugary products, just as long as you make them yourself. But always eat your sweets from your Buddha bowl (and then try to enjoy it if you can). Chances are that desecrating your beautiful sacred bowl with that atrocity called sugar will change your sweetness addiction into barf. P.S. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, candy is a legacy food if ever there was one.

Grow as much of your food as you can. Cultivating your own edibles creates a special kind of connection between your own energy field and the energies of your food. So even if you do not have your own plot of land, you can grow herbs or sprout seeds in a sunny window. If you do plant a garden, make sure that you plant only heirloom varieties of vegetables and fruits. They taste better, they are healthier, and they also produce viable seeds, which you can use for next year’s crop. Never mind the fact that you will never be able to grow all your food. Even if just a part of your diet comes from your own efforts, you will go through your days feeling much healthier.

Switch to solar cooking. People do not realize how much it costs to operate their kitchen stoves, whether gas or electric. When I started to cook with a solar cooker, I discovered that I was able to save several hundred dollars a year by not using the stove (turning off the furnace pilot light in the summer also helped). Solar cooking is especially suited for a vegan or near-vegan diet, and it never takes much time, at least on sunny days. All you have to do is put your Buddha bowl ingredients into your cooker, leave it in the sun for an hour or so, and presto: your meal is not only sacred, it has also been cooked in the most ecological manner possible.

Always make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables before you cook with them. Many supermarkets spray their produce with sulfites to keep them fresh-looking (and so do many restaurant salad bars). Sulfites, of course, are just another toxic frankenchemical. Unfortunately you can never completely wash the sulfites off your produce, but you can give them a scrub before you cook with them. But the solution here, of course, is to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

A good mudra for weight loss is . . . The Surya mudra, which is said to increase your fire energy. You can do the Surya mudra by either touching the tip of your thumb to the tip of your ring finger or by pressing your ring finger into the pad of your hand and covering it with your thumb. The second method works best for me. I do it not only to aid my digestion but also to stop sneezing or feeling chilly. All of which makes the Surya the perfect mudra to help you lose weight. As with all healing mudras, the archangel Raphael is the best angel for this one.

* * *

So much for food and eating advice. We now come to a special section, one devoted to what I consider to be a miracle plant . . .

Green tea.

Yes, green tea is nothing less than a miracle of the universe. As far as I am concerned, each one of us should drink it every day until it is coming out of our ears. I have learned over time that this particular beverage is nothing less than an elixir of immortality (well, almost). There is no more effective, delicious, or natural way to maintain your health than this wonderful antioxidant liquid. Green tea can fight cancer, prevent cell damage, lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, enhance bone density, keep your blood sugar stable, reduce inflammation, benefit the teeth, and improve blood flow. Best of all, it is the only plant on earth which contains an amino acid called l-theanine, which helps to increase body levels of serotonin and dopamine, both of which are mood enhancers.
Having said all this, I must mention that green tea also contains a chemical called tannin, which is an astringent biomolecule that can inhibit the absorption of various nutrients. As a result, some people discover that drinking tea does not agree with them. Fortunately there is an easy cure to the tannin problem. It just so happens that rice can neutralize tannin, which is why rice and tea are a synergistic food combination in Asian countries: the rice neutralizes the tannin, which makes the tea digestible and healthy, while the tea enhances the nutrient value of the rice. One variety of green tea on the market, the Japanese tea called Genmaicha, is sold with added brown rice and is delicious. But you can also dry roast brown rice and add it to any kind of tea you drink.

The other problem with green tea is that it contains caffeine. I am aware that most wage slaves cannot make it through their day without that jittery horror called coffee, but they need to understand that strong doses of caffeine do nothing but harm. The problems caused by caffeine can be appalling: the worst is adrenal exhaustion, which makes for an inability to lose weight. Excessive caffeine can also deplete the amount of serotonin in your body, thus causing sleep problems, indigestion, chronic pain, and depressed immune function.

Fortunately if you switch to green tea, there is an easy way you can decaffeinate it: you simply brew it twice. You bring your water to a boil, pour a small amount of it on your tea, let it brew for a few minutes, and then drain it off. This will remove most of the caffeine. Then you pour the remaining hot water on the tea, and you now have a pot of naturally decaffeinated tea. This is infinitely to be preferred to the decaf teas sold on the market, which have been treated with all sorts of nasty chemicals.

So with oracular approval, you should switch to green tea and drink it for the rest of your life. Congratulations in advance for being hale and hearty even when you are in your nineties.

As for reducing calories . . .

My astute readers have probably noticed I have not said anything about reducing their caloric intake in order to lose weight. How is that possible? Why, totally everybody knows that you have to count calories in order to lose the weight, even when you are eating spiritual meals out of beautiful Buddha bowls!
Yawn. Behold yet one more theory that never works. If you ask me, once you switch to a natural organic diet, preferably served in a Buddha bowl, you will not need to watch your calories. Instead–brace yourself–what you now need to do is 
stuff your face. You start eating as much of your new foods whenever you like. The very last thing you need to do at this point is starve yourself.
But of course there is a catch. Yes, you can now stuff your face, but only with healthy, organic, oracularly-approved, home-cooked foods. In other words, if you backslide into an occasional candy bar while you are stuffing your face with whole grain goodness, you will remain as fat or as sickly as ever. What matters at this point is that you need to become accustomed to your new way of eating. Remember that unlike a diet, your new food habits are going to last for the rest of your life. So your first priority is learning how to appreciate your new taste treats. If you wish to devour five to ten Buddha bowls every day, then do it. But don’t forget that on an organic and mostly vegetarian diet, eating your fill doesn’t mean that you will be swallowing a lot of calories. As long as you eat what is organic, naturally self-organized, unplasticized, and something you have cooked yourself, your calorie count will start to diminish without any effort on your part.

But you tell me that you are still desperate for those plate foods called burgers? No problem: make yourself a healthful vegan one. What about pizza? Learn how to create a vegan variety as well. Countless other delicious vegan/vegetarian recipes are all over the web, and the more you search them out, the more good ones you will find. The important thing at the moment, however, is to do your best to eat foods which are unrefined, organic, and nutrient dense. Your oracle will guide you in the right dietary direction, namely to that ultimate in gustatory delight, nectar and ambrosia.

Having said all this, I wish I could also say that your weight will drop off quickly, or you will feel an immediate improvement in your health. No chance of that. It took you years to make yourself sick and overweight with your garbage diet, and it will take time for you to get over it. But this brings us to a new problem, at least as far as weight loss is concerned. Chances are that after a few months into your new dietary reality, you will tell yourself that you are comfortable with the changes which you have made in your way of eating, and you will not mind being a bit hungry every now and then to hurry your weight loss along. So there’s no harm in going slightly hungry to speed up the process, right?

Well, in case you have not noticed by now, relying upon that nonsense called 
your best judgment is what ruins people’s lives time and again. The problem is that we are constantly blindsided by our ego-based desires, which prod us into making the wrong choices time and again. So you should not even think about trying to hurry up your weight loss without oracular approval. If you do get this approval, make sure you also ask and give permission for Divine assistance while you are at it. Then that new, vibrant, slender body you so desire will probably appear sooner than you expect.

Recommended prayers.

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me to:

• free myself from the tyranny of sugar, salt, grease, and chemicals. And I thank you.

• to cook my food with reverence and care. And I thank you. 

 enjoy all the time I spend in my kitchen. And I thank you.

 purify the food and liquid which I eat and fill it with light. And I thank you.

 quickly adjust to my new diet so I can easily digest the new healthy foods which I will be eating. And I thank you.

 start growing and harvesting as much of my own natural food as I can. And I thank you.

• easily decrease the amount of food that I eat so that my excess weight will come off. And I thank you.

 feel gratitude for the life force of other sentient beings whose energies I am consuming. And I thank you.

After a few weeks of uttering prayers like these, plus following my other recommendations, guess what. You will discover that doing your chores in your kitchen will not seem like a visit to a medieval dungeon, the new foods you are now eating are starting to taste delicious, and all your new healthy habits feel like fun. That’s right, you have done it. Your co-created miracles are now manifesting. And if somebody sets a piece of corporate America’s garbage food in front of you, you will not feel the slightest temptation to touch it, let alone consume it. Instead you might very well find yourself screaming: TAKE IT AWAY! THROW IT OUT! I’LL JUMP OFF A CLIFF BEFORE I SHOVE THAT GARBAGE DOWN MY THROAT! I ONLY EAT NECTAR AND AMBROSIA!
When this happens, you can now look in the mirror and see that your physical form has started to return to what nature intended it to be: a sound mind in a sound body.

* * *

So much for eliminating garbage food and drink from your life. But we must now turn to the other major consumption problem which besets the human race at the moment: substance abuse. If you are a normal American, not only do you eat poorly, you are probably also some kind of substance abuser, if only of nicotine or pain killers. This is the next topic we need to discuss, as follows . . .

Chapter 8. A New Way to Be Substance Free.

Abuse of drugs such as alcohol or opiates is one of the worst health problems which currently tyrannizes our planet, and the death rates from these toxicities are skyrocketing.[51] Unfortunately, while most people know these substances are deadly, they cannot stop consuming them. The problem with addictive fixes is that they give you an unparalleled sensation of bliss. The boredom of your work-a-day life evaporates, bad memories disappear, and your whole being starts to glow with meaning and joy. But the bliss, of course, never lasts. When you crash back into your ordinary reality, you discover that you must do anything you can to regain that blissful sensation, if only for a moment. So you find yourself trapped in an addictive habit with no way out. Unlike the rest of us, addicts don’t want eternal life as much as they want eternal fixes.
Unfortunately, while our medical establishment has discovered a few successful techniques to help solve addiction problems, it is mostly helpless to fight the almost universal human tendency to ingest an addictive drug in order to feel good. One problem here is that, as usual, the main thing our medical experts want to do is prescribe the meds. Yeah, it should be obvious by now that the best possible way to cure an addiction is with an artificial chemical, right? So our doctors and rehab experts dish out all sorts of chemical horrors complete with countless ghastly side effects. They are even capable of dishing out drugs like methadone or that opiate called Suboxone for heroin addiction. Well, Suboxone just happens to be as addictive as heroin. Wow, what a brilliantly clever idea! Using an addictive opiate to cure an addictive opiate! Is this genius, or what is it?

Well, things are going to start changing. If you are so unfortunate as to be a slave to any kind of addictive drug, and if all the doctors and rehab facilities you have encountered in your life have not been able to help you, courage! There is now a new way for you to get clean and stay that way. Part of the solution, of course, comes from the new spiritual energies which are starting to bombard the planet. Once you start to experience them, you will realize that there is no high, no bliss, no pleasure worth experiencing than the Divine energies which everyone is going to start to feel. This means that the hold which your substance has over your energy field will start to grow ever more feeble even without much effort on your part.

The other good news is that in recent years our medical establishment has realized something new about the cause of addiction. It has often been noticed that while some people have a weakness for addictive drugs, others are never tempted by them. Why should this be so? Treatment experts are finally understanding that people who become addicted to the most toxic drugs in existence, such as opiates and alcohol, usually have one thing in common . . .

Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition where someone experiences an extremely painful or terrifying experience and cannot recover from it, let alone stop thinking about it. Complex PTSD (CPTSD) is even worse: it manifests when a person has suffered multiple traumatic experiences. Both these disorders guarantee that memories of your past traumas will constantly disrupt your mind, even if the traumas happened decades ago. When this happens, the only thing you can usually do to make the pain go away is by consuming an addictive fix, such as alcohol or drugs or any kind of junk food you can swallow. This means that post-traumatic stress disorder is not only a cause of drug addiction but probably a major reason for obesity as well, especially the morbid kind when the victim is hundreds of pounds overweight.
It is now time to say something about those relentless tormentors we all have to live with: our minds. Unfortunately for many people their minds produce nothing but anxiety, bad memories, uncontrollable thoughts, constant repetition, monkey chaos, and endless misery. Every once in a while you can find someone mentioning “the pleasures of the mind”, but a PTSD survivor will never experience a phantom like that. Instead he or she goes through each waking hour of their lives constantly battling painful thoughts, which are always there just below the surface and which repeatedly explode in their minds no matter what they are doing in the present moment.

The only thing our medical professionals ever do about this is, as usual, dish out the meds, so the symptoms are only suppressed. And unfortunately there is no way we 
Homo sapiens can consciously force our minds to stop tormenting us. Trying to force anything, of course, only makes everything worse.
As far as drug addiction is concerned, if you are someone who suffered from any kind of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse when you were a child, chances are that as an adult you have a weakness for one or more of the innumerable addictive drugs which blight the planet. You are attracted to these kinds of drugs since your past traumas are still very much with you, and 
you cannot stop thinking about themBut once you take that first drink or get that first snort, you will discover that those bad memories are no longer in control of your entire consciousness. Instead, for the first time in your life, you feel like a triumphant, beautiful, and eternally strong human being who can deal with anything.
All this means that most people do not get addicted because they are desperate for highs. They get addicted because they cannot stop their memories from tormenting them. Speaking as someone who had an unhappy childhood and who has suffered from a mild form of PTSD all of her adult life, I know how relentless these memories can be. To this day I cannot imagine what a happy memory feels like; whenever a thought about the past pops into my head, it is 
always painful. I suspect that this is typical PTSD reality.     So if you have become addicted to any kind of drug, the first step of your cure is not to quit the drug, but to forget about all the past horrors you have experienced in your life. Granted that we all need to go through our days learning our lessons and remember what is necessary to function as an adult, but long-past traumas should not constantly torment us. We need to remember that one of the key aspects of going with the natural flow is living in the present moment. So nothing is more unnatural than being tormented by unhappy memories. The present, after all, is the only time we can ever live as richly and as fully as possible. This applies to each and every present moment we experience, and not just the special moments when we are on vacation or eating in an expensive restaurant. Let us also remember that the one and only way we can ever experience the Divine is in the present moment. Right here and now is the only place and time where living actually happens.
But stopping our painful memories from tormenting us is easier said than done. Part of the problem comes from the fact that we live in a culture which worships memory. For many of the most idiotic morons among us, what happened in the past frequently possesses more meaning than what is going on in the present. So our collapsing culture is blighted by those multi-billion dollar memory industries like scrapbooking, anniversaries, reunions, and the zillions of personal photographs and videos which smother the internet. Too many Americans are constantly shelling out the cash for this stuff, since they have been brainwashed into thinking that precious memories are just totally wonderful things! Well, not quite. Constantly trying to memorialize the events of your existence is a fool’s paradise if there ever was one.

As far as addiction goes, you do not have a prayer of escaping your addiction if painful thoughts about your past are constantly exploding in your mind. If you ask me, the three most sacred words in the English language are 
get over it, and there is no better time than the present evolutionary shift to do this.
And it just so happens that I have discovered a new and natural cure for PTSD. Since I started practicing this cure, while an occasional bad memory can still pop into my mind, it no longer happens dozens of times each day. What is even better is that when a bad memory does appear, it no longer seizes control of my whole consciousness and forces me to think about it. These memories evaporate out of my mind the second they appear. Granted that I will never be able to cure myself completely of tormenting memories, but they do not tyrannize my life any longer. If I can reach this kind of mental serenity, anyone can.

So if you are trapped in some kind of substance abuse, there is now new hope. By now you should understand the first steps you need to take: asking and giving permission for Divine guidance and assistance, plus daily repetitive exercises, both spiritual and physical. These new habits will shift your internal energies for the better like you will not believe.

But the brand new cure for PTSD is none other than what I have already described: mudras + angels. I originally started working with mudras since they seemed like a new way for me to experience the energies of the Divine, but to my surprise I eventually realized that they were providing me with an unexpected benefit. After six decades of suffering a mind which never gave me any peace, I realized that my mudra + angel practice had completely transformed what was going on inside my head. For the first time in my life, my unhappy memories were no longer in diabolical control of my entire existence. I could even make it through an entire day without a single unhappy thought bursting into my skull. I have never come across any medical evidence that mudras can cure PTSD, but when you combine them with angelic energy, the power of them both will probably knock that PTSD out of your skull faster than a spooked jackrabbit. And although I have no evidence, mudras + angels might also work on other mental problems as well, such as depression, anxiety, and personality disorders.

Here I must make a special mention about personality disorders. My guess is that people with these kind of disorders are not born with them–they develop them because of traumatic childhood abuse. And clinging to their disorder(s) as an adult is about the only way they can cope with just being alive. If you try to tell these people that they are suffering from one or more of the huge number of personality disorders which have been identified (such as narcissism, borderline, bipolar, histrionic, oppositional, paranoid, or dependent), and that they need to do something about them, such advice falls on completely deaf ears. These disorders seem like the normal way to be in the world. Trying to eliminate them from their lives turns them back into helpless children who cannot ward off the people who are tormenting them.

Well, take my word for it, if you are suffering from any kind of personality disorder, especially the narcissistic one which makes you feel like a god upon earth, you need to identify it and then do your best to ditch it. The thing to do with personality disorders is not to deny that you have them but cure yourself of them. It might not be your fault that you have one or more personality disorders, but it is definitely your fault if you do not do anything about them. Your oracle will, of course, help you to identify what kind of disorder(s) you might have, up to and including the borderline variety which is usually imperceptible to its victims.

So here we are at another of the most important blessings our oracles can give us: they can help us identify what kind of mental disorders we possess. All you have to do is sit down with your cards and ask: “Am I free from borderline personality disorder? Or narcissistic? Or bipolar?” And if you start seeing NO’s, then you need to start doing something about your disorders before they destroy everything you value in your life. The good news is that ridding yourself of your personality disorders will give you a new sense of inner richness, plus the kind of emotional tranquility everyone needs to be happy and successful. All of which means that your health and personal relationships will improve and maybe even your finances. Best of all: for the first time in your life, each day will not seem like a struggle to battle the powers of darkness but an experience of ever increasing beauty and grace.

And you will not have to shell out the cash to some kind of professional for your cure. You will simply start doing everything I have already recommended: daily oracular consultation, ask and give permission prayers, and mudras + angels. You need to go back and reread Chapter 6 and practice everything I suggest until your miracles start to manifest. Eventually you will probably reach a point where you realize that you are now free of your mental torments, and the new life you are leading is paradise on earth. As for your dead past, it will have finally buried its dead.

* * *

All of the above are well and good, but it just so happens that there is another way you can do a complete break with certain aspects of your past, something which I call a . . .

Spiritual severance.

In my first book Practical Tarot for the 21st Century, I described how I was able to rid myself of tormenting spiritual beings whom I called the Mussolinis. These spirits had invaded my energy field when I was in my late forties and then started to make my life a living hell, namely by jolting me out of my sleep whenever they liked. It is no fun having to go through your existence in thrall to vicious spiritual bullies whom you cannot get rid of.
What was most infuriating about this situation was the fact that one of these spirits was my official companion spirit, those spiritual entities whose job is to help us any way they can during our physical sojourn on earth. But just my luck, I ended up with a spirit who could not stop himself from maltreating me any time he liked. Well, these entities have been out of my life for a decade now, and my new companion spirit is a sweetie whose presence I enjoy. My daily prayers to Archangel Michael to keep other tormenting spirits from invading my field have also proved to be effective.

But a few years ago I realized that I was being plagued by the presence of a new spirit in my life, a recently dead relation (and full-blown narcissist) who had made my life a hell for many long years. I could tell that this spirit had not invaded my energy field as the Mussolinis had done, but the creature was definitely hanging around 24/7, and it even climbed into the car with me whenever I took a drive. The presence in my life of this person was so unendurable that I would gladly have committed murder to be rid of it. However, there is an obvious problem with killing someone who is already dead.

It was also dismaying for me to realize that this entity passed into spirit with all its bad habits and personality disorders very much intact. For heaven’s sake, what is the point of dying if you are the exact same train wreck in the afterlife as you were in your earthly reality? One would think that maybe, just maybe, the transition to a new reality might be accompanied by an increase in self-awareness or spiritual enlightenment. Not a chance of that–or at least not with my deceased relations. They will apparently do everything they can to wallow in their bad habit comfort zone for the next several centuries. Well, take my word for it: this is not something which is supposed to happen in the afterlife (and there is more to be discussed about the afterlife in subsequent chapters).

But at the moment I suspect that I am not the only physical being alive today whose energies are out of whack because one or more unwelcome spirits are hanging around, especially if these spirits are deceased family members who constantly tormented you when they were alive. If everything I have recommended so far in this book has not changed your life for the better, chances are you are going through your days dragging around one or more unwelcome spirits whom you need to get rid of. And while Archangel Michael will do his tidy best to keep most of these tormenting spirits out of your life as long as you ask and give him permission, I have discovered that he will not do this for all the spirits who latch onto you. Why some and not the others?

To answer this, I must once again return to the idea of reincarnation. By now the reader must realize that there are all sorts of rules and regulations about what should happen when we entities come back to earth and assume a new house of clay. The problems which we will inevitably encounter in our new earthly lives are situations we need to experience because they are necessary for our karmic progress. Unfortunately we are probably compelled to experience most of these problems instead of choosing them voluntarily.

Yeah, I am talking lemons and lemonade here again. So let me remind you that no matter what kind of lemons you were dealt with when you were born, what you absolutely have to do during your earthly sojourn is make something positive out of your circumstances or limitations. Even if you suffer something as terrible as childhood sexual abuse or body impairment, you have to learn how to accept your problems, deal with them, and finally get the better of them. Turning bitter or resentful at the raw deals life hands you will only saddle you with ever more bad karma.

This includes dealing with the entities who are our biological parents. It is a New Age cliché that we choose our parents, and maybe sometimes we do, but my own feeling is that the Heavenly Host can force us to accept a mother or father whom we would normally cross the street to avoid. Being saddled with these parents means also being stuck with their relatives, their race, their weaknesses, and their nationality.

But it is not just our parents: as we go through our lives we are also probably compelled to encounter other sentient beings from whom we need to learn more karmic lessons. We might owe a debt to these sentient beings, or we need to right a wrong we once did to them, or who knows what else. But once again, we need to deal with these people while going with the natural flow of universal interconnection and equality. Or else.

All of which help to explain why Archangel Michael will not kick certain unwelcome spiritual beings out of our lives, even when we ask and give him permission for this to happen. Each one of us makes what are apparently legal agreements before we are born about who our companion spirit will be, who will become our parents, and what entities we will interact with as we go through our lives. Granted that nothing about our lives is completely preordained, but we apparently come back to earth saddled with various problematic situations to which we are legally obligated by the Heavenly Host.

Nevertheless, here is the good news: I have discovered that there is a way we can change these pre-birth legal agreements if we so desire. We simply declare them to be null and void. So even if you were once compelled to choose a couple of train wrecks to be your parents, or you needed to encounter an entity from a previous life to pay off a karmic debt, these situations do not have to last for your entire physical existence. If you have learned your karmic lessons from your interactions with these entities and are now doing your best to go with the natural flow of the universe, the Heavenly Host will permit you to renounce whatever agreement you made before you were born. Then you can live out your life as a much freer and happier human being.

This is how I got rid of my first companion spirit. I simply declared that my pre-birth agreement acknowledging him to be my companion spirit in this lifetime was null and void. Mind you, I was careful to make this declaration only if it was for his highest good as well as my own (as usual, you should never ask for Divine or angelic assistance unless your request is for the 
summum bonum as well). But if the Heavenly Host decides that your request is not only for your own good but everyone else’s as well, you can nullify your pre-birth agreements.
But here is the catch: if the Heavenly Host is 
not convinced that a severance will be beneficial, they will not permit it. For example, in the past few years I got into a tussle with a friend who caused me so much emotional upset that I wanted to do a spiritual severance from him. However, the cards told me that no way should I do this, since for some reason he needed to be in my life. So I continued to interact with him, and I just had to deal with it (and if nothing else, this was a good lesson in the Oneness of the universe). Fortunately after a few months things became better between me and him, and our relationship finally proved to be a benefit to us both. As usual, my angels knew better than I did what needed to happen in my life.
Nevertheless, if you are currently entangled in a toxic relationship with either a physical or spiritual being, and if you have learned your karmic lessons from this encounter, there is a way you can sever yourself from your problem entity. This includes not only the people you have encountered in your life but family members as well, up to and including your parents.

And let’s face it, parents are not always warm, sweet, wonderful people. They can put you through hell more effectively than any other entity you might encounter, especially since you have no defense against them when you are a child. The worst cases of PTSD are most frequently generated by one or more toxic parents. News flash to those mommies and daddies who cannot stop abusing their kids: if you put your children through years of hell, you should not expect love or admiration in return. You are not going to get it.

What you will get is recoil and avoidance. And if the Heavenly Host agrees, your child(ren) will be able to sever themselves from you as well. So if you are a childhood victim of parental abuse, and if you desperately want to forget the abuse and go on with your life, there is a way it can be done, both physically and spiritually. You do it physically by simply refusing to interact with your parent any longer, which is otherwise known as estrangement. But mind you, you only take a step like this with oracular approval. If you are just ticked off at your father or mother because of some kind of triviality, you still owe your parent a certain amount of duty and must continue to interact with him or her, or else it is Cosmic Boomerang time.

But if you are a survivor of the kind of horrific treatment which has led you into an addiction, you will never be able to break free of your substance abuse as long as your parent is in your life. In cases like these, you need to do a spiritual severance. And from then on you should refuse to interact in any way with this entity again. Granted that your father or mother is still your brother or sister in the Net, and as such you can wish them the best, but keeping them in your life will do nothing but keep you in your addiction.

But if it is for the highest good of all concerned, the Divine will allow you to break free from another sentient being, up to and including a parent. This kind of severance works for both the living and the dead. If the entity now tormenting you is a spirit, I have learned that he or she will be out of your life within hours after you do a spiritual severance (and if you are sensitive enough, you will be able to sense that the entity is gone as soon as it happens). From then on, Archangel Michael will make sure that this particular entity does not come back into your life.

So how do you do a spiritual severance? It is very easy. You simply declare any pre-birth agreement you once made that would allow certain people in your life to be null and void. This includes your parents, relatives, acquaintances, friends, associates, and other people who have caused you pain in your current existence. Then you ask and give permission that from now on the Divine and the angels will keep these toxic people away from you.

It also helps to do a small ritual when you nullify your agreement, to make sure that the Heavenly Host realizes that this is not just a passing whim on your part but a legally binding agreement. When I did my severances, I lit a candle and burned a piece of string to signify the break I was making. Then I recited the words:

If I ever agreed that I would allow this person in my life, and if it is for the summum bonum, I hereby declare that this agreement to be null and void. I no longer permit this person to be in my life, my environment, or my consciousness, and I give Archangel Michael permission to enforce this rule. I now burn this piece of string to separate me from this entity from this moment back to the beginning of time and into the endless future.

At this point it also helps to do an uncording, whereby you take a knife and cut the invisible chords which connect your chakras to the chakras of the other person. Then finally dispose of the two pieces of string somewhere off your property.
That is all it takes. If the entity in question is a spirit, he or she will be out of your life within hours. But if the person is still in physical form, things get complicated, since the angels cannot always prevent a physical human from entering your space. So if you want a severance from a living being, you are going to have to co-create it, as in blocking the person from phoning you, never answering the door when he or she turns up, and never responding to other contacts. Just tell the person who is tormenting you that you have done a spiritual severance, and let these be your last words to that person. From then on, no matter how many times your former tormentor tries to get a reaction from you, you do not respond. Sooner or later (and it might take years) he or she will get the message.

You can make this kind of break not only with family members, but partners, associates, so-called friends, and, if you are an addict, your drug suppliers. In my life I have done severances for several people in my life, both living and dead, who have inflicted pain upon me. None of them bother me any longer.

But the mothers and fathers among us are not going to like hearing all this, even the ones who have inflicted terrible abuse on their children. 
Ties of blood will always mean something! My wife and I brought our children into the world, and that is a tie that binds! It simply isn’t possible for our children to sever themselves from us, and get Divine support while they are at it!
Well, sometimes things can be broken, and they cannot be fixed. Parental abuse of children is one of them. So if you once inflicted terrible pain upon what are now your grown children, it will not help to make apologies, amends, or promises of betterment. Every time your child looks at your face the bad memories will erupt, and if they are in addiction, they do not have a prayer of escaping it. The best and kindest thing you can now do is completely remove yourself from their lives so they can start to experience the one energy they need to recover from your abuse: forgetfulness.

* * *

So much for your tormentors and how to get rid of them. But freeing yourself from your memories or your tormentors is only the first step in freeing yourself from your addiction. If you are currently living out your life in thrall to an addictive substance, we now need to examine the next step you need to take in order to break free of its tyranny. This is something which I call . . .

The Raspberry Ritual.

The Raspberry Ritual is not named for the fruit, which happens to be a very nice wholesome berry. It is named for the other kind of raspberry, with which all good Americans are intimately familiar. I am talking about that raspberry sound we can make when we purse our lips and blow. You know, we make a noise which sounds like . . . something. Chances are that you have blown numerous raspberries in your life, if only when you were in grade school. Well, now is the time for you to bring this enchanting noise back into your existence, since when you combine it with a particular mudra, something incredible can happen. The raspberries you blow can actually help you diminish your endless cravings for your toxic substances.
What the Raspberry Ritual does is put a moment of time between your desire for your substance and your consumption of it. If you are a hard core addict, you have probably never hesitated to inject, inhale, or swallow your substance as soon as you get a craving for it. In other words, you automatically start to make the physical movements necessary to ingest your substance without consciously being aware that you are doing it. This especially holds true for cigarette smoking: the moment a nicotine craving hits, your hands reach for the pack, you stick the thing in your mouth, and then set it afire. So mechanical are these movements that you could probablydo them in your sleep (not recommended).

But this kind of robotic behavior needs to be disrupted if you want to break free of your substance. Fortunately it can be broken whenever you start practicing the Raspberry Ritual. This ritual puts some time and space between your craving and your ingestion, and like all other repetitive exercises, it will help you to shift your internal energies. If you start to do the Raspberry Ritual often enough, it will eventually help you break free of your substance forever.

The Raspberry Ritual also helps you utilize that interesting emotion called contempt to break free of your substance. In other words, contempt can be a very positive force in your life when used correctly. Mind you, you should never direct contempt at any of your fellow sentient beings in the Net, but as for bad memories, frankenartificialities, and addictive drugs . . . These kinds of energy manifestations deserve nothing but limitless loathing.

So you are now going to learn a new exercise which, as usual, you will need to start practicing immediately. Forget about trying to quit your substance at the moment. Instead, here are the Raspberry Ritual steps you now need to follow when you absolutely have to have another fix:

First, take your substance and place it in front of you where you can see it plainly. You do this with anything unhealthy you cannot stop yourself from consuming, up to and including cigarettes, potato chips, coffee, snack cakes, soda pop, heroin, or vodka. You simply take a good hard look at what is killing you.

Next, do the Laughing Buddha mudra: hold up your fingers and put a big smile on your face. This will get those endorphins to start burgeoning up within your system without you having to ingest your substance. You will keep holding the mudra and the big dopey grin on your face throughout the rest of this ritual.

Then sing or chant an Om. The Big Bang vibrations of this precious word will fill you with ever more endorphins.

Now turn your thoughts to the Divine. Remind yourself that even though you are addicted to the toxicity in front of you, the Divine and the angels are here with you right now in the present moment, up to and including Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. Since they are infinitely stronger than all the toxic substances in the universe, with their help you are going to free yourself from that rotten little tormentor before you.

Next, think about all the money you are going to save when you are free of the substance. This is not exactly a spiritual recommendation, but it will probably motivate most people, especially the ones who spend thousands of dollars each year on drugs. You should now think about all the stuff you will be able to buy, the vacations you will be able to take, and the savings you will start to accumulate once you are free of your substance. A friend who gave up cigarettes opened a special bank account where she deposited the money she was no longer spending on demon nicotine, and eventually she and her husband used this money to vacation in Hawaii.

You then recite the following prayer: O Divine Light and all the angels, I am about to consume a toxic substance to which I am addicted. If it is for the summum bonum I ask and give permission that you help me consume only the most minimal amount of this substance and then help me break free of it when the time is right. And I thank you.

Now comes the fun part. You again direct your gaze to your substance and then blow the biggest loudest raspberry at it that you can manage. That’s right, you bestow upon your poison that delightful rasping sound made through your pursed lips. In this way you are expressing your utter scorn for the killer which is temporarily enslaving you, while letting it know that you are now in the process of freeing yourself from it. Since of course you are: when it is a case of Divine vs. substance, guess who is going to win 100% of the time? The louder and longer you blow your raspberry, the better you will feel.

Then go ahead and consume your substance. Yeah, finally. You now get to ingest your poison because you cannot stop yourself. But after going through all of the above, I guarantee that the hold which your killer has over you will start to diminish. Getting a raspberry blown in its face is exactly what it deserves, and the more raspberries it gets, the more quickly it is going to vanish into that intergalactic black hole which is eagerly awaiting it.

As far as other bad energies are concerned . . . The Raspberry Ritual will help you free yourself from other bad habits as well. It can demolish any left-over groupthink or hierarchy yearnings which might still possess you, and it is very effective whenever a bad memory pops into your head. You simply put that grin on your face, do the Laughing Buddha mudra, and blow a raspberry at your toxic thought instead of your substance. When you do all of the above, guess what will probably happen in your life . . . spontaneously. Not only will your substance no longer make you feel good, you will eventually want to quit it more than you want to consume it.

* * *

So much for the Raspberry Ritual. We now must examine other ways which can help you break free of your substance. Here are some suggestions:

Accept that everything happens for a reason. This is a New Age cliché , but it happens to contain a lot of truth. So you must accept the fact that whatever has happened to you in your life somehow constitutes a lesson that you need to learn. This is similar to the Stoic idea of amor fati, or loving whatever Fate hands you. Of course, you don’t have to hear from me that this recommendation is not easy. But if you can, even just a little bit, accept that some good can come out of any kind of pain or unhappiness, it becomes easier to find a cure. So stop it with the resentment or the victimhood. Learn the lessons you need from the pain you have experienced, and that pain will start to diminish.

Never utter or speak a word about your past trauma, the name of your abuser(s), or the name of your substance again. Uttering words about painful experiences only gives them new energy and life. You can refer to your bad experiences in a general way, as in “my childhood trauma”, but that is as close as you should get. As for whatever it is that you are addicted to, simply start calling it “the stuff.” Eventually you will reach a point where you will not bother to mention it at all, since you are no longer thinking about it, let alone consuming it.

Stop paying attention to fiction, music, or videos you enjoyed in an unhappy period in your life. Find new favorites, as in new recipes, new hobbies, new music, new anything. You could even start learning a new language. The more you start forming your thoughts in a new language, the more the old you–and the old trauma–isn’t there any longer. As far as new musical favorites are concerned, learn how to enjoy the non-vocal, ambient, spontaneous, or classical variety. These kind of sounds always give you a sense of the spiritual Reality of the universe, which is what you now need in your life–not whatever trivial nonsense has ended up as a best seller or a box-office smash.

Throw out everything you own which was part of your life when your trauma happened or when you fell into addiction. This would include personal belongings which you owned when you were abused, old military gear, photographs of bad periods in your life, childhood toys, and so on. Also throw out everything which is connected with your addictive habit, such as ashtrays, liquor cabinets, cocktail glasses, coffee makers, lighters, cutting knives, bongs, pill bottles, pipes, and straws. You should especially get rid of any decor item you possess which is associated with your addiction, up to and including the BORN LOSER sign hanging above the TV in your living room.

Then do a space clearing. A space clearing is a way to eliminate the bad energies of your domicile. This is easy enough to do: first, you need to do a physical cleansing of your environment by vacuuming the carpets, mopping the floor, washing the curtains, and cleaning the windows. Then you need to do what is called a sound clearing, which will help clear out the bad vibrations. The best way to do this is through sound which you generate yourself. Pick a spiritual music maker such as Tibetan singing bowls, bells, chimes, harmony balls, drums, or rattles. You can even just clap your hands. Then when everything is fresh and clean, throw open all of your windows for as long as possible to air the rooms out. There is plenty of online information about both space and sound clearings, so check it out.

Start practicing the Kali mudra. This is the best mudra for killing off the bad energies in your life, which I have already mentioned. Needless to say, do it with the assistance of Archangel Azrael, the angel of death. As has been mentioned, when you combine Kali with Azrael, you are getting a double destruction whammy, both of your bad memories and your craving for your substance. And if you are still so foolish to think that Kali or Azrael are evil beings, you need to think again.

Next do a ritual of new beginnings. If you have made up your mind not only to stop your memories from tormenting you but to free yourself from your substances as well, you should do a ritual celebrating your new birth of freedom. This is easy enough: you need to write up a list of everything about your past you now wish to destroy forever, plus everything that you are currently addicted to. Then light a candle, burn the list to ashes, and dispose of the ashes somewhere off your property.

Look at something sacred whenever a bad memory or a craving comes. It helps to carry around a spiritual charm such as the Om symbol, a crucifix, a Star of David, or an Eye of Horus. The sacredness of your charm will clobber your bad memory or the lust for your stuff into nothingness in about two seconds flat.

Or just look at something beautiful. If you do not own anything sacred, then simply start focusing your attention on whatever is currently beautiful in your present moment, if only the sky above your head or the natural light coming through the window. The beauty of the universe which surrounds you at all times will bring you back to your current time and space, where the only reality is the present moment–and the Divine energy to be found within.

* * *

If you continue to do all of the above, plus continue with your daily mudras + angels, sooner or later the day will come when your oracle tells you that the time is right, and you can now take the necessary steps to quit your substance. When this happens, you absolutely have to obey, no matter what is going on with the rest of your life. For most addicts this means that it is now time to go to rehab. No addict should think about quitting a hardcore substance unless they are in a rehab facility or under a doctor’s supervision. This especially includes alcoholics who want to quit drinking. They are particularly vulnerable to that problem known as delirium tremens, a life-threatening condition which can cause seizures and result in death.
But the catch here is that if you have been to rehab multiple times in your life, you probably aren’t going to want to do it one more time. But you need to remind yourself that this time things are going to be different, namely because you now know that the Divine, your companion spirit, and your angels are coming along for the ride. Here are more suggestions about how you can co-create a successful rehab cure for the first time in your life:

Continue to consult your oracular tool. You will, of course, bring your tarot cards with you to rehab since you know perfectly well that you are going to need them, and indeed you will. The medical advice you are going to get from the personnel at the facility will help, but not as much as the Divine encouragement your oracle will show you. Also take any spiritual books which might help you. You could even take a copy of this book with you if you like (and then you can do a lot of chuckling at my more outrageous suggestions in the second half).

Take a blank journal with you so you can do some writing every day. Fill the journal with descriptions of all the lessons you are learning, what your oracle is telling you, and anything which pops into your head about how you can get and stay clean. Writing something out by hand always makes it more powerful. If all you do is record your gratitude about the progress you are making, that will be enough.

Keep reminding yourself that this time you are getting a spiritual cure. So even if you have failed at rehab several times in the past, this time you are going to make it.

Also keep reminding yourself that the human race is about to experience the greatest evolutionary shift in its history. And you want to be clean and sober when it happens, as well as help it to manifest, right? You cannot do that if you are a slave to a drug. One thing I have not yet mentioned about the new world to come: addiction to anything will be as legacy as meatloaf. When everybody’s electronically-sensitized spiritual vibes start to go a million miles a minute, nobody will crave any kind of substance any longer, including you. Divine energy will provide you with all the bliss you will need.

Keep doing your daily repetitive exercises, up to and including your mudras. If you still haven’t learned taijiquan or any other mind/body exercises, there is no better place than rehab to get the hang of it.

* * *

Special mention must now be made of freeing yourself of those horrors called nicotine and cannabis, which are two of the worst substances on the planet. Unfortunately rehab cannot always help with these two problems. But why are they so terrible? Well, if you ask me, the single more moronic activity in the history of the human race is the deliberate inhalation of smoke into the lungs. Human lungs were made for fresh air and nothing else but. This makes any drug which is absorbed through the lungs the ultimate in bad addictions. Besides, nothing proclaims you to be a Moron of the Universe like holding a burning cancer stick in your hand.
Unfortunately there are an estimated one billion nicotine addicts on the planet today, and I imagine that most of them would give anything if they could quit. But nicotine has a particularly horrendous effect upon its victims: it generates the problem that it feels like it is diminishing, namely stress and anxiety. It has been noted that the more you smoke, the more you will constantly suffer from nervousness or panic attacks. But when you inhale that demon called nicotine, you get the illusion that the drug is calming you down and helping you to cope. So you smoke to dampen down the stress which the smoke is causing. Talk about the ultimate in vicious circles.

All this plus the fact that Big Tobacco dumps all sorts of nasty chemicals into their cancer sticks to keep you addicted. You are not just inhaling tobacco when you light up–you are also inhaling chemical additives such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide. What is going on here, of course, is that our Big Tobacco honchos need to get their hands on something called money, and a lot of it, so they can live the kind of prosperous lives to which they are entitled. Of course these honchos have also known for decades now that they are making a living out of slaughtering their fellow sentient beings, but that’s okay, nobody forces anyone to smoke. 
Bad karma? What bad karma? Also nobody in our regulation-besotted government is ever going to forbid these chemical additives because of those creatures called lobbyists. So everything is just fine and dandy. I am sure that this makes all the people dying from lung cancer feel totally wonderful.
But eventually Big Tobacco will go the way of white sugar, and probably sooner than later. In the meantime, do whatever you can to quit. But don’t make the mistake that millions of wannabe nicotine addicts make and think that cutting back on the cigarettes is the same thing as quitting. This is the junkie denial game called “I am going to quit drinking except for the occasional glass of wine.” Anyone who has watched an alcoholic play this game knows how quickly that glass of wine turns into a new bottle of rotgut. You cannot quit your substance while continuing to consume your substance. Even just one cigarette a week is as bad as a pack every day. It is all or nothing. You have to quit completely. So just do it. With Divine guidance and assistance, for the first time in your life it will be possible.

As for Big Cannabis, it is almost as harmful as nicotine. Our American government’s long, drawn-out, and completely ridiculous attempt to prohibit marijuana has been yet another predictable failure which has, as usual, done more harm than good. The politicians who instituted it should have realized that trying to ban this substance only made it much more desirable, but when do you see intelligence in politicians? The desire for cannabis continues to blanket the country, especially since we are finally living in an era where it is slowly becoming legalized.

But no way and no how should cannabis be considered a harmless or even a beneficial substance. The smoking of it delivers as many health problems as tobacco: it diminishes your ability to think or to remember, speeds up your heart, disorients your coordination, generates anxiety and depression, inhibits learning, impairs judgment, and can induce psychosis. The human brain is not fully developed until a person is in their mid-twenties, which means that kids who start smoking pot in their teens accomplish nothing but a nice substantial drop in their IQ. And mind you, the consumption of THC or CBD products is just as bad as smoking the weed.

Well, both Big Tobacco and Big Cannabis are no matches for the Divine and the angels. So freeing yourself from these Bigs is indeed possible. But if you follow all the instructions in this book, it can be done. If you want to start going with the natural flow of the universe, it absolutely has to happen.

* * *

So far, so good. All of the above will help, but what happens next is the main problem in any recovery scenario: you have to get through that horror called . . .


Now we must discuss how you can survive the first few hours or days without your substance. Unfortunately rehab or detox facilities can only provide minimal support at a time like this. The good news here is that nothing lasts forever. Don’t forget that the discomfort you will experience during your withdrawal is not going to last for the rest of your life. So when you start going feeling your inevitable discomfort, you need to keep reminding yourself that with every passing minute you are moving closer to your goal of new health and happiness.
And if ever there were a time for you to do your mudras, this is it. Needless to say, the Laughing Buddha mudra will help the most, just as long as you keep that smile on your face no matter what your agony. Two other mudras which will help are the Jeremiel/Ganesha mudra to overcome obstacles, and the Raphael/Apan mudra to help you regain your health.

You also need to keep reminding yourself that you are experiencing a spiritual cure. It is true that you are also experiencing a lot of pain, but that is only a sign of the old you being destroyed. This is the idea of purgation, which you need to go through in order to reach heaven, as Dante knew. So do what you can to welcome the pain as a helper instead of a tormentor. And keep telling yourself that the pain you are experiencing is burning away the old you forever.

Also, no matter what your discomfort, keep looking for spiritual signs. Don’t forget that the Divine, your angels, and your companion spirit are right there in the room with you when you are going through your withdrawal, and, if you have asked and given permission, they are sending you the kind of energies you need to get through your discomfort. Given the fact that intense pain is in itself a shift in energies, it might even be possible for the first time in your life to perceive these spiritual beings there in the room with you, if only for a moment.

And that is pretty much all you will need. Just keep hanging on, constantly remind yourself that nothing lasts forever, and you will discover that you have made it through withdrawal horror without much difficulty at all.

* * *

One final note. When you are trying to break free of an addiction, it also helps to take advantage of peer-to-peer (P2P) support. Getting to know the other addicts who need help as much as you do can be a very important way to help you free yourself of your addiction.
These kind of support groups can be especially beneficial once you return to your normal life. Alcoholics Anonymous was established in 1935, and it has proved to be successful in helping people in recovery. But nothing is perfect, and there are several aspects to AA which do not seem to do much good. As far as I can tell, AA tells you that you must self-identify as an addict for the rest of your life. So you have to spend every day of the rest of your life acknowledging your addiction and keep counting the weeks/months/years you have been clean. Worst of all, you have to keep informing the universe that 
My name is Joe Smith, and I’m an alcoholic. Well, there is no better way to insure that you will always be an alcoholic than speaking words like this every day of your life. If you have to describe yourself, better you say: My name is Joe Smith, and I am a free, healthy, and happy citizen of the universe.
As far as going to support meetings are concerned, they are not always helpful. If you have managed to free yourself from your drug of choice, you do not want to sit and listen to someone else talk about how he or she is still consuming. Going to meetings where everyone is now clean and staying that way is more helpful.

As for therapists or sponsors . . . some addicts in recovery swear by the help they are getting from these kinds of mentors, but you should not expect helpers like these to be your crutch for the rest of your life. Sooner or later you will have to maintain your drug-free life by yourself. But this can be done as long as you never forget that the only cure for addiction is a spiritual cure. So you must keep your focus on the Divine and the angels at all times. Chances are that they will provide you will all the support you need.

Recommended Prayers:

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me to:

• forget all the trauma of my past and live as fully and richly as possible in the present moment. And I thank you.

• feel nothing but revulsion for that dirty rotten stinking putrid substance which had been making my life a living hell for years now. And I thank you.

• generate as many natural endorphins as possible so I no longer need to consume any kind of addictive substance. And I thank you.

• get through the withdrawal as quickly and as easily as possible, and then help me forget about it forever. And I thank you.

• keep my focus on what my new life will be like when I am sound in mind and body. And I thank you.

• avoid my dealers or drinking buddies, and the parts of town which are associated with my old habits. And I thank you.

• realize that the only highs I want to experience come from the natural flow of the universe. And I thank you.

• maintain my cleanness for the rest of my life. And I thank you.

* * *

So there you have it. New ways to free yourself from any addictive drug in the universe. It will not be easy, but it can be done. If the rehab experts of this country start to realize how important Divine guidance and assistance are to the whole process, the drug recovery rate will increase exponentially.
So if you follow the advice in this chapter, when you finally realize that you are finally free of all addictive substances, guess what you are in store for next. The world will seem a new and vivid place, full of colors you have never noticed before, sounds which seem enchanting, light that blesses all that it illuminates. As for you, you will feel like you are in heaven.
But, as always, there is a catch. Heaven will not last. You will eventually realize that you are still living your old life full of stress and difficulties. You will also realize that you haven’t made it to the Emerald City after all–you are still stuck in Kansas. Ouch. Kansas means a boring job, an uninteresting life, and plenty of problems. The same old same old.
Well, let me remind you of something about the Emerald City. It and Kansas are one and the same. Yes, I am aware that Kansas is nothing but a barnyard filled with manure, while the Emerald City is a gorgeous vision of beauty, grace, and harmony.
So how can I now be telling you that they are the same thing? Am I crazy–again? Nope, not a chance of that. The only reason why you think Kansas is a drag is because you do not have the skills to perceive its sacred beauty. All those toxic chemicals/energies/illusions which have smothered your entire life have blocked your ability to see, hear, and experience the richness of the universe around you.
So just getting thin or clean is never enough to make a whole new you. It is now time to talk about how you need a new way to live. This is what matters in maintaining your recovery from the toxicities which surround you. Learning how to create a beautiful and meaningful life in your Kansas backyard. So here we go . . .

Chapter 9. A New Way to Live.

By now you should realize that what most people call living these days is nothing of the sort. All the mental and physical toxicities which smother us every hour of our lives have made the simple act of getting through the day an obstacle course. If you are now doing your best to go with the natural flow of the universe, but everything about your life still seems as flat as a pancake, you now need some suggestions about how you can start living a completely new kind of life.
The first step is easy enough: you need to rid yourself of the eternal human desire for something 
new to come into your life. Whenever we get bored with any aspect of our lives (and chemically-addled snowflakes suffer from it continually), we always want to experience something new. Whether it is a new creature comfort, a new vacation, a new video, or a new tweet, we are continually on the hunt for something novel upon which we can focus our attention and which will keep the darkness at bay for a little while. Since that is what newness is always supposed to do.
Well, newness can be a good thing. There is nothing like the blessing of something fresh or original coming into your life to shift your energies into better patterns. When you start making a deliberate and conscious effort to focus your attention on healthy kinds of newness, as in new ideas, new hobbies, new ideas, new routines, or even new foods, this is another way to shift your internal energies for the better. Eventually you will discover that trying out new things can be one of the best and most enjoyable ways to maintain your harmony with the natural flow of the universe. If you have been curious about where the natural flow of the universe actually goes, the answer is easy. It is always moving into newness.

But there is a catch to our perpetual human desire for newness: that nasty energy called 
hedonic adaptation. When we get a new something in our lives, sooner or later we always get bored with it. Always. This holds true especially for people’s endless desire to smother themselves with that useless Piscean detritus called stuff, which is a legacy energy if there ever was one. Granted that when we purchase a new piece of stuff, we will feel some kind of initial delight. However, hedonic adaptation guarantees that the pleasure will wear off, and what once seemed so desirable now seems as uninteresting as a presidential speech. This also holds true for that nuisance called travel. Travel these days is nothing more than another meaningless purchase, this time of an experience instead of an object in space. In many ways it is the ultimate in self-indulgence since it is also as unecological as it can get: perpetual travelers waste huge amounts of fossil fuel for their desperate change-of-scenery desires. This is not something that any responsible citizen of the universe should want.
Of course, if we 
don’t get what we want, we will also feel lousy, so if ever there were a no-win situation, chasing after eternal newness is it. Unhappiness and boredom if you get it, unhappiness and boredom if you don’t.
Well, in the Aquarian world to come, anybody who makes an effort to bring Divine energy into their lives is going to start living such a blessed existence that they will forget about scrambling after ever more newness. Since guess what happens when you start bringing Divine energy into your life: you can create your own personal utopia. Once you do this, you will discover that your utopian life will provide you with all the interest and excitement you will ever need. Would you like to live an ideal existence filled with ideal surroundings, relationships, consciousness? In the new world to come, you will be able to manage it.

Sir Thomas More invented the term 
utopia in his 1519 book of the same name[52], and ever since the word has generally meant some kind of perfect culture where everyone lives in a state of peace and happiness. People have always dreamed of such a social reality, although it has yet to appear on our third rock from the sun. But as far as personal utopias are concerned, creative people have been making their own earthly paradises throughout most of human history.
Consider the life of Renaissance humanist Leonardo da Vinci. Any biography of Leonardo will tell you that he lived a mostly uneventful life, with one humdrum day following another throughout his years. But the inner adventures he was always experiencing enriched his life as much as is humanly possible. His two supreme gifts of curiosity and imagination were enough to banish any sense of it’s just another day during his earthly existence. Who would not want to live like this, when each day can be filled either with the delight of discovery or the pleasure of manifestation? These are the kind of energies which matter in an ideal life, and they can be had by anyone.

The nice thing about creating your own personal utopia is that there is never any hedonic adaptation, nor the boredom which goes along with it. Your ordinary humdrum life will start to get so interesting that buying the new video, the new trip, or the new doohickey will be meaningless. As for being bored . . . 
Grandma, what was it like to be bored? I can’t remember exactly, but I think it had something to do with yawning.
But there is one thing to be understood about a personal utopia. As far as I am concerned, the word 
perfect is not the best way to describe a true utopia. I prefer the term interesting. In the new world to come, everybody’s ideal life will be chock full of both potential and happiness because it will be interesting. You are not necessarily going to have creature comforts or internet followers in your personal utopia, but you will be endlessly fascinated with what you have got. And guess what. To get all this interestingness, you actually do not have to spend any money. For that matter, the more money you have, the less interesting will be your life, since excess money will keep you stuck in that useless energy called self-indulgence.
But one problem still needs to be mentioned. Nobody will ever be able to create their own utopia without a little something happening first. This is that nuisance called an education. You cannot create anything unless you know something about human history, culture, aspirations, and–most especially–the products of the greatest human geniuses among us. In other words, you need to start paying attention to what Matthew Arnold recommends in 
Culture and Anarchy (1869), where he tells us that we should study “the best which has been thought and said in the world”, and he is dead right.[53]
Unfortunately the best that has been thought and said in the world is not something which anyone pays attention to these days in those collapsing institutions known as American schools and universities. So before we can talk about creating our own utopias, we first need to examine something which planet earth desperately needs:

A new kind of learning.

If there is any social manifestation around today which has hit the absolute nadir of meaninglessness, it is our American system of education. Our super-sensitized kids get only one thing in the classroom these days: toxic illusion. Their teachers dish out endless gobbledygook about separateness, hierarchy, competition, groupthink, manipulation, permanence, solidity, secularism, ego-gratification, resentment, victimhood, a cause for every effect, winning is the only thing, and the politicization of absolutely everything. You name the toxic energy, and I guarantee that American teachers are throwing it at your kids.
In short, what is happening in an American classroom is a garbage education, which is just as bad as the garbage food, garbage entertainment, and garbage social media which already blankets the country. Kids these days are completely lacking in both verbal and critical thinking skills–many of them are not even capable of conversing with other people since they can never quite verbalize what goes on inside of their heads. If you add to this all the crap that our educational institutions now wallow in (grade inflation, the end of academic freedom, excessive costs), what you have is nothing which even remotely resembles education. The graduates of this nothingness have no personality to speak of, are as boring as a beige carpet, and unable to appreciate anything in the universe except social media. What a way to live.

And most of our school teachers do nothing except compound the problem. Where is the teacher who can stand in a classroom and utter the words: 
the human race is one? Nowhere in the good old USA that I can see, especially since those five words would also mean kiss tenure goodbye. Such is life in that adult daycare establishment called American education, where the only thing that happens is that the little zombies remain completely ignorant of history, literature, science, spirituality, culture, and the good, the true, and the beautiful. As for that silly idea that the unexamined life is not worth living, nobody these days examines their lives about anything.
This is the main reason why many young people today are probably living the most meaningless and unhappy lives in human history. They are not getting any kind of worthwhile education–they are not even taught practical life skills in a classroom, such as understanding credit, interest rates, managing a mortgage, or basics like cooking and sewing. Of course not. Learning practicalities like this would make them self-reliant, which as far as our corporate Bigs are concerned is something that cannot be permitted. Meanwhile the single most valuable skill our kids can ever learn, namely learning how to interact with the Divine, is not only not being taught in our schools, it is never even mentioned. Separation of church and state, remember. There are no graduates of American education in the 21st century. There are only casualties who are not even minimally competent in anything worth knowing. I thought things were bad in the American schoolroom when I was a kid, but that was nothing compared to the horrific incompetence to be found at all levels of 21st century American education. So if you ask me, the people who are doing the most damage in our collapsing culture are our educators, and in particular those human nightmares called female Ph.D.’s. If these same educators do not like the preceding statement, they should go buy a deck of tarot cards and ask if they are actually doing some good in the world (I doubt that they will like their answer).

But I do believe that the problem is fixable. What our country needs is a complete makeover of all educational paradigms. Letting our oracles be our guides is the key to the new kind of education. So there is hope for the future. The way educational things are now are not the way they are always going to be. We should also remember that when late medieval Italian students stopped listening to the scholastic nonsense they were getting from their instructors, the glories of Renaissance were the result. The young people at the time began to realize that there were new and better ways to think and live. Boy, does this ever need to happen again, and the sooner the better.

At the moment, homeschooling is now a viable option, and smart parents are doing it. If these parents also realize that their children need to learn divination, prayer, meditation, and going with the natural flow of the universe, I guarantee that their kids will be happy and successful every day of their lives. And no, this does not mean they will be making a lot of money. What will happen is that their every thought and action will be radiant with Divine energy. If you ask me, this sounds a lot better than living out your life as a money-grubbing identity-politics snowflake. Of course, with the wrong kind of parent, homeschooling can create more problems that it might solve, but as long as everyone involved constantly consults their oracles about what their kids need to study, this is an educational paradigm which should work.
But that is the future, not the present. If you are currently a young person who is caught in the academic meat grinder and forced to listen to whatever kind of toxic illusions your instructors want to dish out, I suggest that you fake it. Just sit in your classroom and pretend that you are actually being persuaded by the nonsense you are listening to. And don’t be foolish enough to get a degree in what you now know to be a legacy field, such as that groupthink nonsense called gender studies. As far as advanced degrees are concerned, don’t even think about getting one in an area where there is no viable employment (in case you haven’t noticed, most doctorate degrees these days are completely worthless).
So here comes another absolutely essential use of an oracle: you need to ask (1) whether or not you should go to college, and (2) what kind of degree you should pursue. As always, the Divine knows better than you do, let alone your parents, your teachers, and your counselors.

All of which means that our disastrous education quagmire will not last forever. In the Aquarian future to come, education will be squarely based upon the Reality of our universe and the Divine energy which goes along with it. This is all that any kid really needs to learn, period. So no more boredom, misery, or meds in the classroom. No more useless energies spent trying to get motivated to study. No more graduating with thousands of dollars of debt. No more examinations, since kids will be so eager to study what they are best suited to learn that they will not have to be tested on them. Best of all, no more of that educational curse of our time, groupthink indoctrination.

But let me repeat an unhappy truth here. I am certain that the people who will be most furious about what I am saying in this book are the educators among us. No doubt about that, since of all the legacy morons paving the road to hell with good intentions, teachers are the worst. They will scream their heads off at any change in the current educational paradigm like you will not believe. So I am convinced that a new kind of education will be a long time coming.

But in a way this doesn’t matter. Each one of us can make our own efforts to learn something about the true Reality of our universe any time we like. There is no creating your own utopia without this knowledge. All of which means that if you want to live the best possible life at the present time, you need to turn yourself into an . . .


An autodidact is someone who is self-taught, and if it worked for (chosen at random) William Blake, Rabindranath Tagore, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, David Bowie, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Wilbur and Orville Wright, Charles Darwin, Eric Hoffer, Steve Jobs, Herman Hesse, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and George Washington, it can work for you. This is an impressive list, isn’t it? It means that some of the greatest people in history actually did not spend the better part of their youth going to school. They educated themselves.
If they could do it, anyone can–including you. You simply start learning what you can on your own. Don’t forget that education is not something that should happen only when you are young: it should be a lifelong experience. There is plenty of information on the internet these days about educating yourself. And the great masterpieces of world literature are online free for the asking. There are also reading groups you can join, and even free massive open online courses (MOOC) which you can take.[54] Your oracle will help you choose that which will do you the most good.

If you ask me, no matter how you want to earn your living as an adult, the aim of your education, whether institutional or self-taught, should be a broad knowledge of the humanities. This means that you must become familiar with the greatest creative works of human culture, the ones which have been produced by those men and women who have seen the Reality about our universe and who have managed to convey this Reality through their creative endeavors. What these visionaries produced continues to be of supreme value to each one of us, regardless of gender, race, or culture. When you make time to study them, they will expand your soul into the infinite.

The catch is that in our collapsing culture, probably 99% of what is currently trendy will not pass this test. Well, so what? What matters when you study the best that has been thought or said is that you will acquire what a good education should give you: wisdom. Once you start to acquire it, you might even manage to turn yourself into that interesting phenomenon known as a polymath, a person who knows a lot about many different subjects. Anyone can do this with enough curiosity and self-discipline.

If you do make the effort, you will quickly discover that being a lifelong learner is not a chore but a lot of fun. It can enrich your life in ways you never could have anticipated. But self-education means, quite simply, reading. Not surfing the net, not scrolling through your feeds, not staring at the Boob Tube, and not advertising yourself online. What matters is 
reading. Here I am talking about the deepest kind of reading, where you are not so much idly looking at the words on the page as much as you are absorbing every syllable and punctuation mark into your own being. Whenever I have discovered a genuinely thoughtful writer who has pondered deeply not just on their own experience but that of humanity as a whole, I always find myself moving into unexpected new ways of apprehending reality.
What is the act of reading a book anyway, but a dialogue of soul with soul? To come into contact with the treasures of a great mind can be one of the most transforming encounters you can experience. If you can start to perceive reality through the works of a truly supreme genius, he or she will transport you through a magic portal into an extraordinary new universe filled with meaning and truth. I have always pitied people who don’t know how to lose themselves in a good book. There is no better way to set your mind and spirit free.

So the best advice any young person can ever receive consists of one word: read. Books can change your life, expand your awareness, enrich your personality, give you a new sense of self, and liberate your soul like nothing else on earth. Maybe I have never been able to experience the world as John Keats experienced it, but the simple fact of being acquainted with his poetry and his letters has enriched the quality of my own existence. So maybe, just maybe, one of these days you should take a look at those things called books sometime. You will be glad you did.

* * *

This brings us to the next thing you need in your life if you want to create your own utopia, namely committing yourself to the idea of . . .


You will never be able to align your energies to the Aquarian energies which are starting to bombard the planet unless you are able to simplify your life as much as you can. Let us remember that Aquarius means airiness, transparency, electronics, mobility, freedom, philosophy, thinking, and communication. These are all types of high vibration activities in which that heavy Piscean energy called stuff will have no place. And where there is no stuff, there is little or no housework. One of my rules about life is that you should always do your chores before you allow yourself to sit down and relax, but this is easy when you can finish your chores in ten minutes.
All of which means that in the new world to come, people are going to start clearing the junk out of their domiciles and filling them with more intangible pleasures such as light, space, and music. This trend has already started to manifest in the tiny house movement and minimalist decor. In the future space and potential are going to matter more than possession. If you ask me, so averse are Aquarians going to be about owning stuff is that a good many of the younger ones will be perfectly contented living out of a backpack, which is what I would be doing if I were younger (and I am sure I would love every minute of it). When you are older, of course, you are entitled to possess a bit more, but only about as much as will fit into your car–if you have one. My favorite Latin saying is 
omnia mea mecum porto, which means all that I own I carry with me. This is the best possible way for an Aquarian to live.
But less also means more, as in more space and time. Let us not forget that on a metaphysical level time and space are the same thing, so the more space you have in your life, the more time you will experience (something to remember if you still think you do not have enough time to cook). Fortunately it is easy to bring new time and space into your existence though that energy called stufflessness. And stufflessness is yet another way to speed up your energies. Obsessing about materiality will always keep your energies stuck in your lower chakras.

As for decor, a good rule here is that you should never own or create anything unless it is an expression of spiritual energy. So go ahead and purchase some decorations for your domicile if you like, but make sure they have something spiritual about them. It is also huge fun to make mandalas for your domicile, as in dreamcatchers, round pillows, candles, crystal grids, doilies, ojos-de-dios, or carved suns and moons. All these spiritual circles are a perfect complement to your buddha bowl.

The energies of your handmade creations will constantly radiate harmonious blessings throughout your space. This way you can always find limitless riches even in the smallest of rooms. But if you do want to buy something which someone else has created, always buy from craftspeople or small businesses if you can. Mass production is yet another legacy energy.

But a good many of my readers are probably thinking that all this is as uninteresting as mud. If you get rid of a lot of your stuff, it will leave your life completely empty. Well, not quite. Nature hates a vacuum. If you have cleaned out all the physical detritus of your life, you now need to fill it up with something that will never be destroyed by hedonic adaptation. Here you need to pay attention to John Cowper Powys beautiful recommendation for the good life:

What could you do best, O youth, O maid, for the human race today? Simplify your individual life, until it becomes a microcosmic epitome of that far-off Golden Age! Simplify your desires till you enjoy with sacramental ecstasy every single physical sensation you have. Simplify your exactions from other personalities till you enjoy your loves without making all these self-pitying, whimpering, scolding, aggravating claims upon them.[55]

This is a perfect summary of the possibilities of simplifying your life. My own experience tells me that the simplest pleasures are always the most enjoyable, just as long as you experience them as intensely as possible. So in the Aquarian era to come, once you have simplified your life, then you should take care that every little thing you experience will fill you with intense delight, provide you with Divine revelations, and make your life more enjoyable and free.
But how can you acquire this kind of intensity? That’s easy. You need to learn how to increase your . . .

Powers of perception.

In other words, you have to know how to go on red alert to the world around you. When you become skilled at this, you can start to experience a deeper kind of seeing, hearing, and sensing. Everything which once seemed so ordinary in your existence will start to acquire fascinating new meaning. There is no creating your own utopia without this kind of deep perception.
Fortunately, anyone can train themselves to increase their powers of perception. All you have to do when you encounter something interesting is just let your mind go blank and concentrate on it as carefully as you can. There is no better way for you to savor your life moment by moment than this kind of intensive absorption. The more you practice it, the more your consciousness will expand and your environment will start to feel as though it is glowing.

Here is a summary about how to go on red alert to the universe around you: keep at your daily repetitive exercises (especially your mudras + angels), never forget that the present moment is the only Reality you will ever know, take pauses throughout the day when you let your mind go blank and just notice the world around you, and pay particular attention to the movement of natural energies such as running water, the wind in the trees, or the songs of the birds. Make sure you pay extra attention whenever something in your environment suddenly jumps out at you–which frequently means that it is a sign from the Divine.

All of which means that this kind of red-alert perception of the universe can be practiced into being by anyone, including you. Then you will be more than capable of William Blake’s recommendation to cleanse the doors of perception so that “every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.”[56]

When you do learn how to perceive the world around you as intensely as possible, you will quickly discover that every square inch of Planet Earth is as remarkable as anything you might find in Middle Earth or Shangri-la. This is otherwise known as getting high on life. In such a reality every kind of energy manifestation you encounter becomes so vivid that it takes on an incredible richness. Even better, as far as your own life is concerned, the challenges you face are easily solved, even the most trivial events turn into revelations, and you feel as though you are always walking through enchantment. Best of all, the reality of the spiritual side of existence becomes ever more apparent. All of which adds up to a truly new kind of consciousness. Drugs? Junk food? Who needs them? Here are more suggestions:

Simplify your perceptions. You should do your best not to take in everything you encounter but to concentrate your attention on one energy manifestation at a time. Once again, let me quote William Blake, who tells us in Jerusalem The Emanation of the Giant Albion (1804) that “Every Minute Particular is Holy”[57] and no truer words were ever spoken. This means that the sacred can most easily be found in the normal stuff which surrounds you in your life, which you usually take for granted. But you need to pay attention to what is small and usually overlooked, since these manifestations can give you the most incredible revelations. This means that if you have never paid much attention to a moonbeam, a bird in flight, a speck of dust, a lengthening shadow, a single snowflake, the iridescence to be found in a dewdrop, or the chirping of a cricket, you have never really lived.

Pay special attention to flowers. The greatest spiritual leaders in both East and West have always been associated with flowers, from the Buddha who held up a flower to symbolize his teaching, to the Hindu sages who spent hours contemplating the lotus, and the Sufi mystics who found the entire universe in a rose. In their harmonious movements and radiant beauty, everything about a flower seems to emanate the kind of joyous reality which is the heart of beauty. But mind you, do not ever pick (AKA murder) a flower that enchants you–just let it be.

Pay attention to vast particulars as well. As the mountains or the sea or anything which is awe-inspiring and stupendous. Manifestations such as these can blast you out of that ego of yours whenever you encounter them. So here is another reason for you to get outdoors as often as you can and take a look at whatever kind of natural enormity enriches your corner of the world, if only the sky above your head. The spiritual meaning you encounter will help to enrich your mind and lead you ever closer to the Divine.

Keep the drama in your life to a minimum. Any kind of emotional turmoil will drain your energies and shut down your powers of perception. So you should do your best to live the quietest possible life. Clear skies and calm seas might be a drag to the more shallow among us, but they are the greatest of all blessings, especially when they can help you perceive ever more manifestations of the Divine.

Be here now. Your perceptions will intensify if you start practicing that spiritual discipline called living in the present moment. Constantly bringing your consciousness back to the present is the best possible way to experience an especially intense delight in the world around you.

Keep a beginner’s mind. This is otherwise known as that Buddhist idea called shoshin. Having a beginner’s mind means that you simply treat everything you encounter as if it were the first energy manifestation of its kind you have ever experienced in your life, even if it is your five thousandth bowl of brown rice. If you constantly do this as you go through your days, the world around you will be continually reborn.

Cultivate your curiosity. In other words, ditch your preconceptions and treat everything you encounter as some kind of mystery, which, of course, it is. This holds true not just for natural manifestations, but new ideas as well. Yes, I know that to the electronically-sensitized this is scary, but it can be done. Eventually you will see how contemplating the perplexing or the mystifying can enrich your life.

Be expectant. In case you have never noticed, what usually manifests in your life is what you expect to happen. Henry David Thoreau tells us that: “In the long run, we find what we expect. We shall be fortunate then if we expect great things.”[58] So you need to start practicing his idea of the “thrilled and expectant mood”.[59] Start doing this, and you will inevitably discover that thrilling manifestations are everywhere in the universe around you.

Take things lightly. Lightly as in both weightlessness and illumination, which is guaranteed to produce a double whammy in your perceptions. You might even be able to achieve that wondrous ideal called sweetness and light, a British phrase describing a perfect state of being which has been around since the early 18th century.[60] When you bring this into your existence, any kind of darkness has no reality.

Allow for serendipity. As difficult as it is for the control freaks among us to understand, what happens unexpectedly in our lives is usually much more valuable for us than anything which is forced or planned. So forget about managing every minute of your existence and learn how to freely experience the universe. Or as the Lotus Sutra says: “Go through this world of illusion in free and easy wandering”.[61] The act of wandering, after all, is an experience of chaos, the importance of which should be obvious by now. There is also a lot to be said for empty time, idleness, and silence. Moments like these are when creative ideas start popping into your head, not when you try to force them into being.

Look for signs. It also helps to start watching out for the messages that the Divine and the angels are trying to convey to you. Granted you can get this kind of information from your oracular tool, but you can also receive signs from the Divine and the angels in many other ways. And believe it or not, you have already been getting these signs many times during your life even though you have probably never noticed. So you should start to pay attention whenever something in your line of vision jumps out at you. Or when you hear a song on the radio which immediately conveys new and incredible meaning. Or when you read some words that leap right off the page. Even the antics of a squirrel or the shape of a stone can be a revelation. You are getting a message, and you need to pay attention.

Watch out for transitional places or times. My experience tells me that intense perception comes most frequently in transitional spaces, where one elemental reality meets another, such as a seashore or the top of a mountain. Transitional times can also be especially inspirational, such as dawns, full moons, seasonal changes, and twilights. I am especially fond of twilight, that wondrous moment of every day when the world around me slowly dematerializes into darkness. At these times the sky takes on that most precious spiritual color, that of indigo. There is nothing like a gradual darkening of the world around us to turn even the most ordinary physical manifestation into a marvel of spiritual wonder. There is no better time for creative ideas to come than during these precious moments. I should be watching TV instead? Are you kidding?

Start paying attention to “empty” experiences. As in silence, darkness, eventlessness. You should never fear these experiences–instead you should welcome them as blessings which can stimulate your mind. After all, it is only out of the void that new form or pattern can manifest. So start making pauses in your life so you can experience a great big lot of nothing. Only then can you start experiencing what will inevitably manifest out of it. Because I guarantee that something will.

* * *

There is one particularly powerful energy manifestation which you should always pay attention to, namely that wonder of the universe called . . .

Natural light.

The glories of illumination will become ever more important as we move into the Aquarian era. Natural light is, after all, the primary way we can experience the presence of the Divine, as all mystics have sensed. This means that light can be one of the most important sources of joy in your life. Natural light can free you from the constraints of your own physical heaviness, keep you in the present moment, and increase your mental clarity like nothing else. The more natural light you pay attention to you as you go through your days, the happier and healthier you will be.
But mind you, I am talking about natural light, and nothing else but. As I have mentioned, human created illumination is usually a health disaster. This means that if you want to remain healthy, you should always let in as much natural light into your rooms as possible. It never ceases to amaze me that most Americans keep their blinds drawn at all times, thus shutting out all natural light as if it were some kind of horror. Talk another perfect recipe for endless feelbadness. We need to encounter sunlight, moonlight, and starlight every chance we get, or else our energies will be perpetually out of whack.

Here are some more suggestions about how you can increase your experiences of natural light:

Don’t just open your blinds–get outdoors as often as you can. If you make time to do this every day, you will be able to easily sense that you are flowing along with all the glory of the light you are now beholding.

Pay attention to the sky. Being a skywatcher is one of the best ways to perceive messages from the Divine. So you need to start paying attention to weather patterns and cloud formations, or the way the light illuminates your environment, or how the rain or snow falls out of the sky. You should make time to watch the other shining glories which illuminate the sky: the sun, the stars, and the moon, clouds and winds, sunrises and sunsets. Not that you should stare directly into the sun, of course, but you need to glut your eyes on how the sun illuminates the world around you, how it vitalizes the colors and the shapes you encounter, and how its energies can form the most dazzling contrasts and patterns. As for those glories known as moonlight and starlight, if these are not the ultimate beauties of the universe, I don’t know what is. Says the Greek dramatist Menander:

I hold him happiest who, before going quickly whence he came, Hath looked ungrieving on these majesties, the world-wide sun, the stars, waters and clouds and fire. Live, Parmeno, a hundred years or a few weeks, these thou wilt always see, and never, never, any greater thing.[62]

Pay especial attention to light reflected on water. The reflection of light on water, whether lake, river, mud puddle, or dewdrop, creates a very intense kind of enchantment. So grab every chance you get to observe some kind of sparkling water on a sunny day. Even if you still cannot yet perceive the angels around you, just seeing light sparkle on water is the best possible way to perceive the Divine.

Light a candle when you pray in the evenings. By now you should be setting aside time each evening for prayer, and it is always a good idea to light a candle when you do it. Then you need to contemplate the small flame as long as you can. If you get into the habit of doing this, you will pray more effectively and the presence of spiritual reality will grow ever more palpable. There is nothing like the light of a natural fire to generate new spiritual energy within.

Watch out for translucence. This is a special kind of light which very few of us ever notice but which is one of the marvels of the universe. Translucence happens when light is not just illuminating an energy field but is either going through it or radiating out from it. The more you encounter this kind of luminosity, the more wondrous the universe becomes, and the more intimations of immortality you can receive. Translucence is something which the human race has only rarely experienced in its history, but if you ask me, in a few decades it will be much more common. How would you like to eat an apple which is glowing from within? Or see your mate or your children as illuminated beings? I am convinced that by the end of the century, people’s ever greater powers of perception, plus their ever greater transparency, will mean that our exhausted old earth will be a wonderland of glowing energy forms. Colors will be more vivid and sounds more intense, especially since music is a kind of audible light. At the moment the wonders of such a radiant reality can only be barely imagined, but as we grow ever more transparent, they will be common to everyone. The future is not just going to be transparent–it will also be translucent.

Also pay attention to iridescence. This is that special kind of rainbow light which can be found in soap bubbles, butterfly wings, quartz crystals, peacock feathers, and seashells. Unexpectedly finding a miniature rainbow when you are not expecting it can give you an enormous high. But keep an eye out for the rainbows in the sky as well, including those rare phenomenons known as moonbows. Just another way to experience Divine energy, and the most beautiful one yet.

Don’t forget pearlescence. I used to think the biggest drags on planet earth were overcast days. The sky was an endless blank gray color, there would be no sign of the sun, and all you could see was grayness everywhere. But eventually I realized that these kinds of days had a special radiant pearl-like glow all their own, and now I enjoy them immensely. There is no such thing as unbeautiful light, not even on a dismal gray November day. So stop letting cloudy days depress you–start enjoying them for the wonders which they are.

* * *

These kinds of glowing lights bring us to the next blessing we can perceive as physicals, namely . . .


What’s that? You mean you have never paid much attention to anything in your life which you find to be beautiful? Well, even if you have never noticed it, the most delightful beauty can be found anywhere on our planet, even in that ordinary part of the world which you inhabit. Let us remember that beauty is as much a manifestation of Divine energy as any miracle you manage to co-create. Experiencing this beauty can give you a burst of some of the most intense happiness you can know in your life. In other words, when you notice something beautiful, you are blessed with yet another Divine miracle in your life.
But where is beauty? How can you find it? Purchase a new 
objet d’art for your living room? Read a fashion magazine? Visit an art museum? These suggestions might help, but there is a much easier way to discover it. Once again, just start intensifying your perceptions. You simply have to open your eyes, your ears, and the rest of your senses, and then: pow! You will inevitably start to experience something beautiful. What matters is that you need to start seeing the universe with the eyes of an artist or a poet. This can happen all the time if you learn how to go onto red alert to every energy manifestation you encounter. Then you are guaranteed to discover beauty with each breath you take.
And take my word for it, noticing beauty is an absolute necessity in your life. None other than Michelangelo tells us that there is actually a way for us physicals to get to heaven while we are still alive, as the last three lines of his Sonnet 39 indicate:

     I’ son colui che ne’ prim’anni tuoi

     gli occhi tuo infermi volsi alla beltate
     che dalla terra al ciel vivo conduce.

     I am the one who in your youth

     Turned your weak eyes to beauty
     Which leads you while still alive from earth to heaven.[63]

That’s right, just turn your weak eyes to beltate, and then zowie! You can get to heaven without having to die first! A very smart guy, that Michelangelo.
Here are some more suggestions which will help you discover what is most beautiful in your world:

The beauty of darkness. I have already mentioned the Aquarian necessity of light, but there is beauty in darkness as well. Vincent van Gogh tells us that “I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day,” and he is right.[64] This should tell you something about the splendor of darkness, where even a void can be beautiful.

The natural elements. You should also learn how to pay attention to the beauty of the natural elements which surround you whenever you go outdoors. Even in the most dismal of concrete jungles, elements such as clouds, rain, earth, wind, and the greenness of Mother Nature can dazzle you with beauty at every moment. If you suffer under the delusion that all you ever see when you go outdoors is nothing but gravel or traffic, you simply have to switch your focus. You will then start to experience endless revelations with every step you take.

Look for beauty in other unlikely places. You can also discover beauty in slowness, dreams, conversation, patience, mathematics, logic, or movement through space. That’s right, just going from one point to another can actually be a beautiful experience. In one way or another, each of these unexpected riches can be as enchanting as starlight before dawn.

Listen to music. Like Michelangelo, William Shakespeare also figured out how to get to heaven while he was still alive, and all he had to do was listen to music. Enchanting sounds can be as beautiful as anything we might encounter with our other senses, which means that you should do your best to pay attention to “sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not”.[65] So if you have never bothered to submerge yourself in the music you are hearing, now is the time to start. But don’t just listen to the sounds, start to live in them and let them take over your whole being, which is otherwise known as chilling out to the max. Non-vocal music always works best.

Learn to enjoy silence. This is the exact opposite of the previous recommendation, but it can also be richly rewarding. And yes, I know, most people are uncomfortable with silence since it seems like a whole lot of nothing. But like any other manifestation of emptiness, guess what can happen when there is nothing to experience except nothing. You got it.

The act of thinking can be a beautiful experience. Walter Pater tells us in Marius the Epicurean (1885) that:

. . . in vigorous intelligence, after all, divinity was most likely to be found a resident. With this was connected the feeling, increasing with his advance to manhood, of a poetic beauty in mere clearness of thought, the actually aesthetic charm of a cold austerity of mind; as if the kinship of that to the clearness of physical light were something more than a figure of speech.[66]

Here Pater connects beauty, poetry, clarity, thinking, light, and the Divine in one fell swoop. I think it makes perfect Aquarian sense. So if your mudras + angels are now delivering new delights to your mind, you will find great beauty just in thinking. If you ask me, plain old thinking will become one of the greatest of all Aquarian pleasures.

Don’t forget that thinking happens with words. Aquarians will be bestowing prime importance on those air energies called words, and the greatest words in any language have always been created by either poets or philosophers. So if you must read something, stick to the beauty to be found in poetry or philosophy. Especially philosophy. Stoic and Epicurean philosophy has helped me the most over the years, but you can also find richness in other great thinkers such as Patanjali, Dogen, Bodhidharma, Plato, Boethius, Montaigne, Emerson, Thoreau, and Bugs Bunny.

* * *

So far so good. Education, simplicity, perception, light, and beauty will help you create your ideal life. Here are more suggestions:

Understand that you are never alone in your utopia. The single most important aspect of your utopia will be the presence of the Divine. So you must start thinking of your utopia as not just your own personal retreat but as the residence of the Divine and your angels as well.

Memorize spiritual phrases, maxims, or poems so you can recite them to yourself whenever you like. These would include prayers, mantras, chants, and, needless to say, do some mudras while you are reciting your sacred words. No matter what your current problem, if you can start reciting a memorized poem or a prayer when you are upset, your negative emotions will evaporate.

Keep a journal. Your utopia will have a “physical” form if you start keeping a journal. My experience tells me that inspiration never comes as gigantic bursts–it comes piecemeal, at odd times, just little ideas that appear in your mind. So you need a way to jot down the various insights which come to you during your days. I also make it a point to record four kinds of experiences I have each day in my journal: what I am grateful for, any experience of beauty I have encountered, what has made me serene during the day, and what kind of spiritual insight I have experienced. Just writing something every day about these four simple energies can shift you into a whole new reality.
It also helps to learn calligraphy. Your journal will be even more helpful if you take the time to write your letters slowly and beautifully. Classic penmanship is yet another vital skill which is never taught these days in our educational hellhole, but it can be self-learned. Once you get the hang of it, calligraphy can turn into one of the most intense experiences of beauty you can have. There are plenty of online sites which can help you improve your handwriting.

Indulge in appreciation instead of ownership. This is easy enough to do: if you encounter an object in space which pleases you, you should simply be glad that it exists. In other words, forget about buying it–just spend a moment appreciating its beauty. You can do this with any kind of work of art, natural manifestation, object in space, or musical opus that you encounter: perceive it as intensely as you can and then move on. Do this, and the universe will keep providing you with ever more energy forms you can admire.

* * *

All of these suggestions will help you live your ideal life. But now we must discuss the single most important energy to be found in your utopia, since without it nothing else matters. Let me remind you that among the blessed beings residing on Mount Olympus were those inspirational goddesses called the Muses. When you are inspired, which is also known as being filled with spirit, I guarantee that the only thing you want to do in your utopia is what the Divine has been doing since the Big Bang . . .


If you have been going through your days thinking that you are living the emptiest possible existence, you need to realize that emptiness is always some kind of potential. It is the realm of possibility out of which new form or pattern can manifest. This means that emptiness can be the greatest benefit in your life since it can help you create marvelous new manifestations of pattern, form, sound, color, or even new software. If you ask me create is the most sacred word in the English language, since when you do it, you can live like a god. I have already explained how you can start eating like a god; now I get to tell you how you can start living like one as well. Not necessarily God with a capital “G”, but at least like the deities residing on Mount Olympus, who have presented us mortals with a vision of earthly beatitude for several millennia now. Epicurus tells us that the aim of his philosophy is nothing less than this kind of ideal life.
If you ask me, the best adventure anyone can have in their life is that spiritual adventure known as creativity. When you bring this particular energy into your life, it means that you do not have to go anywhere, buy anything, scroll through anything, or watch anything to have fun. You simply have to start practicing that bliss called 
making or inventing. Then you will start living a life that is spiritual, joyful, and beautiful, and you do not need a lot of money to do it. The ultimate high is not the runner’s high, nor the drug high, nor the celebrity/power/money/fame high. It is the creator’s high. If you start devoting your energies to creation, you really will be living on Mt. Olympus, even though you might actually be residing in Farmersville, Missouri. Only when you can bring form or pattern into manifestation can you truly live. There is no kind of utopia unless it is constantly filled with the energies of creation.
Let us examine the word 
create. The word is descended from the ancient Proto-Indo-European word rta, which refers to both the Divine as well as Divine energy. Rta is the ancestor of many contemporary words, including karmadharmaharmonyartcreate, and ritual. Once upon a time all these very different terms meant the same thing: Divine energy. Whenever ancient people created art or music, ritualized their existence, or tried to live in harmony with cosmic law (which is also known as practicing the dharma), they were filling themselves with the energies of the Divine. That pleasant little something called recreation is also a rta word, which in its original meaning meant not just leisure or amusement, but repetitive creation. Like all other Divine energies, whenever you practice any of these rta words, they are yet another way you can speed up your vibes. If there is one word which should command your life, rta is it.
All of which means that being creative is an utter necessity in your life. But mind you, this does not necessarily mean creating art, drama, music, or new software. You can be creative in the way you arrange your domicile, cook your food, make your clothes, grow food in your garden, or sing your songs. Don’t forget that you can always find ways to create assistance for your brothers and sisters in the Net. This last will be the best possible kind of creativity in the Aquarian world to come.

One of the strongest messages I have received from the Great Beyond is that being creative is what the Divine wants each and every one of us to do during our pilgrimages on this earth, especially since all human creativity is also Divinely inspired co-creativity. We need to do more than co-create our own miracles–we also need to co-create as much of our culture and our society as we can. So you should always be on the lookout for any chance you get to bring form out of chaos. But you do need to make sure, of course, that the creations you bring forth are aligned with the natural flow of the universe. As for boredom, it never happens when you are being creative. Even if all the creating you ever do is jotting down notes in your journal, this is still creation and will bestow upon you a full blast of Divine energy.

But you don’t think that you have any creative talents? You had better think again. Each of us possesses a skill for bringing some kind of form into manifestation, even if we do not initially realize where our true talents lie. Your oracle can help you with that. The fact that millions of us humans are currently engaged in creative activities, especially in the tech world, is one of the few positive aspects of our present cultural moment.

So try to imagine a world where all 8 billion of us were creators instead of wage/debt slaves. Then start telling yourself that this is the inevitable future of the human race. Impossible, you say? You are underestimating the Aquarian energies to come. In a few more decades we will all be living in Plato’s garden of the muses, and we will love every minute of it.

So if you are constantly going through life feeling frustrated and bored, learning how to create is the cure. Don’t forget that potential is never boring, and the creative potential for the entire human race at this moment in history is stupendous. Of course the Bigs among us will inevitably try to stop this potential any way they can, but that is an exercise in futility if there ever was one.

At the moment of course, the most celebrated creators among us continue to be mired in lifeless decadence. One of the dreariest of contemporary illusions is the idea that even if you are smothered in toxic illusions, you can still be a great and authentic genius. And whatever a genius does is always okay, since they are geniuses. Even if the genius is a human monster who wrecks the lives of all the people around him or her.

Well, there is not a trace of truth in this nonsense. If you show me a completely toxic human being, the one lost in greed, coercion, groupthink, or hierarchical energies, I will show you a talentless zero. Truly great geniuses such as Claude Monet or George Gershwin were always able to transmute their perceptions into creations that give off such a serene feeling of spaciousness, such intense alertness, and such exhilarating joyousness that they constantly give you a sense of spiritual liberation. Nothing else ever happens when you are able to convey Divine energy.

So you must accept the fact that the most brilliant artistic achievements are always Divinely inspired, and this is, quite simply, what makes them great. Those birdbrained morons who think that art should be secular are in denial about the true nature of human talent–and they never seem to produce anything except what is currently trendy (which at the moment are those bug-eyed cuties to be found everywhere in visual art these days). Whenever a supreme artistic genius is able to render a vision of the universe that is coherent, vivid, and disciplined, something spiritual is being communicated. It can be communicated through a massive mural or the smallest lyric poem.

This and this alone is what makes for human genius. And this is what is worth getting from another human being–their own personal spiritual revelations. I am reminded of the man who went to hear Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony for the first time and later said that he could not find his head. The music had zapped him on some kind of spiritual level as it does to everyone, although it is an exercise in futility to explain in words what the music does to you. But whenever you encounter a great work of art, something can happen to knock you out of space and time and into the realm of the spirit. Art for art’s sake is nice, but the greatest art always has one effect only, namely that of spiritual regeneration.
 All of which means that groupthinkers with an agenda do not create great art. Their writing is as lifeless as an IRS publication. Should they try to create something visual, they end up producing only “socialist realism” or Nazi poster propaganda. Exactly what the world does not need any more of.
So if you want to be a successful creator, here are suggestions about doing it:

At all times remember that you are working with Divine energy. You must always do your best to go with the natural flow, stay focused on universal interconnection and equality, avoid any kind of toxic artificiality, and constantly evoke Divine presence in everything you do.

You can make more than you realize. As a victim of Big Advertising, you probably think that you cannot create most of what you need to survive, but this is nonsense. Once you get the hang of it, you will discover that not only can you grow your own food and plants like bamboo, cotton, and hemp for your fabric, you can also make carpets, furniture, tools, and paper. Granted you cannot make everything you need, but you can at least make some of it, and this is what counts. So just go ahead and start doing it, and have fun driving corporate America right up the wall by depriving them of your money.

Listen to music while you work. I once spent a horrible two hours in the seating area of a coffeehouse chain, which is somehow supposed to be a hip environment where the cool kids hang out. But I experienced nothing but unendurable racket, defrosted garbage pastries, and undrinkable coffee. At the next table were two young women who were diligently working at their laptops, or at least trying to, since I cannot imagine how they could produce anything of value in such a noisy hellhole. But they had been brainwashed into thinking that a coffeehouse setting was somehow conducive to their creative endeavors. Well, talk about the ultimate imbecility. You will never be able to create anything of value unless you are blessed with either silence or some pleasant harmonious sounds, as in classical or ambient music. If you try being creative while listening to discordant noise, it will knock your inspiration right out of your skull. You want to be inspired by the muses? Music will do it.

When inspiration happens . . . just let it happen. In other words, don’t strain after the right words–let your poem write itself. Don’t agonize over a particular color–let your painting form itself. Ditto for drawing, carving, photography, software development, or any other kind of creating. There is no better way to keep your ego out of what you are creating than by letting forms or patterns spontaneously manifest.

Go to bed early so you can get up early. This is especially important if you are working a day job or have a family. The dawn’s early light is probably the only time you will have the space and silence to be creative. Of course, going to bed early means you will have to give up your evening Boob Tube wallow, but by now you are probably rejoicing at the thought.

Make sure you stay free. As in free of debt, stuff, entanglements, and toxic relationships. John Stuart Mill is right when he tells us in On Liberty (1859): “Genius can only breathe freely in an atmosphere of freedom”. [67] In other words, free yourself from all the current toxic trends which are doing nothing but destroying you and continue with your wandering. You will be glad you did.

Practice daily rituals. All great creators have one thing in common: they arrange their lives so that they can follow a consistent schedule and thus create as much as possible. So develop a schedule that works for you, and stick with it.

Stay disciplined. Talent without self-discipline is valueless. Unfortunately self-discipline is a non-existent energy for the snowflakes among us. But learning how to discipline yourself should be obvious by now: ask and give permission for this particular quality to manifest in your life. Soon you probably will not remember what it was like to be lazy or unmotivated.

If you are a visual artist, go with the visionary. If you ask me, the only visual art worth paying attention to here in the 21st century is visionary art, where, with computer assistance, the artist does his or her best to convey a sense of the spiritual energies behind the physical. These kinds of artists are coming up with ever more incredible visual patterns of harmony, balance, and interconnectedness, which previous generations could never have imagined. Visionary art will truly help us all transition into the new world which is coming.

Constantly work with your oracle. Never forget that your oracle will keep you on the right track about your creative endeavors. All you have to do is ask your oracle whether the creative effort you are envisioning is aligned to the natural flow of the universe. Then you can easily judge whether or not it will be worthwhile.

Learn to understand and appreciate that wonderful something called Divine grace. The ultimate blessing of the Divine is not successful creation. It is that ancient spiritual concept called grace. The more you create, the more likely you will be to experience this particular energy, which is nothing less than the ultimate blessing we mortals can ever receive.
Grace has been defined as the kind of Divine assistance which is spontaneously given humans for their regeneration or sanctification. And the idea of grace is not unique to Christian culture: it is known in the Hindu tradition as 
kripa and as fadl in Islam. Regardless of their spiritual background, most people like the idea of Divine grace–it is no mystery that Amazing Grace (1779) by John Newton is one of the world’s most popular hymns. The best blessing you can ever receive in your life is not a huge pile of money. It is that wonder called Divine grace.
The as-usual catch is that grace is a gift from the Divine which can never be manipulated into being. It only happens when the Divine elects to bestow it . . . spontaneously.

Scream. Fury. Resentment. If ever there was anything which might drive a practical human being to insanity, this is it. If the blessing of Divine grace is so fabulously wonderful, we should be able to get it into our lives when we start doing our best to jettison our negative energies, right? Alas, it doesn’t happen like that.

And if this weren’t bad enough, here comes something worse: it is only with the blessings of Divine grace that you can eliminate your bad karma. If after reading this book, you now realize that you have been putting out plenty of negative energy over the years, you will naturally want to do something about it. You will want to wipe away the energies which you now regret in your life, those times when you were greedy, dishonest, groupthinkist, or bad-tempered. Nobody wants to be clobbered by a long-overdue Cosmic Boomerang, even when they know that they have got it coming.

Alas, there is no such thing as a successful Five Year Karmic Erasure Plan. It is true that if you start to work with the divination and exercise techniques I have discussed in this book, they will change your energies for the better. However, there is nothing you can do to 
force bad karma out of your energy field, let along bring Divine grace into your life. And the latter is the only kind of energy which will get you out of your worst messes, up to and including the most disastrous kinds of health or addiction problems.
But even though you cannot force Divine grace to appear in your life, you can at least open a door to its possibility. This is not everything, but it is something. At all times in your life it is within your power to generate the next closest thing to grace, namely 
gratitude. Gratitude is one of the few of our human emotions which contains 100% positive energy. It is also interesting to discover that the word gratitude comes from the same Proto-Indo-European root which is the ancestor of the word grace: gwere, which means to favor. Well, since grace and gratitude descend from the same word, could we say that maybe, just maybe, Divine grace might actually start manifesting in your life when you do the gratitude?

* * *

One more note about creating your utopia:

End it with Big Entertainment.

If you truly want an ideal life, that tedious nonsense called entertainment has got to go. Too many people these days are helplessly addicted to watching other people living more interesting lives than they do. Whether you live in a basement apartment in Omaha or a forty-room mansion in Santa Barbara, you absolutely have to stare at entertainment videos several hours every day, or else you go totally nuts.
Ah, yes–those fascinating pixel people. They have adventures in their lives. They have lots of money and can buy expensive stuff. They have attractive families and friends who say amusing things (the canned laughter assures us of that). They don’t have to deal with car repairmen or clogged drains. Each day brings a new adventure, and the adventures always turn out right at the end. Best of all, they never sit around staring at their own flat screens the way you do. As for you, poor sap that you are, your life is absolutely unendurable unless you glue your eyeballs to some kind of electronic screen and constantly observe somebody else’s more wondrous existence.

This is nothing new in human history. Homer’s 
Iliad and Odyssey must have provided a lot of vicarious excitement in remote antiquity. In more recent times popular novels have always given us characters who have to struggle through adversity before they (usually) triumph at the end. Getting knocked out of your humdrum existence by thinking about someone else’s more interesting life is a very natural human tendency, and I occasionally indulge in it myself. Without this momentary escape, the lives of most of us would be intolerable.
But what Big Entertainment produces these days is soul-crushing. Like that plague called social media, American show biz leaves most people utterly dissatisfied with their own lives. What is even worse is that the entertainment industry has collapsed into meaninglessness more completely than any other artistic form in our culture. Hollywood honchos have run out of ideas, and they offer little more than remakes of remakes of remakes, most of which are impossible CGI drivel. Well, being addicted to this kind of garbage is as bad as it gets. It is nothing more than an enormous waste of time and energy. If you really want to have fun in your own utopia, stop it with Big Entertainment.

But that would mean a complete collapse into a black hole of boring! Who cares if all videos these days are garbage? Life without them would be as flat as macaroni and cheese! We absolutely cannot live without our videos! We would be bored out of our skulls every second of every day!

Is that so? Do you think that the Cumean Sybil or the Prophet Jeremiah were ever bored? Don’t be silly. When you start letting Divine energy permeate your entire being, trying to watch any kind of us-against-them stuff is hell on earth. What you want to do is turn your attention to anything that enhances the experience of Divine energy: interacting with sympathetic friends or family, getting out into Mother Nature, finding beauty everywhere you look, being sound in mind and in body, appreciating the richness of human talent over the centuries, letting harmonious sounds penetrate your energy field at a cellular level, or just learning and creating. If you combine the last two energies with the great Aquarian social reality to come, that of helping, you will be living the best possible life.

Besides, the next time you find yourself staring at the latest Hollywood drivel, you might want to remember that you are not alone in the room as you do it. Your companion spirit and your angels are right there with you. Mind you, they are not enjoying watching your garbage videos any more than they enjoy watching you swallow garbage food. Do you really want to inflict Hollywood excrescences on your spiritual helpers? Why don’t you turn the damn screen off and read a book? Listen to Louis Armstrong? Crochet a sweater? Practice your calligraphy? Your spiritual companions will love you for it.

Besides, it really is possible to free yourself from your video addiction any time you like. Guess what kind of prayer you need to start uttering. Guess what kind of a prayer everybody will be uttering in the next few years. This guarantees that the most repellent of our Big Entertainment conglomerates will eventually nosedive into Chapter 11, which is exactly where they belong. That’s right, in the new world to come, Hollywood is going to implode, and the sooner the better. Goodbye and good riddance.

Recommended Prayers.

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me:

 establish my own utopia and find it to be a blast. And I thank you.

 learn to love mental pleasures as the best pleasures which exist. And I thank you.

 jettison my excess belongings so I can move into that free space called simplicity. And I thank you.

 increase my perceptive powers. And I thank you.

 start noticing and appreciating all the miraculous forms of light in the universe. And I thank you.

 identify the best possible way for me to be creative, so I can direct all my energies to the area(s) where my talents will be most effective. And I thank you.

 make my desire to create become the strongest desire I have. And I thank you.

 end it with corporate entertainment forever. And I thank you.

* * *

So there you have it. How to live happily ever after in your own utopia. A way to create an ideal life where you can start doing what the Divine does: bring form and pattern into manifestation. No more buy something and be happy. Now it will be learn, create, and help to be happy. So give some of these suggestions a try. You will be glad you did. The rejoicing may now commence.
But . . . I can just imagine what my readers are thinking now: All right, I’ve just gone outdoors to stare at the lawn. Now you expect me to do what exactly? Start writing 
Leaves of Grass, Part II?
Yeah, I know. Headache time. It is true that you can find your lawn to be beautiful, and you might even try to stare at it as long as possible to see if inspiration comes, but let’s face it, that bunch of grass will probably seem as meaningless as your daily commute to work. In other words, creativity born out of intense perception is not enough to make for a successful utopia. At this point, most of my readers are probably still stuck in their stagnant lives, and there does not seem to be any way out of it.

I am also aware that at least initially, many people reading this book are not about to make an effort to be creative. It is hard work, after all. But if you just start doing something, anything, besides staring for hours at a certain Idiot Box, you will eventually discover that the sky is the limit, and you can retreat into your utopia any time you like.
But there is one new catch. Creativity might be the ultimate of human delights, but it is a solitary experience. And nobody wants to live out their lives in solitude, no matter how blissful their own utopia might be. We all need interactions with our fellow human beings in order to remain happy and healthy. This brings us to the next aspect of the Aquarian reality to come . . .

Chapter 10. New Kinds of Relationships.

Like everything else in our collapsing culture, personal relationships are no longer working the way they are supposed to. Whether the relationship is marriage, parenting, or even just simple friendship, what was once known as reasonable personal interaction is seldom to be found. This especially holds true for that once workable partnership called marriage. It is true that millions of people all over the world continue to tie the knot, but planetary divorce rates are skyrocketing. There is no hell on earth like a bad relationship between partners, and this kind of disaster is found all over the planet these days.
It is made worse because we live in a planetary culture where everything is sexualized. At this point in human history, the lower chakra energies of most members of the human race have gone into overdrive. This is yet another byproduct of our electronic sensitization and the terrors it creates. When people are perpetually scared, most of their energies are concentrated in their lower chakras, the ones concerned with physical survival. Our upper chakras can give us not only an understanding of the Reality of our universe but a relationship with the Divine, but they are not very active in most people at the moment. So countless millions in our contemporary world succumb again and again to their most primitive urges. We do not have sexual freedom here on our third rock. We have desperately terrified snowflakes who are enslaved to their most animalistic impulses thanks to their ever-increasing electronic sensitization.

That phenomenon called online dating has helped to contribute to this disaster. In today’s interconnected world, single people suffer under the delusion that they can pick and choose among thousands of possible mates. But given the enormous narcissistic energies in which most snowflakes indulge these days, they are quickly dissatisfied even when they find someone compatible. Going back online will persuade them that there is always a better partner out there somewhere. Single women in particular seem to believe that there is a never ending supply of charming millionaires with blue-green eyes who are just waiting to scoop them up, hand them plenty of money, and solve all their problems.
Mind you, the eyes of the paragon to come are not just blue–they have to be blue-green. Just rub Aladdin’s magic lamp, which is also known as signing up for online dating, and presto! There he is! And he will immediately bestow upon you a diamond the size of a potato!

People who subscribe to these delusions are also enamored of that ego nonsense called validation. They want to collect online LIKES the way their more greedy friends want to collect money. If you start getting dozens or even hundreds of LIKES whenever you describe yourself online, this can matter much more than finding a living human being with whom you can share your life. After all, it is so nice to be told by complete strangers that you are just totally hawt! Who needs a partner when you are faaamous?

Well, if you ask me, there is no practical reason for an online dating platform to allow its patrons to click a LIKE, but let us remember that the honchos of Big Dating do not want their customers to find the love of their life. They want them to be single and searching forever so their profits will always be so very pleasant.

In the meantime, only the tiniest percentage of us humans manage to find the right partner these days. As for the rest of us, people all over the world are constantly making disastrously bad decisions about their most important relationship. What is even worse is that we seldom see true monogamy any longer. Marriage these days is a kind of soft polygamy where relationships might last a few years but seldom for an entire lifetime. Nobody is willing to commit for better or worse any longer. It is as easy as getting government benefits to walk out of a marriage, especially for women.

If you ask me, there is one main reason for the collapse of what used to be workable marriages: that supremacist ideology called feminism, which I have already discussed. Fortunately in the new world to come the baneful influence of this particular idiocy, plus the hook-up culture it has generated, is going to vanish more quickly than diet sodas. A huge improvement in personal relationships is about to start manifesting. Let us now examine a new kind of until death do us part, which we may as well call . . .

Aquarian marriage.

We have now arrived at yet another very important reason why you should make regular oracular consultation an integral part of your existence: choosing the right partner. So don’t think for one minute that you are capable of making a good choice on your own. You will not be able to manage it any more than you can rationally choose what foods you should consume. Nor can your parents choose your mate for you. Let us remember that throughout most of human history, only the mother and father (and usually the father) had the right to pick their children’s partners. Sometimes this worked, but in many cases parental tyranny turned to disaster, as Romeo and Juliet can tell you. Well, by the 19th century, at least in the West, the kids finally got to choose their own mates, and for a while it was a good idea. But not at the moment, when that horror called social media has brought about a world-wide relationship collapse.
Well, in the Aquarian era to come, things will definitely change for the better. People will finally understand that it is only the Divine who can lead them to their right partner. This means that for the first time in human history, huge numbers of people all over the world will be able to live happily ever after with their soulmates. At the moment, when people advertise online for partners, they tend to list all the qualities they want to find in an ideal mate, such as a nice personality, sound financial sense, a willingness to commit, and so on. Well, these qualities are fine and good, but at bottom there is only one thing that will count in the Aquarian relationships to come: a spiritual union between soul and soul. Then everything else will fall into place.

So if you have been persuaded by the arguments in this book and have learned how to work with an oracle, from now on you do not at any time, nor for any reason, nor under any circumstances, get physically or emotionally involved with another human being without oracular approval. And yes, I know that this recommendation is probably the most horrendously difficult advice I am dishing out, especially if your lower chakras are screaming for sexual union with a person whom your oracle says is not right for you.

But if you want to experience the incredible blessings of an Aquarian spiritual union, you will accept my advice. What I am saying here is that smart people in the future will hang on to their virginity until their right partner comes into their life. Then it will be a case of two virgins getting married and living happily ever after.

Honey, you are out of your mind! How can anybody survive high school without a girl or boyfriend? How can a young man or woman experience life to the fullest without multiple sexual encounters? Totally everybody knows that if you don’t have plenty of sexual experiences during your life, you will never be happy! You will have missed out on everything that matters! You will be stuck with just one person from maybe age twenty to age ninety, and how appalling is that?

Well, let me explain something to you: 
sex is not the red hot center of the universe. Of course it seems to be like that at the moment, but as I have stated, this is only because the planet’s electronically-sensitized snowflakes are going through their lives tyrannized by their lower chakras. Mother Nature is telling these poor terrified souls to mate, to reproduce, to hook up with whomever they can in order to save the species. If you are currently obsessed with sex, and you probably are, it is only because your energies have congealed in the reproductive area of your body. In other words, your sex obsession is nothing but a temporary phase being generated by electronic sensitization.
And like every other toxicity in our collapsing culture, this tendency will not last forever. When people can start accessing Divine guidance and assistance, thus giving more energy to their upper chakras, the current planetary obsession with sex will simply evaporate. Which is all for the best. Random sex can create tremendous problems in people’s lives. We live in a world filled with unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

So if you are stupid enough to think that any kind of non-soulmate sexual encounter is okay, you had better think again. This most especially includes that reprehensible guy thing called pump and dump, which is as repellent as the girl thing called gold digging. Tremendously bad Cosmic Boomerangs for everyone involved.

All of which means that in the Aquarian era to come, what you and everyone else will want is the one single mate who is perfect for you–and no one else. Besides, it will help if you can understand what kind of relationship this would be. There would never be any kind of ego-based power plays or selfish desires. Dishonesty could not happen since everything would be transparent. At all times, the highest priority of each partner would be to ensure the comfort and the well-being of the other, instead of scrambling after what important-little-me wants. It would be a union not just of partners but of two sentient beings in the Net, both of whom recognize that their own well-being can only happen when they constantly live and breathe the unity and the equality of the universe. Such a relationship would be the ultimate in earthly bliss. Living out your life like this in the Aquarian era is literally the only way that future marriages will work. If this isn’t an improvement over the soft polygamy which infects the planet at the moment, I don’t know what is.

But don’t forget that all human interactions need constant attention. In the new world to come, the Divine will be able to lead you to your perfect partner, but, as usual, you must do everything you can to co-create a successful relationship. Sharing your life with your soulmate does not mean that there will be no problems or no arguments. However, as long as both of you are doing your best to co-create the best possible life, and constantly turn to the Divine for guidance about your most important issues, your relationship will be a source of joy to you both.

This kind of relationship will be absolutely unprecedented. No longer will your hormones or your excessive emotionalism lead you into personal or financial disaster. No longer will you have to hang out in meat markets, post phony photographs of yourself online, or play the hookup game. You will simply consult your oracle about each and every possible mate you encounter, and eventually you will probably be able to zero in on the right one. Perhaps this kind of relationship will resemble the angelic unions John Milton describes in Book VIII of 
Paradise Lost (1667):

     Easier than air with air, if Spirits embrace,

     Total they mix, union of pure with pure
     Desiring, nor restrained conveyance need,
     As flesh to mix with flesh, or soul with soul.[68]

If you ask me this sounds much better than the meat market minefield we have got at the moment.

* * *

But another change is coming in the new Aquarian era, which will also make future partnerships unprecedented. Believe it or not, what is coming is nothing less than . . .

The end of gender.

It has not escaped my notice that gender obsessions smother the planet these days, as that nonsense called feminism can tell you. We live in a world where it really really really matters whether you are a man or a woman, or gay, or trans, or bi, or cis, or pan, or who knows what else. Gender classification is how most people these days define themselves. Nothing else seems to matter.
Well, all this is going to evaporate in the Aquarian era to come, when the only gender reality will be that of genderlessness. Let us remember that gender is nothing but yet another form of groupthink, and all groupthink is toxic. So nobody is going to pay much attention to it in the years to come. Besides, are you aware that the symbol for Aquarius is neither male nor female? When this entity starts ruling the sky, no longer will people groupthink themselves into some kind of sexual identity, which is an exercise in futility if there ever was one. The biggest non-issue in the interconnected and egalitarian world to come will be that of gender, unless it is also race.

But how can that be possible? Well, when you make one of your prime goals in life to become a sentient beingist, you realize that you must do your best to balance both the male and the female energies within you. When future humans can unite the more logical, active, and masculine aspects of their being with their more receptive and passive female aspects, they will start going through their lives with an unprecedented sense of balance and harmony, and this will be the only gender identity they will ever need.

In other words, if you want to be a successful human being in the Aquarian era, you should stop thinking of yourself as a man or a woman and, once again, think sentient being. Don’t forget that the Divine has no gender, and neither do the angels. And in spite of our temporary houses of clay, neither do we human entities, as we have experienced incarnations in both sexes many times over the centuries.

Besides, there are many precedents in human history for this kind of mindset. You can find both male and female energies in the greatest artists and writers, and most especially in Shakespeare. His ability to create vivid female characters must have come from the distinctly feminine energies he had within. And the greatest of all female creators, such as Emily Brontë, were able to create believable male characters thanks to their own inner sense of masculinity.

Wouldn’t you like to go through life with the same kind of inner energies as Shakespeare and Brontë possessed? All you have to do is what I have already mentioned: balance the energies of your yin and yang, your chakras, and your four elements within you. When you start to go through life with this kind of equilibrium, your 
ka/pneuma/prana/qi/lung/élan vital will start flourishing to its utmost. The only reality you will then experience is the kind of inner music which reflects the oneness and the equality of the universe. If you are able to achieve this kind of balance, you should be able to live out your life in a state of harmony without ever caring whether you are a man or a woman.
But you are telling me that you find all this to be unbelievable? May I remind you that both men and women all over the world today have started to dress in the same planetary uniform (t-shirts and jeans). No more gender groupthink as far as the Aquarian rag trade is concerned. Good riddance. This is something which has just sort of happened . . . spontaneously, and if that isn’t a message from the Divine about the non-importance of gender I don’t know what is. We are one in the One.

So the last thing future Aquarians are going to pay attention to is gender. What will matter instead will be finding and living out your life with the one person who is perfect for you. If you have been doing your best to create the kind of inner balance I have been recommending, as well as make yourself happy in your own utopia, it is time for you to ditch your gender obsessions and set off to

Find your soulmate.

What is a soulmate? Well, Plato’s description in his Symposium (fourth century BCE) makes perfect sense: our soulmates are beings who already have some connection to us since they are the missing halves of our physical beings.[69] So during our current incarnation we need to search out our missing half and establish a relationship with him or her if we can manage it. Here are some suggestions about how you will be able to find the right person:

Forget about dating. The idea that you can find your partner by dating is just another idiot theory which does not work. Indeed it is no exaggeration to say that of all the failed paradigms which continue to blight the planet, the nonsense called experimental dating is the absolute worst. All of the broken relationships and marriages which this toxic pastime have produced should tell you that. What is even worse is that dating has become not just a partner-seeking activity but a recreational one as well, especially for those dopey women who think that getting a free meal is okay karma. Well, this is as legacy as it gets. If you want to go out and have some fun, do it with your buddies or your girlfriends, and keep the romance or the sex out of it. As far as finding your right mate is concerned, you will simply let your oracle help you.

Forget the nonsense that social media will hand you the right partner. One of the biggest con jobs in the history of the human race is the fantasy that if you advertise yourself online, and display hundreds if not thousands of photos of your own wonderful self, money, celebrity, and–best of all–the right high value partner will come into your life. Yeah, all that vanity of social media glory will really deliver the perfect person to your life, as well as your well-deserved happy-ever-after! Well, not quite. No way are you going to find a soulmate by uploading fake pictures of yourself to the internet (and the vast majority of social media photos are as phony as a seven dollar bill). How to free yourself from that toxicity called social media is a subject to be discussed.

Follow all my previous recommendations about daily repetitive exercise, both physical and spiritual. If you truly want an Aquarian soulmate relationship, you can help the process along by doing all of the daily repetitive exercises I have already mentioned. If you are curious about what mudra would be the best to strengthen your inner balance, the Anjali (prayer) mudra wins out. There is nothing like pressing your hands together to balance out your left brain and right brain, your yin and your yang, your male and female energies within. And if you still have not learned taijiquan, do it now. One of the greatest benefits of this particular exercise is that the movements cannot be classified as either male or female, but doing them in a gentle flowing motion brings them into balance.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the tendencies of either one gender or the other. You need perpetual transformations as you go through your life, or else you will never be healthy or happy. So while a sense of inner balance is your goal, there will be periods in your life when your receptive energies will predominate, or other periods when you are more active or creative. Your constant movement between both your masculine and feminine tendencies should last your whole life. Only then will you be true to the Reality of the universe and its perpetual transformation, not to mention find your soulmate.

What about the gender of your soulmate? I do not think that it matters in the slightest what gender your eventual soulmate will possess, which is something that my oracle has confirmed. Your relationship with your soulmate will be much more spiritual than physical, remember. What counts is living out your life in harmony with the one person currently renting an earthly house of clay who is perfect for you. So same-sex unions will continue to exist in the future, which is all for the best.

Accept the fact that the energies of your future soulmate partnership have got to be absolutely reciprocal, with both partners giving and receiving equal amounts of energy. Don’t forget that your soulmate is also going to be your brother or sister in the Net, so his or her well-being should matter to you as much as your own. Once again, the Golden Rule will reign supreme: do as you would be done by. This especially means that if you are a woman, you should never expect your partner to hand money over to you whenever you demand it. Of course at the moment most women want the guy to give much more that he will ever take, while the high and mighty female never has to lift a finger to reciprocate. Lots of luck if you subscribe to this idiocy.

Take some necessary self-improvement steps before you start looking for your mate. No matter how long you have been working on yourself, there is always room for improvement in your life. If you want to find your soulmate, you definitely need to be a person who is self-disciplined, self-sufficient, self-aware, and going with the natural flow of the universe. If at the moment you are financially irresponsible, untidy, overly emotional, uneducated, dependent on externals for your happiness, mired in bad mental or physical habits, or trying to establish a business or a career, you probably need to wait. You do not want to meet your soulmate when you are projecting nothing but the energies of emptiness, stress, or unhappiness.

On the other hand, if your oracle tells you the time is right, do not delay one second. Too many moronic women these days elect to delay husband and children for that hideous slavery called a career, which in most cases is just a lousy nine-to-five job. Then they discover that they have delayed too long, and finding a worthy mate or bearing healthy children is no longer possible. So don’t be stupid enough to hesitate when your oracle tells you that the time is right. Do what you are told and start looking RIGHT NOW for your mate, even if this means that the education or the money you are dreaming about might never happen. Eventually you will be glad you did. The Divine always knows better than you do when the time is right.

When your search begins, with oracular approval you probably should advertise yourself on some of the more reputable online dating services. In other words, avoid those hookup sites any way you can, since as far as I can tell they have been designed for cockroaches. Your oracle will help you choose which online service is best for you.

Let your oracle write your self-description for you. At the present decadent moment, when guys describe themselves online they usually proclaim I like sports and cooking out. Girls will say I like to travel. Gee whiz, what fascinating American personalities! Well, if you want to compose a workable self-advertisement in the Aquarian era, you will emphasize your spiritual journey, your attempts at self-discipline, your learning, your creativity, and the ways you help other people. But the details of what you should say about yourself have got to be approved by your oracle, or else that soulmate of yours will turn into an ever-receding phantom.

What if you want to start searching when you are a teenager? Well, you are probably too young for a soulmate search while you are still in junior high, by the time you make it into high school, and if your oracle approves, your search can begin.

Be patient. On the other hand, if the years keep passing and your oracle keeps telling you not yet, not yet, you must grit your teeth and submit. There are probably issues you still need to work on, or the time is not right for your future partner to find you, or something else is going on which you are not aware of. So you must forget about your partner search at this point in your life. Chances are that eventually you will be more than grateful you delayed the process. The catch is it might take years for the right person to appear in your life, and if the years start going by without no soulmate in sight, you will not want to wait. But if you truly want the best possible relationship you can have in the new world to come, you will do that waiting if it kills you.

What if your oracle tells you that you have found your soulmate, but he or she comes across as a complete dud? Well, give him or her a chance. It is more than likely that hidden richness in this person will start to appear, compatibility will gradually increase, and all of a sudden you cannot remember why you did not find this person attractive.

Understand that your eventual partnership/marriage will be a triad. In other words, don’t forget that a third entity will always be present with the two of you, namely the Divine, to which both of you must defer at all times. William Blake prophesied this new kind of relationship in Jerusalem (1804): “I am in you, and you in me, mutual in love divine.”[70] If this isn’t going with the natural flow of the universe, I don’t know what is. So no more throwing beer cans at each other in the kitchen. And goodbye divorce lawyers forever (yeah, that is just another legacy career).

* * *

But now special mention must now be made of two soulmate blockers which need to be avoided at all costs:

If you are a woman, stop reading romance novels. Rumor has it that the romance novel industry is worth a billion dollars a year. The plots are all identical: the heroine is a completely average nitwit without any talent, intelligence, or charm, but she inevitably snags the handsome, sophisticated High Value Male in the vicinity who just happens to be unattached (huh?). He thereupon falls madly in love with our gal and bestows upon her what every woman on the planet wants: a walk-in closet. Ladies, if you are addicted to this kind of nonsense, there is something you should realize: there just aren’t enough tall handsome single millionaires to go around for all the women who want one. I realize that this statement is a scathing indictment of contemporary American society, but there it is. Those beloved romance novels of yours are giving you a romantic Fantasy Future which is just as bad as a stress-free or drug-free Fantasy Future. But if you think you will have problems renouncing these trash novels or that atrocity called Disney, the solution is easy: revulsion prayer time.

If you are a man, stop it with the porn. I also get headaches just thinking about the zillion dollar porn industry. Women fantasize about snagging a High Value Male; men fantasize about having sex with graphics, or–even worse–get addicted to online interactions with good-looking birdbrains who cannot speak in coherent sentences. Some of the most pathetic guys among us will even shell out money to these females just so they will act like they are “friends” to them. Well, if ever there were an ultimate waste of time and money, this is it. There is no such thing as good porn–too much of it will destroy you both mentally and physically. It can also be as addictive as drugs or alcohol. As for a fantasy relationship with a female composed of bytes, this is even more damaging than a romance novel, which is saying something. More revulsion prayers, and the more the better.

* * *

But is all of the above going to guarantee that the right partner will come into your life? Not a chance of that. At the moment, when our planet is full of damaged people who continue to live out their lives in thrall to their toxic illusions and congealed lower chakras, I cannot guarantee that a soulmate is going to magically appear for everyone.
So if the years start going by, and you are still walking through the world alone, you might very well conclude that everything which I am saying in this chapter is a load of horse pucky. You might even convince yourself that you should just go ahead and grab someone, anyone, while you still have a chance. Even a bad partner would be infinitely better than the nothing you have got at the moment. Well, not quite. We now need to discuss the idea that . . .

Singleness is an option. 

So far I have described what I consider to be one of the greatest blessings we will be able to experience in the Aquarian future to come: living out our lives with our soulmates. But I must now admit that this is not going to be the future for all of my brothers and sisters currently alive on the planet. There have always been and always will be people who remain single their whole lives, and this state of being will continue into the Aquarian world to come. But living a mostly solitary life in the new world which is forming around us can be as richly satisfying as a life with a partner.
Does this sound unlikely? Well, you need to do some rethinking. The first thing to consider is, once again, the idea of reincarnation. Whether willingly or not, each one of us comes back to physical reality in order to learn some necessary lessons, not only about ourselves but the universe as a whole. The lessons might be very painful ones, but they are something we need to experience, and probably because of past mistakes we made in our previous lives. In other words, each one of us has a destiny to fulfill in our current lifetime.

And like it or not, your current destiny might not be that of partnership or parenthood. Chances are that in most of your previous lives, not only were you someone’s partner but someone’s parent as well, and you were overburdened with responsibilities which left you with no opportunity to do anything else with your life. But now, for the first time in all your earthly pilgrimages, you can do something new with your time and energy. So this time you might have come back to experience a completely different kind of planetary existence than the previous ones you knew.

This is a realization about myself which I finally came to accept after experiencing years of dead-end dates and disastrous relationships. It finally dawned upon me that I was not supposed to be anyone’s wife or mother in this lifetime. I was here to do something very different with my time and energies, namely write obnoxious books and help save the whole damn planet while I was at it. At this point in my life, I would not have it any other way.

But most people probably will not like what I am saying here. After all, who wants to live out their lives completely alone? Well, let me remind you that you are never alone. Your companion spirit, your angels, and the Divine are always with you every second of your earthly sojourn. And your ever-increasing electronic sensitivity guarantees that eventually you will be able to sense and communicate with these presences.

So if you are single and your oracle keeps telling you to forget about finding a soulmate, start thinking of your solitude as an opportunity instead of a deprivation, a perfect time to practice my holy trinity of positive energies: learning, creating, and helping. The emptiness which seems to surround you will turn into a source of potential, not a burden to be endured.

And you never know. Even though you might end up spending most of your life alone, when you are a senior and have accomplished what you needed to in this lifetime, your oracle might very well tell you that the time is now right for you to find your mate. It isn’t over until it’s over. Then you will discover that the partner who will then come into your life will have been worth the wait. So what if the two of you will only have a decade or two of earthly existence together? You will be able to continue your relationship in the afterlife, which is a subject to be discussed.

There is also one other thing to consider. Chances are that nearly everyone who has been born in recent years has the same destiny, namely to help facilitate the tremendous evolutionary shift we are about to experience. Many if not most of the younger people alive today have not come back to our physical reality to make money, advertise themselves online, wallow in useless self-indulgence, or be burdened by a relationship. They have come back to help the human race create a new and better world.
 They just don’t realize it yet since they are too enthralled with that horror called social media. But once they understand what their current life purpose is, chances are that they will accept their true destiny with great joy. How each one of them will fulfill this destiny is something that they will need to ask their oracles. But even the smallest efforts on their part to manifest the new world forming around us will help. When the time finally comes for them to transition back into spirit, they will feel nothing but gratitude for the opportunities they have experienced. Who needs a partner when your life is full of blessings like these?
But now comes a predictable question: if you must live out your life alone, what about sex? Granted that our sex obsessions are going to diminish in the years to come, but people are still going to get their urges. What should they do about them? Well, believe it or not, just plain old strenuous exercise can help dampen down those nuisances. And don’t forget one of the weirdest things I have already mentioned, namely that in the new world to come, eating will no longer be necessary. Well, this holds true for sex as well, or any other kind of bodily tyranny. In the Aquarian era, only the mind and the spirit will matter, and eventually we will all start singing 
goodbye, cookie and nookie, goodbye!
And here comes a thought which has probably never occurred to you: the pleasures which you can get from a healthy and active pineal gland just happen to be a heck of a lot more gratifying than what you can get out of sex. The pineal gland is that seemingly useless thingie in the center of your brain which seems to be associated with psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and spiritual vision. It is also linked to the Hindu concept of the Third Eye, which makes it the one gland in our physical bodies which can deliver not only a higher consciousness but that ultimate delight, spiritual bliss. People throughout history have sensed the spiritual power of a special kind of all-seeing eye, which is why we Americans have the Eye of Providence on our national seal and our one dollar bills. Maybe without quite realizing why, the original designers liked the idea of an eye which could see more than just the physical.

But there is more to the pineal gland than higher consciousness: in the Hindu tradition there is no higher happiness than union with the Absolute, and our Third Eye can help us achieve this kind of luminous reality. Soulmates are nice, but the only relationship which will ever truly matter in our lives is our relationship with the Divine. So if your lower chakra energies feel like they are out of control, start switching your focus to your pineal gland. You can help to stimulate it by avoiding fluoride, unnatural light, and junk food, and by practicing the gyan mudra (touching of thumb and forefinger) while staring at a candle flame, or working with crystals. Ending your day by sitting in silence while holding the gyan mudra can also work wonders.

But if you do realize that you are likely to live out your life alone, once again consider it to be an opportunity instead of a deprivation, and then do your best to make the most of your blessed extra time. Don’t forget that single people always have more opportunities to be creators and helpers. Especially the latter. They can volunteer for local charities, they can be a Big Brother or Big Sister to needy kids, they can devote their lives to their muse, or they can find multiple ways to help their community. Who could be unsatisfied with such an existence?

But let us also remember that being single does not necessarily mean being alone. There is another social energy which will matter a great deal in the years to come, that blessing called . .


Even if you do not have a partner in the Aquarian world to come, as long as you do your best to go with the natural flow of the universe, you will always have friends. And your friends can frequently supply you with as much companionship as a mate.
In antiquity friendship was highly valued by most of the great philosophers of the time, including Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, and Epictetus. Epicurus, who never married, spent his life relying on his friends for emotional support. He even believed that friendship was valuable because it was one of the best ways of attaining pleasure. So while many of these philosophers emphasized self-sufficiency, they also recognized that supportive friendship can play a crucial role in living a contented existence.

This means that in the world to come, even if you do not have a partner, you will have friends, if only of the online variety. When everyone begins to realize the value of these kinds of relationships, I am convinced that we will start to see a completely new kind of social reality all over the planet: groups of like-minded souls coming together to live communally. Intentional living of various kinds has been attempted in the United States since the 19th century and has usually resulted in failure, including the communes of the 1960’s. People who tried to live communally were also in thrall to their ego desires, so everybody was constantly at everybody else’s throat.

But these kinds of ego clashes would never happen in an oracular world, where, like married couples, members of intentional communities would be willing to accept oracular guidance to resolve disputes. So I am convinced that in the future we will start to see groups of friends coming together to form some kind of communal arrangement, where people can have their own living space if they want it, but they can also reside in a locale where friends or family are already living. Whether urban or rural, these kinds of arrangements would be much more cost effective than single person or family dwellings, since resources could be shared. These kinds of living arrangements have already started to manifest in cohousing, pocket neighborhoods, home sharing, and tiny house communities. They will grow more popular as the century progresses.

These kinds of social arrangements will also make it easier to raise children, to those people who still want them. One thing has become obvious in recent years: many people are deciding not to have children. This trend has been called the global baby bust, and it will grow ever more pronounced as the years go on. [71] But it is not something to fear–it is simply a return to planetary equilibrium. There are too many people on this planet at the moment, and a decline in the population will solve a lot of problems.

And, yes, I know–most people still have a natural human urge to procreate, which is yet another legacy energy that will diminish as we move into the new world. People will start understanding that producing new versions of their genetic code in this lifetime is not that important, not when reincarnation tells us that we have experienced many other genetic codes over the centuries. Besides, when you remember that all sentient beings are your brothers and sisters, you will realize that you already have a family, namely everybody. The desire to have descendants is one more legacy emotion that is going to evaporate.

But not completely. Babies are still going to be coming into the world. But if you ask me, these are going to be new kinds of babies, since their parents will at all times let their oracles guide them about how to raise their children. No more Mom and Dad using guesswork to determine whom the kids should associate with, what they should study, or what they should eat. And no more putting the kids through hell for the parent’s assorted ego-based desires. I also think that Aquarian mothers and fathers will always remember that their children are also their brothers and sisters in the Net, so they will always treat them with the courtesy they deserve. This means nothing less than a new generation of happy and well-adjusted kids.

But a caveat. If you very much want to have children, like all your other major life decisions, you should not attempt parenthood without oracular approval. Here are the kind of questions you need to ask your oracle if you and your partner want children:

 My partner and I will be happy if we have a child/children. Are we correct?

 My health will not be damaged by pregnancy and childbirth. Am I correct?

 We will have a healthy baby. Are we correct?

 My partner and I will have enough money to raise our child/children ourselves instead of sending them to daycare. Are we correct?

 Our future child/children will have a happy life. Are we correct?

 Our future child/children will love us. Are we correct?

There are probably millions of parents who did not bother to consider these questions prior to conception and who ended up with the exact opposite of the blessings they were expecting. This especially holds true if your potential child has to go to daycare. Study after study has shown that children who are raised in daycare grow up resentful and unhappy. A few decades ago most parents were convinced that daycare was a perfectly acceptable option for working parents, but those days are long gone. Today nobody in their right mind wants strangers to raise their kids.[72]
But not even the daycare problem is as bad as the final two assumptions, the rock-solid certainty of all parental wannabes that they will be such wonderful parents that their children will be as happy as children can be and will always adore them. Well, the number of nightmare parents on this planet blows that one out of the water. Better you never have children at all than put your offspring through hell, which is what many parents continue to do. So if you keep getting NO’s about these last assumptions, either you need to do some major inner work to turn you into a better potential parent, or you need to forget it.

* * *

So soulmate relationships are coming in the future, but so are other fulfilling ways of life. But now we come to a new problem. What about those men and women who have damaged their energy fields with years of toxic energies such as self-indulgence, greed, promiscuity, or groupthink? Suppose they are persuaded by everything I have said in this book and now bitterly regret their past actions. But they are also eagerly hoping to start going with the natural flow of the universe and living a new kind of life, preferably with their very own soulmate. Don’t such people deserve . . .

A second chance?

Yes, they do–sort of. Everyone who finally sees the error of their ways and wants to live a completely new kind of life should be able to do so. As far as friendship or communal living is concerned, such people could easily be welcomed into these kinds of communities.
But if you are hoping that a soulmate will be coming into your life after years or even decades of toxic relationships, it is not too likely. This means that if you are currently in a relationship, don’t make the hypergamous mistake that millions of people (especially women) make and convince yourself that someone better will come along. He or she won’t. Chances are that your current partner will be the best you will ever have. You should never start a relationship without oracular approval, but you should never end one either. If your oracle tells you you should stay with your current partner, you had better do what you are told, or you will regret it.

Also you cannot wipe the slate clean and think that your past excesses no longer impact you. Actions have consequences. Even if you now regret that you wasted your youth partying, or divorce-raped your ex-husband, or took money for sex, or had three or four babies by three or four different men, you still did it, and these past actions of yours have damaged your energy field. This means you are unlikely to make a good partner for anyone, especially if you are a snowflake unable to take responsibility for your actions.

You also need to be reminded that in the transparent future to come, there will be no way to hide your past actions. If you suffer under the delusion that your future mate will never know about your multiple sex partners or your online porn, you had better think again. No more getting married without oracular approval, remember. If a potential husband sits down with his tarot cards and says: “This woman of my dreams tells me that she has had only two previous relationships, and that there are no nudes of her online. Is that the truth?” Goodbye, Charlie.

If any of the above describes you, you are now part of a lost generation. The lost generation after World War I was nothing compared to the current cohort of men and women who have rendered themselves unmarriageable through bad energies and foolish mistakes. This holds true especially for women. Yes, you can admit to your mistakes, and you can remind everyone that you were young and stupid, you can vow to live a better kind of life, but you are still going to have to deal with the consequences of your past mistakes. If you are still stuck in self-indulgence, entitlement, greed, lack of self-awareness, and bad health habits, no way are you going to climb out of your self-dug hole. I have waxed eloquent about not letting the past destroy your present and all the ways you can recover from PTSD, but recovering from numerous stupidities on your part is a completely different matter.

But there is still a way to turn your life around. Let us now examine one of the most famous characters in English literature, Ebenezer Scrooge, hero of Charles Dickens short story 
A Christmas Carol (1843). Scrooge was a very typical example of a human being consumed by one of the worst energies there is, that of greed. When the story opens there is simply nothing left in his existence except the love of money, and we see that he has become an isolated and bitter old man who is vicious to everyone around him.
But then a miracle happens . . . spontaneously. Scrooge discovers that he is able to see and hear a spiritual being, his deceased partner Jacob Marley, who is painfully dragging around all of the bad Cosmic Boomerangs his own greed energies have saddled him with. He tells Scrooge that he will receive visits from three more spirits who will show him what he needs to do to avoid such a fate. These spirits appear in due course, and for the first time in his life Scrooge sees how harmful his egoistic energies have been. Fortunately, when the dawn comes, he is overjoyed to realize that he has been given a second chance to make amends for all his past actions. He then proceeds to make the most of it by helping other people. By the end of the story he is as happy as a sentient being can be.
Well, if Ebenezer Scrooge can get a second chance, anyone can. But here is the essential part of the second chance: 
you have to start living for other people instead of yourself. No more wallowing in your own selfish desires–what you need to start focusing on is the Net, and how you can start helping your brothers and sisters who need it. Only when the Net becomes your only reason for living will that second chance of yours manifest. Just don’t think that a few weeks of selfless behavior is all that is necessary. Living for the Net is something you must now do for the rest of your life.
This means that you probably will not have as prosperous a life as people who never made the mistakes you did, but you can still co-create a good life for yourself, and it might even be spiritually richer than people who have not made your mistakes. So if you are a former Wall Street wolf, porn star, party girl, widow-and-orphan robber, drug dealer, sexual predator, embezzler, greedy corporate honcho, office backstabber, tobacco industry promoter, or lying psychopath, you actually can dig yourself out of your bad karma. But you absolutely have to start doing good things for other people (and most especially family members) all the time, for the rest of your life. There are gazillions of ways you can make your part of the world a better place, and your oracle will help you find your path.

All this adds up to turning yourself into one of those Buddhist saints called a 
bodhisattva. If you have never read it, you need to take a look at that ancient Tibetan text called the Thirty-Seven Practices of the Bodhisattva (11th century).[73] No better guide has ever been written about how to help your brothers and sisters in the Net, and if you start practicing its precepts, all of those bad Cosmic Boomerangs you have invited into your life will start to evaporate.
So courage! What I am suggesting will not be an utter drag. You will finally be doing something right with your time and energy. Also your internal energies will start to improve even more effectively than doing daily repetitive exercises. Even better: the more you devote your life to other people, the more likely that a soulmate might appear in your life after all, despite your past history. If not, your newfound happiness will be more than enough to give you a wonderful life. There is no happiness like water bearer happiness.

Here are more suggestions about going full Scrooge:

Take full responsibility for your actions. In other words, never try to excuse your past mistakes, not at any time, nor for any reason, and nor under any circumstances. And especially do not blame externals for your actions. People will recoil from you if you try to explain that you were only an innocent bystander to the embezzlement, the multiple sex partners, the accidental pregnancy, the car crash, the assault and battery, or the drug use. Most important: don’t ever utter the words “young and stupid.” Everybody starts out young and stupid, so uttering these words is a gigantic exercise in futility.

Stop thinking of yourself as a victim. Victimhood is a very pleasant energy these days which millions of bitter people wallow in day in and day out. We live in a culture where victimhood is something to be applauded, since victims are always considered to be superior to their oppressors. Besides, it is so easy to be a victim! You don’t have to create anything, you don’t have to discipline yourself, and you don’t have to accomplish any goals. You simply have to be someone who is oppressed, or a descendant of someone who was, and presto! You can immediately turn yourself into one of the superior people of the planet!
This especially holds true for the bitterest of bitter feminists. They are all convinced that their lives are not working because of some kind of external. Well, guess what. If nothing ever goes right with your life, or if people avoid you like the plague, it is not because you are too perfect. Your problems have been caused by yourself alone. You need to learn how to start admitting your mistakes and then learn how to fix yourself. By this point in the book you should know what you need to do.

Stop thinking you are always in the right. This is another toxic energy which electronic sensitization has inflicted upon the human race. There are countless snowflakes among us who simply cannot ever admit to being wrong about anything. That would be too scary. Well, unless you want all your brothers and sisters in the Net to constantly recoil from you, you need to remember the first oracular recommendation I make in this book: ask your oracle about your most cherished beliefs. Then you must accept the fact that you have been or are currently dead wrong about practically everything in your life. And once you identify them, those toxic illusions or behaviors of yours have got to go.

Don’t think turning spiritual will make you more attractive or atone for your past mistakes. I have already mentioned that it is usually the “religious” or the “spiritual” men and women among us who have the most disagreeable personalities. Well, no surprise here. If you want a reason to convince yourself that you are better than everyone else, having the right kind of spirituality will do it every time. But it’s not going to help you snag the right partner.

Accept that from now on, every day of the rest of your life is going to be more atonement than self-indulgence. That’s right, no more rapacious ego-desires controlling every aspect of your life. But let me remind you that the word atonement means at-one-ment, and this is at-one-ment with the Divine. When you start to feel this kind of relationship with the Divine, nothing else matters.

Do not make the mistake of thinking you might get a third chance. A second chance can happen, but if you blow it and relapse into your old egotistical ways, I guess you can try again, but chances are that your efforts will go exactly nowhere. Second chances are possible, but not third, fourth, or fifth.

* * *

We will now examine those millions on the planet who are desperate for a second chance at a relationship but who are as unmarriageable as anyone can get. I am talking about . . .

Single mothers.

The United States has the highest planetary rate of single mothers, most of whom would give anything for a new man to come into their lives. Unfortunately very few of these women actually manage to latch onto a new partner or experience a good marriage. One of feminism’s most contemptible falsehoods is the idea that you can still find a quality man if you are a single mother. Lots of luck if you believe that nonsense. Most single mothers find themselves living bitterly unhappy lives, and the damage they do to their children can reverberate for decades (most inmates in the prison system were raised by single mothers). Single-motherhood is a disaster for both the mother and the children.
The problem is that these women’s past mistakes, their children, are still very much part of their present reality. You can quit embezzling and never do it again, but you cannot quit your children, and children in our current decadent culture are endless black holes of buy-me-stuff demands.

Besides, the days when decent men would actually marry a single mother are now long gone. Even the most attractive single mothers these days find that their opportunities are practically non-existent. Well, what man wants to work overtime or take out a second mortgage just to provide for another man’s children? Not around anywhere that I can see.

As for all of those government “benefits” which are constantly flowing to these single mothers, they are never much help. It is true that Uncle Sam will hand a single mother some money, but it will never be enough for a decent life. She will have to raise her children by herself, she will live in a bad part of town, and the schools her kids will attend will be terrible.

Here it is important to remember that all those government “benefits” exist thanks to the one American who has created more human suffering than any other in history, that delightful little creature called the 36th President of the United States. Most of our American presidents have been little more than incompetent idiots, but 36 wins the prize for creating millions of hells on earth from which there is hardly ever an escape, especially that nightmare called single motherhood. Women were much more cautious about premarital sex before 36 came along; but ever since his disastrous presidential tenure, they actually think they can lead a decent life on the government dole. Fat chance of that. Everyone realizes nowadays that government benefits do not free you from destitution–they keep you in it. But you can never persuade a desperately unhappy single mother who can barely make ends meet that the political party for which she always votes is responsible for the catastrophe which is her endlessly miserable existence. Alas, that is the only reality here. The one and only thing 36 bestowed upon this country is the American version of Tolkien’s one ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.[74] And in the darkness is where most single mothers find themselves. The fact that countless women are desperate enough to go online to advertise for a new man while currently pregnant should tell you that.

Well, there is one way, and one way only, for single mothers to make their lives better: individually accessible Divine guidance and assistance. If you are a single mother, here is what you need to do: stop yearning for the impossible (either getting more money from Uncle Sam or finding a decent man to wife you up), and start bringing spiritual energy into the lives of both you and your children. This is easy enough–you should get each of your kids their own tarot deck and then teach them how to use it. Chances are that they will be quickly hooked. If you then start accepting Divine guidance about all the countless decisions you need to make about your kids, you will become a much more successful parent. So no more resentment against Mommy Tyrant and her high and mighty decrees. Let your children see what your cards are telling you whenever they make any kind of demand. The Divine and the angels can give you much of the support you need.
Also make sure that both you and your kids do their daily repetitive exercises, both physical and spiritual, eat healthy foods, and minimize their video/social media addictions. Keep emphasizing that by the time they are adults they will be living in a completely new kind of world which in no way resembles the way things are now. Do all this, and you will be accomplishing a great deal.
And a special note: if your children do not have a male role model, tell them to adopt a father, if only of the historical or online variety. Then you can encourage them to find out all they can about their surrogate father, model their behavior on him at all times, and never do or say anything unless they can imagine their adopted father doing it. One of my sacred laws about life is that I never do anything unless I can imagine Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, or Walt Whitman doing it. Any one of these three gentlemen would make a perfect surrogate father. If your son would do his best to emulate one or all of them, he will have a successful life.

As for the likelihood of a single mother actually finding a soulmate, or even just a fairly decent man to marry, it is probably not going to happen when your children are young. But once they are grown, you can possibly find a partner. Just don’t forget that a new man in your life does not mean an ATM machine with blue-green eyes, so stop it with your romantic Fantasy Future. What you can hope for is a comfortable life with a nice guy, and that should be enough for you.

* * *

Special mention must now be made of those pathetic creatures who decide to become deliberate single mothers. These are women who are usually in their thirties and who decide to have a baby by their very own little selves, which is easy enough these days. But these women are all monsters of ego and selfishness, since the child to come into the world will be expected to do duty as mommie’s partner as well as her offspring. That is a tremendous burden to place on any child.
So if you are a mommie wannabe who is selfish enough to consider this disastrous step, you need to ask the questions I have already mentioned about potential parenthood. Chances are that you will get resounding NO’s to each and every one of them. Here it bears repeating that you defy your oracle only at your extreme peril. There have been countless times in my life when my cards have told me that I must do something that I absolutely did not want to do, but I have learned that in 
all cases, the cards were right and I was wrong. Submission to Divine will is one of the key aspects to the new world to come. If you defy the Divine, you will inevitably live to regret it.
As for the children of deliberate single mothers, here is the best advice you will ever get in your life: do not under any circumstances allow your mother turn your into a surrogate spouse. Always remember that you are only here because of her selfishness, and while you owe her a minimal amount of respect and duty, you do not owe her your whole life. So keep your distance if you have to, tell her she needs to find a partner every time she demands that the two of you do something together, and do not ever give her the pleasure of arguing with you. It especially helps to recite the following sentence: “If there is something you don’t like, you are just going to have to live with it.” So what if you have to repeat these words twenty thousand times? They will eventually work.

Recommended prayer.

This time only one is necessary:

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that if I am meant to meet a soulmate in this lifetime, I turn my search for this mate over to you and agree that you should pick the best time for us to meet. And I thank you.

* * *

Well, there you have it. New ways to enjoy new kinds of relationships. I am convinced that these new kinds of relationships will eliminate some of the most corrosive and painful energies on the planet. The new partnerships to come will be spiritual relationships, and they will work. And we will enjoy these relationships to the max if we can stay healthy and live long enough.
Which brings us to the next subject we need to discuss. It is now time to examine . . .

Chapter 11. New Ways to Do Health Care.

I must start this chapter with a reminder: I am not a trained medical professional, and the health advice I am about to give is based only on my own personal experiences. So if you have any kind of health problem, you should do what I presently do: go straight to your physician for assistance. A new and much healthier world is eventually going to manifest, but it is not here yet. So let me repeat: if you are interested in trying any of the medical advice I mention in this book, you should do so only with your physician’s approval.
All of which means that for the foreseeable future, we will continue to need the health care establishment which currently exists. Even if the oracular and transparent future manifests as I expect it will, there will still be people who will achieve nothing but disaster if they try to cure themselves. So I am never going to tell people to bypass their doctors. Let us also remember that nobody is able to reattach a severed finger by themselves–only a trained surgeon can do something like that. But as we humans turn ever more transparent, I am absolutely certain that the messages we will start to get from the Divine will help each one of us not only identify our health issues before they become problems and also help both patients and physicians zero in on the best ways to cure them. But once again, that is the future, not the present.

Having said all this, it is now time for little old me to take some well-deserved potshots at our whole enormous American medical establishment. I will start with proclaiming what should be obvious to everyone: the one single thing that we all need to experience every day of our sojourn on this earth is health. Unless we are able to function without any kind of physical or mental discomfort, all the other aspects of our physical existence are meaningless. Health is the bedrock necessity of each one of us, and it is something we need from infancy to old age.

If you are like me, you should want such a blessed state of being not just for yourself but also for every other sentient being on the planet. In other words, you do not want to live in a world where only a limited number of your brothers and sisters in the Net can obtain the medical assistance they need. We should all want a world where each one of us can have free and immediate access to curative treatments at all times. This should be the health care reality for the whole planet.

Well, someday it should be possible. Let us remember that our naturally self-organized energy fields have been designed to keep us healthy and happy for decades. Even when we are in our nineties, we should be able to stay active, keep our mental faculties, do some good in the world, and have fun. Granted our bodies will inevitably slow down as we age, but when discomfort appears in our lives, it should be brief and easily curable. After all, there have always been societies on this planet where most of the people live long and healthy lives, such as the ones still to be found in Sicily and Okinawa.[75] If healthy longevity can happen in a few areas on this planet, it ought to be able to happen everywhere. A sound mind in a sound body is our birthright.

All of which means that the only health care anyone needs should be emergency room assistance. In other words, barring unforeseen disasters, every single human being on this planet ought to be able to go from age 0 to age 95 without ever having to see a doctor.

But the preceding is not quite our reality these days. Our scientists and medical professionals have created enormous improvements in human health in recent decades, and it is true that life expectancy has been continuously rising all over the world. But if you ask me this is only because of improvements in hygiene and sanitation. As for the rest of our medical paradigms, the materialist mindset and the irrational faith in artificialities in which most health professionals devoutly believe are doing nothing but harm. The vast majority of our medical people think that their patients possess solid bodies which can be artificially tweaked for the “better” by those human gods known as credentialed experts. Behold yet another theory which simply does not work. Hippocrates has been turning in his grave ever since the 1940’s, when the frankenplague of toxic artificialities began.

The disastrous ineffectiveness of most everything about our health care establishment should now be obvious to all. We live on a planet where people everywhere these days are constantly growing ever sicker. For example, cancer rates are going up for leukemia, myeloma, breast cancer, and (no surprise) liver cancer, which exhibits the greatest increase. There is also an ever growing epidemic of fatty liver disease. Half the people alive today will eventually hear the words “you have cancer”.[76]

What is even worse is that our medical practitioners actually seem to think that it is possible to acquire 
complete knowledge about life and consciousness. Granted they have acquired a great deal of partial knowledge over the centuries, but that has only served to prop up medical arrogance and complacency. No human being has ever acquired total knowledge about that something called ka/pneuma/prana/qi/lung/élan vital, and no human being ever will.
Well, what else can you expect from the drab little secularists among us? Where can you find a medical professional in this day and age who is actually willing to admit that the human body is a temple for the spirit, and as such, is also a manifestation of the Divine? Or that the spontaneous cures which sometimes happen are also manifestations of the Divine? Or that mind, body, and spirit make a unified whole, not a series of parts? Doctors these days see only what they have been trained to see, that illusion called “matter”. So all they can offer up are mechanical or artificial adjustments, which usually do more harm than good.

All of which means that if there is anything which is absolutely indefensible about our current medical establishment, it is the idea that some kind of artificiality can make a person better. Our medical people simply have no perception whatsoever that not only do these artificialities do more harm than good, but it is people’s brain dead consumption of them which is causing most of the health problems which plague the planet today. But who is going to listen to me? Pointing an accusing finger at the chemical swamp which surrounds us would mean that the FDA is not doing its job, and that cannot be possible. 
The artificial is okay, especially when it is high tech and peer-reviewed artificial! Only this kind of human-made stuff will ever cure those solid machines we call our human bodies! Everybody just totally knows that! I am being silly again, right?
I am also being silly when I state that most medical diagnosis these days is nothing but plain old guesswork. I had a friend who started feeling unwell when she was in her mid-fifties, and her physician diagnosed diverticulitis, for which he prescribed the suitable medications. So my friend started swallowing the meds, but she never felt better. Back and back she went to her doctor, but the only thing she ever heard was diverticulitis, and let’s try some different pills. Finally, more than a year later, her physician ordered a CAT scan and discovered that she had lung cancer. It was the cancer which was making her feel bad, not diverticulitis. By this time the cancer had spread to other parts of her body, so it was too late for surgery. Her only option at this late date was chemotherapy, which is a hell on earth if there ever was one. If she had been correctly diagnosed at the beginning, she would probably still be alive today, since the delay in treatment which the misdiagnosis generated eventually killed her.

Alas, this kind of guesswork is all too common, and it infects all the professionals among us. Your financial advisor will recommend a particular investment at one point in your life, but something completely different a few months later. Teachers focus on instructing their students one way but then another. Your minister will tell you to follow one scripture to make your life better, but then tell you something completely different later on down the road. No matter how expensively educated they are, the only thing all these experts are doing is 
guessing, and if their first guess does not succeed, guess and guess again. Unfortunately, many times their guesses blow up in your face, leaving you in an even bigger mess than the one causing your original problem. You would think that the nonsuccess of most medical treatments these days might perhaps persuade our medical professionals that they are actually doing things wrong, but of course there is no chance of that.
By now I suspect that most medical professionals are rigid with fury at all these statements. They will tell me that the ability to diagnose problems is just totally perfect, and all the artificial remedies they inflict upon their patients are absolutely necessary to cure their problems. In other words, medical people must continue to do exactly what they are doing at the moment or else the planet will be smothered by obesity, addiction, depression, pandemics, chronic bad health, suicide, birth defects, incurable diseases, misdiagnoses, and snowflakery. Oh, dear God! If that were to happen, what a horrible planet this would be!!!!

Naw, none of that will ever happen, thanks to the medical frankengeniuses among us who get to play God anytime they like with a resounding .001% success rate! As long as they keep at it, the health of all of us humans will soon be just totally frankenperfect in no time at all, even if we will never live to see it! So let us all continue to rely upon all those mechanical adjustments and chemical artificialities that our doctors are always recommending! The way things are now are now are now are now . . . uh . . .

Let’s face it, contemporary health care is a disaster. It always creates more problems than it solves. We are now going to examine three of the most catastrophic delusions which inflect our medical establishment and which are constantly doing more harm than good. The first problem is . . .

The medication fallacy.

It is now time to talk about those pretty little magic bullets called medications. Vast numbers of both doctors and patients are convinced that artificial medications are always helpful, since they can actually fix what is wrong with you. So the more pills you swallow, the better! They are a universal cure-all! And a good 66% of Americans are now gullible enough to ingest them every day of their lives.[77]
Well this conjures us memories of what was once considered to be another universal cure-all: bloodletting. In premodern times, no matter what ailed you, you were bled. Your physician applied those cute little slimy things called leeches to your body, and then your blood started to get sucked out of you. And why not? Nobody really needed blood anyway, or so the medical professionals of the time must have told themselves. So as soon as you lost enough of that nuisance red stuff, you started to recover except when you didn’t.

That was then. What happens now is that no matter what ails you, you swallow medications. Your physician determines what kind of pill you need to swallow, you go directly to your pharmacy to get your cure-all, and then you will always feel better except when you don’t. But even if you don’t, that’s still okay, since all you have to do is persuade your doctor to find you a different kind of med, and then another, and then another, again and again and again. Sooner or later something will work since it just has to!

Both then and now people and professionals suffered the delusion that 
one technique would cure absolutely anything. Is there a difference between the two? Not that I can see. But that is not going to stop our overworked physicians from shelling out the meds, since if they had to spend more time with their patients they would not have enough time to do the paperwork, which now takes up more than sixteen hours a week.[78] And never mind the fact that our prescription drugs continue to kill us “in large numbers”.[79]
The preceding is impossible for most people to believe, since they have been brainwashed to think that meds can solve anything, so they would be beyond furious if they walked out of a doctor’s office without a new prescription. Let us also not forget that all those medication commercials they watch on the Boob Tube have convinced them that pills are the only answer. Sidenote: the United States and New Zealand are the only two countries on the planet where Big Pharma’s “direct to consumer ads” can be shown on television. I don’t know about New Zealand, but as for the good old USA, what marvelous lobbyists Big Pharma must possess!

Here comes a personal anecdote: once when I went to my gynecologist for my annual checkup, as usual the nurse started to look through my file before the doctor came in. I watched in bafflement as she kept flipping through all the pages as if she were trying to find something. Finally she put the file down, turned to gape at me as if I had just grown a second head, and exclaimed: “You’re not on any medication!” Apparently I was the first patient she had ever encountered who actually 
didn’t swallow the magic bullets (yeah, that is how much of an American freak I am). But if I had tried to explain that my oracular tool kept me healthy, I am sure she would have collapsed with horror, so I kept my mouth shut.
As for the magic bullets which I absolutely refuse to swallow, here is their reality: the only thing which most of them do is suppress your symptoms. They are not cures–they just make the symptoms go away. Are you really not aware that there is a whole galaxy of ailments for which modern high-tech medicine has no cure? Wouldn’t you rather be–you know–
cured of your physical problems instead of suffering all the side-effects which your symptom suppressors inflict on you? Silly little you!
As for me, I have known several people over the years whose lives were destroyed not by any kind of physical problem but by the side effects of their doctor-prescribed medications. The reality of 21st American health care is that hardly anyone is 
cured of their physical or mental problems these days. Our medical people are absolutely clueless about how to solve some of the worst human health problems our planet has, including Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, heart disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and even the common cold.
So the only thing our physicians can do is help their patients suppress their symptoms. Who cares if the original problem is still there and getting worse all the time? You do not feel it any longer, and gullible moron that you are, you will convince yourself that it is gone. This especially includes any kind of pain you might be experiencing. We need to remember that pain is necessary in our lives. It is a way for us to know when something about our energy fields is out of whack and needs to be addressed. This holds true for both physical as well as emotional pain. So doing nothing but deadening the pain is the absolute worst thing that can happen to you. You need to figure out what the problem is and then find a cure, even though it will probably take time, effort, and Divine assistance. But impatient 21st century American that you are, you don’t want to wait. You want that pain immediately deadened since that absolutely has to happen. The catch is that all those painkillers you swallow will continue to damage everything else about your health, including the reason why you are suffering pain in the first place.

Here is a nice little addendum to all of the above: quite a few of the most heavily advertised meds these days have a nasty little side-effect called 
death. Yeah, sometimes those physician-prescribed magic bullets can actually kill you. So what kind of a super colossal moron do you have to be to swallow meds which have killed other people? The absolute ultimate, of course. But you don’t care about that since you are rock solid certain that your wonderful meds won’t kill you–it is only other people who cannot trust their doctors. But you are smart enough to know that you can trust yours, even though you hardly ever spend more than a few minutes with him at a time and he has got hundreds of other patients whom he must keep track of. So down the hatch the magic death bullets go! Lucky little you.
Besides, so what if you die from your meds? You are now so much better off lying in your coffin instead of suffering from all those physical problems that a change of diet, a new exercise program, or Divine assistance could have cured. Three cheers for our fabulous high-tech meds! We cannot live without them!

Sigh. It is no surprise that American death rates are now starting to increase for the first time in many decades, thanks to opioid pain-killer addiction.[80] Rumor also has it that some people are now swallowing microdoses of LSD in order to . . . uh, I don’t know what exactly. And I don’t want to know. The meds must be swallowed! There is no alternative! And if you swallow them for the rest of your life, that is exactly the same thing as being perfectly healthy for the rest of your life!

Besides, Big Pharma wants nothing more than the suckers swallowing their magic bullets for endless decades since their profits will be so pleasant. All of which means that when you swallow your meds, you have become nothing but a lowly victim of corporate American greed. But that is okay! Just be as passive as you can and let Big Pharma control your life! There is no better way to live!

I suspect that many of my readers are being irritated by my sarcasm here. Most of them probably think that they are taking very good care of both their minds and bodies as long as they swallow the right pills. And what with all the brainwashing our physicians get from the pharmaceutical companies, they are also probably convinced that the meds they are prescribing are actually beneficial–and maybe sometimes they are. But most of the time those patients who could be cured of their problem end up in the hell of a medication addiction. Then they discover that getting off some of these pills can be even more difficult than getting off heroin. Rumor has it that Big Pharma operatives are also doing their tidy best to claim that synthetic opioids are non-addictive, and as usual the FDA is kowtowing to its corporate masters. Rumor also has it that the pharmaceutical industry is absolutely brilliant at manipulating research studies, so there is very little available information about the harmful effects of long-term medication consumption.

As for any kind of psychological cure, we have now got millions of people in this country who are swallowing meds to tranquilize their minds or otherwise modify their behavior. Apparently everybody’s behavior needs to be modified these days, since totally everybody has some kind of psychiatric problem. So our mental health professionals dish out artificial chemicals for the mind as well as for the body, and how our livers just love it! As for those fiendish antidepressants, I guarantee that if you take them long enough, you will eventually find yourself trapped in your very own death-in-life. The people I have known who swallow these horrors are zombies. They are blank, they move slowly, and they even walk around with their mouths hanging open. Is this supposed to be living? Being able to perceive and appreciate the wonders of the universe is one of the greatest blessings we can know as physicals, but that never happens to your average medicated zombie. Message to our planetary zombies: maybe, just maybe, you might try mudras + angels instead of pills. What have you got to lose?

Garbage buildings, garbage clothes, garbage food, garbage entertainment, and now garbage pills. This is really living!

The surgery fallacy.

The next problem to examine is the all-but-universal delusion that surgical procedures are always beneficial. Yeah, right. It is always a good idea to get your naturally self-organized energy field cut open, artificially adjusted, and then sewn back up again. Then all your health problems will be solved, and you will live happily ever after except when you don’t.
Let’s face it: all surgical procedures contain risks, and nothing can be guaranteed. I once heard of a man who decided to have a vasectomy (which is theoretically one of the simplest and safest surgical procedures around), but his surgeon completely botched the operation by cutting some of his nerves instead of the tubes, which led to horrific complications including inflammation, removal of one testicle, and constant phantom pain in the missing testicle. Alas, painkillers do not work too well on phantom pain.

So in the surgical world, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Not that most people are going to listen to me, especially those brain dead idiots determined to have some kind of elective surgery. This especially holds true for those victims of body dysmorphic disorder who are convinced that cosmetic surgery is beneficial.

Here is some reality: mechanical mutilation of your body will 
never deliver the heath or the happiness you expect. So if you are moron enough to believe that surgery is guaranteed to cure your health problems or make you more physically attractive, the only thing you will accomplish is spending the rest of your life struggling to survive with a painfully mutilated energy field. There are always complications, unexpected difficulties, the original problem only gets worse, and the patient must cope with horrific unintended consequences, including nerve damage, formation of scar tissue, infection, or development of arthritis. I have known several people in my life who were persuaded to undergo orthopedic surgery on the advice of a physician, only to then experience an exponential increase in their pain and discomfort. When this happens, the only thing most physicians recommend is more surgery. As for those patients who never wake up from the anesthesia, too bad.
As for those surgical procedures where some kind of artificiality is inserted into the sucker’s energy field, such as hip replacement surgery, the problem here is that the inserts must be replaced every ten years or so, which means the patient must endure repeated major surgeries in the future. I have heard that it is not unusual for people in their thirties to demand these kinds of replacements, even though they have probably been cautioned that they will have to undergo major surgery every ten years or so for the rest of their lives. But they are okay with that, since they just totally know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that any kind of mechanical adjustment to that solid machine they call their physical body will do them a lot of good. So these idiots are perfectly okay with going to the mechanic every few years for a little harmless repair, but I guarantee they live to regret it.

But most of what gets surgically inserted into our energy field is usually–no surprise–petrochemicals. Yeah, there is nothing like inserting plastics into your energy field to guarantee you health and happiness for the rest of your life! After all, all those factory foods you enjoy swallowing are all stored in plastic, so they are completely beneficial! Putting the plastic inside your body will also make it totally so much better! Right? Right?

Well, if you ask me, physicians should learn (1) how to say no to their patients’ demands for elective surgery, and (2) find non-surgical remedies for their patients’ ailments. My guess is that countless patients go to their doctors not only to insist upon new meds but to demand some kind of surgical procedure. Of course they never quite understand the risks, the side effects, or the permanent discomfort that they will inevitably experience. Message to American doctors: agreeing to your patient’s demands, whether for meds or for surgeries, is beneath contempt. You did not get a medical degree to allow yourself to be badgered by your patients. Just say no. It is that easy. So what if you have to waste your time trying to find alternatives to surgical intervention? For once in your life you actually will be helping your patients solve their problems instead of compounding them. And you will sleep better at night.

In the meantime, people need to get it through their thick skulls that any kind of artificial mutilation of the human body will cause more problems than it will solve, including aches and pains that will never go away, a daily sense of malaise, and an inability to think clearly, make good judgment calls, or even just concentrate on the task at hand. This also includes what most people think of as “minor” surgeries, namely the cosmetic kind, where just a bit of tweaking will make you totally drop-dead gorgeous. Don’t blame me for all the discomfort you will then experience from these “minor” surgeries, which will probably last for the rest of your abbreviated life. And if you do allow surgery on some of the most delicate joints of your body (your feet, hands, knees, ankles, or elbows), don’t be surprised if you can no longer get through each day without painkillers.

A special note about a special kind of surgery.

I must now discuss the worst of contemporary surgical procedures: those which promise you some kind of “sex change”. Yeah, you know–this is the surgery where you can get your genitals cut up or even removed any time you demand it. Well, if ever there were an ultimate human delusion about the reality of our physical life on this earth, the idea that you can mechanically change your sex is it.
Why so many people desire this kind of surgical butchery is beyond my comprehension. So you are unhappy with your gender, are you? And you actually think that some kind of artificial adjustment to your nether parts will bestow health and happiness on you forever? Sorry. That will never happen. And here we need to talk about reincarnation again.

By now my readers are probably accepting the fact that they have lived multiple times on this earth, and that they have incarnated again at the present time in order to learn some necessary karmic lessons. But as I have already mentioned, most of us are probably compelled to come back to experience circumstances which will also cause us a lot of pain and unhappiness. This means that some of us are probably forced to take on a house of clay whose hormones and DNA are the exact opposite of what we want. All of us entities need to experience both male and female incarnations on this earth, just as we need to experience different races and different standards of living. Any entity who has experienced nothing but maleness over the centuries is going to have to incarnate as a woman somewhere along the line, even though this person might be vehemently opposed to an earthly life with this gender.

In some ways this explains much of the gender confusion which exists in the world today. If you have been forced to incarnate in an unwelcome sex, you will probably spend your days resentful and unhappy. So if you are currently miserable about your gender, you must realize that even though it feels all wrong, it is probably something that the Heavenly Host wants you to experience.

But how can you tell if this is the truth about your life? Simple. You go to your oracle for information. Chances are that you will be told that there are karmic reasons why you are experiencing your present gender and that you must accept them. But cheer up. So what if you have what you think is the wrong gender? This is no big deal. Don’t forget that in the Aquarian world to come, nothing will be as irrelevant as gender, which will be a non-issue within the next decade or two. The only thing you should ever want in your current incarnation is a sense of inner balance and harmony. That should be enough.

All of which means that the current medical quackery about surgical or chemical adjustments to change your gender is as outdated as phrenology. And yes, it is nothing but quackery. Our esteemed medical professionals (or at least some of them) will try to tell you that not only is it actually possible to change your gender through body mutilation or hormone injections, but this is pathetic nonsense. News flash: no physician in the world will ever be able to insert a uterus into a man or attach a penis to a woman. If you were born a woman, you will die a woman, and ditto for men, no matter how your body is mutilated or what kind of artificial chemicals you swallow. This especially holds true for men who get themselves castrated. They do not turn into women. They turn into eunuchs. Has there ever been a happy eunuch in the history of the universe? I doubt it. If you want to live happily every after, you should never allow any kind of mechanical, chemical, or surgical adjustment to your energy field unless it is absolutely necessary–and genital mutilation is never a necessity. It is that simple.

And by the way, 
castration is the operative word here. Bottom surgery is nothing but a cowardly euphemism. On some level, people who use euphemisms know that they are doing something wrong, so they take refuge in the blandest language possible. But this only serves to emphasize their weak arguments and lack of logic. These people also enjoy playing the pronoun game, where castrated men can be called something other than a he/him, and a mutilated woman is never a she/her. Well, trying to force people to call you something which you are not will get you exactly nowhere. As for those pathetic morons who insist upon being called a “they”, if you want to turn yourself into one of the ultimate clowns of the universe, then go for it.
Here is the reality about those suckers who mutilate their bodies for any kind of gender-bending attempt: they are sentencing themselves to a lifetime of painful unintended consequences. Everything will change for the worse in every way possible, and it will last for the remainder of the victim’s life. The internet is starting to fill up with horror stories about gender surgery which has gone wrong, and these accounts will multiply in the years to come (just do an internet search on the word 
detrans, and you will find them). The most horrific accounts I have come across describe those appalling surgical attempts to create a phony vagina in a recently castrated male. The catch here is that in order to make the phony vagina, it has to be created out of a piece of the man’s colon, which sometimes means that he will end up with hair growing on the inside of his body. Talk about a perfect recipe for constant pain and infection. At least in the last century if you were subjected to that quackery called a lobotomy, your incision would eventually heal. Not with hair growing inside a phony vagina it won’t.
This brings me to the ultimate of American medical atrocities: the castration of underage boys. This is now happening because the boys in question have been persuaded that they need to go through life as a woman instead of as a man. Theoretically these boys do give their consent to the procedure, but no underage child anywhere in the universe is capable of giving informed consent to a surgical procedure involving body mutilation. If you are an adult who is stupid enough to believe that your life will get better if you have your body deformed, fine–and you are more than welcome to your countless unintended consequences. But this sort of butchery should not be inflicted on underage children. If you had told people before the 21st century that someday there would be numerous American parents determined to have their underage sons castrated, and that a corrupt medical establishment was acquiescing in their sadism . . . well, there are no words.

As for girls who want to trans, they are assured that they will get a phony penis built out of some of their upper-leg muscle. Yeah, right–all you have to do is carve up your leg so it will never feel right again, and then presto! Your fake penis now makes you a man! Or does it? Of course it doesn’t. You are nothing but a delusional female with a mutilated body, and as far as future partners are concerned, lots of luck finding someone willing to have sex with a leg muscle. In my opinion the quacks who castrate or otherwise mutilate the genitals of underage children should have their licenses immediately revoked. Then they can spend the rest of their lives where they belong: standing in front of fast food cash registers. As for the kid’s sadistic parents, their victims need to do a spiritual severance, and the sooner the better. Never seeing your mutilated kid again is exactly what Mom and Dad deserve.

If there were any justice in this world, the victims of this butchery would also be able to sue the living daylights out of both doctors and parents, but at the moment there is no justice in this world. On the other hand, when people finally start seeing Reality instead of all the toxic illusions which currently smother the planet, such lawsuits will be winnable. Message to the trans-besotted parents, doctors, and medical organizations currently mutilating both adults and children: beware, beware! One of these days you are going to find yourselves on the receiving end of a Cosmic Boomerang the size of South America.

I am sure that the preceding statements are making certain readers froth at the mouth. But that I should include such statements in this book is another very strong message I have received from the Great Beyond. Genital mutilation should never be practiced at any time, nor for any reason, nor under any circumstances. It is never anything but a horror, and it needs to stop immediately.

Having said all this, and as I have already mentioned, I don’t think it matters in the slightest what gender your eventual partner possesses. Just as long as you find your missing half. May I remind you that what you really need in your life is to acquire a sense of inner balance and harmony, which can lead you to what you really need: the perfect soulmate relationship. When you have got a blessing like this in your life, there is nothing as irrelevant as gender.

The therapy fallacy.

Now we get to examine that nonsense called therapy. If you ask me, the therapy racket in this country is a completely useless waste of time, money, and resources. Yes, I know that people believe in therapy the way they believe in fluoride, plastics, and electricity: it is not only harmless but will do you a lot of good. I am also aware that sometimes a therapist can actually help a patient, but that seems to happen as frequently as a successful weight loss diet.
Here is the reality about contemporary American therapy: there are no people on planet earth today who are as crazy as those who want to work in mental health. When you combine this level of crazy with the fifth-rate American education everybody gets these days, then . . . ouch. Especially when the therapy experts do little more than (1) enable, (2) make guesses, (3) encourage their patients to dwell upon that non-Reality called the past, (4) concentrate only on secular cures, and (5) dish out the meds. This last, of course, is the worst, but it is not about to stop anytime soon. And if–surprise!–the first set of meds do not do any good, the next one will, and or the nextorthenextorthenext . . . well, so what if it takes a few years or decades? That medicated mental bliss which the sucker so desperately wants is right around the corner and will put in its appearance one of these days! Really!

Let us also not forget that most therapists (as many as 87%) are currently in or have been in therapy.[81] Wow, what a statistic! Dare one suggest that our therapists are as screwed up as their patients are? Of course not, since therapists in therapy are only there 
temporarily. When the therapist’s therapist finally utters the right enabling words or gets the right meds shoved down the hatch, then it is bliss for ever more! Not that the therapist’s therapy will then come to an end, of course, since cures are something which never seem to happen in the therapy universe. The suckers must keep coming back year after year, thus guaranteeing the professional a decent income, which they so richly deserve.
So who cares if the patients never get any better? They just settle down in their toxic therapy zones for the rest of their lives, and there they stay. Well, as I have repeatedly stated, if you truly want to change for the better, you must acknowledge that you have been or are currently wrong about nearly everything in your life. Not just mildly wrong, but dead wrong, stupidly wrong, stratospherically wrong about most of what you have thought, said, or done throughout your entire life (time to reread Chapter 2). But you are never going to get this kind of clarity from a paid medical professional who has bills to pay. You are the person’s meal ticket, which means that his or her dollar bills have to keep happening.
 Fortunately this is not the case with the advice you can get from the Divine. Let us pause for a moment and give our thanks that the Divine does not consider any of us entities to be meal tickets.
All of which means, as should be obvious by now, therapy is just another legacy profession. In a world where each one of us can receive individually accessible Divine guidance and assistance, who is going to need a therapist, especially one who is crazier than you are? All you need to do is buy a deck of tarot cards and accept all the NO’s you will see as correct. Then and only then will your life start changing for the better.

* * *

So much for therapy. And medications and surgeries as well. The sooner we get rid of all three of these nuisances, the better. But I am sure that many of my readers still have faith in what they consider to be our marvelous American medical establishment. Sure there are some problems, but problems can always be fixed, right? We don’t need to turn to oracular hocus pocus to become healthier and happier! We jut need to wait for our medical people to finally start doing things right! This will definitely begin to happen if we just start spending more money!
Yeah, is that ever the perfect solution! We all know that spending money can solve anything! Never mind the fact that at the present time, health care accounts for an unbelievable one-sixth of the American economy, totaling over $3 trillion a year. Obviously that is not enough. We need to start spending $6 trillion or $60 trillion or maybe even more, and then we will all finally be healthy and happy forever! Since our wondrous high-tech chemicalized medical establishment can cure absolutely anything these days except for the stuff they can’t thanks to all the bad theories, bad treatments, bad procedures, and bad diagnoses I have already mentioned.

Then there is that black hole called Big Insurance. There is yet one more stupid idiot theory which tells us that unless you are covered by insurance (and the more expensive the better), you will never get the health care that you need. That is the way the system is supposed to work, but does it? Everyone is familiar with insurance horror stories these days: people getting sent home from the hospital before they have fully recovered from surgery, or an insurance company refusing to pay for a procedure which a physician has ordered (and then taking the victim to court to get the money), or time-consuming fights to obtain a hospital admission or even just a new test. Listing these kinds of insurance problems could go on and on and on, and all they are going to do is get worse.

Also never mind the fact that the celebrated health care safety net which our demagogic politicians are always promising us never seems to work. Nor will it ever work. Unless things change with our medical paradigms, it is only a matter of time before our overlords will start rationing medical treatment and deciding who will live and who will die. Of course it will always be us Littles who will be the first to expire. The Bigs among us will go on forever.

If you are a Little like me, you will have to accept your fate since there is absolutely no alternative to our present health care establishment, right? So the only thing we have to look forward to in healthcare are ever more baroque and expensive medical treatments, plus the construction of ever more hospitals and other medical facilities (in my home town the only new buildings which have been erected in recent years seem to be hospitals and clinics). So what if you have to start waiting a year or two before your doctor has time to see you, unless of course you resort to bribery, which is no problem since that is something we can all easily afford. As for the right to choose your own physician, several years ago this idiot kept telling me that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. I had once voted for this idiot, and I believed what he was saying. I then lost my doctor. I no longer vote.

Oh, who cares about that? The way medical things are now are the way that they are always going to be! We must accept our very expensive health care boondoggle since there is no– . . . 
Wait a minute! I see what’s coming next! The author of this book is going to tell us that there actually is a way out of our presenthealth care mess! I think I’m going to be sick! I won’t be able to stand it! Somebody give me a pill! Somebody else please shut her up!
Not a chance of that. Here we go . . .

A new way to do health care.

It is now time to discuss what truly helpful, cost-effective, and humanitarian health care would be like. And no, what I am about to describe is not an unsubstantiated pipe dream. There actually is going to be a new way for every last human being on the planet to not only stay healthy but immediately access health care if and when they need it. Things are going to start changing drastically in the health care universe, and only for the better. Furthermore, medical care in the future is not going to cost zillions of trillions of dollars.
This new way of doing health care is very simple, namely that hardly anyone will be doing it at all. In other words, except for rare cases of emergency room assistance, very few Aquarians are ever going to need medical assistance at any time during their pilgrimage on this earth. In a world where people finally start freeing themselves of the chemical swamp which engulfs them, and where Divine guidance and assistance is constantly available, people are going to be so healthy in both mind and body that they will never need to see a doctor. And Archangel Michael will always be around to prevent most accidents from happening, at least to those who ask and give permission for his protection every morning (you mean that you still are not doing this?) As for all those new hospital buildings getting erected all over the world, they are going to collapse into ruins even more quickly than a Manhattan skyscraper.

Think of what a wondrous new world this would be. All the trillions spent on health care would dwindle to almost nothing since people would be able to prevent health problems from happening in the first place. This will be easy enough in a world filled not only with constant oracular consultation, but with attraction and revulsion prayers.

I am also confident that people are going to start practicing a new oracular technique which I have not yet mentioned but which should prevent potential medical issues from turning into incurable problems. I like to call this technique my 
First of the Month Oracular Consultation. In the future, if people would sit down with their oracles at the beginning of each month and ask questions like these:

 My body is free of cancer at this point in my life. Am I correct? (Or heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other potential problems.)

 None of my current habits are damaging my health. Am I correct?

 I am eating all the best possible foods I need to keep me healthy. Am I correct?

If you start getting NO answers to questions like these, then you should (1) keep asking your oracle more specific questions so you can pinpoint the problem, and then (2) immediately go to your physician and request an examination. As I have mentioned, two of the big problems with current medical care are misdiagnosis and delays in treatment. Making it a habit to ask your oracle about the status of your health at the start of every month will solve this issue. Getting medical treatment right when a problem appears, instead of months or years later, will reduce health care costs exponentially.
So the first thing I am recommending is the very practical idea that in the future, oracular consultation should be conjoined with medical diagnosis. This means that health care treatments in the future will neither be completely secular nor completely spiritual, but a union of them both. I have already mentioned how regular oracular consultation can tell you what to eat, solve your addiction problems, help you recover from your mental torments, and release your negative energies. Now you can start using it to identify health problems as soon as they manifest, when they are most easily curable. Do this once a month for the rest of your life, and you will seldom or never need medical assistance as long as you live.

Here is the next step: if you do need medical assistance, you will never agree to any potential procedure, new regime of medications, or any other kind of treatment without oracular approval. In other words, I am recommending that you should get a second opinion before any kind of treatment starts. Second opinions are already acceptable to everyone in the healthcare industry, and they are always a good idea. It’s just that this time the second opinion will be oracular instead of professional (although if you like, you could always get a third opinion from yet another medical professional).

So if small changes like this start to happen, the drop in health care costs would be colossal. Still, I am aware that it will take some time to persuade the medical professionals among us that this new way of doing things will be beneficial. And it will probably be a few more years before Johns Hopkins University establishes classes on tarot divination. But this new way of doing things will eventually prove to be hugely helpful to everyone concerned. It cannot and will not be stopped. Besides, nobody will want it to be stopped when it starts being proven, time and again, that oracular consultation can help a physician not only zero in on what the medical problem is but choose the best possible treatment.

So there is no doubt in my mind that eventually our medical professionals will welcome this kind of spiritual input. Let us remember that our doctors and nurses are being as sensitized by their electronics as the rest of us, and when they start to sense the presence of spiritual beings in their lives, the whole idea of divination will start to seem like the most natural thing in the world.

Needless to say, the word 
natural will be the keynote to all future medical treatments. No more toxic artificialities, no more treating the human body like a solid object in space, no more unnecessary surgeries, and no more swallowing hundreds of useless meds. And no more will our planet be swamped with people constantly feeling bad, not when they start eating food instead of plastics and otherwise going with the natural flow of the universe.
Besides, in this kind of future, treatment will be individualized. At the moment the members of our health care establishment seem to believe that two different people with the exact same physical problem will both be cured by the exact same medical procedure. Well, that makes as much sense as absolutely everybody getting correct dietary advice from the USDA MyPlate, where one size does not fit all. People need individualized medical treatments to be cured of their problems, just as much as they need individualized dietary advice. In an oracular world, this will be possible.

I am also certain that some kind of peer-to-peer energy will be helpful in the new medical world to come. I have already mentioned how P2P is one of the most positive of the planetary energies to come and it will also help people in the future who are suffering from various ailments. In other words, they would not necessarily rely upon their overworked doctors to think up a proper treatment for a particular ailment: they would be able to consult their peers (if only of the online variety) about assorted treatments, and then use an oracle to see if any of them might be more effective than others.

However, all the oracular consultation in the world is not going to help the current cohort of plasticized human beings gain perfect health. The bodies of the people alive today have been so damaged by planetary toxicities that they will never be completely healthy–and this includes me. Unfortunately these toxicities are not going to disappear all at once, since the petrochemical debris which blankets the planet is going to be around for quite a while. But I am convinced that one new social manifestation to come in the future will be the eagerness of absolutely everyone to help clean up the planet and get it back to its natural flow.

But at the moment, the very best way for everyone to do health care is by not getting sick in the first place. So if you want to improve not only your own health but do some good in the world as well, you should do everything you can to stay healthy. In other words, remember the Net! In the Aquarian world to come, nobody will want to take medical resources which could possibly be better used by one of their brothers or sisters on the planet. I am aware that this thinking is contrary to the mindset at the moment, where even the tiniest physical problem means that you run straight to your doctor. But that is yet another legacy habit which will be nonexistent in the new world to come.

So it is your sacred duty to stay as healthy as you can. In other words, you need to acquire a sound mind in a sound body, and do your best to make sure it lasts the rest of your life. In a world where you can access Divine guidance any time you like, it can happen to everyone.

Here are some other changes which need to start happening:

If you think you have a medical problem, do your research. In other words, the first thing you need to do when you suspect that you have a problem is learn something about it, understand what the assorted treatments are, and make a rational choice about which one will be best for you. As always, logic before psychic. Only then you go to your oracular tool and then your physician for the necessary assistance, which you might not even need if you have also found some self-help techniques for your problem.

Realize that your ailments can probably be cured more by subtraction instead of addition. I have long been convinced that if people needing medical assistance would just start thinking less instead of more, huge numbers of ailments would disappear . . . spontaneously. So instead of going to your doctor for insomnia medication, you should give up caffeine. Instead of demanding spinal surgery, you should start practicing yoga. There are probably many other ailments around which could be eliminated by detoxifying, shifting your internal energies, or just adopting some new habits, all of which you can easily do without demanding new medical resources.

Just sensing Divine energy can be healing. For most people, experiencing a sense of the eternal always feels beneficial. Escaping from our earthly reality, no matter how briefly, can make you feel better by helping you to focus on the grand scheme of things. So if and when you have a medical problem, you should do your best to remind yourself that you are experiencing nothing but a temporary pilgrimage on this planet where nothing ever lasts. Transformations are constantly happening within and without your “physical” being, and the way you feel now is not going to be the way you will always feel.

If possible, find ways you can cure yourself. This is a dangerous piece of advice, but it should be occasionally possible for you to cure whatever ailment you have instead of running straight to your doctor. Go online and try to find energy cures for your problems. Start making new efforts to avoid what you now see as toxicities. Utilize one of Edgar Cayce’s most effective cure-alls, the castor oil pack.[82] Or Epsom salts, or natural healing clay, or essential oils, or anything else your oracle recommends. No matter what your ailment, you will find plenty of information on the internet about possible natural treatments.

Detoxify as often as you can. This will not be all that necessary in the future if you are eating right and avoiding plastics and other chemicals. But an occasional fast or hot bath/sauna can work wonders for your energy field. Even just getting outdoors once a day can help you detoxify. And try to go at least ten to twelve hours a day without eating or drinking, which is easy enough if you eat nothing between supper and breakfast. Your body will love you for it.

Breathe deeply as often as you can. There are plenty of online sites where you can learn how to improve your breathing. There are also yogic exercises which can help you to strengthen your lungs, and your oracle will help you find the most effective one for you to practice.

What about chronic pain? Forget about swallowing pills: start doing your best to eliminate your junk food diet, practice your daily exercises, avoid all toxicities, ask and give permission for Divine assistance, get outdoors, and do everything else I have suggested, up to and including consulting your oracle. Then if the pain is still there and all your doctor can do is prescribe pain killers, try alternate cures such as acupuncture or deep tissue massage. Especially the latter, which helped me enormously when I had a frozen shoulder. Deep tissue massage is a technique where the masseur applies huge pressure to various points in your body so you can release muscle tension and blocks. If you combine these treatments with daily yoga practice to keep yourself flexible, it will be a whole new you. However, if nothing you do helps, then by all means go on the medication. After a while, who knows? If you keep up with the natural treatments, you might soon discover that those painkillers are no longer necessary.

Whenever you can, go online and give money to people who need medical treatment. Make a vow to start supporting the Net once you are free of your own health problems. This can mean volunteering or helping financially if someone online requests money for medical treatment. But mind you, you should always check with your oracle to make sure any online request is legitimate, and that the crowdsourcing site is honest (not all of them are).

If you personally need financial help for medical problems . . . Don’t even think about asking for it until you have done everything you can to regain your health yourself. In other words, expecting other people to pay for your abuse of your body is like expecting the Divine to take off your excess weight while you continue to swallow chicken nuggets. It will not work.

As for our health care establishment, here are some suggestions which will help our medical people transition to the new world:

Medical professionals should start focusing on energy instead of materiality. There are lots of energetic solutions for a wide number of health problems. Granted that these are not always solutions for some of the worst medical issues we can face, but there has never been much professional research into energetic cures. This needs to change, and I suspect that there is a whole galaxy of new treatments which will start to be discovered when researchers finally start to look. In other words, no matter how agonizing it might be, our high-tech American doctors need to get it through their 99.9999999999999 empty skulls that there might actually be something to eastern ideas of energy healing, mind/body disciplines, and the existence of ka/pneuma/prana/qi/lung/élan vital. Fortunately this is already starting to happen and will only continue to increase in the years to come.

Medical professionals should stop lusting after ever more funding for ever more high-tech cure-alls. As in surgical robots or proton beam accelerators or whatever. If you ask me, these kinds of financial expenditures will no longer be necessary in an oracular world.

Medical professionals need to stop overmedicating. One major problem in contemporary medicine is not just that physicians keep prescribing pills, but they overprescribe them as well. Patients should realize that if they really do need some kind of medication for a physical problem, they should consume as little of it as possible and end it as soon as possible. Nobody should ever have to swallow a med for years or even decades. If this is what your physician is recommending, find a new physician.[83]

Medical professionals need to accept the fact that miracles can actually happen. At the moment, of course, they use the word remission instead of miracle, but if you ask me most of these so-called remissions are definitely manifestations of Divine energy. Yet another reason why spiritual energies need to be combined with contemporary health care to make it infinitely more effective.

Big Pharma needs to bite the dust. By now you should realize that artificial chemicals only make things worse. The sooner they go, the better.

Medical treatments need to be naturalized. The more natural the better. This can mean, believe it or not, that something as simple as the laying on of hands might actually help someone who is sick or injured. Throughout all human history, the medical professional would simply lay his or her hands upon the patient to help with a cure. While there are no statistics about how frequently this treatment actually works, I am convinced that it will be one of the most successful ways to cure people in the future for two reasons: (1) in the years to come people will be in the habit of daily spiritualizing their hands with their mudras, and (2) their hands will be most sensitized since they are the parts of our body most in contact with our electronics. Also, since the laying on of hands is just another P2P experience, the potential here is limitless.

New research needs to focus on how the mind affects “matter”. Once our medical professionals get some understanding of the interconnection between mind and body, and then start to research how people can direct or manipulate their own internal energies, this simple change will make for great improvement in helping people maintain their health.

Medical professionals should listen to their patients. At the moment all the interactions between physician and patient are Big/Little interactions. No medical professional ever seems to listen to what the patient might have to say about their problem or how it could possibly be cured. Fortunately, in the P2P world to come, this kind of verticality is going to evaporate. Future cures will be most effective when they are co-created between patient and physician, with oracular consultation thrown in for good measure.

Spiritual guidance will help research. Oracular consultation will do more than help medical professionals zero in on individual health problems. It will also help ongoing medical research in ways that people cannot now even begin to imagine. At the moment when research happens, no matter how intelligent or dedicated the researcher is, he or she relies on that silliness called guesswork to decide what needs to be investigated, experimented with, or otherwise paid attention to. All of which leads to wasted time and resources. These kinds of wrong turns will be eliminated in the future, when researchers could simply sit down with their oracle and determine which area to investigate or what kind of treatment is the most promising. This one little change could eventually save billions of dollars.

If you are a young person thinking about a health care career, consult your oracle. The healthcare industry is burgeoning at the moment, but will it continue? Not when so many of our health care positions will eventually be very legacy. It is estimated that there are about a million physicians currently practicing in the United States. In fifty years the number should be about half that. In a hundred years maybe only a tenth. Like all other professional careers at the moment, what seems like solid ground is nothing of the sort.

Be a good P2P person. Don’t just search for cures online: if you have personally managed to solve one of your physical or mental problems, tell the world what you did.

* * *

Here I must say something about that medical procedure called abortion, which has exploded into importance again with the recent Supreme Court overturning of Roe vs. Wade (1968). Every fiber of my being tells me that no government on the planet has the right to forbid a woman from having an abortion if she so desires it. Fortunately, I am certain that in the future most women will consult an oracle to ask whether a pregnancy should be terminated, and if they get a YES, that should both ease their consciences as well as persuade others that they are doing the right thing. Women who get a NO, on the other hand, should pay attention, since they should not want to abort a kid who might turn into a new Beethoven.
Does my support of abortion make me a baby killer? Well, let me tell you about a conversation I once had with a married woman. When she was pregnant with her third child, she always got a clean bill of health when she went to see her doctor. One morning when she was in her third month she again went to her obstetrician, who reported that as usual that everything was normal. She went home, ate lunch, and took a nap. While she was sleeping she heard a voice which she was certain belonged to her baby, saying: “I am going away for a while, but I will be back.” That evening she miscarried.
Well, that baby had been wanted, so this was an unhappy event in the lives of both her and her husband. But a couple of years later she became pregnant again, and this time she successfully carried the child to term. Just as the voice had predicted.
So did a baby die when she miscarried? No, the only thing which happened was that a house of clay rental unit was no longer viable. Let us remember that unlike our flesh, the souls of us sentient beings are indestructible. They exist before, during, and after our physical incarnations. There is some evidence that a fetus can dream, so it is possible that the soul of a sentient being does take up residence in a fetus. But it would be the soul doing the dreaming, not the house of clay. Also you should understand that souls are never locked into the flesh with no way of escape, neither the souls of fetuses nor the souls of adult human beings (more about this later).
All of which means that in the years to come, when it is individually accessible Divine guidance which will help a woman decide whether to have an abortion, governmental laws regulating this procedure will evaporate, and this issue will be history.

Recommended prayers.

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, I ask and give permission that you help me to:

 maintain my mental and physical health on this day and night and every day and night for the rest of my life. And I thank you.

 identify physical or mental problems as soon as they manifest so they can be dealt with. And I thank you.

 give me the right kind of guidance to help me co-create a cure for the health problems I am currently experiencing. And I thank you.

 keep me eating the most optimal diet for my particular energy field. And I thank you.

* * *

Along with teachers and government bureaucrats, our medical professionals are probably going to be the most resistant to everything I say in this book. Which is only to be expected. Here I must again repeat that I do not have a single shred of evidence for any statement I make in this book. Nevertheless, there is nothing I would welcome more than a suitably credentialed researcher at the one of the National Institutes of Health experimenting with some of my assertions and, of course, publishing the results in a peer-reviewed journal.
But I am not going to hold my breath waiting for this to happen. I expect that most of our medical professionals are perfectly comfortable with the way health care things are now. To suggest that a completely new kind of spiritualized health care would be more effective than the insanely expensive artificial mess we have at the moment is going to fall on deaf ears. Let us also remember that the last thing Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Medicine want is a planet filled with completely healthy people. That would mean no more dollar bills.

But in the years to come I am convinced that our ever more sensitized medical professionals will be willing to experiment with spiritual or energy cures, once they become convinced that they actually do work. This will be a win-win for everyone. But we are not yet in this new kind of world. I must remind the reader that if you have any kind of mental or physical problem at the moment, you should immediately go to your doctor for assistance. Of course, once you become accustomed to working with an oracular tool, that will also help, but at the moment, your doctor knows best.

But eventually We the People of Planet Earth will be so healthy that we will be free of the tyranny of our medical establishment. We will be able to access health care when we need it outside of governments, insurance companies, bureaucrats, paper pushers, drug conglomerates, and money. This is the kind of universal health care the planet needs, and eventually it will manifest.

* * *

At any rate, it is now time for your esteemed author to change her focus. There is nothing more I need to say about how you can make your own personal life better. You now know how to access Divine guidance and assistance, you understand the vital importance of your physical and spiritual exercises, you are doing your tidy best to free yourself of all your toxicities, you have created your own utopia, you are experiencing a good relationship, and you understand what you need to do to stay healthy. So you are now starting to feel hale and hearty for the first time in your life. Congratulations upon transforming your life for the better.
But in case you haven’t noticed, you are not the only human being on this planet. You share the earth with another 8 billion human souls, most of whom are lost in toxic illusion and inadvertently doing everything they can to make not only their own lives but all aspects of our earthly reality ever more gruesome. If you follow all my suggestions so far, you will probably be able to live out your life with a sound mind and body in your own personal utopia. However, this kind of life is not going to help when all the social, political, and economic structures that make your culture functional are falling into pieces. Which is what they are all currently doing.

So it is now time to change the focus of this book from the personal to the planetary. We need more than personal health and happiness as we live out our lives: we need to live on a better kind of planet. It is time for each one of us to start doing our best to help this new kind of planet manifest. And yes, each one of us really will be able to contribute to our upcoming planetary transformation in one way or another. Granted that we will not be able to fix everything about our third rock, but each one of us can do our best to help the process along.

But a reminder: planetary betterment will never manifest through any kind of legacy groupthink. The last thing our planet needs is yet another toxic ego trying to impose his/her separateness illusions on the rest of the human race. Granted we have zillions of people around these days who are furiously certain that they are currently making the world a better place thanks to their politics or their religion. But seeing as how they are operating out of nothing but ego, all they are doing is creating ever greater catastrophe. Well, this is not going to last, not when people start realizing how going with the natural flow can actually do some good in our tired old world.

We also need to remember that we humans possess the ability to reinvent ourselves any time we like, which just happens to be one of the greatest creative blessings we can experience during our sojourn on this planet. Well, if we can reinvent ourselves, we can also reinvent the whole planet. The more people who start to devote their energies to making it happen, the more quickly a brand new planetary reality will begin to manifest. In this kind of reality, not only will you be able to live in your own personal utopia, but you will help to make a planetary utopia as well.

So where should you begin? That’s easy. You simply have to understand that everything, and I do mean everything, which seems normal in our current planetary reality needs to be ditched. Up to and including all the toxic Bigs which currently blight the entire earth. These Bigs do not provide any workable solutions–they only make things worse. The corruption, incompetence, and inefficiency which our planetary Bigs now constantly exhibit should now be obvious to all. They have all got to go.

And the first Big we need to attack is the biggest and baddest of them all. This particular Big is a gigantic monstrosity which is the worst single problem on the planet today. But while people now understand that Bigs such as Pharma, Business, Entertainment, and Religion need to go, they will probably start screaming at what I am about to suggest. Since this most toxic of the Bigs is considered to be the one energy manifestation on the planet which will eventually bring about paradise on earth (no chance of any Big doing that, of course, which makes the preceding statement the ultimate of human illusions).

Well, this Big must be destroyed, and the sooner the better, especially since it grows ever more oppressive and corrupt with each passing year, not only in the United States but all over the world. It is the single worst problem all 8 billion of us have got. It is now time for me to take on the worst of the Bigs on the planet, those Grand Guignol shows called our governments.

Chapter 12. A New Non-Governmental Reality.

That’s right. We the People of Planet Earth have got to get rid of our governments. Especially since our national governments are nothing but unmitigated horrors which always cause more problems than they solve. They have done little more than generate human suffering since they were first instituted in ancient Sumeria in the 4th millennium BCE.
The preceding statements will undoubtedly bring on cardiac arrest with most of my readers. There are countless millions of my brothers and sisters in the Net who spend enormous amounts of time worshiping the Great God Government (just as long as it is being run by the members of their preferred political party, of course). Believing in the government instead of the Divine has become a substitute religion for billions at the present time. Too many people are convinced that their government is great, their government is good, their government will do all that is necessary to fix everything. Yeah, Government Is God.

This is Planet Earth’s ultimate delusion, the insane notion that a country’s 
government will actually be able to make things better for everyone. This nonsense currently blankets the earth, and very few people are able to think themselves out of it. After all, they have been trained to think that Government Is God the way they have been trained to think that junk food is delicious, chemicals are good for you, and buying something will make you happy. They cannot see anything wrong with these ideas for all the meds they will ever swallow.
Well, if you ask me, those black holes called governments are the last place on the planet where you will find the natural flow of the universe, let alone the presence of the Divine. All planetary governments are based on hierarchical and separateness energies, which means that they will never do anything except make things worse. Along with the monster chemicals, the monster governments which currently blanket the earth are the greatest curse of our time.

Now I am sure that as a reasonably intelligent human being, you are recoiling at the preceding statements. You want to believe what you have always been taught to believe, that our planetary cultures always get better thanks to our national governments. Sorry, people. If you suffer under the delusion that planetary betterment can be legislated into existence, you have a cabbage inside your skull instead of a brain. You also need to be reminded of this bit of insanity: 
Hey guys, I’ve got a terrific idea! Let’s amend the Constitution and make alcohol illegal! Then nobody will ever be drunk again for the rest of all eternity! Well, it did not quite pan out that way. It never does.
Here is the reality about our planetary governments: all they ever create are those horrors called unintended consequences. Not progress, not betterment, not happiness–just gazillions of unintended consequences which always make everything worse. This happens not only because governments are energy manifestations which exist contrary to the natural flow of the universe, but because no matter how carefully the laws are crafted, there will always be loopholes, of which the less-than-ethical will take advantage. So it is never surprising that all of our virtue-signaling socialist politicians always end up as multi-millionaires. And why not? They never do anything illegal, they play by the rules, and they constantly congratulate themselves that they are making the lives of us Littles better. So 
of course they are entitled to as much money as they can get their hands on. Right? Well, not quite. If your position of power is making you rich, all you are doing is harming the Net.
And if you are a low-level government worker suffering under the delusion that you are a good person doing good work in this world, you had better think again. Spending forty years of your life in a cubicle is not a blessing but a horror. Never mind that you get paid, you get benefits, you get to travel on your vacations, and you get to spend your time making your government ever more good. The reality here is that you are living pure hell on earth (and maybe one of these days the higher ups in your department will replace those fluorescent lights above your skull which are constantly scorching your eyeballs). You are nothing but a cog in an enormous pitiless machine, which will exploit you in any way possible. You mean that it has never occurred to you that pushing paper in a torture chamber called an office just happens to be hell on earth? And you think you are actually a smart person? Well, of course you are! So you just totally know that the paper just absolutely has to be pushed! It is so vitally important that society could not survive without it! Right? Not quite.

I have always found it amusing that the most extreme political hysterics among us just happen to be government workers. The problems which our Big Governments create are absolutely invisible to these people. If and when a bureaucratic disaster is brought to their attention, they will simply explain that the problem will be fixed with a change in the regulations or a bit of new funding (like another ten or twenty trillion dollars). Well, this conjures up memories of those Soviet honchos who kept making excuses, year after year, about why their fabulous Five Year Plans were not working. It was all because of bad weather, you see. The Five Year Plans were themselves perfect since they had been devised by the finest Marxist minds in the country, so 
of course they had to work. Nothing else was possible. This meant that everyone just had to keep at them, and then one of these days the workers’ paradise would finally come into being. Well, okay– but the last time I looked the Soviet Union was not around any more.
But that kind of governmental nonsense doesn’t apply to the United States! We don’t have a Marxist state on this side of the pond! We’ve got a democracy! Our Constitution is the best on the planet! Maybe all three levels of our American government have a few teensy-weensy little problems, but there is no better way to have a functional and prosperous society than our present governmental reality! It has stood the test of time for over two hundred years! What more proof do you need that it works just fine? Especially since spending money solves all social problems!

Well, I am now going to present you with a brand new idea which you have never heard in your life and which will probably cause more drop dead horror than any other pronouncement which I make in this book. Hang on to your whole grain goodness. It is now time for me to utter the ultimate American heresy, and here it is:

The United States Constitution is a bad idea.

There. It is time somebody finally said it. And in case you are wondering, I have asked my oracle several times whether or not I should put this statement into this book. The response I have received from the Great Beyond is: PUT IT IN THE BOOK! PUT IT IN THE BOOK!
All of which means that you need to hear me out. The problem with the United States Constitution is that it creates a hierarchical energy manifestation (AKA a government) which, like all hierarchical forms, does not exist in harmony with the natural flow of energy in the universe. So both the Constitution and the government it creates are nothing but more toxic energy manifestations which will never work the way they should.

Having said all this, I am the first to admit that our American system of government is better than all the others on the planet (or at least it tries to be). But that does not necessarily make our system of government a good thing. On the contrary. Our government is as much of a problem as all the other governments on the planet. It establishes all sorts of Big positions, to which we Littles must defer. Granted our Founders tried to ameliorate the power centers by creating three branches of government, as well as delegating authority to the states. This was all for the best, but they still came up with a hierarchical energy form, and by now you should realize that any kind of hierarchy is not going with the natural flow of the universe.

Besides, all those checks and balances no longer work the way they are supposed to. Our local, state, and federal governments continue to grow ever more out of whack with natural energies with every passing day, and as a result they are all collapsing into logjam, corruption, and incompetence. This is not surprising, given the fact that in recent years our government only barely resembles the system the Founders established. The trend for many decades now has always been towards ever greater power. More specifically, too much clout in the hands of too few people, especially as far as presidents, entrenched bureaucrats, and congressional lifers are concerned. Time and again in recent years we have seen our public servants doing exactly what they pleased, including trampling on civil rights, seizing property, and otherwise bypassing the law–and they just keep getting away with it. Equal justice under the law has become a ridiculous joke, and all those checks and balances are evaporating.

Let us now take a hard look at the current problems with our three branches of the federal government. We will start with the Supreme Court. The members of this court have always had a knack of making more bad decisions than good ones, and those bad decisions have had infinitely more impact on our society than the good ones. All of which means that the members of this court have been as subject to contemporary trends as any other governmental employee, and they have never hesitated to shred the Constitution when it felt emotionally correct to do so. Just think 
Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857), Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), Korematsu v. United States (1944), and Kelo v. City of New London (2005), and you will have to agree with me. Future generations will remember the American Supreme Court for its innumerable bad decisions, not its good ones.
As for that criminal class called Congress, it is ridiculous to think that our elected representatives can actually do their jobs these days. The members of the 116th Congress (2019-2021) passed a total of 16,601 bills during their two years in office, which adds up to about 22 bills which needed to be examined every single day of the year. Where do these guys find the time to read all these thousands of bills and make an informed decision about whether or not to approve them? They don’t of course, but that is okay since they can rely upon their lobbyists, who are always bestowing upon them nice little treats, to tell them how to vote.

Besides, there is nothing like a long term congressional career to produce piles of wonderful money. So it must be very pleasant for congressional lifers to contemplate their equity whenever they relax in their gated communities and congratulate themselves on all the good they are doing in the world (when they are not figuring out their next insider trading deal, of course). 
What do you mean, a Cosmic Boomerang is heading directly their way? Don’t be silly! These people are doing everything right!
As for the office of the presidency, it is no secret that in recent years our presidents have acquired virtually unlimited power. This is at least partially due to the legacy of the Cold War (1947-1991). Presidents were powerful figures before this time, but only in the Atomic Era did the President have his 
finger on the button, which is otherwise known as holding the fate of billions in his hands. So he became something more than human, even some kind of messiah. Of course the electronically-sensitized snowflakes among us just love the idea of an all-powerful president, as long as this person is a member of their own party. Never mind the fact that most of our 20th and 21st century presidents have been the last word in incompetence. How else are our snowflakes among us going to be safe without a good superhuman president in power to protect them?
So in recent years millions of American snowflakes have had no problem with a superman president doing whatever he wants to do. What better way to crush the bad people of the planet than by direct presidential action? We all know that strongman rule has been the nightmare of the planet for millennia, but when a “good” American president does it, apparently it is okay. He or she really will make the world a better place, especially if there is a great big bureaucratic system to help speed up the process. Then it will be goodness for everyone! Right? Not a chance. Versailles-upon-the-Potomac has been nothing but a clown show for several decades now.

But worshipers of the Great God Government do not care. They will always turn a blind eye to everything they do not want to see. Whenever there is a social problem these days, their immediate thought is 
the government will fix it. Since everything always improves when a good government takes action. So our Congress just needs to keep passing thousands of bills every year, and utopia will eventually be ours! Yeah, government über alles! There is no other way to do society.
Well, as I have stated, the delusion that government can fix everything is a clone of the idea that artificial chemicals can fix everything. The only thing that happens when people turn to either of these toxicities is that everything gets worse. As far as the United States is concerned, it no longer matters which political party gets voted into office. The only thing guaranteed to happen is that our social and economic systems will continue to collapse. The idea that we can solve all problems with ever more laws and regulations is yet another useless theory which will never work. You think our government worshipers would have figured this out by now. Not a chance of that.
If all this were not bad enough, in recent years there has been a new and catastrophic tendency in our American government: the desperate yearning of countless snowflakes for the 
permanent political power of their own particular party. In past decades, a few politicians would do everything they could to help their party of choice acquire permanent power, but nowadays it seems that practically everyone wants that impossibility called permanence. Never mind the fact that our Founders did everything they could to create a system of government where no faction could ever acquire permanent power. The United States is the only country in the world where non-permanence is actually built into the elective system, and for most of American history, no faction has ever maintained permanent political power at the federal level. One party rules the roost for a while, the American people get fed up with it, and vote in the other party. But then after a while they get fed up again, and back the pendulum swings.
In many ways this non-permanence is the core reality of what used to be called our democracy. Not the separation of powers, not the Bill of Rights, and not the checks and balances. What is special about American democracy is its non-permanence. This is the main idea which is emphasized in 
The Federalist Papers (1788), and for two hundred years most Americans have accepted it. But not now, not in a snowflake world where letting the other party run the show seems like an unspeakable horror. Alas, the Founders never could have anticipated snowflakes. Today millions of Americans lust for the permanent political power of their faction, since they live in day-to-day agony whenever the wrong party has the power. I had a snowflake friend who was so freaked out by the 2016 election that she had to tell herself twenty times a day that the 45th president of the United States was going to be impeached. It was the only way she could stand to be alive. Never mind the fact that the President in question did not know she existed and had no impact upon her day-to-day life. HE HAD TO BE IMPEACHED!!!! To say that living with this kind of mindset must be hell on earth is inadequate.
Well, she was not the only snowflake like this. Millions of snowflakes will simply collapse into hell on earth unless their party triumphs by any means necessary. You know the party that I am talking about, the one whose faithful regard it as the sole gatekeeper of all the goodness in the nation, and never mind the fact that it has been responsible for slavery, the Trail of Tears, the spoils system, the Civil War, Jim Crow, segregation, Japanese-American internment, the war in Vietnam, President I-did-not-have-sex-with-that-woman perjury, the stolen 2020 election, and the upcoming social security collapse. This is also the party which has ruled most big American cities for over half a century and bestowed upon them those delightful blessings called homelessness, sidewalks covered with excrement and hypodermic needles, graft every time you turn around, bribery for the most basic social or medical services, potholes galore, and two or three homicides a day. This is the party of the goodest of the good! Snowflakes must always have this party in power or else! And just FYI: I was raised to support this particular party and did so for many years, until it became obvious exactly what kind of cesspool it was.

Of course the track record of the other party is not any better. Let us not forget that some of its adherents were moronic enough to stage a contemptible riot in the Capitol building after the 2020 election. The loyalists of this party are also yearning for permanent political dominance as well. This is the only thing that millions now want: a permanent one party state, with a strongman issuing the executive orders. One ring to rule them all, so the rest of us Littles can join those millions of single mothers already bound in the darkness.

But here’s the catch about all these dreams for permanent political power. It just so happens that our American governmental Leviathan is grinding to a halt. What is becoming ever more obvious is the fact that governmental bureaucracy at all levels can no longer do what it is supposed to do. Let me tell you about a temporary job I had at the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services (now renamed with the more comfy title of Healthcare and Family Services). I was hired because the department had a backlog of 30,000 applicants whose paperwork needed to be processed, and, needless to say, a backlog like this is quite normal these days. So I dutifully reported for work and almost immediately discovered one irate letter after another from members of the public who were not getting their benefits in a timely fashion, or whose benefits had just simply stopped for no discernible reason. More than a few of these people were threatening to go directly to the governor unless immediate action was taken.

Well, if you are number 29,998 on a list of 30,000 people, appealing to the governor is not going to help. Even if you were at the top of the list, the fantasy that you might get instantaneous assistance from Big Governor is even more ridiculous, given the fact that the backlog in the governor’s office probably reaches six figures. As will the backlogs of all local, state, and federal agencies in the years to come. Then seven figures, and then eight, and then who knows? In the years to come, not even the people who have learned how to milk the system are going to get timely governmental assistance when they need it.

None of this is supposed to happen with a nice, big, supportive government which is theoretically taking good care of We the People. Or at least this is probably what the legislators who keep devising all the zillions of new laws probably tell themselves. Well, these legislators suffer under three major delusions: (1) there will always be Littles to work the low-level bureaucratic jobs, (2) the system will always be functional, and (3) the way things are now are the way they will always be. Have I got news for them.

Meanwhile, the only certainty is that all our governmental systems are now breaking down, and no amount of new funding is going to put Humpty Govty back together again. At the moment some Illinois governmental buildings have signs which proclaim: 
No direct services provided at this location. As the system continues to collapse, what you will see is: This facility is protected by barbed wire and guard dogs. And lots of luck if you think you can reach a governmental bureaucrat by telephone.
If all this weren’t bad enough, there has been a new and very disastrous governmental trend in recent years which is going to make any future reform all but impossible. This new trend has been correctly called:

Weaponized government.

Here I should point out that it is not just the kids among us who have turned into tremulous snowflakes. The adults among us are frequently as hysterical about their precious political groupthink as are their offspring. This can be seen in an unprecedented manifestation in our American government, the willingness of governmental bureaucrats to use their power to attack members of the public any way they can, and especially to wring money out of them. The people who misuse their power like this probably consider themselves, as usual, to be decent and ethical human beings, but they are deluding themselves. Such behavior was unthinkable in the past, but if you are an electronically-sensitized and chemically-addled snowflake, you do it these days without the slightest hesitation. Ethics be damned.
What is so astonishing about these people is that they have absolutely no idea that they are doing anything wrong. They work very hard at their jobs and live in nice houses with their nice families. So they apparently persuade themselves that misusing their governmental trust is not only okay, nobody will ever know about it for the rest of all eternity (apparently they have never heard of the word transparency). So they will do anything they can get away with.

We all know what kind of governmental abuse this kind of mindset has generated in recent years: at the moment: law enforcement officials have the ability to seize all your assets if you are dumb enough to hand them your debit card, animal control personnel seize pets without good reason and then charge exorbitant fees to the owners to get their animals back, if you are making child support payments, you had better cough up the money the second that your local government demands it or you will be incarcerated, and agents of the IRS will cling to you like leeches if you owe their precious agency any money.

Let me now tell you a little story about some Soviet style thuggery in Abraham Lincoln’s hometown, Springfield, Illinois. A friend of mine was on probation and was trying as hard as he could to comply with all the demands for money which the good bureaucrats at the Sangamon County building were constantly throwing at him. The Probation and Court Services Office people had a right to phone him any time and demand that he immediately come downtown to pay a fine. Should he not do so, a warrant for his arrest would be issued. So whenever he got a call from the County, he had to drop everything, go downtown, and shell out the cash. Also he always had to pay in cash since the county would not accept either credit or debit card payments. He quickly learned that one of the favorite times for the County to make these calls was over the weekend when the banks were closed. Anyone who had no access to an ATM machine or no cash on hand ended up in handcuffs.

In short, what was going on was deliberate actions by the good county bureaucrats to milk their victims for all they were worth. These tactics were aimed at the lowest and most defenseless members of society, most of whom were black. Granted that these guys had done something wrong or they would not be on probation, but most of them were desperately trying to get their lives back on track. So never mind the fact that the tricks the Sangamon County Probation and Court Services Office was playing on them always meant more fines, more charges, more incarcerations, and more unlikelihood that they could ever escape the system. I suspect that the good bureaucrats who kept dreaming up these torments were getting nice little bonuses whenever they managed to keep one of these guys trapped in their clutches for several more years.

Which brings me to the events of February 4, 2018, which was Super Bowl Sunday. My friend got a call that morning to come downtown and pay a new fine at the County building, and as usual he complied. He then returned home and forgot about it. But to his surprise about 4:00 that afternoon, he got a second call from the probation authorities demanding that he come downtown a second time and pay another fee. This call did not come directly to his phone but to his girlfriend’s phone, which was his backup number. This was the first time that my friend received two calls demanding money from the County on the same day, and it was also the first time that the call came to his girlfriend’s phone instead of his own phone. So he dug up the money, went back downtown, paid the fee, and returned home.

This second call happened as late as possible on Super Bowl Sunday, since the bureaucrats making it knew perfectly well that (1) probationers would never expect to receive a second call after getting a first call in the morning, (2) neither they nor their significant others would be paying much attention to incoming calls, and (3) they would most likely be drinking or otherwise relaxing by late afternoon in order to enjoy the upcoming Super Bowl. My friend was not a drinker, so he was cold stone sober when the call came, and he managed to get downtown to pay the new fine without incident.

But he later learned that there were thirteen other men on probation that day who had received both a morning and late afternoon call from the Probation Office, and all thirteen of them were rearrested, subjected to new charges, fines, and fees, and to this day are probably still trapped in the system because of the sadistic little scenario that the good Sangamon County bureaucrats must have spent hours devising. Weaponized government, in other words. Rumor has it that the Sangamon County Probation Office has continued with this Super Bowl trickery in all the years since. The hell with rehabilitation or helping someone start a new life. When you are caught in a weaponized government trap, there is no escape.

Of course what the Sangamon County bureaucrats did that day was legal, but it was also hitting below the belt. It can only be compared to stealing pennies from a beggar on a street corner. I am sure that the bureaucrats who dreamed up this viciousness up have never felt a smidgen of remorse about their actions. It is true that the bad Cosmic Boomerangs which these people will inevitably acquire will not be pretty, but there is no convincing them of that.

Unfortunately scenarios like this one are now occurring all over the country, and at all levels of the government. There are too many governmental bureaucrats around these days who are willing to do absolutely anything to wring money out of what used to be known as the citizenry. All this means that we have not had a government of the people, by the people, and for the people for a very long time now. What we have is a government that exists to make itself richer and does not give a damn if they ruin a few lives while they are at it. But the Great God Government true believers will never give a damn. 
Shut up and go back to work, you stupid peon, and stop criticizing your betters who are making the world a better place!
At any rate, if you ever decide to come to Springfield to see the only home Honest Abe ever owned, you might also want to direct your attention to the Sangamon County building three blocks to the northeast. Then you can behold what they fought and died for at Gettysburg: weaponized government. What, you tell me that they have not come after you yet? Just you wait.

* * *

Wait a minute! Things are not really that bad! Maybe there is a small amount of incompetence or corruption going on these days at all levels of our American government, but it will not always be like that! Governmental problems can always be fixed by that wonderful little prestidigitation called . . . reform.
Ouch. Reform is the idea that it is actually possible to get a hierarchical system to work both efficiently and ethically. So even if our planetary governments do not quite work the way they should at the moment, as soon as more legislation/rules/regulations/control freakery is enacted, no more problems! The Great Pumpkin will finally deliver! At last!

And how will this reform manifest? Why, with countless new and improved rules, regulations, laws, and directives, of course! Never mind that all the zillions of rules and regulations which have been instituted in recent years have only made everything worse. Never mind the fact that most people today cannot move more than two inches without bumping into yet another governmental rule or regulation. The new ones will fix everything! One of these days our planetary governments are finally going to do what they are supposed to do: provide security and prosperity to the populace. Yes, everybody knows that the quaint little notion called reform will rid the earth of corruption and inefficiency forever! Since it just has to. Yeah, behold the government Fantasy Future, which makes just as much sense as the drug-free Fantasy Future or the romantic Fantasy Future.

All of which means that the kind of reform which our planetary governments actually need will probably take at least two or three thousand more years. That is kind of a long wait. You mean that you don’t believe it will take that long? Then just start repeating one single word to yourself: 
Chicago Chicago Chicago. Yeah, this particular word should convince you that if you want to keep those toxic structures called governments in place, it will definitely take several more millennia to clean them up.
The problem is that when reform actually does happen, things do not stay better for long. New corruption and inefficiency inevitably manifest. The reality of our planetary governments is that any energy field which has been erected upon those pernicious illusions called separateness and hierarchy can 
never be reformed, and especially not when the so-called reforms manifest in more control freakery, more bureaucracy, more rules and regulations, and more Bigs and Littles. Governmental reform is nothing but a very dead duck.
So it is no exaggeration to say that the United States has finally collapsed into a full-scale banana republic. The nail in the coffin happened during the 2020 presidential election, when countless numbers of governmental snowflakes did everything in their power to tilt the election in the direction of their preferred presidential candidate, the one representing the “good” party. Most of them have denied doing this, of course, even though many of them were filmed destroying ballots. So they got away with it. All the evidence suggests that the man who was lawfully elected president in 2020 was not the man who was sworn into office.

And if the snowflakes among us got away with it once, they will of course do it again. And again. And again. In other words, in the years to come we will finally get to experience what our Founders most feared: permanent one party rule. At last! The progressives among us will finally be able to progress into progress forever! Long live the United States of Bananas!

But . . . I am being too pessimistic here. The snowflakes among us are not going to last. When people realize that spiritual solutions actually work, that fantasy called the Great God Government will start to evaporate. I doubt that your average Hebrew prophet ever wasted time hoping that a government would fix everything. No truly spiritual person in human history has ever thought like that. In the Aquarian era to come it is actually going to be possible to have a functional social reality without those corrupt and ineffective horrors called Bigs, up to and including Big Government. Once everyone realizes that they can actually receive individually accessible Divine guidance and assistance, a need for any kind of Big will evaporate. Late-stage government is going to disappear along with late-stage capitalism and late-stage socialism. As for the Constitution . . . well, we can still give two cheers for those 4,543 words. It is just that we have to start moving away from that piece of paper into the astounding new world which is about to manifest.


My dear reader, if that is one of your most cherished beliefs, let me now remind you of an interesting historical fact. The Big Governments which currently smother the planet conjure up visions of a different kind of hopelessly unreformable top/down energy manifestation which existed about five hundred years ago. This particular energy manifestation was also supposed to last forever since it had been in existence for fifteen hundred years and was the only option possible at the time–or so everyone believed. I am talking about the Roman Catholic Church at the beginning of the 16th century. Thoughtful people at the time could perceive that the Church had become a stinking mire of greed and corruption whose honchos had no qualms about doing anything they wanted to do, regardless of whether it was right or wrong.

But the Littles at the time continued to put up with it since they could not conceive of an alternative. Everyone knew that not only was the Church divinely ordained, it was the only way a human being could get into heaven. So nobody could just eliminate it. The Church simply needed to be reformed, that was all. And once the reform 
finally happened, everything would be perfect.
But in 1517 along comes a nobody named Martin Luther who was armed with the simplest of messages, namely that each one of us could find our way to the Divine without all the rules, regulations, structure, buildings, money, and hierarchy of the hopelessly corrupt Roman Catholic Church. Guess what. People started to listen. All at once a viable alternative to the Catholic Church just appeared out of nowhere . . . spontaneously. This alternative was much more egalitarian and individualized than the mess which existed at the moment.

Moreover, Luther’s ideas about personal reliance upon scripture were much more in harmony with the natural flow of the universe than all the Catholic dogma ever devised (although, as I have mentioned, I don’t think that scripture is 100% reliable). What mattered at the time was that Lutheran spirituality would eventually benefit the whole human race, as it is the Protestant mindset which has given Western civilization its ideas of self-reliance, scientific investigation, the value of literacy, and the separation of church and state.

Mind you, the Roman Catholic Church did not completely disappear five hundred years ago–it has continued to limp along ever since. But if you ask me, like all the other Bigs on the planet, it is finally going to collapse into nothingness. As will all the behemoth protestant Bigs. In the new world to come, no more Bigs period, up to and including Big Religion.

This should tell you that no matter how sacrosanct the social structure, there are always alternatives. Always. Up to and including an alternative to our most sacred piece of paper, the United States Constitution. Moreover, I am convinced that the alternative to Big Government is 
already starting to manifest here on planet earth. In the Aquarian world to come We the People of Planet Earth are being handed an opportunity to create a brand new kind of social reality which will be ethical, egalitarian, practical, interconnected, and untainted by that horror called money. Furthermore, we are not going to have to go through any kind of bloody upheaval to help it come into being. It will happen gradually and painlessly, and as the decades start to go by, it will start eliminating our most pressing social problems.
So there really is a workable alternative to the corrupt governmental oppression we have at the moment. All of which means that it is time to stop it with the reform fantasies and start focusing on a completely new kind of social reality, one which is based on those Realities called universal interconnection and equality. If you ask me, this sounds a lot better than whatever gets dreamed up every year in the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

But how can this new social reality be described? Well, don’t ask me–ask Henry David Thoreau, who was a spiritual visionary if there ever was one and who could see exactly the kind of social structure all human cultures needed, as described in the opening statements of his celebrated essay 
On the Duty of Civil Disobedience (1849):

I heartily accept the motto, “That government is best which governs least”; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe–“That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.[84]

This is what everyone on the planet needs: a government which governs not at all. And if you ask me, the not-at-all government is exactly what is already starting to manifest on our tired old rock.
But . . . but . . . Oh, stop it with your buts already. The way things are now are 
not the way they are always going to be. By the next century governments will be as legacy as burgers and fries. And yes, I know that most of my readers are probably sputtering with disbelief at the preceding statements, but they need to keep reading. It is time for you to jettison all your beliefs in the unworkable paradigms of the past, arm yourself with your oracular tools, and start going with the natural flow of the universe. Only then can you start thinking about the possibilities of a completely new social reality for everyone on the planet.
So I now get to explain exactly what I think is coming. Just don’t forget that this information is coming to you directly from the Entity at the center of the universe, who is right here with you as you are reading these words and who is just dying for you to pay attention. Here we go . . .

Chapter 13. A New Social Reality.

We will start this chapter by talking about a silly little something called Napster. Once upon a time, way back in the 1990’s, a file sharing site called Napster appeared from out of nowhere . . . spontaneously. Napster was a way people could share their favorite music with each other online. If you were desperate to own a copy of one of your favorite songs, no longer were you forced to buy a whole compact disc to get it. You could download the song for free through Napster. Granted your action was completely illegal, but Big Music with its eternal greed was just begging for its customers to turn into pirates. So a P2P energy manifestation like Napster was much more aligned to the natural flow of energy in the universe than what currently existed. I have already mentioned how P2P assistance can help with countless personal problems these days. Indeed, P2P support is one of the most powerful experiences we can undergo. And it is this wonderful P2P energy which is going to destroy all the legacy and very toxic Bigs on the planet, up to and including that horror known as Big Government.
No, this is not ludicrous insanity. It is the future social reality of Planet Earth. We are heading into an era where a completely unprecedented kind of human culture is going to replace all the corrupt and ineffective Big/Little stuff which has plagued the human race since caveman days. Bigs are not going to be needed any more than baseball in the P2P world to come. Moreover, P2P energy will do much more than destroy governments: it will also annihilate legacy patterns of employment, of getting and spending, of transportation, of ownership, of basic human interactions. Furthermore, a lot of this is already starting to happen.

But if your first reaction to these statements is that they are completely bonkers, may I now emphasize one very important point: the kind of P2P world I am predicting cannot manifest without (1) individually accessible Divine guidance and assistance, and (2) the internet. Especially the first. If you ask me, P2P is not something which has been created by human effort but is instead the most wonderful and perceptible evidence of Divine energy currently manifesting on this planet. Anything which spontaneously appears out of nowhere and which helps to move the planet into new and very beneficial energies is exactly that. There is a statement in Chapter 4 of the 
Bhagavad Gita where the Divine, as personified by Krishna, tells us that:

Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and an increase in unrighteousness, O Arjun, at that time I manifest Myself on earth.[85]

Well, that is exactly what is now starting to happen, thanks to P2P. After so many centuries of adharma, or unrighteousness, we are now being blessed with new forms of natural harmony, or that righteousness called the dharma. P2P is a whole lot more than getting help from your peers for your assorted issues. It is the key to the new planetary social reality to come.
But even if the dharma is again starting to manifest on this planet, won’t we still need our planetary governments? Not a chance of that. In the new world to come, P2P will become the best possible way for people to support each other. In other words, it will be a way for problems to be solved, initiatives to be developed, and disputes to be settled without some kind of corrupt governmental Big creating ever more logjam. Let me remind you that P2P just happens to be an electronic clone of that Reality called Indra’s Net, so its success is inevitable. By the next century this type of non-hierarchical energy will be the only social reality in existence on our globalized planet. There will no longer be any abuse of power since no one will have any power.

But what does this mean on a practical basis? Simple. In the years to come, instead of turning to some kind of top/down energy manifestation, people in need of help will start going to their peers for information, education, or assistance. Not just going for help, mind you, but as good Aquarian water-bearers, they will also want to supply it as well. This never would have worked in the Piscean era, when the only thing that mattered was 
what’s in it for me? But that kind of mindset is about to disappear forever.
Think for a moment what a globalized P2P world would be like. Each one of us would go through our days conscious not only of our own needs but the needs of everyone else as well. And not just the needs of friends or family, but the needs of 
everyone. This means that we would all do our best to make sure that every sentient being in the Net was getting exactly what he or she needed as far as shelter, health, or security were concerned. Let us not forget that future Aquarians will never want to acquire or experience something which might elevate them above anyone else. Instead they will focus on assisting anyone who needs it, whether locally or globally. They will also never want to take more of the planet’s resources than they need, and they will do their best to live as healthily and responsibly as possible so they will never be a burden to the Net.
Here at the last gasp of the Piscean era, this kind of unselfish human behavior sounds unbelievable, especially since there is no precedent for it in human history. It is true that on occasion people have attempted to go through their days with this kind of mentality, St. Francis of Assisi being one of the most famous. But throughout most of human history most altruistic attempts have gone exactly nowhere. So at the moment most of us keep thoughts about people who need help out of sight and out of mind. Meanwhile we tell ourselves that the government will take care of them anyway except that it never does.

Well, out of sight and out of mind can no longer happen in a transparent world filled with ever more sensitized people. When you go through life as an Aquarian water bearer, you will always be aware when someone is hurting or needs help, and you will not be able to rest until that pain or unhappiness is alleviated. This is what will matter in the Aquarian era to come, not shopping, social media, or Hollywood drivel. Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if instead of starting your day with your moronic social media, you directed your attention to your local need-assistance sites where you could provide help to someone in your area who needed it. I guarantee that your happiness level will increase exponentially. There is nothing more fun, more exhilarating, more utterly Divine than donating your time or your money to someone who needs help, and doing it without expectation of reward. You think those legacy experiences called sports and games were fun? You do not know what fun is until you experience Aquarian water bearer fun.

And if you are someone who needs help, you will not go to experts, authorities, governments, thank-God-it’s-Friday bureaucrats, or any other kind of Big. You will go to your peers. This is already starting to happen in numerous ways: the support groups that help you deal with addictions or emotional problems, the online forums where information and suggestions can be exchanged, and various crowdfunding sites.

But with crowdfunding there is one obvious problem: you never know for sure whether the person who is requesting help actually needs it. At the moment the world is still full of corrupt egos who are out for whatever they can get. Well, in the ever more transparent world which is now forming, there is a guaranteed way to determine if a person who requests assistance truly needs it. You consult your oracle. It will tell you whether or not the person you want to help is worthy of assistance. This simple step will make all kinds of crowdfunding ever more viable in a cost-effective, egalitarian, and interconnected manner.

Now I am aware that it takes quite a cognitive leap to go from Napster to a non-governmental social reality. But you need to remember that the idea of peers helping peers is not unprecedented. When Alexis de Tocqueville toured the United States in the 19th century, what he found most astonishing were the volunteer groups he encountered, the musical societies, debating clubs, and charitable organizations, which were everywhere.[86] People would come together to help each other out in their localities, and it worked. It will work in the future as well, and nobody will have to work a wage-slave job pushing paper to make it happen.

The vested interests among us will be frothing at the mouth at all of this. They will want current systems to go on forever since they keep them in money and in smug self-righteousness. Besides, they have a weaponized government which will maintain that foreverness–or so they think. Silly little fools. The Littles among us are not only going to start escaping the plantation, they are going to help other slaves do it as well. Imagine that, the Littles among us coming together to solve problems outside of appropriate lines of governmental authority.

But don’t try telling me that you personally cannot start helping other people since you simply do not have the time. Well, if you give up those legacy toxicities called sports, games, entertainment, social media, shopping, and politics, you will have all the time in the world. And don’t try to tell me that a Little like yourself cannot do anything about major social problems like homelessness or hunger or accidental disasters. You know perfectly well that we need governments for that!

Is that so? You need to remember that in a world where each one of us can receive individualized guidance and assistance for the Divine, everything I am describing here can truly start to manifest. When everything is equal as well as interconnected, no one can fall out of the safety net any more than they can fall out of Indra’s Net. If you add to this the idea of transparency, of ever increasing psychic skills and the Divine guidance which they can give us . . . well, we are really heading into an incredible new world.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Let us suppose that one of the bridges over the Mississippi is no longer structurally sound and needs repair. In the bad old days of Government Is God, private businesses would submit bids to the appropriate bureaucrats to make the necessary repairs, and then–theoretically–the bureaucrats would contract with the company most likely to do a good professional job at an acceptable fee. Theoretically. But you don’t need to hear from me how many of these decisions were based on guesswork, favoritism, or just plain old graft.

What would happen in the new world to come is that the local engineers (and we will still need our engineers) would discuss the problem with their angels, determine the best course of action, and publicize the problem on the internet. The men or women most qualified to help fix the problem would then either notice the problem or be informed by their angels that they need to offer assistance. Since none of them would be trapped in a nine-to-five, they could be on the scene immediately.

The resources for the repair would be delivered in the most cost-effective way possible, preferably by local curators (and while nobody will own raw materials in the future, they will still need to be curated). But the right materials and the right people for the job would appear . . . spontaneously. The bridge would be repaired, the angels would bless it with their seal of approval, and Planet Earth would have one less problem.

So why would we need a government in this kind of world? Let me remind you of what is perhaps the most famous statement in the 
The Federalist Papers (1787), James Madison’s opinion that:

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.[87]

Well, we members of Homo sapiens are not going to turn into angels anytime soon. And the last thing the real angels want to do is start governing all of us quarrelsome entities, since they quite correctly recognize that any kind of top/down energy only makes things worse. But what can start happening right now, right this minute, is that each one of us can start receiving Divine guidance directly from the supernatural beings among us. This never could have happened before electronic sensitization, but it can start happening now. So if you still don’t think that anything could be better than our Constitution, why don’t you start imagining the possibilities of a P2P social reality guided by (but not governed by) the angels. Hmmmmm. I think that even Jim Madison would have liked this idea–once he managed to unscramble his brain enough to get used to it.
Having said all this, I am also certain that our constitutional government is not going to immediately evaporate into nothingness. It will probably continue to exist in some form until the 22nd century. So you are not about to wake up one morning to exclaim 
Oh my God, the Constitution isn’t there any longer! But as a source of assistance or protection, all three levels of our federal government, as well as our state and local entities, will become ever more irrelevant as the years go by. This is just as well, since the other unexpected development which is certain to manifest in the years to come is the non-eagerness of our young people to earn their bread by governmental desk slavery. Yes, I know that office work was supposed to go on forever, but in the Aquarian era nobody on the planet will push paper if they do not have to. In a P2P world they will not have to.
As for our elected representatives, they can finally start doing what everyone in this country really wants them to do: play golf. This will be a much better use of their time than voting on bills they have not had time to read. And instead of sitting in committees all day, they might actually get out and volunteer to help people in the DC area who need it. Imagine that.

So this is the new non-governmental and non-Big world which is already starting to manifest. We the People of Planet Earth will start taking care of each other without needing any kind of governmental assistance. This is how to demolish those toxic energy fields called governments: you don’t try to destroy them. You simply bypass them. Pay no attention to that government behind the curtain! It was all a fake anyway.

Still, I am aware that these ideas need some getting used to. So all you should do at the moment is just start 
thinking about this new kind of non-governmental social reality. I guarantee that the more thinking you do, the more comfortable you will be with the whole idea. Besides, as I have mentioned, for the foreseeable future what we have at the moment will remain in place. It is just that as the years go by, and governments get ever more bypassed, We the People will start taking care of each other without any kind of bureaucratic support.
Here are some more suggestions about how you can help get this new social reality to manifest:

Get over your Government Is God fantasy. It was all pathetic nonsense from the get-go and will have no place in a world where people can get the real McCoy from the real McDivine. One less person no longer infatuated with Government Is God nonsense means one more person who can help bring in a completely new planetary reality.

Recognize and dismiss propaganda when you encounter it. Big Government continues to get away with it since its toadies among Big Media kowtow to them at every opportunity–just as long as the “good” party is in power, of course. These legacy media practitioners all seem to be graduates of the Joseph Goebbels Institute for Hysterical Disinformation. All you have to do when you graduate from this wonderful institution is point a finger at one particular bogeyman, make sure that the electronically-sensitized snowflakes out there understand that the bogeyman is Satan walking on earth, repeat it often enough, and the snowflakes will start to believe it. After all, this kind of Big Lie technique worked beautifully back in the 1930’s, and it still works today. Of course it must be hard work keeping the public’s terror threshold constantly revved up to eleven, but who cares about that? Well, the good news here is that when people start relying upon their oracular tools, they will see all those Big Lies out there to be the toxic manipulation techniques they are, and our legacy media will finally collapse into the nothingness it deserves.

Never try to shut anyone up. One of the core realities of the new P2P world will be that of free speech. Needless to say, this particular freedom is essential if We the People can ever create a new and better planetary reality. Fortunately in a world without any Bigs, the right to speak your mind will become everyone’s birthright. Anyone who tries to block it will be engaging in the ultimate futility.

Do not ever under any circumstances get a government job. If you are an old fogey like me who has spent her entire life pushing governmental paper, this advice is worthless. But if you are a kid wondering what you should do with your life, forget the civil service. This is already starting to happen: the number of Americans working for either local, state of federal government fell by 2.6% from 2010 to 2020. In Illinois it fell by 7.8%.[88] This percentage will only increase as the years go on, and so will the burdens on remaining governmental workers. If you are dumb enough to get a civil service job in the future, you will probably end up working a job which three, four, or even five people are currently working. Also you may never qualify for a governmental pension, which might not exist fifty years down the road.

If you are currently trapped in a governmental career which you now understand is useless and toxic, just keep your mouth shut and do your duty. Never expect that things will get better because they won’t, but continue to do what you are being paid to do. Just don’t let yourself go crazy as things fall apart. It also helps to vaporize your building every evening as you walk out the door so that it no longer exists. Of course the building will be reconstituted by the time you return to work the next day, but at least you will not be taking your job home with you.

If you do have to work for the government, never use your government position as a weapon. Or will you ever live to regret it. Anyone who tries screwing the citizenry from a position of governmental authority will spend the rest of their life suffering all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in the universe, which is otherwise known as getting clunked by countless Cosmic Boomerangs.

Occasionally blow a raspberry at your government. It deserves it as much as any hardcore drug you care to name.

If you want to vote . . . You should vote for candidates who are aware of the new Aquarian and P2P energies which are forming and are doing their best to align their energies to them. So pay no more attention to those bankrupt energy manifestations called Republicans and Democrats, and never give any of their legacy candidates one red cent of your money. Most important: never vote for any candidate without oracular approval, which probably means that in the foreseeable future you will not be voting. If the present author could find a candidate who is committed to decentralization and P2P, and who will only support legislation which has oracular approval, she would vote again. I even have a fantasy vision of a future presidential candidate holding up a deck of tarot cards and informing the public that if elected, he or she will never say, do, or initiate anything without Divine approval. Alas, this will probably not happen in my lifetime.

If you can manage it, never go to the government for assistance about anything. You will have to wait an eternity to get it anyway, so why bother?

Give as much as you can. Start giving as much money as you can to people who need it, and if you cannot afford to give money, try to give your time and energy. Remember that the more you give the more you are going to get, even if all you ever get are beneficial energies. On the other hand, if all you want to do is take instead of give, you are never going to get anything except some well-deserved Cosmic Boomerangs.

Have fun. One of the most enjoyable spectacles in the new world to come will be the reactions of the Bigs as their power starts to crumble. So break out popcorn and enjoy the show. There has never been a spectacle like this in human history, and the entertainment value will be astronomical.

Remember that the best cures are always slow and gradual. This holds true not only for your physical health but for the body politic as well. So while you personally need to start doing as much as you can to assist your brothers and sisters in the Net, do not expect any kind of colossal planetary change for quite some time. Never forget that the slower the natural flow of the universe, the more quickly will harmony, joy, beauty, and ever increasing Divine grace manifest.

Recommended Prayer.

Do you remember when I told you in Chapter 6 that there were two vitally important ask-and-give permission prayers you needed to start reciting every day? The first prayer was getting motivated to start doing daily repetitive exercises since that was the only way you could change your life for the better. Now we have come to the second most important prayer you will need to utter in your life: giving the Divine permission to restore the dharma to the entire planet. This time you are not praying only for yourself but for the whole third rock you live upon, as follows:

O Divine Light, if it is for the summum bonum, on behalf of all my brothers and sisters in the Net, I ask and give permission that you to start doing everything you can to restore the dharma to the entire planet. And I thank you.

But you tell me that you don’t think a prayer like this will help anyone or anything? Haven’t you been paying attention? If millions or even billions of people started to recite this prayer every day, the benefits would be astronomical. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be millions or billions. If even just one person recites this prayer each day on behalf of his or her brothers and sisters in the Net, it will help (and at least one person is already doing it, namely the author of this book). But there is nothing she would like better than if billions of her brothers and sisters joined in.

* * *

But but but but . . . a million new buts! Honey, this time you are really out of your mind! You are ignoring the one single thing that our governments provide to us: security! The world is full of sociopaths and killers and lunatic dictators! We need our governments to insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and all the other stuff listed in the Preamble to the Constitution! There are zillions of sociopaths among us who would steal anything not nailed down or commit murder whenever convenient if it weren’t for the police, the courts, and the prisons!
As for national defense, no government on the planet is going to demolish its military and leave their countries vulnerable to attack! Defense is an absolute necessity for every nation on the planet! Maybe people might be able to give up their politics or their religion in the new world to come, but giving up their national defenses? It does not get any more insane than that! Don’t start blathering again about the Archangel Michael and Divine assistance! Maybe, just maybe, at sometime in the far distant future, we can rely upon supernatural beings to keep us safe, but that is ludicrous insanity at the moment!

Well, no arguments–at least at this point in time. But guess what. In the new oracular world to come, personal as well as national security will be the easiest thing in the world to manage. Those shocks called Pearl Harbor and 9/11 could not happen in an oracular world, let alone an unexpected bank robbery, home invasion, or somebody going postal.

And I also need to remind you that there are no boundaries in Indra’s Net. All of which means that a planet which is artificially divided into nation states is not going with the natural flow of the universe. This means that eventually our current nation states will have to go. This should not be surprising if you think about it. We are all familiar with the term globalization these days, since globalizing tendencies are getting stronger all the time. We realize that our planet is growing ever more interconnected, and we also acknowledge that this is a good thing. We already have a global popular culture, where movies, music, and even comic books no longer have any boundaries and can usually be enjoyed by anyone who is interested. So the thought of a completely globalized planet without those nuisances called nation states should not seem like a horror.

But that is impossible! Our nation states are too entrenched! Even if we are heading into a P2P social reality, and even if our planetary governments start to collapse from logjam, it is beyond ridiculous to imagine that all the countries on this planet are just going to evaporate into nothingness! People will never be able to live without their countries! Or their native languages! It simply is not possible!

Well, let me remind you that one of the main energies to come in the new world forming around us is an end to memory–and there is nothing worse for us humans to stay trapped in memory. When we obsess about what happened way back when, those long-ago events still seem to be happening right this minute. If you stay trapped in memory, you stay trapped in misery.

But didn’t philosopher George Santayana inform us that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”[89] Yes, he did, and in the Piscean era these words were as true as organic food. But not any longer. As we shift into a new planetary reality, memory is going to be an enemy, not just personally but historically as well. Having said all this, I am the first to admit that we humans should never forget the events of our endlessly horrible past. No event, no matter how terrible, which has occurred in human history should be obliterated from our historical records. But obsessing about the past, memorializing the past, and keeping a sense of victimhood alive will never create anything except new suffering. Behold yet another universally-accepted theory which simply does not work.

And it never will. You do not prevent future atrocities by taking action based on the same kind of separateness illusions which created all the past atrocities in human history. This means that no matter how righteous you think that your beliefs are, no matter how sacred you consider your own personal group, if you are not able to see all sentient beings as one interconnected whole, once again, you are the 
problem with Planet Earth, not the solution. You are going through your life with the exact same kind of mental energies to be found in morons like Torquemada, Pol Pot, and Mary Tudor.
Fortunately the Aquarians to come will never be able to comprehend the infliction of pain by one human being upon another, any more than they will be able to comprehend soft drinks or basketball. I have already mentioned that the three most sacred words in the English language are 
get over it, and it is time for the human race to do exactly this. Those who do look back, such as Eurydice or Lot’s wife, are lost forever. If you have been expending huge amounts of energy memorializing some kind of groupthink suffering, you should realize that you are not doing good in the world–you are only perpetuating some very bad energies.
But if you are terrified that forgetting past horrors will condemn humanity to repeat them, just keep reminding yourself that man’s inhumanity to man can only happen in a world of hiddenness. That kind of world is about to disappear, and this alone will be enough to prevent atrocities from happening in the future. So if you want a better world, your energies should be directed towards the creation of the kind of universalist and transparent world where tyrants, mobsters, or racists can no longer get away with it.

Well, okay–maybe. But only our nation states can provide all 8 billion of us with security and safety! That is elementary common sense! No way can P2P or any other kind of decentralization provide the citizens of any country on the planet with personal or national security. Only a nation state with the right kind of laws, a legal system, a military, and a police force can do that! Without structures like these, and the governments which support them, civilized life would collapse into . . . well, chaos! P2P national security is an insane joke.

Sorry. Nation states are legacy energy manifestations which are going to evaporate by the next century. But cheer up! They are going to be replaced by something much better. Namely by John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

It is time for you to proceed to the next chapter.

Chapter 14. A New Cultural Reality.

I shall now describe an unprecedented spiritual phenomenon which appeared in the early 1960’s. It was called the Beatles. This particular rock and roll band was composed of four profoundly mystical visionaries who made an astounding spiritual impact on every corner of the planet. Yes, the Beatles were–
Whoa. Wait a minute. What am I talking about now? We all know that the Beatles achieved a huge amount of fame and success, but who would consider them a spiritual phenomenon? How could they be the key to a new kind of stateless global reality? Am I out of my skull again? As usual?

On the contrary. If you ask me, the Beatles were indeed a manifestation of spiritual energies. There is a story that at the height of Beatlemania, parents of disabled children would bring their offspring to the band in the hope that one touch from the Fab Four would cure them. These people were sensing that the band was indeed putting out some kind of miraculous spiritual energy, or else the idea never would have occurred to them. Such was the impact that the Beatles were making, even if no one quite realized that their music was indeed spiritual. But how else can you describe songs about human communion, peace, love, interconnection, and letting things be? In one way or another, and in practically every song they created, the Beatles were making music out of that Reality called universal interconnection. All they needed was love.

We also need to remember that the Beatles were not just spiritual visionaries, they were spiritual seekers as well. The lads from Liverpool did not want to hold your hand as much as they wanted to find God. Their well-publicized passage to India in 1968 probably did more to bring the glories of Vedanta to the West than any other event in history. Many kids at the time, including myself, had their minds opened to the possibility that a magical mystery tour into Oriental spiritual traditions could be valuable, and their lives changed for the better because of it.
Which brings me to my point: that island called Great Britain (or at least that part of it called England) has produced the single most Divinely-inspired culture on the planet. No other human society can even approach it. Granted the English have never had a perfect civilization, and to this day the remnants of their legacy feudalism continue to blight their social reality. But it is the people of England over the centuries who have managed to produce the best possible democratic traditions, not to mention an astounding number of mystical visionaries. All of which tells me that it is the people of England who have most successfully managed to sense and utilize Divine energy over the centuries. This matters very much to the human race as a whole for one simple reason: when all the nation states on the planet finally kick their well-deserved bucket, only one cultural reality will exist on our globalized planet: the Anglosphere.
Howls of protest can now be heard, especially from those proponents of that something called multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is the idea that all human cultures are of equal value, so whatever national or linguistic culture you grew up in is just as good as all the other cultures on the planet. The problem is that people who celebrate multicultural blessings are never eager to take up residence in any of the more repressive political or theocratic regimes which continue to blight the earth. Sure multiculturalism is okay, but only when it happens somewhere else.

Well, if you ask me, there is something very much wrong about the idea of multiculturalism. As I have repeatedly stated, all sentient beings are created equal, which is the Reality of our interconnected universe. However, you cannot make a similar statement about our various planetary cultures. No way are they all equal, let alone beneficial to their citizenry. Those societies which value what we Americans consider to be basic human rights, such as free speech, room to maneuver, and protection from governmental oppression are vastly better than those legacy strongman regimes which are still to be found. Granted the democracies of the planet are not perfect, but they do manage to provide more security and prosperity to the populace than any kind of dictatorial rule. And there is nothing like dictatorial rule, whether political or religious, to prevent people from reaching the Divine.

Besides, as I have already mentioned, that little something called free speech is also a bedrock necessity in living a successful life. Granted that this particular freedom is becoming ever more battered both in the US and the UK, but in the Aquarian world to come it is a concept which will inevitably triumph over the entire earth, along with all those other Divinely-inspired British political tendencies. If you add to this the American tendency to reject any kind of traditional class system, as in feudal, tribal, or caste, you get the best possible cultural model for the Aquarian future. To bang the drum for the Anglosphere is not legacy nationalism but a simple acknowledgment that it is the best culture on the planet. The sooner all people and cultures adapt themselves to it, the more quickly the new globalized world will manifest.

But why England? What was it that made the inhabitants of that tiny little country come up with what will be the future planetary culture? If you ask me, part of the answer lies in the fact that Britain happens to be an island. It enjoys such a moist climate that its people live almost as much in water as they do in air. Guess which element has the greatest ability to stimulate psychic or clairvoyant ability: water. Over the centuries many psychics have realized that if they want to stimulate their intuition, they need to drink a lot of this elemental liquid or at least live in places where its influence is strong. American psychic Edgar Cayce settled in Virginia Beach because he realized that residing next to an ocean would stimulate his seership.

Well, the inhabitants of England have always possessed a special paranormal gift for picking up what are usually non-perceptible energies, including those spiritual beings among us whom we call ghosts. Somehow the combination of wateriness, land energy, and an amalgamation of different races gives the inhabitants of this island an unparalleled talent for spiritual vision. This explains why England has produced so many extraordinary mystics over the centuries, which is the only way to describe the greatest English poets, dramatists, novelists, artists, and composers. Scotland and Wales have also produced them to a certain extent, but it is the English who keep churning them out generation after generation.

Consider two of the most popular novelists of our era: J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling, both of whom are full-fledged English mystics. Whenever you read Tolkien or Rowling, you always get a sense of something larger than the mundane world we inhabit, of some kind of shining truth behind the surface of things. Mind you, as late-Piscean writers, both Tolkien and Rowling had to give their readers plenty of us-against-them energy to keep things interesting, but that was never the primary focus of their work. What you find in Tolkien and Rowling is a sense of individually accessible Divine Reality which can be experienced by anybody.

British philosopher Alan Watts also understood this very well and tells us in his autobiography that:

I carry over from childhood the vague but persistent impression of being exposed to hints of an archaic and underground culture whose values were lost to the Protestant religion and the industrial bourgeoisie, indeed to the modern West in general. This may be nothing but fantasy, but I seem to have been in touch with lingering links to a world both magical and mystical that was still understood among birds, trees, and flowers and was known–just a little–to my mother and perhaps to one or two of my nursemaids.[90]

This kind of experience, which is rare in the rest of the world, seems to happen to great numbers of people in Britain. It is a land where everyone seems to be a visionary of some kind. If you ask me, this explains why England has been the home of some of the most extraordinary firsts in human history. During the Middle Ages, when a monarch was supposed to be God’s representative on earth, the English were the first to force their king to obey the law. They were also the first to execute a subsequent king and the first to fight a civil war over human rights. More recently Britain produced some of the first computer geniuses, starting off with Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace in the 19th century through Alan Turing and Tim Berners-Lee in the 20th. These were not minor firsts in human history–along with the fact that England was the first country to industrialize, they were earth-shaking human advancements. They appeared in a country which was riddled with spiritual visionaries.
There are plenty of other specifically English tendencies which other nationalities do not seem to possess but which also smack of spiritual vision: their ability to compromise, their practicality, the emphasis on individuality (that nuisance called herd mentality does not happen so much when you speak English), their tolerance of eccentricity, and their emphasis on “sweetness” in spirituality, which can be found most especially in Julian of Norwich’s celebrated pronouncement that “all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”[91]

Then there is the idea of the everyman hero. Most people on this planet have notions of what an average person is like, but it is only the English who turn their nobodies into heroes. This was happening as early as 
Piers Plowman (14th century) and has continued through The Pilgrim’s Progress (1678), Robinson Crusoe (1719), Alice in Wonderland (1865), Bilbo and Frodo Baggins in The Hobbit (1937) and The Lord of the Rings (1954-55), and the adventures of a boy with the very ordinary name of Harry Potter.
Let us also not forget the British sense of humor. Nobody talks about Merrie Norway or Merrie Paraguay, but the notion of Merrie England has been proverbial for centuries. If you ask me, the Brits have always been the funniest people on the planet, and my readers should know by now the connection between laughter and the Divine. Three cheers for Monty Python!

Let us also remember that where there is humor, there is some kind of anti-authoritarianism as well. It is no exaggeration to say that some kind of rebellious energy is hardwired into the sounds and the syllables of the English language. Historically the British have stood up to despotism time and again, both of the political and the religious variety. In the medieval period English mystics were able to find an individualized way to the Divine outside of the Catholic establishment, and their Protestant dissenting heirs have had worldwide impact. As for that most fundamental of human liberties, that of free speech, it was cherished and developed first and foremost in England. People who speak English carry within them their very own inner Hyde Park soapbox, and when you lug that around it is difficult to grovel before Sun Kings or Great Helmsmen.

So why didn’t all these planetary firsts also happen in watery Ireland next door? Well, that island never experienced the kind of foreign invaders which England knew, and this is probably why the two cultures are dissimilar. Britain was an island where diverse groups of people had to find ways to live together, so it was a culture where compromises had to be made, and if there is a core component to English (and American) political genius, it is the idea of compromise. The visionary culture which grew out of these tendencies was based on a naturally harmonious way of doing things, which found its way into the language.

To this day the rest of the world just cannot get enough of English ways of doing things, even if they do not quite realize that they are responding to their spiritual vision instead of tea and crumpets. Have you ever heard the term British invasion? One of the main things the Brits have done for centuries is . . . invade. Whether militarily, linguistically, culturally, or philosophically, British cultural forms keep moving outwards to the rest of the planet. All of which means that it is not a case of the British are coming. The British were coming, the British are coming, and the British keep coming again and again. Their unparalleled gift for spiritual vision is the reason why. Strawberry fields forever.

The rest of the world also cannot get enough of American ways of doing things as well, especially as far as our entertainment, music, and sports are concerned. The United States inherited what was best about the English language and culture, so it is as much a part of the Anglosphere as that small little island. And American cultural influence over the whole planet today is stupendous. People in other countries frequently know more about the United States than their own home territory, even in the remotest Himalayas. Granted the Veil has been never as thin in the United States as it is in Britain, but Anglo spiritual vision has on occasion burst forth in this country: with the Founding Fathers in the late 18th century, the 19th century Transcendentalists, and the 20th century Beat Generation/Counterculture. Out of this last movement came the spiritual energy necessary to develop what had originated in Britain: computers. It should also be obvious that our computerized world, with its emphasis on interconnection, equality, information, and decentralization, is most definitely a manifestation of Divine energy. The hackers and geeks who came out of the counterculture held centralized authority in a very English kind of contempt and got their inspiration independent of any kind of authority. Besides, at the present time, the good old USA is probably the only country in the world where obnoxious ideas like mine can be released uncensored.

All of which means that every last one of us 8 billion humans needs to experience the spiritual vision and political traditions which have grown out of only one human culture, that of England. This culture has proven time and again to be the only political culture which allows people to flourish to the best of their abilities, and this means that it is more aligned to the natural flow of the universe than any other culture on the planet. The Anglosphere is going to be the global culture to come, and by the next century everyone on the planet will be living in it.

I now give permission for the screams of outrage to commence. Yes, I am aware those members of the human race who are not Anglo are currently howling at everything I say. 
Boo hoo hoo! We don’t want to turn Limey! We want to keep our nation state! Our money! Our flag! Our history! Our sacred ancestors! Our race! And especially our language! We can’t give all that up for . . . what? Fish and chips? We can’t do that! Think of everything that will be lost!
Well, yes–it is always a terrible tragedy when species go extinct, civilizations are destroyed, native cultures are annihilated, flourishing cities reduced to rubble, and languages are forgotten. Should we just stand idly by when this happens? Especially as far as languages are concerned? There are great works of literature in all the languages of the earth, not just English. Besides, we all know how much is lost in translation. For everyone on the planet to live in one particular culture would be an unspeakable horror!

Well, stop writhing in fury and think about what I am now saying. People realize that globalism is happening, that our nation states and cultural forms are becoming ever more interconnected, but they don’t seem to be able to imagine the obvious end result, which is a planet without nations, multiple languages, or different cultures. By the 22nd century only one culture is going to exist on this planet, and it will be the Anglosphere.

This model is already starting to impact probably the one remaining energy manifestation on the planet which keeps us all mired in our assorted groupthink: our native languages. But the Tower of Babel is finally about to enjoy its well-deserved collapse. Ev